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  1. Ezren commented back to the king unprompted "Tu get to live rent free though!" he let out a chuckle, tallying his winnings from the recent competition. "Do they really expect tu to change your entire family's name over some little squeak of a threat? ". Ezren went off to the manor near the palace, calling as he approached "Princessa! Did tu hear? Tu have to change tu name because some dimwits are squeaking over it like little mice!" @HIGH_FIRE
  2. Within the walls of Adelheids Crossing 2, loud thuds and cries of anguish resonated down the lonely street. Ezren, merely the uncle of the child deceased would emerge with cuts and bruising along his hands, and a torrent of destruction lay in the room he resided in.
  3. Persephone Vilac smiled as she spoke with her son about her own love story. Ezren air fist pumped as his endless efforts paid off
  4. Across the continent in Balian, the grim letter arrived to the Barony’s doorstep. She heard the news from her eldest son, Casimir. Persephone had not known her second son Augusts first wife, she had been missing during the time. Ileana, she had seen only as a blur in her white pupils, and a calm voice to her ears. She had not known the woman well, hardly at all. She merely treasured the little gifts that Ileana brought into this world. With the assistance of a scribe, the woman sent August Vilac a letter. “My child, if ever there was a time to lean on your old pater and mater for help, now is the time. You can hold no illusion that raising so many children alone will be easy. Gwendel and I may be old and senile, but we have all the love in our hearts to give where Ileana’s passing may leave bare.” @TotallyNotSaint
  5. The newly born girls best uncle plotted the heist of the twins away from their hammerhead father
  6. Ezren Kervallen read the notice penned by his father, smiling mischievously "Padre, can I duel tio Casimir for the Vilac sword?" @ECS1999
  7. I’m not sure announcing raids is going to do much to change the mechanics of raids other than allow it to either cause mega rallies which do not necessarily make sense irp or cause people to avoid the situation entirely. Raids don’t have to be about pvp either. I’ll use an unpopular raid as an example here: back at the beginning of the Oren/urguan war there was a late night raid on urguan by a smallish rally of around 12 oren players, myself included. 20% of that raid was pvp, the other 80% was figuring out how to escape whilst being trapped in urguans city by a counter attack of way more players standing outside. It was a lot of strategizing, making sacrifices of our own players, and sheer luck with breaking down 3 iron doors without a lock pick and using the dwarves own escape tunnels to get out unnoticed. It’s one of my fondest memories, and whilst it was unpopular to have raided at such an early hour, I think that it showed that raids really arnt all about pvp but also strategizing and luck. Perhaps pvpers should evolve the tactics they use, and same goes for nations with tactics they can implement to make their cities safer such as escape tunnels. If your looking to please both raiders and defenders, that won’t happen. Someone will always be butthurt for losing a raid. ps. Love secret tunnels ☺️
  8. Ezren sat on a lone stump on the beach, sharpening his scimitar methodically, a look of vexation on his features as he muttered in annoyance about how that damned ruthern wasn’t good enough for his hermana.
  9. From deep within the estate of the Vuiller family, a wrinkled hand supported an elderly woman as she leaned on a cane, peaking around the corner. The cries of agony had stirred the woman from her sleep, and curiosity from her room. After some time, the woman’s lone handmaiden came and explained what had happened. “Are the babes well then?” She asked, voice soft and meek from lack of use. After an affirmative, Rosemary Vuiller Sr. smiled. She would make a point to allow the babes and mother rest for a few days before going to see her newborn great great grandchildren.
  10. The mother of the aforementioned Baron of Vilac rolled her eyes "We were leaving well enough alone until your lot decided to come into the court of Balian whilst we gained our peerage and jeer about 'false Vilac's'. Now you wish to virtue signal?" she turned to her maid who had to read the missive to the near blind woman "I put all the lineage issues to rest over a decade ago with a public retelling of historical facts, did no one read it? What a shame, and I spent so much time writing it. Perhaps I should hand deliver it and explain in full? Ah, but Cas and August would be livid if I did, saying it is too dangerous. I'm too old to be afraid of young lads who want to peacock around for glory over a non-issue." she hummed, rocking back in her chair as she idly pet the large feline sitting by her side.
  11. someone marry this boys tio

  12. [!] Above was a very primitive rendering of the Childs Tio Hola, it is with a very heavy heart I am forced to write this missive. I am at a loss. Mi tio Casimir is such a lonely old man, and it is simply pitiful to see him grow closer and closer to the age of fourty without a wife by his side. Thus, as his FAVORITE sobrino, it is mi duty to find him a bueno Senora! With that, let mi tell tu about mi tio! His name is Casimir Marius Vilac He is the patriarch of House Vilac, and the Baron of Valio in Balian He is childless, and maidenless. I am non good judge of looks, but I suppose he is average? He is very very VERY loyal! He has a bit of a bum leg from a past battle. Any and all inquiry's should send a letter to yours truely, Ezren Kervallen, Best Sobrino
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