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  1. You had me excited with the excerpt I got to see all those months ago. This is awesome and your hard work really shows. Definitely want to see these on the server in the near future. Good job man!
  2. A tiny redhead stood at the top of the Elder Tree, shaking a fist at the sky. "Don't think you can escape the hug you owe me that easily! I'll be waiting Taynei!"
  3. The young 'fenn woke with a start from a disturbed sleep. This was normal. Blinking blearily, she looked around the quiet home. Silence met her. This was also normal. She frowned. It shouldn't be quiet. There was something...Shooting upright she sprung to her feet, desperate eyes moving around the room. Nothing. There was no one else. Catching sight of the paper left behind, she snatched it up to read. A beat, then a low curse. Eyes wide and fearful, she threw the doors open and ran out. She'd run for miles. Through woods and plains, over mountains and across rivers. The woman didn't sto
  4. Mordun didn't know what to say. What to feel. Awaiti was the wise one. The one with all the answers. And now that woman, the woman who raised her, was gone. Passed to a plane the 'ker couldn't touch. She climbed to the top of their tree stump, the normally jovial sounds from within silenced now. Looking up to the towering redwoods overhead, and the starlit sky beyond. A tear fell down her rough face. Roughly scrubbing it away, the woman sent up a quiet prayer. "Green Mother, she is in your arms now. Keep her safe, and give her peace. Help me, Mother, to be worthy of my Haelun." Drawing
  5. A loud thud broke the silence of the woods. Then, scrambling. A wild haired woman soon burst through the bushes, running. Cheeks red, white curls flying loose behind her as she ran. From what, who knew. Nothing followed her. No sound chased the woman. But she ran, through the dark, the silence, alone. Overhead, clouds passed over the moon briefly, bringing near total darkness to the pinewood. They moved on again, returning the moonlight. However, she never stopped. Never paused. Heartbeat, footstep, breathe...heartbeat, footstep, breathe...don’t think, don’t think… A mantra running t
  6. "Wait, her name isn't Asul?!" A shocked voice would be heard from up in the trees.
  7. Using her crutches to take her purposely towards the Father Grove, Nenar suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. Stumbling and slipping to a heap on the ground as she was hit by the unexpected wave of emotion and the young goblin’s voice. Fingers clutching at the dirt beneath her, she drew several shuddering breaths, breathing out a whispered “Blessed be, lari’onn.” Gritting her teeth, she got the crutches beneath her once more and set off, a fire burning in her eyes behind the unshed tears. “Not in vain. Never in vain.”
  8. A pink haired mixed elf relaxes outside his seaside home in Elvenesse. Having barely glanced at the paper that came through the city, the man rolled his eyes and shredded it. "More compost for the herbs." Damien grumbled to himself, standing up to add the pieces to his compost bin. "Work to be done. More important than the constant squawking of the 'thill. Mister Hareven won't like if I don't get my task done soon." He'd then turn back to the sea, running to the dock's edge and diving in.
  9. Grumbling and grousing, the redhead was in a horrible mood as she marched through the hinterlands. Her direction purposeful, heading northwest. “Stupid pretentious moronic rude conniving...” a string of insults fell from her lips as she journeyed. “When I get my hands on that dragon...nobody messes with Hareven.”
  10. “Rash were his actions, spurned by hate. It was once his own kin facing such sentiment...I did not wish to see such again. Oh my nephew, would that I could have protected you from this reckless hate that has taken hold in your heart...” A tiny redhead set out from the gates, wandering through the dark pine forests of the Hinterlands. Her direction unknown, steps weary. Scarred and crimson inked fingers gripping tightly to the staff of bone she leaned upon. Coming to a cliff top, the woman paused, letting out a slow breath before setting to work on creating an altar. “May the Hunter accept Vule
  11. Several missives found their way into the possession of a young mixed elf. Peering down at one of the papers for several minutes before finally shaking her head. “I tell ye, Ayal, these scribblers waste too much time. All these marks fer what? They coulda been makin’ somethin’ useful.” The crocodile at her feet paid no heed, merely watching some nearby chickens which were rather obese. Shrugging her shoulders, the elf meandered off to the nearby dens. At least the papers would be good for the dogs to poo on.
  12. Cursed fowl, they followed her every step. The ‘fenn narrowed her gaze, watching the rotund birds from a distance. Muttering softly, a fork turning round and round in her hand before she spun on her heel and marched off. The cursed chickens were back. They were spreading. Something must be done.
  13. Ooooo, looks awesome! Was just running around yesterday hoping someone would do an event with the ruins. I’d love to join if I can! Amazing build guys!
  14. Give us mushnooman companions! Boletius Boletius Boletius!

    1. FloralHedgehog


      Boletius is their own mushroom, you stay away from my fungal head child!

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