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  1. A late missive was found. One missed from being taken down. After all, it had taken quite some time to get to the outermost shores of Almaris, floating on the wind to the destination of a particular woman. Adorned in pure white, she lifted her head to the wind that fluttered the snow white fabric draped over her greying locks. Behind her mask, a smile grew. A yellow sunflower wax stamp kept the envelope sealed until it's recipient opened it to read it's contents. That very same missive would be returned to Cain Thelin with a new letter attached. The handwriting was fluent and efficient, each word legible and distinguished... until the end. The lines became shorter and the style shifted. Something was there, it seems, and the recipient would need to look closer. Dearest Cain Thelin, I am overjoyed to see another who appreciates the true art of alchemy and the Material Alphabet. I have been an alchemist for just a little more than 40 years, and the art is one that continues to enrapture my mind and interests. Additionally, I have known the human art for quite some time now. What an honor, to serve descendant kind. Veterans and Victims of attacks come to me in their time of need... but that is all I know. It was all I was taught, and I seek the beauty of knowledge and alchemical craftsmanship. Help is what you need, my good Cain. Everyone seeks a teacher, but I cannot simply be one myself. Let me learn from you; I will make you proud. Overwhelmed you are, I'm sure, but I am grateful to you. See you soon. You have everything you need to contact me.
  2. The Lord Matviy Artem Rahoul Kortrevich added his name to a roster to audition!
  3. bro the colors??? Change the font. I know this is supposed to be comic sans but on mobile it makes it an unreadable script
  4. What is your name, hero-to-be? Teresa Romano What is your age? 19 What is your race? Human (Illatian!) Where do you reside? Nowhere. Anywhere. What powers do you have to fight against this great evil? I make good pasta for road. Chef needed? What is the meaning of a free-spirit, in short words? Service to yourself with no constraints.
  5. Laurelai Komnenos entered the clinic that day, snow piled on her holly-crowned head only to find a note that the clinic would be once again empty. "Damn... This place is in trouble"
  6. A woman smiled down upon her grandson. She hadn't really gotten to meet him, but she watched him in hope. Teresa Romano definitely had a glass of red wine and enjoyed whatever banquet was served at the after-party.
  7. In Case You Don’t Live Forever Madeline d’Azor-Vuiller and Iulius Vernhart before they were wed. 415. E.S / 1862 A woman’s sobs mixed with a child’s cry came from the Hospital of St. Amyas. Within her arms, Madeline Vernhart held her newborn children Erik and Juliana, but that is when the pain began. Juliana cried out loud, but her brother did not. Eight long months had passed and she was blessed with two children, but her darling Erik couldn’t be saved… just like the boy she helped delivered years ago. The scent of warm chocolate chips wafted through the home as a pattern of knocks rapped at the door. While her mother stepped away, the little Madeline shoved a handful of the chocolate into her mouth. Diana d’Azor returned with a guest, the blonde chewed the chocolate goo before she was asked to speak. “Meet Rev Vuiller, dear.” Weaker, she grew and soon enough Madeline found it to be a struggle to go up stairs. She did everything she knew she could to treat herself. Coltsfoot, cough syrup, grobsnopper, atheros tea, bitter reed, the list could go on and on… but nothing healed the woman completely. She knew it was pneumonia. Madeline treated it time and time again for her patients, so why couldn’t she treat this one? Thud. She had made eye contact with him ever so briefly as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop, but his feet slipped and there he was. A brown-haired blue-eyed man fell head first right into the cement. The woman quickly got to work tending to his wounds. Finally, the Vernhart mother reached the top of the steps of Balian only to find the world go black. She fell to her knees and her body wracked with each violent cough. Blood stained the handkerchief held to her lips. Johanna’s eyes widened as she watched her mother slip into this state - the child ran into the city, crying for help. It was the last time Madeline would see her mother and father…. But was it worth the procedure to lengthen her life? Perhaps. It never did cure it. Madeline’s cheeks turned red as she brought the book in front of her face, her eyes peeking out from over the edge. Those sheepish yet sweet eyes watched him nervously. “Only if it’s not too much trouble. I don’t even know if this is still done today, but I thought if I shall be a Haenseni woman, I’d like this.” Her voice was soft in her timidness. “I won’t ask for a gift ever again, Iulius. I promise.” Bruises. Shades of black, blue, and purple layered her pale skin where needles had been stuck into her side. She was always sore. Movement, coughing, laying down. Just to breathe brought her pain. No amount of blissfoil would soothe her. Candlelight illuminated the faces of the couple that stood at the church’s altar. A priest held his hand over the man and woman dressed in their common clothes. Her cheeks hurt from smiling, but Madeline couldn’t help it. “I do” She promised, and so did he. In the dead of night, they were wed. Their only witness was the Koenas Emma and God. “Yam going to die, Clara.” Madeline rasped as she held onto her daughter’s hand with her own. Hands trembled, clammy and cold to the touch. The youth had left her eyes as she looked to her only child that looked like her. “Yam afraid, Clara… Ea will niet see vy get married. What about Felyx Colborn? Vy two were so close.” Her childhood home. Old Vuillermoz and its vineyard, but both were long gone and dead now. The gazebo that overlooked the river where Rivia had been built across the way remained despite the war that had both destroyed her home and brought her to her husband. Iulius moved his hand to the back of Madeline’s head, making sure that she was pulled into his chest. His cheek rested on the top of her skull, shushing softly as her tears began to soak his shirt. They were close to the end. There was this feeling, and while they were both ready to keep loving each other, the tension of death seemed to loom over them. They were both tired, both sick, both older. But Iulius still gripped onto her, not letting her leave him. Madeline held onto tight to her husband, she couldn’t leave him. “We, we’ve only got so much time I’m pretty sure it would kill me If you didn’t know the pieces of me are pieces of you” “In case you don’t live forever, let me tell you now I love you more than you’ll ever wrap your head around In case you don’t live forever, let me tell you the truth I’m everything that I am because of you” Madeline cracked a smile to her husband, bringing his hand to her lips to place a gentle kiss onto the aged skin. Afterwards, she looked up at him and laid her head back on the pillow. The sound that filled the house for years remained ever-present. A weighted, heavy breathing, but now there was a wet, crackling sound with every breath she took. “It am time…. Isn’t it?...” He said, his eyes moving from the fireplace to his wife. There was a silence from Madeline, words beyond words spoken. Her hands, cold to touch and blue at her fingertips, held the tightest they could onto his hands. Those brown eyes that had been so full of life had grown glossy and dull. And yet, they looked upon Iulius with adoring love. Cracked lips parted, her Orenian accent taking the place of the New Marian one she had adopted years ago. “I’ve waited a long time for this… but you are what keeps me here.” “Vy have waited so diligently…” He watched her closely. “But Ea do niet want to keep vy here any longer, mea love…” Iulius said weakly, the first tear streaming down his face. Madeline’s eyes never left her husband’s as she swallowed the lump in her throat. “There is a little bit of me in each of our children, Iuli. Love them as you have loved me… even when they frustrate you. I am with them… and when they are with you, I am with you.” Years of age and illness had destroyed Madeline’s body, but she gathered her strength and pulled herself up to hug her husband tight. Her own tears spilled, soaking his shoulder as a choked sob came from the woman. “Ea love vy.” “I love you.” The aged man replied, pulling his wife close to him. He buried his head into her shoulder as his tears flowed freely, but he held her as her body shook. For a woman who didn’t cry much, she was like a child in his arms. With each sob, her body shook... but she allowed herself to hurt. She coughed violently into a handkerchief. It was stained with blood and a frothy foam. Puffy red eyes looked at her husband as she laid back in the indent in the couch that housed her body for a decade. “Come here, Iulius, love.” Iulius leaned over his wife and wrapped her into his arms. She was trembling, shivering as her weak body only felt cold. He recalled all the nights the Vernharts struggled to keep their mother Vernhart warm. Madeline sighed soft as his warmth was shared with her. The blonde, whose hair had begun to streak with silvery greys, smiled lovingly to her husband as she continued. “I couldn’t… have asked for a better husband.” Her hands gently touched Iulius’ cheek, a thumb wiping away some of his tears that trailed down his cheek. Her breathing crackled louder. She struggled to breathe, but she persevered. “Spasiba… for giving me a life I loved.” Madeline’s lips twinged into a weak smile as she wiped at her own tears, but never breaking their gaze. “Ea will always love vy.” He whispered, giving her a kiss upon her lips. He sat up, never breaking his gaze away from his wife. The Eagle of silver and grey gently guided its flight through the windowsill, perching upon the table where her head bowed. It almost felt as if Tulipan was weeping for her master. After all, she had watched and protected the d’Azor-Vuiller-Vernhart her entire life. Finally, the bird perched on the back of the couch, just beside where Madeline rested. Licking her dry lips, Madeline smiled to her faithful companion and looked to her husband, squeezing his hand weakly. Her eyes began to gloss over and she grew weaker by the hour. Finally, she whispered, “May I rest?” “Rest, my love” With a light nod, the blonde let out a shaky breath, three quiet words trickled from her lips. Her eyes would droop until she slept. That sound, one that shook the soul, continued for hours and grew louder until it sounded like a choked snore. Soon after Madeline’s death’s rattle fell silent. No longer did she breathe. Forever she was free of the very thing that brought her pain. The oldest Vernhart would watch as life was dulled from his wife’s eyes and her aged smile left her face. The love of his life. He couldn’t stop the tears from falling down his face as his head dipped. He choked out sobs. Coughing, his body shook and quivered. There were only 3 three letters written, lined perfectly on the table and prepared long before Madeline’s death. They would be send out upon her passing. Diana, Rev, and Ledicourt Vuiller Johanne and Juliana Vernhart Adrian Colborn
  8. The sea outside her home was calm today. The salty breeze stirred her hair that stuck out from under the white veil draped over her head. A figure in white stood looking over into the distance, where nothingness could be found in the distance. The Gendik-Komnenos family had lost so much in the recent years. She may have been away but sometimes she did wish she was really dead. Her poor daughter would go to the Seven Skies thinking she would meet her step-mother there only to realize the truth. The White Aengul wept.
  9. A woman clothed in white wandered the grounds of Helious in the night. She paused at the notice board, reading over the new missive posted. “Oh my darling…” The mother of Aldrych smiled, a hand resting fondly over her heart. “I’m so happy for you.” The White Angel continued along her usual path to circle the midnight woods.
  10. A woman adorned in white overlooked the vast, angry ocean. Her gaze fixed on a rock slammed by churning waves. She breathed, “A never-ending storm brews within us all, does it not? It was power and entitlement that killed us…” To some, she was ghastly. To others, she was aengulic. The White Aengul’s veiled head swiftly turned to stare off at the dark clouds overhead and sneered through gritted teeth. “The Kingdom of Oren is rotten, a cancer upon Humanity, and we are the surgeon.” A child sat in the mountains of Urguan, carefully plucking wildflowers for a decorative assortment flower crown. Her white gloves stained with the juice of Mother Nature’s fruit, twisting and turning each stem until it bound into a circlet. “Miss Hana and Miss Charsi will love these!” Laurelai Holly Komnenos exclaimed with the sun’s smile beaming from her youthful features. That smile faded as the wind blew a bit too hard for the girl’s liking. A shiver shot through her spine, but she began a third crown. “To the fallen… whomever you are, out there. I hope to prevent a death like yours someday.” A crown of Nettle, Sweet Briar, and Forget-Me-Nots rested around a stick stabbed into the cold mountain soil where it would remain until it’s life too would return to dust.
  11. Sobbing was heard within the Vernhart estate. A broken woman, one who had lost so much in this past decade, slumped over on the couch and cried. She mourned the loss of her brother Kristian. She mourned the loss of her brother Kristofer. She mourned the loss of her son Harald. She mourned the loss of her baby Erik. Madeline Vernhart didn’t talk to her step-brothers much after she left home, but she still loved them dearly. Amidst her gut-wrenching tears, Madeline prayed for the pain to be over. The pain of loss and illness. Her brother was dead.
  12. A woman tends to her little lettuce patch.
  13. A smirk grew on a certain surgeon's face as she read the missive. "The Kingdom of Oren is rotten, a cancer upon Humanity, and we are the surgeon."
  14. Arthur Komenos Arthur, my love. I’m sorry it had to be this way. I think we always knew I would go before you. I have a terrible habit of getting myself into danger and you having to get me out of it. This is one that you cannot get me out of. I’ve done it to myself, and I need you to understand that. Despite everything that’s happened, know that I love you. 40 years is a long time to be stuck with somebody… but despite our ups and downs, I want you to know that I am proud. I am proud of your hard work for your barony and our family. Thank you for putting in the effort to be better. I really appreciate it. There is a cavalry saber that was gifted to me on the day of our wedding. This and my wedding band are yours. Thank you for saving me again and again. I’m glad I could save you too… I’m sorry you couldn’t have saved me this time. Love, Primrose Rosemary Vuiller My Rose, I remember the day I held you within my arms for the first time and I prayed to the Seven Skies in thanks. You were and always will be my little Rose. You made me laugh, and we cried often together… but I was a dope. Nothing will ever bring back the lost time. Nothing will ever undo what I have done. Nothing will ever fix my mistake. I’m sorry, beyond anything I can say or do, I’m truly sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been a better mother. I’m sorry I opened that door, and I’m sorry I didn’t put you first. A very, very long time ago you gave me a gift. I’ve kept them ever since and worn them often. A sunflower locket necklace and a sunflower hairpin, both made by Joseph d’Azor. Inside the locket is a small image of you, as a child. I feel these should go to you. I am proud of you, Rose. You have done amazing things both for yourself and for your family. I remember how you used to fish with the ferrymen at their keep in Norland… and the shop you owned in New Providence. I hope you haven’t stopped fishing. You were amazing at it. Momma loves you. Always, Mom Johanne, & Samuel Vuiller Johanne, This will be the last you ever hear from me. Ever. There is no way to describe how sorry I am for what I did in Vuillermoz. I wronged you and nothing can make it right again. I reject the titles I was given for my actions... So much so that it has led me here. Handless for my sins… especially for Vuillermoz and for freeing Bakir Ireheart from his cell. I didn’t deserve my hands, for as much as I used them for good - such as helping you after the fire - they also commit sins. My condolences for the loss of your father and my biggest congratulations on your triplets. I’m sure they’re beautiful and I pray that St. Harald and St. Amyas watch over them. May they grant them safety and health. I remember how we used to sit for our tea… I never really got to sit down for too long, did we? We were always interrupted now that I think of it. I don’t even drink it as a tea anymore… but it makes for a good face cream if it interests you still. A noblewoman must always have a statement piece of jewelry. Something vintage, yet classy. I feel you should have my Serpentine Brooch from Vespira L’s 1840 collection. I hope it matches well with whatever you wear. Love, Primrose Samuel, I haven’t seen you since you were just a little older than a toddler. I don’t know what you look like or what you’re doing now, but I hope that you are succeeding in it and doing what makes you happy. I remember the day I helped your mother deliver you. It was one of the happiest and scariest days of my life… You are a blessing, a miracle in disguise. Live each day to the fullest, dearest Samuel. Love, Grandma Jack, Nicole, Charlotte, Jack II, & Seb Teufel Jack, Nicole. I’m sorry I wasn’t a better mother to you both. I can never make up for what was lost. I have been selfish, but in learning from my mistakes I hope that I have been a good grandmother to Jack and Seb. They’re good kids. I have a taxidermy bear head that I think Jack would like, that is for you to keep. Charlotte, while I hadn’t gotten the chance to meet you, I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. You were named after me - my middle name is Charlotte. I want to leave you my Spessarite Titan’s Eye ring. It was a gift from my husband Arthur. Continue to do good, Charlotte. The world needs it. Seb, please be careful not to stab people. I know that you can be very protective of both yourself and others, but we had one too many moments where I was a bit afraid you were going to stab my guest through the front door… though I’d be rather impressed if you could even do such. Naturally, we spoke about your inheritance. I gave you that Fire gauntlet given to me by my father, Jacker Gendik. Use it wisely, and when it is time, you must pass it down as well. Jack, you have done splendidly in your alchemy lessons. I couldn’t have asked for a better student. When you were just a little kid, we met in Nor’Asath for the first time since you were 3. You were such a hyperactive child, but I am so glad to have been a part of your life somehow. The gift I have given to you is the fruit of your hard work, but I also wish to leave you something sacred to me. A man named Duncan Vuiller gave it to me in his will, and I leave it to you now in mine. It’s a femur from a Morko Bear. You can do with it as you like, I’m sure you can find somewhere nice to hang it or make it into something beautiful. Kick ass, kiddo. Love always, Mom/Grandma Oliver and Faeviel Komnenos Ollie and Fae, My, how you twins have grown up! It feels like just yesterday you were barely 20 and we met for the first time. We were all so nervous, but it was from then I knew you were my children. Anne is your mother by blood, and while I will never get that kind of special bond with you, I will always love you as a mother. We have been through much together in the 40 years we’ve known one another. Some memories are full of laughter while others are blood, sweat, and tears. Both of you have worked so hard to achieve what you wanted. Keep doing that, my children. I am so proud of you. Ollie, I want to give you a sword that was gifted to me some decades ago. The Lost Angel’s Blade was given to me by a patient I helped as a token of their appreciation. As for you, Fae, I want to give you something your father gave me. Long before we married, we took a trip to Yong Ping together and I saw this basket of flowers. He bought them for me and I’ve kept them ever since. While the flowers have died, I always fill the basket with new roses. Do the same, will you? I love you both so much. Please take care of your father while I’m gone. I can’t do that anymore. Love always, Mom Thomas & Amandine Komnenos Tommy, my boy, I’m sorry I didn’t get to raise you. I was always so worried about you. After Samuel died, I knew I couldn’t lose you too. You left in war and returned home when it ended… only for it to resume. You are a child of war. You have never known a time of peace, my son. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more. All I wanted to be was your mother, and I couldn’t even do that. I just wanted you to be safe. I’m truly sorry. Despite that, when you came home you made a life for yourself. You found a wonderful, loving, beautiful wife and had three amazing, intelligent, funny children together. I am proud of you, Tommy. Amandine, thank you for all you do. While we never really got to spend much time together, the times we have were always pleasurable. I’m honored to have you as my daughter-in-law, though I’ve always considered you to be my daughter. I love you both dearly, which is why I have left Trabezon in your care. Please speak with Mika as he told me about some changes to Lubba. I also want to give you a preserved right eye of an old nemesis I’ve kept. I was only about… 30 years old or so when I took the eyes of a man named Kia’sei after he harmed Rosemary. It was after this that he attacked me and I lost my unborn child, so to possess this eye means a lot to me. Just don’t let Tim see it. Love always, Mom Laurelai Komnenos Little Laurel, I have yet to meet you, but I adored the gifts you left me in the mailbox. My favorite were those strawberries, as they were fresh and sweet. I hope you love John VIII and will care for him well. He’s rather old, you know. Older than your Grannie! I’ve heard good things about you from your grandfather and many others. I’m rather impressed with you, which is why I requested that any title given to me by Sir Jarad be given to you instead. You are but a child, but you are wise beyond your years. Continue being resourceful and don’t let anyone push you around. Be the doctor I couldn’t be. Make sure Aurora is safe and work with her to become good medics. I leave to you the tools you will need. Go to Sir Solomon, he will show you where I have left your things. I’m also leaving my uniform to you. Put vodka and lemon on any stains and let it soak for 10 minutes before using cold water on it. Afterward, let it dry and then starch it to keep it crisp. I was invited to speak at Damsel’s Day, but you must go in my place. A copy of the speech is in the box with Sir Solomon. Best of luck, Laurel. Love, Grannie Prim Timothy Komnenos Tim, You were always scared of me. I couldn’t ever figure out why. I know you don’t like blood, you are just like your Aunt Rosemary. I wanted to be a better Grandmother to you, but I think I scared you away. I’m sorry for that. Knowing that you don’t like blood, I want to give you something very special. It’s a weapon so you must be very careful with how and when you use it. It’s also very rare and one of the last of its kind. The ISA Air Cannon makes small yet powerful balls of air. On an armored foe, the best it may do is make a bruise… but on an unarmored foe, it will fracture their bones. No blood will be spilled, which is perfect for you. Stay strong, Tim. I look forward to seeing what you become. Love, Grannie Aurora Komnenos My darling Aurora, the heir to Saint Lothar, I regret that I won’t be able to teach you as I promised. I was so looking forward to it, so I must do the next best thing. I’m leaving to you one of my favorite medic bags of all time. It’s magical, and when you open it there is a light inside. Stick your hand in and out will come with the following four potions: Coagulator, Bone-Set, Headache Reliever, and Smelling Salts. Sprinkle Coagulator on a serious bleed and it will stop the bleeding and self-cauterize. Inject Bone-set into a properly set break to help restore the strength to the broken bone. Drink Headache Reliever to ease the pain from a headache - either one caused by stress, dehydration, exhaustion, or concussion - for some time. Hold the Smelling Salts under an unconscious patient’s nose to help them come to. It will not wake patients who are in a coma or whose unconscious state is caused by magic or darker means. I’m also leaving you something very special to me. As the next Baroness, you will need to show the people of Almaris who you are. Carry yourself with grace, and be compassionate and kind. Your grandfather gave me a gift many years ago, and I wore it quite often in my time as Baroness-consort. The crystal necklace I leave you is both stunning and makes a statement. It is most favorable when the light catches it, creating a beautiful rainbow on the iridescent white crystals. Your legacy awaits you, my darling grandchild. Be the best Baroness-medic this world has ever seen. Love, Grandma Aldrych Gendik Aldrych, my dear son, When we first met, you were just a small boy. You had a broken arm, but no home to rest. No bed to lie in, and no mother to hold you. I wanted to give you the world, unlike what I could for my children. I couldn’t do that, but I did what I could. We’ve talked about this before… I am just thankful that you are safe and alive. I love you, Aldrych. I am so proud of the man you’ve become. I want to give you something that means the most to me. I’ve kept this ring on me for nearly 60 years and I want you to use it when you propose to Hera. You may have the ring re-set, but the sunflower arrangement the gems make will be beautiful for her. Continue doing what you do best, kiddo. Love, Mom Aleksi, Melody, & Fallon Komnenos-Orlanthaw Aleksi, Melody, and Fallon, The lively little Komnenos-Orlanthaw kids, how you’ve brought surprise and joy into my life. We had so much fun together, and I hope that your Maman will make you that strawberry shortcake I always make when you visit. Aleksi, I adored every playdate we had together, especially when we made those alchemy potions together. Worms were a great addition to our knight potion, I think it was just the thing that made it work! You’re so smart and I hope that you delve into the art of alchemy more. Melody, my little artist. You are so talented! Someday your works will be on the palace walls for everyone to see. Keep up the great work and never give up. Fallon, you follow my steps in music. Your Uncle Aldrych plays piano too, you know? I taught him, so if you ever need help you should ask him. I know that you’re interested in Astercalia when you’re older so I want to give you something that was a gift from your grandfather. It’s a beautiful heart-cut blue sapphire necklace. Simple but extravagantly stunning and something that will take everyone off their feet. Wear it with pride, darling. I love you three so much and I am so proud of you. Love, Grandma Jacker Gendik Dad, I say this with love, but you were never there for me. I raised myself and for the longest time, I was controlled by you. You shouted and belittled me… I will never forget the day I told you Arlo was a ferryman, and you screamed at me to drop my married name. I did, and I never carried another name since… and then you told me to drop even my maiden name. You once told me that when someone hears the name Gendik, they’ll think of you. Go ahead and ask anyone in Almaris about who they think of when they hear our namesake. They’ll either say they don’t know or me. Primrose Gendik is a powerful name, and it is known by many. It is not a name I attribute to you, because I had to work for it. I had to work to become a doctor. I had to work even harder to become a Dame. I did not take the Gendik name to be special. I made it special. Despite this, my favorite memory of us was back when we had just met. Getting to know you were my father and you coming to save me when that orc attacked me in that tunnel. Thank you for that. Make sure my kids and grandkids are safe. Protect them with your life. I love you, Dad. -Primrose Gendik Aliria Elodie de Rosius Aliria, my dear sister, I haven’t seen you since you were 15, but I will never forget the conversation we had. It was Old Providence, and Odette had just passed. You asked me about life and death, and I told you about my mental health at the time… How Arlo had hurt my family, but how I somehow kept finding a reason to live. I’m still here, Aliria. Life is a funny thing… I wish I had gotten to see you more. You don’t know how badly I wished I could be there for you, and how I could’ve sat by a fireplace with you over a cup of hot chocolate and gossiped with my little sister… I wish we could’ve done things sisters do because I didn’t have you in my life for those 30 years. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I know you’re happy. You have always had a good heart and honest soul. I love you, sis. Primrose Argus & the Romstun Family My little brother Argus, We didn’t start on the right foot together. Despite that, we’ve grown closer together and I’m glad we could have been a part of each other’s lives. While I didn’t exactly get what I wanted from our deal, I think I got better out of it in the end. Know, however, that I am where I am because of it… and yet I don’t regret a thing. If there was one thing to regret, it is that I will no longer be there for you. I know you can hold your own, but even then, I’m still your big sister am I not? Don’t get caught in something stupid, brother. I can’t help you either way. Grace, I’ve known you since you were a child. You broke into my house - you ran inside without being invited, really - but I will never forget it. We got into some heated moments, but in the end, we came around well. Thank you for helping me with the masks, you were a big help… even if a fight did break out in the streets about it. Keep kicking ass, you’re doing it spectacularly. Donny, my dear nephew, I’m sorry that fight had broken out in Vienne… the one where your eye was injured. I’m glad I was there to help you, especially since that’s how we properly met. You’re a good kid and I hope you succeed in everything you do. Sofya, we had a funny start. You were a Sedanite princess who refused to even be in the same room as a book. I remember when you cried because I said I was your sister’s teacher. You’ve come quite a long way. Keep doing what you do, all of you. You’re ******* fantastic at it. Best, Primrose Solomon Obediah Solomon, My comrade, my friend. You stood by my side in some of my darkest moments, and you came to me in yours. We supported one another, and we occasionally argued, but we were always ready to jump to the other’s aid when needed. I don’t want you to beat yourself up over this. You know how I care for you, and how I can read you like a book. You cannot save everyone, dear. You know that as well as I do. When you stood at my side as I sobbed for Samuel to come back or when we knelt at Kenny’s bedside as he took his last breaths. We know loss, but we also know love. We’ve talked many times about the past. Our sin, our glory, our love, and our pain. We can never go home, but we can at least dream. Dream on, darling. Look to the sky and cry. It’s okay to feel it. Hold steadfast and still and I will hold your hand. Your Rose, Prim George, Thomas, Rose, & Savannah Obediah George, Thomas, and Rose, I had the honor to be able to bring you into this world. I got to hold you first, and wash you, and clothe you first. You are my children and I will always love you. Thank you for always caring for me, and I’m glad I could do the same for you. Thomas, we had so much fun making those cakes. All I wanted to do when you were a boy was to make sure you were safe and that you were happy. Nyx tried to ruin that for you, she was a jealous woman. She did the unthinkable, but I remember marching right up to your father and calling him some pretty horrible things. It got his attention alright, and I think his head got out of his ass because we wouldn’t be where we are now. You’ve grown up now, but don’t stop making cakes. They’re delightful. George, there is no one else I could’ve thought of taking over my job in the Legion. You are one of the hardest-working soldiers I have ever seen. You will never know just how proud I am of you, but I hope you are proud of yourself too. Make sure to rest and take care of yourself. Being a soldier is a lot of work, especially since I know sometimes you get sick from being overworked. Rose, you are quite prone to getting hurt… but each time I happily treated you and gave you the best treatment possible. I’m glad you’re here. I know you didn’t quite like what Solomon and I talked to you about. All I ask is that you take care of your brothers. Savannah, thank you for giving me the honor to help deliver your twin girls and make you a new leg. I hope it’s fully formed and that you can walk now. I wish I could’ve seen those little kiddos grow up. I’m so proud of you all. Take care of one another. Love, Prim Emilie MacPherson & Augustus Iomharach Emilie, Augustus, I am so proud of you both. I’m sorry I couldn’t finish your training, but you must learn much of the work on your own. Get out there and get working. I couldn’t teach you anything from real experience because people came to me first. You are both Surgeon-Generals now. Make me proud. Emilie, I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you one last time. I wasn’t there for you much, and the last time we saw one another we were in some real rough waters. I hope you don’t hate me… It kills me from the inside to think if you do. We’ll meet again, I promise. Augustus, I still laugh at how you asked me for relationship advice. I’m surprised you got married, you had no idea what to do when there was a lull in a conversation. Can’t help you there, my friend! You move on to doing something else, then. A change of scenery usually does it. Or drinking. Thank you for being by my side in my hardest times. I forget myself sometimes, especially when I drink. Thank you for looking out for my health, I overwork myself too… I love you both so much, so far as that I consider you my daughter and son. I entrust you not to carry on my legacy. Please, don’t carry on mine. I want you to create your own legacy. Notable Surgeon-Generals in history are not those who follow, but those who lead. Lead with your heart, and fight with your hands. Love, Primrose Amelia Ames, I have no idea if you’ll understand this letter, but it’s worth a shot. Thanks for being my sister, my other half, my battle buddy, and my friend. Without you, I’d be dead. Literally. You’re probably out somewhere in Balian, but know that I could never hate you. Even when I knew you were going to try and betray me in that gatehouse. I would’ve deserved it probably. Either way, we kicked ass together. When we cut your ears, gave Mata Leslie hell, changed your eyes, anytime we stood guard, or when we kicked the crap out of Kia’sei and Khan in Old Providence. You got injured then, but you stuck it out like a champ. I would’ve kicked the old General when you were pregnant. No one disrespects my girl. I love you, Amelia. I hope you’re doing better out there… Your sister, Prim Hieran Melphestaus Hieran, Last we spoke, you were out in Haense as Lord Commander! You have no idea how proud of you I am. You deserve that role, and you worked so hard in the ISA and asked for so little. I’m honored to call you my brother-in-arms. We enlisted together, rose the ranks together, and did so much together. I remember doing gate duty with you in Old Providence and we talked about cavalry stuff since I didn’t know much of anything at the time. Thank you for that. It was an incredible help and is probably what made me stay in the ISA after I had my family. I want you to know that I was the one who helped the Romstuns free Bakir Ireheart. I guess we both broke after years of service. Just don’t go losing your head as I did. May your soldiers find comradery in you. Best of luck, Primrose Boots Anarore Boots, I hope you are doing well since we last met. I hope you gave your wife the title of ex-wife and kicked her out the door. She is not worthy of someone so kind like you. I first met her when she was breaking into the ISA bastion. She was always trouble. Find joy in doing something for yourself. Fight and prove that you don’t need her to live. I wish you the best, my friend. Best, Primrose Joseph Beckett Joseph, We have a long history. A long and complex one. I still want to sock you in the jaw for what you did, but you were still there for me either way. I met your granddaughter Annadelia. She’s courting my grandson Jack, so I hope they work out. They’re quite nice together. Talk to Arthur, will you? Make sure that he’s alright and keep an eye on him. I worry about that man. Take care, Primrose Gustaf and Cynefrith Easworth Gustaf and Cynefrith, We had an interesting first meeting, didn’t we? I’m glad we shook on it to start anew because it’s been one hell of a ride. I still have the bones I picked. Thank you for your help, both in medicine and in battles. I hope I repaid that to you, my friends. Thank you Gustaf for trusting me with Sergei. I hope the information we collected together aided you in protecting Acre. Thank you Cynefrith for taking my granddaughter under your wing and training her to be a good fighter. I wish you both the best of luck in the fight ahead. Fight with valor. God bless Acre. Primrose Sergei Harold Othaman Sergei, Thank you. Without you, I’d have been dead way sooner. Thank you for all that you do. You are virtuous, Sergei. I told you what I had done, and yet I hadn’t finished. Still, you called me an Angel of Virtue, to which I certainly couldn’t live up to such a title… It belongs to you, but you will never admit such to yourself. Continue to fight bravely. Fight for the innocent, my friend. He smiles upon you, Prim Mika Anarion Mika, I can never repay you for what you’ve done for me. Thank you, with all my heart, thank you. I’m proud to be an old comrade of yours. When I needed help, I came to you. Especially all things magic and non-mundane. I couldn’t have done it without you. I remember seeing you protect the Emperor with your magic and I thought it was one of the coolest things. Best of luck with Lubba, I’ll probably not see you soon. Old man… Best, Primrose Mata Leslie My boot camp brother, Mata, We bled together, we beat the shit out of each other, and we lived together. I don’t know where you are, but I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you. Even though we were on different sides of the war, you fought with such honor and vigor… I could have never done such. I’m sorry. You should’ve killed me sooner. Primrose Borris Kortrevich Borris, I’m sorry we couldn’t see each other again. Your twins must be so old now. I wonder if they will be artistic like you. You write so brilliantly, Borris. I have read every edition you’ve ever published. May your legacy be known all over Almaris. I’m glad to have met you. I’m glad I could save you from Alec and I don’t regret the revenge was done on your behalf… even if it originally cost me my eye. Take care, my son. Love, Mom Emir de Rosius Emir, My best of luck to you in your training. I’m sorry that I couldn’t continue it, but with more practice and lessons, you will do wonderfully. Remember what we talked about. Do things for yourself. Cook for your own happiness, fight to protect the innocent - not just your sister - and practice medicine to do no harm. Remember to respect people's boundaries and think before you speak. I look forward to watching you work. Love, Auntie Prim Isaac Daystar Isaac, There is more to live for than me. There are innocent people in this realm who need help. They need protection. When I came to Old Providence, I knew no one. And yet someone showed kindness to me and said “Pay it forward.” and I did. I’ve done it every day of my life. You were once someone who needed help, and now it is time for you to pay it forward. Stay strong, Isaac. I know you can do it. Love, Aunt Prim Sir Jarad Munnel & Family Jarad, When we first met, I was flabbergasted by your efficiency and speed in work. You blew the entire ISA away. You used to break into my house, and I haven’t a clue how you did it. Either way, I’m glad we were comrades and that we could still be friends after everything we went through. You built a good life for yourself, thank you for everything you have done for me. Best, Prim My Fellow Medics of Almaris My Fellow Medics of Almaris, I have had the honor to learn and work alongside many of you, and an even greater honor of teaching many others. It is now time for me to go, and much of that work will fall onto you. I leave you with wise words I wish my mentors had taught me. Medics will always be needed. You support life and normalize death. You are the people’s guidance in times of need. Do no harm, not even for your own political gain. Continue to learn even when you think you are skilled enough. Be kind, compassionate, and caring… even in the face of war. It is okay to treat an enemy. Stand up for what you believe in and protect your people. Always be prepared for a fight, but stay in the background. Long-ranged weapons and potions are best for medics. Remember to wear your gloves. Best of luck, Dr. Primrose Gendik Rev & Diana Vuiller Rev & Diana, We were friends many years ago, and I betrayed that trust. There is nothing I can do to fix it and it is something I will live with for the rest of my life. I will never bother your family again, but I wish for you to hear me out just this one time. Owyn Vuiller met my student Emir de Rosius, to which he felt the need to cure Owyn of his leprosy. As we both know, there is nothing that I can do. Emir bugged me endlessly, but all I wanted to know was if Owyn wanted help for himself. He was a nervous kid, and I understood why. Vuillers fear me, and they had a reason for doing such. But my back was turned to him, my hands placed behind my back as we spoke. I swore to do no harm to this child. Pain management is what he sought, but for some reason, he began to run and fell on his face. Profusely bleeding, I couldn’t just stand aside and watch. I shouldn’t have removed his mask, but what else was I supposed to do? I couldn’t have done nothing… I felt like you would’ve gotten more mad at that. I’m just relieved that you were there and able to give him more specialized care. As for Johanne, she was going to die without help. Her and her unborn triplets. Rosemary begged me to help her, and how could I not do anything? Now that’s coldhearted. It was a simple fix. One Breath of Life potion to open her airways to fight the smoke inhalation. I’m just glad she and her children were alright. My condolences for the loss of your son, but I also do not think it was an accident. It’s rather easy to fake one’s death, you know. What were you hiding, Rev? Diana, thank you for teaching me. I wouldn’t have been the medic I am without you. Thank you for saving Rosemary’s life when she was a child, and thank you for treating Arthur after he was burned. Thank you for… everything. For being there when Arlo left me, especially. I haven’t repaid that kindness but I still wanted to show my gratitude. You can celebrate that I’m dead, I won’t mind. I’m happy too. -Primrose Danzen & Lectors Danzen & the Lectors, Thank you for your kindness in the past. It was an honor to learn from you and provide limb replacements for those in need. It was my favorite thing to do, honestly. However, I have some questions. Is it a sin to kill when I’ve watched you kill too? It is for the greater good, isn’t it? Spooks, Azdrazi, whatever dark thing lies within this realm. We became closer because we killed together. You are not absolved of your sins either. I came for penance, and this penance I have followed through. I have confessed my sins. Sins I did to protect people. The only sins that I have done that were for my own benefit were Vuillermoz, Bakir, and cheating on my husband. Everything else - the children especially - is because they were going to endanger the safety of the other children. It was imminent, especially Charles who I watched slash my son’s neck. Was I supposed to do nothing and let them kill one another? You are hypocrites, but I have done your bidding even if it isn’t in my favor. I have had my hands cut, I have confessed to the orenian leadership (who don’t even exist at this point), and given away all my possessions to my family. I chose the first option when we were together… but I have also chosen the second for absolute penance. The flames of my home will burn away all the sins that took place in that house. I will burn. Don’t worry, I lived alone. My family has multiple places for them to live anyways. The gates are always closed and the civilian door keys were changed, so it wasn’t like they could even get into their own home either. Best, Primrose Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal, Grand King Bakir Ireheart, King Odin, King Ehrendil, Prince Frederick, Prince Kosher, & Keong Karl III Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal of Krug, Grand King Bakir Ireheart of Urguan, King Odin of Norland, King Ehrendil of Elysium, Prince Fredrick of Oren, Prince Kosher, and King Karl III of Haense, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside you or a family member of yours sometime in my long life. Whether it was fighting, medicine, or some other political thing, it was an honor to do such. However, my time has come to pass this work on to others. Diplomats, Medics, and Soldiers… they shouldn’t mix, from personal experience. I have a favor to ask of each of you. My granddaughters Aurora and Laurelai Komnenos seek to become medics. They are only children, but I will not allow them to be pushed around as I have. Please treat them with the same kindness and respect as you have treated me. However, do not play them for your political gain. They are not puppets to be played with. They are medics, meant to treat your people in their time of medical need. I simply ask that they travel on your lands safely for that intended purpose. May the stars watch over you and guide you. Stay safe, stay well. -Dr. Primrose Gendik Gus You were right. About everything. -Primrose
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