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Signed in the Year 43 of the Second Age by The Lectors of Owyn and the Nephilim of the Three-Headed Drake.




I - The Lectors of Owyn will aid the Nephilim in the given task, and rite, as spoken on that day.


II - Xannites and Paladins will be barred from what was discussed on that day.


In return..


I - The Nephilim of the Three-Headed Drake will aid Du Loc and their people in their crusade against the abhorrent Darkspawn, the Void and whatever supernatural beings that take up arms.


II - Those of Du Loc will be taught how to craft armaments, and will also be taught in the ways discussed.


III - The Nephilim will aid Du Loc in the terms discussed, and will take up arms if the aforementioned occurs.


IIII - A Harpoon will be made for Patrik, allowing him to garner Enlightenment with Whale Oil.


Wings shroud you.




Marchosias, Speaker of the Three-Headed Drake


Orobas, Executioner of the Three-Headed Drake.


Midnetora, Mediator of the Three-Headed Drake.


Ruvaak, Warrior of the Three-Headed Drake.


Mathurin, Lector of Owyn.


Dharas, Lector Of Owyn.


Dante of Denesle, Lector of Owyn.


Father Paco, Lector of Owyn.


Patrik Firehelm, Pirate of Owyn.




[!] This parchment and agreement is only available to the signatories. It is not available to the public and should not be meta-gamed.

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