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  1. IGN: SoulReapingWolf Roleplay name: Thorin Treebeard Discord tag: Soul#9694 Amount of tickets: 3
  2. I nominate Crumena of Kamees cuz he single and ready to mingle
  3. Man I love that one mod Endershadow292. But did you know he is responsible for the murder of an old Irish man? An ugly situation really.
  4. Magni wonders why his signature was removed from the final copy.
  5. Okay 3 questions here. 1st: What do you think runesmithing is missing in order to be accepted once more? 2nd: Whats your view on human nature? 3rd: I heard rumors ST is creating an Only Friends to announce the results of loremags only through that platform. Are these rumors true?
  6. Can't wait for this to turn into more quests maybe some with vortex rewards? Or allowing nations to have custom quest boards with activities for players to do :D This update appeases the MMORPG aficionado in me.
  7. No worries man, I hear daggers DLC will become free once the new Expansion comes out. Super hyped for LoTC: Wrath of Ibless. I hear the new classes & races are gonna be so good. I can't wait to evolve my Kha Hunter Assassin into a Shadow Blade Sorceror. I also hear there will be a bunch of dragons & a whole new continent to explore in the north. I hope my Dwarven Runesmith gets some more love on this expansion as well, I feel like the only real use on this one was to grind those Anti-Raid rune cannons.
  8. @NotEvilAtAllbruh, you would've beaten him & gotten your mob grind spot back if you had used daggers. Everyone knows Halflings get +10% damage on daggers. You should've contacted a halfling alchemist so they would've given you the +50% damage pumpkin poison exclusive to halfling alchemists. No deflection shield can stop some halfling daggers, did you not read Muddy's 125 page long Edition 25 Vortex guide?
  9. Honestly, like this lore a lot. But I hope we don't see 60 Djinn CA apps if it gets accepted. I feel this would be an epic thing that should not be tainted by having it be something super common.
  10. @nickrocky213 this post right here is goals.
  11. Oh god, I already love this place. Can I get my 1 block house now @Laeonathan Nah but without joking I really love this build & the vibe while you RP here. I suggest you guys check it out and who knows maybe even end up staying with a Kha character.
  12. Magni Irongut Grandaxeson returns home still afflicted from his defeat on the halfling elections, he finds the notice of the Ale Faire of Urguan & notices his mother's handwritting & decides he should do something to make this faire special. Magni walks out the city and starts picking pebbles & stones from the rivers in Kal'Darakaan's valley. Magni takes all the pebbles & stones to Dunheim and places them in one of his uncles brewing vats, getting ready to make his famous MAGNI Brew. " A bet t'is will make mum proud!" he'd say as he spent countless hours watching water &
  13. Magni Irongut storms off Bramblebury as he sees the results of the elections "Someone must've tampered with t'e ballots!" he'd call out as he left the Cookie Crumb Bakery in a rush.
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