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An Apology AMA


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Yes it is me, the interesting, annoying, line-teetering, meme many people have come to hate. There are times in everyone’s life where they look back and asks themselves what the hell they were thinking in a situation. I recently looked back on almost all of my forum posts and had that same question.


Then I remember vividly some of the actions I took over my 8 or so years of playing and there are things I cringe at now. More than cringe though, so are just downright unexplainable. While there are times I thoroughly enjoyed or just laugh at such at the whole story arc of Chagrin Frostbeard, the Black Riders of Urguan, or of Oliver Jacques, Advisor to house snow, many of my other endeavors I wish I simply didn’t do.


I feel… I know that my shitty role play really hindered some one else’s ability to enjoy the server more than once. For that I am sorry, truly. Hopefully, there is redemption for me. GOTT knows the ability to assume a leadership position on this server passed me the first year I played, but hopefully my role play will be solid and enjoyable. 

I look forward to this next session, ask me anything about now or then.



Alamo | Tcs_tonsils_

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