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  1. Hey there! Add me on discord and I can get you situated in our group 🙂 Carol#7747
  2. Hello everyone! A week ago I made a post outlining some medical information on the server, and in my closing statement, I asked those who were interested in joining some guilds to PM me on discord. I am seeking people who are interested in creating an in-game healing/medical guild. I am open to any ideas and suggestions. All are welcome; those new in medical role-play and those experienced! Please pass this on to friends who may be interested. Discord: Carol#7747 IGN: LadyCarolina
  3. The sun kisses your skin as you look down vast rows of calm, green, blooming leaves and vines. As you push past the creaking gate, an aroma of subtle, sweet, flowering clusters of grapes waft under your nose. You cannot help but to sniff, inhaling and exhaling the light airy scent. Your hand reaches up, fingers curling around a bundle of grapes when all of a sudden, you find your bottoms being tugged on. “Excuse me! Those are not ready!” The halfling would exclaim, a bucket of pre-picked grapes in their hands and evidence of stomping upon their feet. The halfling walks you to the winery, where barrels upon barrels painted the walls. Lord Fournier approaches you, Lady Fournier greeting those in the background, with a glass of wine and a smile. *** At a small price of 50 mina, one may receive three tickets for wine tasting. Each ticket will guarantee a taste of one of our three signature wines, - - 1717 Avern Riesling - Auvergne Merlot - Fournier Red Velvet We ask those to arrive at the vineyard on The First Seed, 1729. All are welcomed afterwards for a meal at the Duchy of Westmarch’s tavern, The Eagles Beak. [Friday the 16th of August at 8pm EST – Duchy of Westmarch] ***Located on the road north to Haelun’or ***
  4. Althea would see an advertisement for her friend Niffle’s Tarot reading. She smiles, hoping others come for a read!
  5. Althea simply gulps with widened eyes.
  6. Althea would come across the notice. She’d roll her eyes and begin restocking her medical kit.
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    Made the edits 🙂
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    Althea Costas “How about this one?” Althea asks her father, plucking a berry from an unfamiliar bush. She pinches the bright red berry between her fingers, drawing it close to her face to observe. The berry smelt sour, and her little nose wrinkled. When Althea Costas was young, she would trail behind her father as he worked. Dr. Etan Costas is a confident and passionate doctor in the community. Dr. Costas and his wife raised Althea, along with her two older brothers in the vast city of Carolustadt. He practiced primarily in this city, yet never failed to treat those in need when roaming to other cities. Althea’s father was her greatest influence when it came to studying anatomy and medicine. She admired her father’s natural will to treat and help those in need. Dr. Costas confidence, passion, and intelligence in medicine influenced Althea, and she aspired to be just as great of a doctor as her father. At school, Althea had her eyes glued on books pertaining to herbs, however, she wanted to perfect her suturing and bandaging methods. Her desire to explore these herbal treatments, like her father, has gotten her in trouble. Althea was 21 when she fell into a depression. Her books were thrown about her room, papers torn, and jars of specimens she had collected with her father, smashed. A woman following Red Faith, traveled from her city of Dunharrow to visit Althea in Carolustadt. She insisted, daughter of Dr. Etan Costas, that she needed help. Since Althea's father was out of town, young, newly practicing Althea decided to help this woman. In the midst of her attempts, the woman passed away and Althea was left devastated. She had killed her patient. Althea felt a mix of emotions; resentment, anger, sadness… Yet she made the executive decision to hide the death from her father. She did not want to disappoint him. To this day, Althea has regretted not sharing this important piece of her life, and career with her father. She does not dare share with her patients, family or love interests. Yet with time, Althea began practicing again. She works under her father, however, she enjoys traveling to cities and helping those in need. Being a practicing doctor at a young age, Althea maintains her youth, attending pubs of distant cities on her travels. She has had various love interests, yet is scared to settle down with any man.
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