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  1. Ummm excuse me. You didn't give credit to Melvin & he knows all the lore. Ok but seriously, very proud of you & how much work you put into thia rewrite. Know it's something you poured a lot of time & energy into to help druidism get to a better place.
  2. The Aureon Ranger would smile as he saw the finished piece. Planting a couple of orchids at the base of the log. "I know you both would have been proud. She will continue with your legacies, I will see to it." He'd set down two small kuila idols, one made out of Blooming Kuila, depicting a Hyssop, the other made out of Inferno Kuila, depicting Cinder.
  3. A dwarven mage sitting comfortably in his desk at the harsh northern mountains. The sudden flare that would arise from his chimney would make the hair stand up on the back of his neck. "Something bad has happened... the Realm has lost someone important..." The dwarf would stand up from his desk and would make his way down to the hold. Looking through its vault for a few old treasues. "Their service must have been great, and the stone welcomes their body. May the Gods bid highly for their soul." he'd say as he threw a crimson ruby into one of the braziers, a red mist rising into the roof of the cavern as the gem melted upon the burning coals.
  4. A fat Irongut would read the news as he ate a couple dozen pies. "Huh... ets been a whoile since A've last seen me pops... A 'ope 'e is well..." he would eat a couple dozen more pies before adding. "Per'aps A s'ould present meself before t'is lass. A miss being around me family..."
  5. [!] A trail of cabbages could be found in the wee village. The mad cabbage farmer has grown interested in this place.
  6. I see dragon age art, I upvote. +1 I honestly like some of the things this voidal feat offers, feel like it could bring some very cool RP opportunities, would love to hear a bit more about the origin stuff & Talar’tayna. Maybe a suggestion is to do something like this for the spells. [T#] [Active] [Combat] - Reweiler’narn - “Walking Echo” Adding the Tier it belongs to might make things a bit clearer for people reading or learning the lore once it's accepted.
  7. While I like a lot of the changes there is something that I feel might set a dangerous precedent in terms of voidal magic & the voidal mage community that we've been trying to get away from and it is the 'corruptive' nature it has on nature that was recently written into pieces outside of Voidal Lore like druidism & Fae creatures. Another thing that might need to add is the period between rebirths while the Epiphyte can not use their magic due to being under the age of 16. @Kalehartmight have more information on the subject.
  8. It had been a hectic few days in Nevaehlen, the village was relatively quiet most of the time, but every so often a new problem would arise, leading the Matriarch and the rest of the Concord to deal with it before it became a larger source of stress. Thordir had gone out that morning on one of his usual hunts, however as the hunt progressed he'd come to realize he had ignored all the tracks for some of his usual prey, focusing instead on any tracks left behind by the young Mali'ame warrior. He'd come to a halt as he noticed a few words carved into a tree, he'd dismount his Stag, allowing it to graze while he investigated the area. The Hunter would kneel by the tracks on the mud as his gaze was locked on the Western Horizon. "Sapling... I know this is a journey you must make by yourself but your family misses you. The village misses you. Your haelun and maln might try to appear strong, but their heart aches with every night that comes and you are not there for them to tuck you in bed..." The Wild Chief would signal for a few Gladeguards to come out from the Shadows. He'd stand by the tree Greene had carved the Halerir'ame's number one lesson, carving the sigil of Cernunnos under it as he gave instructions to the Gladeguards. "Find him, but don't let him see you. He will return when he is ready, but you must make sure he's ne harmed while he's out there. Keep me informed, if he tries anything foolish, send a hawk to the Overlook, I will join you then." The Aureon would then get back on his armored Stag, brushing his hand against its mane before ordering it to take him back home.
  9. Blooming Kuila This variation of the Kuila crystals appears to have been lost or simply forgotten in time, perhaps a consequence of it's rarity. Found rarely in flower meadows or flower beds, Blooming Kuila crystals are truly a sight to behold, not a simple achievement. Unlike any of its counterparts these Kuila crystals form among the roots of flowers, with symmetric geometrical shapes, with a soft-purple glow. A unique trait unlike any of its counterparts, the Blooming Kuila forms in small, short spires akin to flower bouquets. These Kuila possess a glass-like fragility to them and can make for delicate jewelry, or detailing on a staff or weapon. Purpose: I don't know man I just wanted to add a new color to Kuila. Redlines & all the rest of the stuff would be the same as the ones found in this post. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192362-✓-world-lore-kuila-living-crystals/ Credits to Luci for being awesome.
  10. [!] The Stormbreaker Captain would come upon this missive in a simple tavern near a small port. He'd look out towards the docks and smiled looking at his Steamship. "A was sailing north... but A cannae deny an adventure w'en et 'its me en t'e face loike t'is." The captain would down the rest of the bottle of rum before starting to write a letter back to the Lord of Edenia.
  11. Honestly liked the lore piece a lot but it didn't have any mentions on CA races like Epiphytes, Musin, Wonks, Hou-zi, Kha and Specters which makes me wonder if it's even something worthy of being reviewed.
  12. I'll submit this to admins. Best of luck!
  13. Thorano would read the missive within his smithy and smile. "Darek might need some blighted steel soon. Better get to work. We have some weeds to remove!"
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