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  1. Reads comment looks at who posted it ”yup that makes sense” just the train of thought I had no hate
  2. If you look up "malta moss" on google it shows this: You must be registered for UK VAT before you can apply for the Union VAT MOSS scheme

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      nooooo, i don't wanna go into the UK vat!

      Geel Vat Met Radioactief Afval Stock Illustratie - Illustration of gevaar,  benzine: 35271291

  3. 1. are you still my wifu 2. can we start an anti-agent girls club 3. I hear you hate hot water bottles. Is this true? >:) 4. How many children have you adopted. all of them count, even if they were then killed the same day. 5. Why. why arlo cooper. girl why 6. whos your favorite daughter 7. Me or Agent. Choose wisely 8. why is your ama more popular than mine T_T
  4. Good on you Matt for speaking up when you felt unheard. Too many of us don’t do that and are left with questions unanswered. The whole civil war really did put a great rift in what was a large and active community. Unfortunately it has also caused sour feelings on both sides. I can honestly say that the waters are finally settled and the tempers have begun to cool. Balian is doing balian things, oren is doing oren things. personally, I chose to stick to irp choices when choosing the fate of my personas. I really wanted to stick with Oren at one point but was torn between friends and the nation I had so desperately clung to for social interaction. But in the end I did what my personas would do, two going to balian and one toeing the line. I left the Oren discord after the rift because I just didn’t feel comfortable, nothing specific to comment on about that but just an overall discomfort. But I still held hopes to go and possibly RP with old friends in Oren on the nomad persona. I visited for the first time after the paste out of curiosity, and documented my thoughts on the paste in the balian discords chat, since I knew several people there had wanted to go check out the paste but were too scared of their personas being attacked. Generally, my viewpoint on the build itself was negative, I did not and still do not like it, though that’s once more just my opinion. Well, as I was tabbed out for a period of time, one of orens leadership came over to my persona and started criting me with a sword (I think sword and not punching, health went down very quick but again I was tabbed out for most of it) until I tabbed in and frantically typed to stop. They made comment to me eluding to knowing I was making comments about the build, that they see it all, etc etc. ok, so you see me commenting. That’s fine. I tab out again and tab back in when I hear blocks placed. The leadership person had placed a sign in front of me saying “balian refugee” but broke it quickly after I tabbed in. They hovered around for a bit, and whilst I hadn’t intended to cause any issue, others were urging me to make a modreq on the person. Peer pressure, I did make a simple modreq just hoping that would get them to leave me alone. Funny enough, as the invisible mod came around, he placed yet another sign and before I could read it, he broke it and the mod punched him off the bridge we were on. now, this is stupid trolling and meming, I’m not dense and I have a sense of humor, but I told them to stop and I did not like it. That should be enough. If it was any random player then I wouldn’t care at all. But the thing that put me off from going back to oren even on other personas was that this person was high leadership. anyone can say I’m being over sensitive, anyone can say I can’t take a joke. It doesn’t negate my perspective or opinion. Tbh I have nothing against lionhz, I in fact respect how he made an expose video on a certain ToS player. The mass majority of Oren’s community I have no issues with. But I think that with all nations, there’s a certain level of protectiveness when it comes to ooc mentality, and that can end up driving people away from the community. Well I’m not re-reading this to proofread, sorry if it’s dis jumbled. That you again Matt for bringing this discussion to the table!
  5. Baroness Catherine Marie lay in her bed, recuperating from the numerous injuries she incurred and which had been meticulously treated by the young lady Johanne Vuiller. Despite the woman’s discomfort, she had a soft smile on her lips. “I’m glad the books are safe” she murmured. only a confused maid could hear, glancing over to the baroness but deciding it best not question the woman.
  6. There are no sapphires in the pool of sapphires. It’s sad really Uhhh all I can really say about Norland is that It woulda been really funny if we actually were able to cut down that ashwood tree. Unfortunately lord said no. Other than that, uhhh I know nothing of norland
  7. That is a difficult one. Probably when they tried to fake out rev and primrose with the breakup announcement 1. the number of low blow kicks is spectacular 2. oof difficult one there. Probably when we faked amelia as pregnant and fooled primrose. OR the lucifer chicken arc 3. Heavy hitter there. The OOC drama, hands down. Wont elaborate though lol I feel like I have better answers but cant think of them 1. Running around yelling "I AM A PIG" in the square of old providence as discipline by @grnappa 2. Either killing someone with a flagpole through their heart, or watching Richard Harver roll down a hill burning up with flame while eating a potato. 3. All of us sitting around the table as children with an orc, and Jack refusing to be a normal child and thus sitting on the table itself. Just cause :) Really hard to decide. Probably a random chef event I came upon where a bunch of kids cooked stuff. The kicker was it was human meat, but that was never revealed to us since everyone ended up being kids. I got my most prized possession from that: ST signed lunarite spatula. I wish there were more non-combat events like that happening.
  8. Seems I have been playing this server for a full year now. It's funny to think it's only been 1 year since it feels longer. So many people have come into my life from this community, and it's been able to bring me out of a mental block because of that. A lot of people may know me, and a lot more do not. I'll do a quick introduction here. Hello! I'm SapphirePool, but most call me Saph or Sapphire, and I am 23 years old. Feel free to ask me anything, whether it be LOTC or personal life. I won't disclose anything to dox myself, but otherwise, I am an open book! Past that, here are some of my favorite quotes and screenshots from the past year! Quotes: Screenshots: Even more Screenshots that make me laugh: Lastly for media, here's a video I put together of the funny VC moments out of context: https://medal.tv/clips/dY5xkpSpWJXgX/vpjgS7d0Y?invite=cr-MSx5dnEsNTY3MDU4NzYs
  9. Lady Catherine Marie smiled as she spread the glimmering silken fabrics out, doing one last spot check before admiring her work. The Baroness had spent months in secret preparation. Inside the Cathedral, long swaths of vibrant colored silk draped the walls, the light glinting from all angles as the delicate fabric shifted with the slightest breeze. She was sure the scenery would be just as magnificent as the ceremony itself.
  10. Catherine Marie nodded approvingly at the selection. “A good chamber indeed. Perhaps they need a woman’s touch though” the baroness was soon after seen bustling about busily, for what reason? Who knows, they will have to wait and see.
  11. Old lady Amelia came back to the supply tents with another load of wood from the far off forests. She eyed the remnants of the deed, muttering “I smell a rat”
  12. Catherine Marie welcomed her sister-in-law to the empire with open arms. Not to hug her, but to help her hold the triplet babies.
  13. 20th of Godfreys Triumph, 1868 Let it be known to all who may bear witness to my words, and let it be apparently clear that I write this NOT as a reflection of the stance the Viscounty of Vuillermoz poses upon this civil war. I write this as a mother, and as simply Rosemary. On this eve, a heinous attack was perpetrated upon the estate of Vuillermoz. In the manor stood an elf, a musin, two children and a mother. Without warning or cause, the men who I once thought would protect this nation and its people- OUR people- broke in through smashed windows and doors. No cause for such was given to me. As the children were ushered up the stairs to the relative safety of the roof, it was said to the intruders that there were children and women, no soldier, no men. The calls fell on deaf ears. At the top of the fortified manor, the group of terrified women, children and musin waited with bated breaths, only a cannon set at the door to render any protection. Still the men came, still they attacked, shooting me and attacking the musin who perished at their blades. “NOT MY CHILDREN” I cried out, raising no weapons to the men. My daughter, Johanne in fear for her life, had thrown a firebomb gifted to her by a family member in a vain attempt to keep the intruders away. After such no further attacks were placed upon the brutish men. We complied, and for the act of my daughters self defense, I was beaten and brutalized in front of her and the other child as an example. The only respite was my mother coming after I sent a message to her. She pleaded for my and my family's lives. Why must the lives of innocent children and mothers be begged for? No hand had been lifted against the men of Blackvale and guardsmen who seemingly heedlessly attacked our estate. Who met our calls for aid when the birds flew in our time of need? I dare not say at this time, for as has been seen before, whose side you lean closer to in this civil war means the difference between living peacefully within one's own estate, and begging for the lives of your children to be spared. Is this what Oren has come to? Is this the tyranny that is plagued upon the houses who have yet to pledge allegiance to either side? The only inkling of thought to even cause this attack was a pledge by a member of our family who had taken another noble house's name in marriage long before, and had signed as their birth name on the pledge. Nowhere in that pledge did it state the Viscommital house of Vuillermoz. Nowhere in that pledge warranted suspicion upon the viscounty as its entirety, and any knowing person in the realm would see that the letter was not sent by the Viscount of Vuillermoz, but a family member in his own name. I write this so that the truth is transparent and known to all who seek it. The Viscommital house of Vuillermoz was attacked this eve by Blackvale men and Guards of the old empire. Despite the knowledge of simply women and children without threatening manners, they still pushed forth and traumatized the young minds of the future nobility. Is this what the new kingdom wanted? Is this deserving unto the household which has been everlastingly loyal thus far? I speak for myself and myself alone in this. As Rosemary, not as Rosemary Vuiller. Are the days of death over with the war? Or have they just begun? Signed, Rosemary
  14. Issued on the 15th of Owyn’s Flame, 1868 With the rise of a house and nation divided, the time has come to assert one’s stance. To the “King of Oren”, It pains me how your actions and the actions of the former Emperor and Empress have torn this very nation in two. A ruler shall always keep the interests of their people in their closest regard, and to willingly give up the lands and territories of your peers to an independent state is an act of cowardice and shame. Trading the loyalty of the Noble houses for a seat on the throne which was never rightfully yours is an act of tyranny. And finally, dear cousin, forsaking your own kin simply on the written words of a person now deceased; that is an act worthy of the love of the daemon Iblees. To this end, I, Catherine Marie Novellen-Huntshill, Countess, do pledge the support and fealty of the County of Huntshill and its guard to the rightful emperor, Peter Augustus IV. One God, One Empire, One Emperor Long Live Emperor Peter IV, Holy Orenian Emperor Signed, Catherine Marie Novellen-Huntshill, Countess of Huntshill
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