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Lucrece Ysabeau, Margravine of Haute-Epine, Baroness of Rosius, Madame de Mont Louis, Matriarche de Rosius

1869 - 1900


It is with great sorrow that the Margrave of Haute-Epine, Louis Joseph announces the death of his beloved wife and Margravine, Lucrece Ysabeau who has passed due to illness. The House of Rosius has once more entered a period of mourning for the late Margravine and will invite the nobility of the realm and family members of the House into the Margraviate to pay their final respects. We invite them to come at any time until the funeral occurs.


The late Margravine's funeral will occur a week after her passing within the Chapel of Saint Edmond, thereafter being laid to rest with the other fallen of Rosius. May she be with her forebears in the Seven Skies.



The Right Honourable,

Louis Joseph I

Margrave of Haute-Epine, Baron of Rosius, Seigneur de  Mont Louis, Patriarche de Rosius, Monsignor of the Church, Seigneur-Commandant de Garde de Haute-Epine, 

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As Fleur was preparing to meet the Barclay her cousin tried to introduce her to, she heard the dreadful news. It felt like her heart had shattered in her chest. 


"Lucrece, my sweet elder sister." She sobbed silently into her hands. "I met Louis, but I never got to see you again. It's been so many years that we've been apart and it seems it will be many years more. I shall see you when I arrive in the Seven Skies, Lucy."

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