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  1. Have a good life mate, the clapping cheeks will remind us of the good times.
  2. I really have trouble understanding what is the problem with Pings, if you are interested in stuff regarding the LoTC community why go into a rage when you get a ping? Sure a games role works to avoid pinging everyone for something not everyone might be interested in. But one of the things I always find a bit silly is how threads like this one for example don’t even deserve a ping. Like mate if you dislike pings so much just mute announcements or something. But not pinging reduces the amount of people that see what you are posting in announcements. (Evidence: The wiki announcement in which they planned to delete a ton of character pages)
  3. Limiting help to nation/charter leaders/stewards doesn’t seem like the best idea. I for one am not usually on those positions yet I try and help new players as much as possible. Maybe bring back the discord role of helpers and have a small application for that?
  4. While this could help in the long run I think there are also things that need to be considered. The NPD has managed to stay mostly toxicity-free but I don’t know if it’s the same case for regular old discord. Maybe have a special section in the discord for the new players and people willing to help them?
  5. SoulReapingWolf

    DNN #18

    Ordar Irongrinder gasps surprised as he reads DNN from his pilgrimage trying to find the best ingredients for DwedCo. Brewing Division™. “T’e lad even killed a second dwarf in front o’ t’e judges ‘e must ‘ave sum nerve.” He’d mumble as he went back on his way.
  6. An anonymous dwarf would send a note to the Irongrinder, Irongrinder, Irongrinder, Irongrinder and sons that would read the following. "I have not seen the National Treasure Charles The Bald in a while. He's also missed his flower picking appointments the last couple o' days. Perhaps this Ivar guy dissapeared 'im as well"
  7. Is this system linking alt accounts to main accounts somehow?
  8. Don’t know if I’m dumb and not seeing the part where it says if a mage can use it and being able to cast with it in his hand. After the latest void rewrite. But I really like the lore either way!
  9. Yeah I understand that but you guys are a team, and after a while Applications start getting to you. You are a great CT, wouldn’t want the team to lose you.
  10. It's worrying to see someone handle 1/4th of the incoming applications please don't let Pan burnout and try and spread out more evenly the amount of applications to all team members. But otherwise it really sounds cool. Hope all the projects go well.
  11. Thorano’Thar would find himself on one of the cliff’s that housed the dwarven camp in Athera and feel the winds changing ”T’ings are getteeng interesteeng” he’d continue gathering resources for his friends. Ordar Irongrinder would smile as he read the announcement in DNN ”Et looks to me loike ‘e’s giving t’e ‘eretics a ‘eadstart” would chuckle as he worked under the Ruined Runesmith, the muffled pleas of a grown men for mercy disturbing him for a second before he knocked him out once more and collected his tears ”E be loike a cat playing wit’ is food, but instead o’ ‘im being a cat, ‘e’s a strong ass dwarf w’o will crus’ t’e bones of ‘is enemies” Ordar would then proceed to man the tavern for a long while.
  12. “T’ere is only one wort’y o’ t’e tittle o’ Archmage” An Irongrinder would say as he read the piece of paper being used as a counter wiper. “Awn awrder awf mages, T’orano gives dem aw week” Thorano would chuckle as he read the note his father’s servant brought.
  13. BTW if you haven’t been able to see this there is a Poll going on regarding the Wiki. Check the official LoTC Discord’s announcements channel!

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