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  1. IGN : SoulReapingWolf RP Name : Ordar Irongrinder, Thorin Treebeard, Khadrel Grandaxe, Kazrael Starbreaker & Thatch Stormbreaker Candidate : Jorvin Starbreaker
  2. Thank you, I feel safer already
  3. Thorin fears the return of the walking dead so he stays away of this situation.
  4. The true Lord of the Craft is dead. No one is safe from the void now. Charles the Bald bless our souls.

  5. The whiskey tear of an Irongrinder would fall from his sky cell. Feeling the loss of one of his brothers. ”A will miss ye brot`er. May Yemekar serve ye Ale on t’e table of t’e gods. Ye were truly a Hero of the Brath” Ordar Irongrinder would sigh and go back to his bed in the cell writting down a new whiskey recipe in honor of the Grand Champion. Thorin Treebeard feels a shift in the winds as he travelled around the realm. ”Somt’eng is not roig’t. T’ere ‘as been a great loss... A need to return to me brethren.” He’d say as he’d start his journey back to the Under Realms. Ozzie the squirrel weeping inside his beard, knowing that the world had just lost it’s protector. Stormvar Emberhorn would find himself looking at the skies, the rams in the ranch were uneasy and the creatures around Hefrumm grew quiet. ”A dun know w’y A feel weak, the skies an rams are weeping... there is sumt’ing wrong...” he’d lead the rams back to the ranch grounds and would lock himself inside his room praying Dungrimm for strenght on the times to come. Sending his most precious axe to the room where this Legend had finally joined the Gods in Kaz’Adentrumm Thatch Stormbreaker would feel the tides shift bellow his vessel The Storm’s Revenge, the winds would suddenly grow to become a storm like none he had ever seen before. The Old Sailor knew this was the Ocean’s way of saying something was wrong. And the Stormbreaker felt it on his mechanical leg, someone important had passed away, he grabbed his wheel with all his might and steered his ship towards mainland. “May Belka guide me ‘ome safely, a legend has made his last voyage” He’d say as he placed his pipe on his mouth and smoke filled the atmosphere of his ship. His sailors growing quiet and focusing on bringing the Storm’s Revenge back to mainland despite the storm that stood between them and their destination. An old man would toss and torn in his sleep, dreaming about his childhood suddenly going backto a moment in his childhood when his hair was messed up by a huge man, with a bright bald head. ”Grand Champion will I ever be as grand as you?” Khadrel would remember asking the Grand Champion and the Grand Champion smiling down at him and saying ”Sure” as an act of kindness. The old man Khadrel Grandaxe would begin to cry on his sleep, feeling heartbroken and missing the Grandness of Charles The Bald in his life. The jewel Kazrael Starbreaker was working on would suddenly shatter. The old hermit would feel chills on his coal colored skin as he walked towards his telescope and noticed a new star now filled the night skies with it’s brightness. ”Dwarfkind has just lost one of it’s most precious treasures...” Thorano Thar’vyhk’s hairs would stand up as if sensing danger nearby. He’d soon realize no one would ever be truly safe again. The Grand Champion was no more, the loss would be greater than anything he had experienced in his life. Thordir Aureon would notice the Crown of Elvendom would suddenly grow wild the forests and oceans around the city losing their signature tranquility ”Anbella protect my path and her servants the Aspects guide me towards safety, the era of peace is coming to an end. The Void has no one to stop it anymore, the Keeper of the Realm, the Grand Champion has passed on to the realms of the Gods.” Thordir would go on to take care of the animals of the forest, trying to keep them calm despite knowing the trouble that was about to come to the realms of the descendants. Fannuk would feel cold for the first time in his life. He’d watch over the battlements of Fenn down towards the rest of the world. ”Even some cycles end. May Wyrvurn bless his soul and grant him eternal peace” He’d ready his staff and blades and would travel to the north of the realm, resting for some time within a cave and praying so Wyrvurn would answer to his prayers. Louie Le’Croissant would begin weeping meatballs and spaghetti for no reason at all. ”Mama mia! why have you left us Grand Champion, food will never taste the same again!” Louie Le’Croissant would stop his tears for some time and begin to make a feast for the Legend that was now feasting and drinking with the other gods of the Brathmordakin.
  6. @McDaedra this is what he does instead of playing his Irongrinder
  7. OOC ((MC Name: SoulReapingWolf)) ((Discord: Soul#9694)) ((Timezone: GMT -5)) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? The name is Thorano Thar’vyhk Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? Thorano wishes to learn, and understand the different faces of de world. He wishes to take de same path as his father has before him. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? In terms of magical arts not much, but some say Thorano’s cooking makes them feel like they are dreaming. Thorano also likes to practice the art of swordsmithing and jewelry crafting. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Thorano has heard that there might be a need for a cook and bartender in de mages guild so he might be interested in this. As well as perhaps rising in de ranks of de organization. To become one as wise as his father. Thorano also wishes to mantain his position as the Archmage Rector’s best friend. When should you be contacted for an interview? Any time, Thorano is always ready.
  8. I like this Lore Piece. It´s well written and formatted. +1
  9. This lore spent more time in Josh´s head than a baby in a mother´s womb. It’s perfect.
  10. Thorin Treebeard feels a shift in the balance of the force and worries for the safety of his pupil and best friend.
  11. Please consider this and listing the questions with a summary of the answer
  12. If guns do make it through then I think people using guns should like glow or something. They did that with magic users while they cast why not with people holding guns-
  13. Don’t understand what is the fixation with guns. Admins have told us time and time again, the time in the calendar has no relationship with IRL calendar. The date we are on doesn’t mean we should have the same tech in game than the ones being developed in the IRL calendar. I can already see multiple cases of people going #w loads gun #w aims gun #s headshots his enemy with his concealed gun. If people that want them in say it’ll be just like having crossbows and arbalests then have them use those. But adding guns would really affect the fantasy feel of the server. Cannons I can agree with, they were in LoTC in the past and are easier to control. Since you won’t have people just carrying them around on their backs. (Hopefully)
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