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  1. Hope y'all are having a good start into the week ✌️

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    The Hound.

    Thea smiles down from the seven skies, nodding her head faintly in approval. She mouthed the words; “Be yourself, Timothee... Like back in Darrowmere.”
  3. Ithia Uradir blinked meekly upon scanning the missive, a neutral and almost bored expression upon her visage. Regardless, she paused upon seeing the name, her eyes widening. A hand moved over her mouth and she grits her teeth. The 'thill furrowed her eyebrows, crumpling the message up and hissing; "I will kill whoever impersonates my dead Haelun."
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  5. bricks are domesticated rocks

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  8. TRIGGER WARNING: This PK post is a rundown on my persona’s s*icide. If you cannot read this stuff, please skip it. Thank you. Also; Listen to this. -= Death’s Sweet Embrace =- -=x=- Throughout her life there were not many things that were consistent. One thing was - being heartache. It has drawn Thea’s early years after being abandoned by her father and left an orphan after her mother got torn apart by wolves. Her uncle, Delvin who was already an old man by the time she was born, continued to be a part of her life for a large part. One thing the radaghastian woman was blessed with was a pretty face. One thing she was cursed with was her frail heart. A combination that proves itself as tragically fatal in the long run. She felt too much over things other people would merely shrug off. After her husband’s death and her firstborn’s disappearance, a part of her died. She believed it might’ve been resurrected by a love that was never meant to last, though bore some children. Children, that would be abandoned with her demise. How much the father would care she did not know. Though, despite her best efforts, Thea was never the best mother. With heavy steps, the woman buried deeply within her fur coat stepped through the knee-deep snow. Hot tears that soon froze upon her cheeks clung to her face. Despite the heavy snowfall of the winter months in the Highlands, she did not seem to be cold. Through the freezing depths of the lonely night, the woman proceeds down a snowy path she knew all too well. The path to her home. Zakopane. She had grown up here. A happy early childhood turned into a miserable late one. Despite being generally disliked within the Highland realm, she had managed to visit the place she could easily compare to her heart every other year. The faint outline of ruins would be visible not too far away from now. A brief sigh was drawn from the woman. She glanced over her shoulder, doubtful, sorrowful. Who would miss her? Would Gwyndolin miss her? Maybe Max? How could she be so horribly selfish as to abandon her children in order to step into Death’s sweet embrace? Another exhale. Her cheeks were burning hot despite feeling cold to the touch. Exhaustion made itself noticeable to the woman. At last, Giewont. The patron statue of the village. Just in time. The woman fell to her knees, breaking into a fit of sobs that echoed throughout the cliffside. The snowfall ceased, early morning rays of sunlight beginning to peak over the cliffs. Her gait shifted upwards to the withered statue’s face, tearridden. She’d grasp onto a sharp blade upon her belt. Whilst opening the fur cloak and letting it slide off the shoulder, goosebumps appeared on her arms. Why? Oh, why is she scared now? She used to laugh into death’s face, giving a witty remark or a snide grin. “Iedin… Dva… Tri-...” she uttered out in her native language. The woman clenched her eyes shut, pressing the blade’s edge to her abdomen. It did delve deep within her, drawing crimson blood. A pained yelp escaped the woman, her eyes opening, her breathing jagged. Her ice-blue gait shifted towards the sky, now painted with orange and pink colours. A last tear ran down her cheek as she began to draw her final breaths, memories rushing through her mind. From the last embrace she shared with her father in front of the statue to the last kiss she shared with her lover in front of the Novellen. Her mind once more wandered to her children. “No. No. No! Take me back! I’m not ready to leave them, I can’t! I cannot abandon them like father did. Let me turn time back, let me go back home-... Home…” she uttered as weak sniffles and sobs escaped her. Once more, the woman glanced into the colourful sky, her face going pale. Her eyes grew weary, her lids heavy. Though before she could rest them for a final time, her last breath left her lungs, slowly evaporating in the cold air. Thus, the woman finally met Death’s Sweet Embrace. A heavy burden was lifted off her soul’s shoulders, finally free to breathe again. -=x=-
  9. C L O S E D !!! Thank you for your bids!! I’ll go through everything and contact you guys on discord, one by one. You’ll get the skin files after having paid for obvious reasons. Thank you all v much!
  10. A cloaked woman sweats, recalling a brief encounter she’s had with another woman. “I don’t quite know what to make of this...” she uttered bitterly as she walked further into the depths of the night, being left with an uncertain and uneasy feeling.
  11. Pleasantly Peasant – 6k Cherry Picking – 13.5k The Dress That Ruined France – 13.5k Awfully Middleclass – 13k M’lord – 3k Herb Gathering – 11k Sash and Wig – 6k A Handmaiden’s Gown, 5k A Sorceresses Dress – 5k Simplistic Blue With Fur – 5k Of Sins and Virtues – 5k Cactus Green – 2k A Simple Brown – 3k
  12. yall.... are wild Pleasantly Peasant 5k Cherry Picking 13.5k The Dress That Ruined France 13.5 k Awfully Middleclass 10 k M’lord 3k Herb Gathering – 10k Sash and Wig – 5k A Handmaiden’s Gown, 2k A Sorceresses Dress – 2k Cactus Green: 1.5k yell at me if i made a mistake
  13. Hi. This is my very first skin auction, but I’m hoping this won’t be too messy. Lemme first establish some rules: 1.) Bidding starts at 700 Mina. 2.) Bids must be increased by 100 Mina. 3.) You MUST be able to PAY what you’ve bid on each skin right after closure of the auction. 4.) This auction will be closed on Friday, the 2nd of October at 3 pm EST. 5) If someone outbids you, you have to make a new comment with your new bid (if you wish to continue bidding on that skin). 6) Each bid you make has to be in the following format; Side note – all bids that are not in this format will be ignored: Skin: Bid: Discord: Skins: Happy Bidding! ok i lied, there’s one [1] boy skin. fight.
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