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  1. WIth Vortex 1.0.0 coming soon these types of resources are gonna change a lot. You can find some information on this topic in this thread.
  2. Since the beginning of the map the economy team has said that the system is always open to changes. We are always looking at ways to improve it and make the experience better for everyone.
  3. Man It's great to see lore writers accept feedback with positive attittude. I was reading the lore piece again and I was thinking maybe the healing Ritual needs to have some othe form of drawback. I know it requires 5 astral sorcerers to cast and 1 full star well, but what if they simply rotate who's star well they use? Example: First Week they use Mage A's Full Star Well Second Week they use Mage's B Full Star Well Third Week they use Mage's C full star well Fourth Week they use Mage's D full star well Fifth Week they use Mage's E full star well. By that point Star Well A
  4. I think I remember you from Veris, in the old Skype days
  5. This redline seems a bit complicated to keep track of. Do you expect the ST to know who has been taught how to make Star Wells? While I absolutely love this purpose I believe that there is something missing. My suggestion is to maybe think of adding other branches to this magic (with a magic slot cost perhaps) For example I'd love to see some sort of "enchanting" branch to this magic. I know there is a ritual of weaving starlight but in my opinion this magic has the potential to create a lot of trinkets with all kinds of uses. (This is not something that can be achieve
  6. IGN: SoulReapingWolf RP NAME: Thorin Treebeard CANDIDATE: NorlI Starbreaker
  7. Thorin Treebeard would read the letter from Baldin and wonder if it was someone making a sick joke trying to impersonate someone he thought long dead. But as he read the letter a second time he'd realize no one was mad enough to replicate Baldin's madness. He'd grab his fanciest quill and bottle of ink and draft a response. "Old Friend, It's been ages since we last saw you in Hefrumm, to be honest I presumed you had died or at least chosen to stay in Athera caring for the remains of our people there like you swore you'd do. I find it weird that you claim to be a part of the Seer Council
  8. [!] Several child drawings would start appearing around the notice boards of Almaris A small note would be attached to the poster. "A've gotten rid of 31 tons of chilly"
  9. Archie Greenholm notices he is not on the invited list and feels rejected.
  10. I like Kalgrimmor, his story is very cool.
  11. Well, I know the chances are slimb. But... I'll give it a shot. I'll post a couple of characters so you can decide which one you'd like to draw more if the bot does pic me. The first character is Ordar Irongrinder. He's a dwarven brewer and legionnaire that takes too much care of his beard and hair. He's often found behind the tavern's counter with a cigar between his lips. And here is his skin. The second character is Magni Irongut, a 15 year old dwarf that wishes to become a Paladin. He is very young and curious, he likes drawing and is also learning how to become a smith (
  12. Your brother can vote with the wi-fi and you can vote with mobile data. Or the other way around... You taking it a bit far there. No one is forcing you to play LoTC. I invite you to give the economy a chance before creating a whole mineman drama. Everyone fails to notice the part where Hiebe said the economy team will meet weekly, take a look at how the economy is moving and based on that make changes. It's not a system that is set in stone and will not change for the entire map. It's a system that will be worked on by a team of people that have the intention to make the eco
  13. Its still something doable if you reach an arrangement with a nation about not having much in terms of a relationship. You can negoatiate that there is no need for your people to interact with the nation. And honestly I believe some nations will prefer allowing small charters in one of their empty tiles over having the tile completely empty. That is really up to you. People look for many problems but often don't think of the possible solutions. No one forces you to RP with a nation other than that initial negotiation for land. You'd also be free of an activity requirement which I know Talo
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