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  1. RP Name: Falk Irongut MC Username: TheFirstShroom Discord: TheFirstShroom#5790 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: To aid Dimlin Irongut in his quest to retrieve his diary. What Skills Can You Bring?: Expertise in smithing, masonry, and combat.
  2. RP Name: Falk Irongut MC Username: TheFirstShroom Discord: TheFirstShroom#5790 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: To aid my mentor and ex-Clan Father in his quest to recover his diary. What Skills Can You Bring?: General Combat skills. as well as smithing and masonry experience.
  3. Falk Irongut shakes his head solemly “Let teh Brath watch o’er yeh, mah king.”
  4. Armakak’s Coin From the office of The Grand Merchant: Many years ago, when I was still a young lad living with my mother, I often found myself being lectured by my grandfather, who deemed it necessary to inform me on the workings of the world. It was during one such lecture that he told me the following: "Listen to me carefully, Falk. It's important that you understand what I am about to say. Most people view nations as if they were works: like a monument hewn from stone or a sword forged from a hunk of steel. Most people are wrong. Kingdoms and nations are living, breathing creatures, more similar to the horses of the fields. And, like any other living thing, a nation requires blood; not literal blood like you or I have. The lifeblood of a nation is trade: the free flow of coin, good, and services. When trade stagnates, nations die. In this day and age, when nations are always on the brink of war and bandits roam the roads freely, I look around and see that the lifeblood of all nations, the flow of coin, is beginning to stagnate, and unless we are to let the world fall into chaos, some measure must be taken. For this reason, the Grand Merchant of Urguan and da Kirkja Dverga have joined together in a united front to form Armakak’s Coin, a Merchant’s guild supported both by the church of the The Brathmordakin the Government of Urguan. Operation of the Guild: Armakak’s Coin is designed to serve the dwed by buying resources from Yemekar’s Workforce as well as other dwed suppliers. It is against the philosophy of the order to purchase minerals and other products often made by dwed from other groups, as this would hurt their industry. The acquired goods will then be distributed to certified Armakak guild merchants or shipped across Arcas to stalls associated with the guild. Official guild merchants will receive a portion of the profits from everything they sell. Additionally, Armakak’s coin will take outside requests to obtain rarer items for specific clients, charging a finder’s fee in return for our services. Organization of the Guild: Guild members are divided into four different tiers, dictating their level of responsibility within the guild. Herald of Armakak: This is the person in charge of running the guild. They set the rules for merchants, maximum and minimum rates, and decide the locations where the guild shall sell it’s wares. They must demonstrate a greater understanding of the Brathmordakin, although not requiring the knowledge-level of a preceptor. Senior-Merchant: If a Merchant shows they are competent and reliable in their duties, the guild may approve them to become a Senior Merchant. Becoming a senior merchant has several benefits: their cut of the profits is increased slightly, they are entrusted with larger amounts of goods to sell, but the greatest benefit is that the senior-merchant is entrusted with the running of one of the stall outside of Urguan. Merchant: A Merchant of Armakak’s coin is a wandering salesman. They travel around Arcas They get a cut of the profits of the stall, and are given the resources to sell. The stall is paid for by the Coin, all the merchant must do is take count of what is sold and how much. The merchant must stick to the initial pricing set by the Herald of Armakak unless the Herald or a Senior Merchant advises a new one upon request. Supplier: A Supplier of the Coin is tasked with making deals with manufacturers or gathering the resources themselves for the guild. Goods they acquire are sold directly to the guild itself at regular intervals for an agreed upon price. Tradesman: A Tradesman’s role is not to sell, but rather to create fine and beautiful works, swords or jewelry, which the guild will then sell. Due to the nature of crafts, being less numerous in quantity and more focused on quality, Tradesmen will often find themselves taking commissions through the guild. Code of Conduct: Members of the guild will obey the degrees of the Herald of Armakak and of da Kirkja Dverga. Members of the guild will conduct themselves in a professional manner while conducting business. Members of the guild will always complete a business transaction to the best of their ability. Members of the guild will always conduct themselves in an honest manner, never trying to cheat a customer or the guild itself. Joining Armakak’s Coin: If you wish to join Armakak’s coin in any fashion, simply fill out the following application: In Character: Your Name: Your Race: The Guild Position you are applying for: Do you accept the Brathmordakin as the only true religion?: Do you swear to abide by the standard code of conduct for all members of Armakak’s Coin? : Out of Character: Your Minecraft Username: Your Discord Username:
  5. A little late, but Accepted!
  6. [ MC Name: TheFirstShroom] What is your name? Falk Frostwrought (I’d change to Irongut if accepted) Where do you live? Nobleton What are your primary skills? Fighting, Smithing, and Masonry. Short biography (5+ sentences): Falk Frostwrought was a sworn warrior of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. During the War of the Beards, Falk fought at the Battle of Jorheim Fields against the Coalition forces, where his leg was seriously injured. Because of his injury, Falk was forced to retreat into the mountains, where he spent several years recovering. Once he was finally healthy enough to return, the War of the Beards had already ended in Urguan’s defeat. Falk once again retreated into the mountains, fearing that the Frostbeards would execute him as a traitor. When a pardon was finally passed over all enemies of the Frostbeards, Falk Frostwrought resolved to leave his mountain exile and return to the Dwarven kingdom, where he hoped to regain his lost honor. How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM the Clan Father): Falk was the bastard son of Bowman Irongut and Malif Frostwrought, but Bowman refused to accept him. Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: On my life, I swear it. OOC Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? I do agree Discord ID? (optional, you can also send it through PM if required) I will PM it if I am accepted
  7. TheFirstShroom


    I think all the previous issues with my application are now fixed.
  8. TheFirstShroom


    Well my character is the grandson of the Dwarf from the War of the Beards, so I made him pretty young.
  9. TheFirstShroom


    Falk Frostwrought was a sworn warrior of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and he served the Dwed kingdom as a faithful soldier for many years. Most of his service was during a time of peace, but in 1631 the War of the Beards began. Falk was called to go to war, leaving the live he had built behind. Initially, Falk was excited to enter the conflict; young and naive, he had never been a part of a large battle before, and was eager to wet his axe. During the early years of the war, his unit was involved in a few small skirmishes, but Falk’s first real battle came in 1634, with the battle of Jornheim Fields. During the battle, Falk was knocked unconscious by a charging cavalryman and his leg was trampled. When he awoke, the Coalition had won the battle and had already continued down the road, leaving only a small group of soldiers behind to care for the dead. Against great odds, Falk was able to kill one of these soldiers, disguise himself in his armor, and escape into the wildlands, where he would spend almost two years nursing his leg and preparing to return to Urguan. When Falk was finally healthy enough to rejoin the ranks of Urguan, he descended from the cave that had sheltered him and began to seek out his Dwed in arms. However, he was too late, the war had ended and Urguan had been defeated. Fearful that either side would condemn him a traitor, Falk returned to his exile in the wilderness. In 1714, when Under-King Fimlin Grandaxe pardoned every political enemy of the Under-Realm, Falk finally saw his chance to rejoin his fellow dwarves. Now, Falk seeks to rejoin the Dwarven military and wants to use this second chance to regain his lost honor.
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