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  1. Amelia Hughes sat cradling her 6 month old daughter Yvonne in her arms. Her living room opened to the sea breeze driving off the waves of Henry's Warf and up into the city. In these quiet moments, she remembered her days of living down beside the water. Some fond, some not so fond memories flashed over her thoughts. Cyrus, what was he doing now? It was well over 20 years ago they had met in the army. Her first impression of him was of a cocky recruit trying to show off. Amelia let out a chuckle, oh how the times have changed. She would have hour long conversations with Cyrus, sharing her concerns over her failing marriage with Mata Leslie, and he sharing his adventures into the world of royal tailoring! For the longest time, she had assumed he had followed his dreams of becoming the official royal tailor of Haense. Like a ghost in the night, he had slowly faded away quietly from the streets of Providence. Every so often, Amelia had thought of her old friend. What was he up to? where had he gone? She had seen him once, at a tournament in Haense. He was older then, haggard and aged. Such stark contrast to the bright and cheerful young gown maker she once knew. That was the last she saw of him. In the midst of her reminiscence, the breeze rolling from the coast grew chilly but for a moment. A shiver ran down her spine as the babe in her arms awoke with a whimpering cry. There eerie sense of wrongness soon passed her mind as she set about singing Yvonne her favorite lullaby.
  2. Catherine Marie grabbed the letter from the bird excited at the prospect of another piece of literature to read! Though, soon she was disappointed at the contents, and putting it on her father George Maximillian's desk. The little Lady went back to her room to delve into her growing collection of novels.
  3. Providence Aquatics [Credit: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.oilpaintingfactory.com%2Fenglish%2Foil-painting-149841.htm&psig=AOvVaw3OIsjA0dEgDLVoxIq9Vskg&ust=1637949141710000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAsQjRxqFwoTCIiYs5qKtPQCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAJ ] Rosemary Gendik-Komnenos is proud to announce the opening of Providence Aquatics! There are a variety of products for sale. From Live fish, to Gummy candy, all the way to soft plushies. There is something to interest anyone who stops by. The product of fish is always rotating, and is restocked each day. Frequently Asked Questions Where does the stock of fish originate from? The fish are carefully caught in multiple locations around Almaris. From the waters around Cloud Temple, to the rocky tides of Krugmar. All fish are carefully hand-caught and transported with care Do you carry any dangerous fish? Most of the time, no. However when obtainable, we will stock live pufferfish. These will only be sold to adults, and with the strictest of warnings on how to properly care for them. There will also be a signed contract stating Providence Aquatics is not responsible for any incidents resulting in bodily harm after the fish is sold and removed from the shop. We ask that any live pufferfish seen to be sold inside the shop be treated with respect. These are shy creatures, and antagonizing them may lead to harm inflicted upon any fish around them. Who makes the Gummy candies? Yours truly, Rosemary! Each batch is made with cleanliness in mind. Who makes the plushies? Amelia Hughes. The quality is to the best of her abilities, and the plushies are baby-proofed so as not to cause any unwanted choking hazards. How should I care for my new fish? While all fish have different needs, there are a few fundamentals all our fish need. These are: - Proper environment. This means filtered salt or fresh water, a sand or gravel flooring, and plant enrichment - Light. Whether it be artificial or natural light, all fish sold in our shop need proper lighting to thrive - Food. This varies based on species and size, however the fundamental basis for all fish food formulations is Protein, Lipids, and Carbohydrates. They should not be overfed nor underfed. (Rosemary is working on a custom feed that will soon be sold in-store) - Companions or solitude. Not every fish does well when in the company of other fish. This goes mainly for pufferfish. Our other fish generally do best when accompanied by other fishy friends. Carrington Emporium Three, Providence, Holy Orenian Empire Disclaimer: All fish are well taken care of, have a proper habitat to live in whilst at the shop, and are checked over daily for signs of distress and disease. We here at Providence Aquatics take the wellbeing of our fish with the utmost of importance.
  4. Sergeant Amelia Eleanora scoffed at Savoy's shameful plug for fame. "There were more ISA there than Savoyards, and we even treated two of their wounded!" she commented to Sergeant Primrose Gendik as they cleaned off their medical instruments after a long night in the clinic. "Powdered wigs, oh please. We fought just as much as they did and yet they claim we weren't even there!" @MapleSunflower
  5. A wayward Rosemary Gendik came upon the news of the marriage while on her journey to try and forget. Alone but for her trusted steed Chetak, she wept and let loose all her built up emotions into the night, though no one would hear.
  6. Sergeant Amelia Eleanora read the missive that had been passed around the barracks “they put up a good fight, though a futile one” she mused. With that, she folded up the missive and returned to tending to her horse, Dawnrider. She smiled at the animal, making sure it’s new armor- which she had taken off the back of a dead rustlers horse- Was shining like a star in the night. later on, the Sergeant was having drinks with her best friend Sergeant Primrose and her husband Sir Arthur. While she sipped on her tea, she recounted one of the crucial moments of the fight. “I cannot believe they fell for that! Getting trapped in the bastion was their biggest downfall.” She chuckled, raising her cup to Arthur, “That leader of theirs really wanted to finish you off! Chasing you clear through the bastions courtyard. Good thinking in locking her in through the training grounds! She had no clue how many soldiers were right behind her” With that, she started gossiping to Primrose, telling her all the details of the fight and aftermath. “Had my first public execution with that one. Though she was meant to hang, she had other plans. Ended up cutting her spinal cord from behind as she tried to run.” The woman grimaced at the memory, not due to the loss of life, but for the need to wash her blade afterwards. @MapleSunflower @MailC3p
  7. Assistant Coach Rosemary Gendik of the Talus Grove Druids would go to her godmothers house, knocking on the door. "It is time" is all she would say once Amelia Eleanora opened the door. As soon as such words were spoken, Amelia proceeded to utter "Hold my beer". She worked through the night, not even a wink of sleep drifting past her. Finally, at day break, it was done. But no, this was only half the battle. Now, Amelia would don the garment created through sweat and sleeplessness. She ventured, ventured far and wide, and even to the depths of the most dangerous places. There, she would produce these propaganda adverts: https://imgur.com/a/hxOX7mn
  8. As the night of the debut came to a close, Rosemary Gendik sat in the sitting room of the Gendik-Komnenos house watching her toddler brother play with his toys in the corner. From outside, she hears the familiar sound of the family’s mailbox opening. She would go to retrieve the newly arrived missive and with trepidation, unfold the potins. Soon thereafter, soft crying would be heard in the sitting room, urging the girls family members to come see what the matter was about. In tears, Rosemary handed the potins to each in turn. “With all odds against me from the start, how could I ever find a partner in life!” She places a hand to her chest, the splint still adorning it from the spoken of ‘fight’ “I swear it upon all that is good in this world, I only wanted to save him!” With this last statement, her words fell into muddled fits of sobs as the broken girl rocked herself into an exhausted stupor.
  9. Rosemary Gendik turns to Aleksi ( @CanadaMatt ) “isn’t this your biological mother? I guess you will have 2 stepdads now.” She cringes seeing the frankly desperate seeming advert.
  10. In the empire of Oren, Rosemary Gendik-Komnenos received the missive with delay due to the messengers travel. She was expecting it, as she had been asked to go by Sigismund III. “Mother, may I attend? It seems that the Orenian social season will not be held for awhile more. This could be my alternative.” She asks the newly wed Primrose Genrik-Komnenos ( @MapleSunflower). Despite her question, Rosemary felt apprehension about the event. Her mind keeps traveling back to what Princess Anastasya ( @shay ) had told her several months ago.
  11. Rosemary Gendik would run to find Joseph d’Azor, giving him instructions for her custom wedding gift she would present. At the same time, she also made an order for her godmother Amelia Eleanora as requested. It seems they will both be commissioning the Jewelry maker for their gifts.
  12. Senior Corporal Amelia Eleanora Would be keeping a close watch on the movements of the raiders as they made way for the city. The army was very much aware of their forces and strength, having been pushed back to the city. Her shoulder still aches from where the arrows penetration. She would fight once more, the third and final fight for the safety of the empire. This time, there would be no retreat for the ISA.
  13. Amelia Eleanora Reads over the missive, then turns to her dear friend Primrose Gendik. “Seems an interesting event, would you want to attend?” @MapleSunflower
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