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  1. Thats what I think as well. Comparing it to other multislot spells makes it feel a bit underpowered from my point of view. Though it is also a bit strong doe a 1-slot, so it is in a bit of an odd space. The spells themselves seem wellwritten though, and I like some of the ideas
  2. Vrilkon sighs as well
  3. Warforger’s Paint [T2] Origin/Backstory Not too long ago, a Dwarven artist and alchemist used his combined knowledge of the creation of tattoo’s and the creation and usage of Warforging to create a mixture, an oil that could be used to imbue the effects of the Warforging into the skin. This knowledge, long hidden within his books has finally reached the outside world now. Recipe Base: Warforging Oil 1x Water: Impediment 2x Mundane: Slowness 2x Mundane: Growth 1x Mundane: Life 3x (optional) Creation To create the ink, one starts off by heating up the Warforging oil, stirring it to make sure the heat is applied evenly. After this, one first applies the Impediment and Slowness Symbols, keeping on the stirring until the oily base has turned sluggish, after which they can add in the Growth Symbol. The Alchemist must then continue stirring to allow for the oil to become a smooth consistency. When this happens, the Alchemist should add the Life Symbols to make sure the tattoo doesn’t fade. This isn’t required, but if this isn’t done, the tattoo will fade in [4] weeks. Effects The result of combining the additional ingredients to Warforging Oil will result in an inky fluid that can be used to make tattoo’s. This oil, when injected into the skin, will give off the same effect as the original creations, though this effect will weaken overtime if a specific step isn't taken during the crafting process, this step being the addition of the Life Symbols into the oil. One potion can create a tattoo up to the size of a limb before running out and requiring another vail of potion. Lava-Tattoo A tattoo crafted with this recipe will seem to be made of fire after applying it once, or like molten rock after applying it for a second time. They give off a slight bit of light, betraying one's location in pitch black darkness, but this doesn't allow the carrier to see in it. Lava Tattoos will also be slightly warm to the touch, though this isn't to extreme levels. Star-Tattoo Star-tattoos will take on the characteristics of the ever-shifting night sky, making it look like the skies above, though not accurately following the movements of the stars. The tattoo itself will either become near-black or deep purple with stars in a range of colours which move around and may even flicker out. Frost-Tattoo These tattoos make the tattooed area look frozen over, and they may even feel cool to the touch, though not to extreme levels. The ice can take on a range of colours ranging from nearly clear to deep blue or white with the full ranges in between. Storm-Tattoo A Storm tattoo will seemingly create a slightly shifting storm cloud on the skin of the carrier, sparks of lightning moving through the clouds. They will give off a little bit of light which may betray the location of the carrier in extremely dark places, though they cannot help the carrier to see in the dark. Light-Tattoo These tattoos are the brightest of the available tattoos, creating a soft light from where the tattoo is applied, which looks like it comes from within the skin itself. They will give off a fair bit of light which will betray the location of the carrier in extremely dark places, though it cannot help the carrier to see in the dark. Redlines/Restrictions - The tattoo’s that are a product of this craft cannot give any combative or mechanical advantages. - The tattoo’s, when giving off light (e.g. Lightforging, Lavaforging or Stormforging) cannot create enough light to give an overview of an area. - When the Life Symbols aren’t added to the mixture, the tattoo will fade in [4] OOC weeks. - Only [2] effects can be applied to a person at a time. - Tattoos require OOC consent before they can be placed. - One can only craft a tattoo after learning the Warforging Potions IRPly. - This lore follows all the lore of [✓] [Rewrite - Alchemy] [War-Forging]. Purpose OOC I was reading into tattoo lore, and found out there aren’t many non-magical means, nor is there a lot of RP for it, thus I wanted to do such. It was a nice exercise of practice for some other pieces of lore I’m trying to work on. Citation Spoiler
  4. FULL NAME: Orkadath AGE: 21 PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Dad's a Demon, he's a warrior in Hohkmat, and an Uruk METHOD OF CONTACT: _grey_w0lf_ // _Grey_W0lf_
  5. "Ah 'ars' bet fair stance Clanfat'er, yeh seem tu take yer duteh well. . ."
  6. A roar, followed by the sounds of a hammer would be heard from a lonely mountain as the news of the king's death reached the ally turned enemy of the late King. "O' Garedyn, yeh went loike yeh came tu us, braveh beyond compareh. . ."
  7. A dwarf just chuckles softly. . . "W'ot use es a leadah ef t'ey can't stay safeh"
  8. +1 for I dont have time to beg an ST to give me an event where I can collect some useless metal parts that cant even be used
  9. Ursus Grandaxr grumbles from beyond the Veil, something about a trap
  10. Ursus Grandaxe nods approvingly from his chambers in Khaz'a'Dentrumm
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