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[!] A notice was left all around Celia’nor, written in a muddy-red ink and hastily scrawled with little care for presentability.



The beast takes delight in your torment




To the lost sheep of Celia’nor,


Hope and peace from God; that which was, is, and forever will be. In these trying times, it is crucially important that one looks upon their heart in self reflection. Is your heart pure? Is it tainted? If so, how can it be cleansed? I have the answer, and though you did not heed my warning not only once, but twice, I must not give up on the hope that you may yet be saved! I too am in need of saving, we all are, and this is why I cannot give up on you.


As children of God, we were made equally divine,

And though divine, we were made absent of something,

Absent of what?


That hollow feeling, I know it to well,

And I know you know it too.

Turn to the hole in your soul,

Question what is missing.


This is the voice of the God of One-Thousand Hymns: I know your feats, and you bear the stature of a lion. But take that not as a compliment, for though mighty and strong, the lion is prideful. And the lion is worth little on its own, so it relies on its pride. So remember, in this life you have the illusion of others, of a family, friends - a pride - but in the next, you will be all alone. And that is the lion’s greatest fear. So I will tell you how to become immune from the beast. Construct a building for my worship. Erect a ziggurat in my name.


For the beast takes delight in your torment.


To the lost sheep of Celia’nor,

The God of One-Thousand Temples has spoken.


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Rosina stared coldly at the missive, holding the hand of her daughter alongside her. As she spoke, her other hand lifted to remove the missive from their noticeboard."Ne structure will rise in our land for their faith. It would only bring those who wish to ruin the lives of those like you.." The woman muttered towards the little girl, though Rosina knew she was too young to understand. - Izelle's solid blue eyes wandered the square, unaware her mother was speaking to her.

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"Time moves past, tick tick tick...The clock eventually strikes and the truth is illuminated. Yet, which truth shall it be?" The royarch questioned from her study as she read over the missive, then placing it down. "What is a lion to a caterpillar undergoing a metamorphosis?" She uttered, then going to gaze out the telescope and perhaps onto the future of what is to come. 

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Otellia stares towards the gates from within the tavern. The elfess holding a glass of Captain Kai with her rash hand; thinking about the BEAST she saw after the second warning. She thought, was this really a true warning? Should I just erase what I know and to just give all faith to this GOD? Or, is it a much more sinister undertone. The elfess kept pondering the answers as she puff from her manite pipe.

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