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  1. Justice, not Injustice Firstly, I wish to commend Gror Ireheart for his ability to scribe letters. His replication of various sections of Urguan’s Articles and Legal Codex were finely written, even if the comprehension was lacking. That alone is a great feat for a dwed of his skills. However, as Lord Justicar of Urguan, I feel obligated by my station to correct gross misinterpretations of our laws, so that no misunderstanding might persist. I shall do so in the order presented by Gror Ireheart himself, for ease of comparison. Gror Ireheart claims that Clan Ireheart was denied protection from the agents of Du Loc. This is blatantly false. The particulars of Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard’s agreement with Du Loc specified that Du Loc would be allowed to protect themselves from Clan Ireheart if the they ever returned to Du Loc to attack civillians or otherwise broke the laws of the Lordship, Ulfric knowing that the Irehearts would not do so in the first place. In simpler terms, in order for any Ireheart to be allowed to come to harm without repercussion from Urguan, they would first have to leave the bounds of Urguan’s territory, trespass into the sovereign lands of Du Loc (from which they are banished), and threaten or otherwise unjustly harm the citizens of Du Loc. By no means whatsoever can this be portrayed as a betrayal on Clan Ireheart, and is historically the terms that Sons of Yavok have requested for Urguan to offer to other nations that the clan is feuding with; example being Krugmar during the reign of Jorvin ‘Godslayer’ Kazrinsson. Though Gror Ireheart’s foolish attempt to quote the Articles of Urguan to support his “claim” that Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard was in the wrong is so twisted it seems a waste of time to answer it at all, I shall still do so. The Articles state: ARTICLE IV: THE CITIZENRY OF URGUAN Section III: The Rights to Protection and Justice Section 3.2: A dwed is to be able to protect themselves and be protected within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. This guarantee only stands within Urguan’s own sovereign borders, not within the borders of other sovereign nations. I could waste more time expounding upon all of the problems with Gror’s first claim, but I shall let it rest and move on, lest I run out of ink. Gror Ireheart claims that, by refusing an honor duel, Ulfric Frostbeard broke the Articles of Urguan is, for lack of a better term, utterly stupid and outright uninformed. The Articles state: ARTICLE IV: THE CITIZENRY OF URGUAN Section III: The Rights to Protection and Justice Section 3.3: A citizen is able to seek justice for any wrongdoings through the judiciary body within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan Section 3.3.1: The tradition of honor dueling is to be upheld as a tried and true way for personal disputes to be settled, but are to be regulated by the aforementioned judiciary body. I notice that when mentioning this honor duel, Gror fails to also mention the challenge was made in the midst of a dozen Irehearts, all with weapons drawn and surrounding Ulfric Frostbeard, alongside an attempt to lock him and his council members inside their clan hall. Yet, that blatant attempt to intimidate the Grand King has already been rebuked, so I shall instead focus on the legal falsehoods Gror places before you. Nowhere in Urguan’s law does it say someone is legally obligated to accept a duel. If the duel is denied, then other means of rectification must be sought out. This has always been the case, and it is a misguided notion that by not accepting the honor duel, the Articles of Urguan were broken. However, if Gror did seek to force the Honor Duel to be accepted as part of payment for a crime, he may have sought out the Lord Justiciar or the proper means that all other clans act by. Gror Ireheart claims that the public declaration of his banishment was unjust, as there was no trial. This, at the very least, was an understandable objection. However, under a council vote not only approved, but championed, by Clan Ireheart, Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard was given emergency powers for the duration of the war with Oren. These powers were further extended to him by a majority vote of the council for the duration of the conflict with Clan Ireheart. Regarding the dismissal of all Irehearts from their Legion and Governmental positions, all of those positions reside within the absolute power of the Grand King, meaning he may appoint or remove people to those positions as he sees fit. Gror Ireheart claims that all members of Clan Ireheart were banished from the kingdom without a proper trial. This just proves that Clan Ireheart did not (or could not) read the official missive from the kingdom. Clan Ireheart was not banished, but they lost their rights as recognized citizens of Urguan. Furthermore, each Ireheart was individually given the chance to regain their lost status of citizen of their own accords, but if they did not wish to do so, they were promised the right to leave Urguan without fear of harm or retribution. Frankly, the article Gror addresses to substantiate his claim has no bearing on the situation, for it refers only to the powers of the High Court in regards of Urguani Officials under investigation for some crime, and has no bearing on the powers of the Grand King. I, however, will cite an article that is relevant. Gror Ireheart claims that Clan Ireheart were unjustly stripped of their vote on Urguan’s Grand Council. For this he cited the following: ARTICLE I: The Grand Council Section I: Structure of the Grand Council Section 1: May each Greater Clan or Union of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan have a guaranteed representative on the Grand Council with a guaranteed singular base vote. ARTICLE V: The Clans of Urguan Section I: Recognition of Clans Section 2: Let there be Greater Clans, the greatest possible official recognition a dwarven family may receive. However, the Articles also state: ARTICLE I: THE Grand Council Section II: Powers of the Grand Council Section 6: May the Grand Council have the power to vote on the status of a clan with a simple majority and Royal Approval. For those unclear on the issue, Clan Ireheart’s status as a “Greater Clan” was removed by a near unanimous vote of the Grand Council. Subsequently, they lost their seat on the council. This was no tyrannical decision made by the Grand King alone, but one that went through proper council procedures. Gror Ireheart claims that Ulfric Frostbeard somehow committed the crimes of conspiracy and sedition, which are defined as: Conspiracy - Conspiracy is the crime of conspiring to commit any other crime listed within this Code of Laws. Sedition - Sedition is the crime of spreading literature of speech intended to provoke revolution or treason. Frankly, this last claim is so baffling that I first had to spend an hour becoming intoxicated just to understand this statement. I write the rest of this now, so drunk that I will likely not remember publishing this letter. The idea that the Grand Council and the Grand King could commit the act of sedition, which itself is a crime committed against the dwarven government, is idiotic. However, even entertaining the idea that it could be possible, I still fail to see what actions would qualify as this. Neither called for open revolution against the government, nor did they promote the citizens to commit treason. Instead, they only addressed the wrongs already committed by Clan Ireheart and offered a just rebuke and punishment. I am now greatly wearied by the writing of this letter, so I shall retire with this statement: Clan Ireheart has a long history of “playing the victim” whenever they are clearly in the wrong, stooping to levels hardly comprehensible in any vain effort to justify their actions. This is only the latest feeble attempt for the Irehearts to satisfy their ever growing desperate need to be in the right. I shall also take this time to advertise the opening of a new charity: The Irongut Foundation for Disabled Irehearts, who will strive to educate these most hopeless cases in the simple art of reading comprehension. Donations are now being accepted. Lord Justicar of the High Courts of Urguan, Rikkin of Clan Irongut, Holder of the Book of Grudges, Lordak’ur’Aurokaraad, Prelate of Ogradhad, Master Remembrancer , Second Medic, Iron Baron.
  2. Falk Irongut pulls up Section VI, Subsection 4 of Urguan's Codex of Laws.
  3. "Ah t'ought t'ey'd 'it teh bottom o' teh mine, by seems t'ey brought ah shite ton o' dynamite wit' ehm"
  4. Falk Irongut sits in his study, shaking his head "Ire'earts 're teh cause o' 'tleast 'alf o' all Urguan's conflicts, ahn evereh time teh kingd'ms left ta clean up t'eir mess, yet t'ey've teh audaciteh ta claim teh kingd'm mistreats ehm." he sighs "Well, nae'ne e'er accused ehm o' bein smart. S'pose ah should beh commendin ehm fer writin up such ah letteh considahrin most cannae evehn read."
  5. The grudge is approved and written into the book
  6. I find this to be a solid addition to the overall concept of voidal magics. It serves a unique purpose and would be a vital tool to any character using voidal magic. That being said, it is in no way an overpowered addition. +1
  7. The Best of us. One dwarf that will truly be missed
  8. +1. Runesmithing has long been missed by the dwarven community. Staff has continually rejected its return, and for mostly good reason, but I think this rewrite is simple enough to be easily understood and leaves very little possibility for the abuse that the LT fears, while also filling a void in the magics available on the server
  9. This grudge, having been fulfilled, has been stricken from the book.
  10. [!] A new grudge is penned into the book. The Wronged: Falk Irongut The Assailant: Craegorn Grimgold The Wrong: The Repeated demand that Falk Irongut Break an Oath, The Repeated Insult of Falk Irongut, both with his presence and without it, and the questioning of the honor of Clan Irongut. Date of Wrongdoing: Continuously from the years 52-54 S.A. Terms of Settlement: The Removal of Craegorn Grimgold's tongue.
  11. As someone who has been a longtime user of fire evocation, I appreciate these slight changes and clarifications in redlines, especially the blue fire, as having to use 2 additional emotes to charge it make it rarely a viable option in any type of crp. +1
  12. IGN: TheFirstShroom DISCORD: TheFirstShroom#5790 ITEM(BID): Portrait 1 (450 mina)
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