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  1. Hiya gamers and friendo's! I didn't expect to be making a post at all but here I am sitting behind my good old pc writing a lil something to (hopefully) finish it all off properly! As some of you may have known or realised my activity on the server has been deteriorating over time up to a point where I no longer enjoy playing on the server or involving myself with any form of roleplay. I started to realise that I have grown weary of ooc schemes, politics and all the fuss that lotc brings mentally. On top of this I have realised that I can no longer combine school, work, personal time and LoTC anymore. So (obviously) as you might expect from the thread this post is in, I have decided to quit LoTC. NOW BEFORE YOU YELL AT ME!!! Will I be gone forever? No Idea, I simply want to be able to focus on other stuff right now but there is a possibility of me hopping on from time to time to hang out or to do a severe bit of trolling in warclaims :> I also want to take this moment to say thank you to the many MANY friends I have made on here and I love each and every single one of you and I will make sure to still play games / hang out in my epic friend discord as most of you aready know (If you still need an invite just dm Twandhi#6986). I would also like to thank @Telanirand @HogoBojofor the good old run I had on staff, it was great working under you lot and I don't regret a single second of it. Well I suppose this is it, I really cannot make a longer post cuz brain small but yall get the point. PEACE
  2. Edward the Fourth smiles menacingly "It seems we're back in business"
  3. Maric would smile "The Colborn twins strike again!"
  4. APPOINTMENT OF A HEAD STEWARD KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the Office of the Royal Treasury On the 6th of Tov ag Yermey 451 E.S VA BIRODEO E HERZENAV, Since the absence of the previous Royal Head Steward, it became necessary for the Office of the Royal Treasury to appoint a new head Steward in the form of Lady Josefina Barclay. This role shall oversee Taxation, the appointing of new stewards and the purchase of property within Haeseni lands. It is our hope that the new head steward works tirelessly in this role to ensure the money for the crown continues to benefit the nation. IV JOVEO MAAN His Excellency, Ser Maric Colborn, Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska, Knight of the Marian Retinue
  5. Twandhi


    Changed Status to Denied
  6. HOUSE COLBORN PASSING THE TORCH Issued By THE VISCOUNT OF VENZIA On this 4th of Msitza & Dargrund 449 E.S. O' GUD, VOR HJELP I GYNE ERE, The Succession of our vast branched oaken tree is but entirely based on the merit of its leaves. We don’t wait for one leaf to wither for another to take its place, instead, each gets its own chance to take in the sunlight. While as a family our inheritance is unique amongst our peers it speaks to the heart of our cause. We serve Haense and the Barbanovs of which we swore our loyalty, our pact of brotherhood, since the times most ancient, a bond and alliance longest standing amongst that of man. While this pact was nullified once, Colborn makes no pact lightly, we yet honour it to this day. To focus my energies and serve my lord well I shall step aside in my other duties. As of recently the duties of the treasury calls for me more, may the young have a chance, and may they hold the torch, bear the light of the fired passion of our bloodline, our steadfast loyalty. Our ancestor was the first knight of our mother nation of Hanseti-Ruska, of Haense. In the same vain I shall pass my responsibilities from a Knight’s hand to that of a squire, a knight-to-be. The daughter of Godric Adrian Colborn, a Squire known as Ada Natalya Colborn and my successor. For I have succeeded in my objectives, that which I set out to do when Adrian Erik Colborn the first Baron of Bethlenen handed me the position of Patriarch. To Promote our family’s status and to join the Aulic so I might better serve my lord, involve myself in the military, and defend the motherland. May the young find success in their endeavours and might Ada serve as not only a gracious Matriarch but likewise as Viscountess of Venzia, and Baroness of Bethlenen. M A Y S H E L E A D W I T H T H E H O N O R O F K N I G H T S M A Y S H E B E F A I T H F U L T O H E R C H A R G E M A Y S H E B L O O M W I T H G R E A T A M B I T I O N SKRALI VOR GUD Viscount of Venzia, Baron of Bethlenen, Royal Treasurer of Haense, Knight of The Marian Retinue, Maric "The Steadfast" Ared Dietrich Gerard Colborn
  7. Maric would smile as he rubbed his hands menacingly "Seems like we got absolute CASH to make..."
  8. Twandhi


    Changed Status to Accepted
  9. Maric "The Steadfast" Ared Dietrick Gerard would smile as he nodded approvingly of the result as he read the letter "It seems like we have to put in EVEN MORE WORK now people!" A loud laughter could be heard from the man as he started to prepare a feast to celebrate the promotion!
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