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  1. Who is mg pokemon? Hint: final evolution of 4th generation grass starter
  2. Magni Irongut would like to save everyone by destroying all the chili in Arcas. 


  3. [!] Several child drawings would start appearing around the notice boards of Arcas
  4. [!] All the fliers would be painted over and would now look like this. A new note could be found under them. [!] “Me Pops told me A could nae troi to foind a mum dis wae, so de festival an turnament as been cancelled, sorry fer de thausand dissapointed lasses dat wished to becume me mum, ye´ll haf yer chance if ye troi to seduce me pops, is name is Falk Irongut, Clan Father of Clan Irongut, the greatest Elder Clan of de dwarves, he loikes long hikes, farming, a gud pumpkin pie an readin boi de fireplace” -Magni Irongut
  5. All are invited, my dwedki character is trying to find a wife for his father and a mother for himself. Come test your skills to see if you have what it requires!


  6. [!] A drawing made by a child would be spread around the notice boards of Arcas calling females to the Belka Tournament, a small note written below the drawing [!] Yu are all invited to compit for de honor of being me mum, the Belka tornament will test yur skills on how to bi a gud mum. This turnament will also test to si if yu will bi a gud wife for me pops Falk. De judges of de turnament will be meself an Dhaen Grandaxe, it will be held in de Tavern in Kal'Evraal and de female compiting will be allowed to drink free juice! Dere will be no second ur therd plaize, dunt be sad if ye dunnot win de honor of being me mum and me pops woife, ye can foind comfort in nowing dere is a chance yell be me frends. Be ready tu compete against thausends of womens for dis honors, bring yer A game. Bi reade tu impress De tornament will be held in 2 stone days ((OOC: The "Tournament" will be held wednesday at 6:00 PM EST))
  7. [!] Several child drawings would start appearing around the notice boards of Arcas
  8. Another idea would be to have different types of dungeons. Some heavily involved in story, maybe some filled with rare resources, maybe others connected to the self teaching altars. Some that act as monster nests. I think this would be a cool project to work with the World Team. Maybe have some PvE focused ones as well where STs are not necessarily needed and people can hunt custom hostile mobs and as you go through the dungeon maybe curios, signs or region messages tell you some sort of story. Or simply the dungeon is a bit more focused on monster hunting and has a story that maybe is not as deep as the ones told in other types of dungeons. I like the idea of dungeons being kinda “modular” where maybe the interactions of the descendants will start opening new areas within a dungeon. So it feels like the effort made by adventurers is represented by the development of the dungeon itself. Would also be interesting to see how the dungeons implement stuff from the new plugins we have. So maybe you also find out that there are some rare resources within the dungeon and that is the entire reasoning for you being there. Idk that is a list of ideas I had when I read your post and Xarkly’s.
  9. Hmmm I love the idea of having Dungeons in LoTC I remember a while ago Xarlkly made a post with some interesting ideas. Maybe your idea and his can be developed together?
  10. +1 Great work Z! Ps. #FREE-Z3 Also Thanks @Hobolympic for being a god tier builder. This city is looking amazing.
  11. Thorin Treebeard reads the news from the desk of the high prophet and smiles proudly ”Ye’ve come far from t’ose first lessons in the Bearded Lady, and A’m sure ye’ll take t’e Kirja Dverga very far”
  12. Maybe with the change of ecosystem you guys are building in there could be a slight change in the types of burrows as well. Maybe you make one or two burrows out of tree stumps as that slight change.
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