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  1. As Joseph Beckett went out to get the mail, he saw the unfamiliar letter and decided to read it. Frowning upon the difficult words, he turned around to run into the house, forgetting all other mail while yelling: "Daddy, daddy! What does this letter mean?"
  2. Same here, I am very curious as to what you would say
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    Assil Runeminer was born 150 years ago, in the year 1578 in the month of The Amber Cold. He was born in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan as a Cave Dwarf. He lived there most of his youth until the Kingdom fell and he moved together with many other dwarfs, including his parents, to the Kingdom of Agnarum. He moved with his kin to the realm of Arcas when the time was there and he helped building the grand city of Kal’Varoth. He also decided to stay and live there. Living there, he saw kings come and go and eventually he saw how the Kingdom of Agnarum was turned into the kingdom it is nowa
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