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    Assil Runeminer was born 150 years ago, in the year 1578 in the month of The Amber Cold. He was born in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan as a Cave Dwarf. He lived there most of his youth until the Kingdom fell and he moved together with many other dwarfs, including his parents, to the Kingdom of Agnarum. He moved with his kin to the realm of Arcas when the time was there and he helped building the grand city of Kal’Varoth. He also decided to stay and live there. Living there, he saw kings come and go and eventually he saw how the Kingdom of Agnarum was turned into the kingdom it is nowadays: The Under-Realm of Urguan. He saw how King Fimlin Grandaxe became the first king of the realm. He still remembers how this good king resigned from his position to let the not-so-good king Atandt Irongrinder descend the throne. Not long after this king took his throne, the Three Months War commenced. As a proud and noble dwarf, Assil fought in this war helping to raid the countryside and returned home after the war was won. He was one of the voices wanting Atandt Irongrinder to step down and eventually this happened. Sadly enough Assil was not able to see the next king descend on his throne. His wanderlust took a hold of him and he decided to leave the capital in favour of that wanderlust, only taking his most needed stuff with him and thus never saw king Utak Ireheart descending the throne of the realm. He only heard it later he would be the new king. Assil roamed the wild lands for years, hunting animals with his bow while always keeping his axe within reach. Being alone for so much time did not influence his traits in a good way. The curse of the dwarfs became stronger. His greed for gold became stronger. And with that a whole lot of more negative traits were born. Suspicious to other races was in his nature, but Assil also got paranoid, always looking behind his shoulder. Anyone who ever dared to even come close to his gold, was killed within a heartbeat. Nowadays Assil still roams the wilds with sometimes attending a town to drink an ale and do what he loves to do most after mining: Reading and learning. For he plans to be very wise at his old age.
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