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The Event Team Recruitment Drive


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The Event Team Recruitment Drive -


Hey, your favourite multi-team admin lead who will become the Lord of the Craft here,

I know this is quite soon after my last ‘recruitment’ post. But the response gathered from that has made me really want to use it again to ask the server itself for new people who are focused on Events to join the team. I am looking for people who will collaborate, help projects and otherwise develop storylines that help contribute to larger narratives. I want people who are ground-breakers and want to do more than run of the mill bounty events, I want people who want to help grow the world with me and breathe life into it. I want people interested in helping, planning and collaborating in making these events work and giving a very high standard of roleplay to transfer across the server.

I do not want people who simply want to just do DIY events with perms, I want people who want to help craft stories that players will take about for months and years after, stand-out pillars of engagement that will keep the players entertained. This is an opportunity to really see another side of the server that the players do not see or understand much, but the ability to be able to influence and create the charm that makes LotC so appealing to people. 

Other ‘Lore’ duties and things can be pursued later, but I am calling upon the skilled roleplayers and innovators of the server who want to extend their talents to more than their own playerbases to apply. I will be veryopen and not too critical in recruitment, (which is a difference from usual), I want to get the people with the best potential possible and I ask you all to please apply if you have any interest in this.



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when im done nation leading, beavers will return.


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hey joel if i sign up for st can i play a pug again







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