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  1. hi hi everyone! it's been a bit since i've done a skin auction and i had prepared these skins a bit ago i know there's only one male skin but i think i'll be doing a male skin auction at some point so look out for that! (i'm not as experienced with male skins.) AUCTION ENDS AT 3:00 CST ON MAY 3rd RULES: 1. bids must be increased by at least 1 dollar and start 5 USD 2. please don't resell my skins to other people 3. please be able to pay when the auction ends 4. don't edit your comment to bid, make a new post instead! FORMAT: Skin:
  2. Renee Ashford de Falstaff sighs when she sees a tabloid. She remembers these from the Social Season her sister attended. Light blue eyes scanned through the writing, a frown edging onto her lips as she reads the biting words aimed at the debutantes. In her own opinion, she hadn't thought any of her fellow debutantes' presentations were terrible. All of the girls had looked beautiful, but each had their own opinion she supposed. With that, Renee went off to practice the violin.
  3. RP Name: Renee de Falstaff MC Name: moriii_ Voted: Yes!
  4. Renee de Falstaff is excited for the upcoming Season, though she does have some worries. In any case, she begins to prepare her gowns for the events!
  5. Adding onto this as I play the triplets' mother, there are two more children that aren't available to play yet but will be! So along with the triplets, there will be twins available to play. Taryn Vildr: brown hair, blue eyes Amal Vildr: brown hair, blue eyes Tullia's more calm to say the least but she's protective and can teach the kids irp how to do carvings.
  6. Renee de Falstaff could only take a deep breath as she read the letter. It had taken her time to go over the actions of her brothers and cousin. She murmured, "She's right. . They should not have done that, but they chose to anyway." As upset as she was about her kin's betrayal, she knew she would most likely have to let them go and Renee took to the piano to distract herself.
  7. Renee de Falstaff's features paled at hearing the news. . The young woman hadn't known of this at all. She had no knowledge of her cousin being executed, not even that he was imprisoned. Her hands trembled as she read over the missive, her cousin had been executed. A small whimper escaped her, tears flooding her eyes as she threw the paper down. She didn't want to believe Daniel was dead but it seemed she had no choice. Why had no one told her?
  8. Cecile Baelius was silent at the news, she had never gotten to meet her father-in-law. Even with what she had heard, she wished him luck in the seven skies. Her grandmother-in-law and grandfather-in-law had told her about how Basil was, tears coming to her eyes as she thought about Adryana. She frowned, not being able to be with her husband as his father passed. It only furthered her hope for him to come back soon, getting up from her chair to clean the house in hope of Caspian returning.
  9. Renee de Falstaff peers at the missive after it was handed to her by her brother, murmuring to herself, "This. . certainly will be interesting."
  10. The young elfess peered at the chickens from where she stood at her Evar'lae's side, Tali'lora speaking up to query, "Why are they fat? Do you think they could make a good pet?" Her second question was more curiousity than anything.
  11. IGN: incalescent_/kalopsia_/solivagant_ Category: Skinning Artwork: [X] Mayilu'fiyem (planetminecraft.com)
  12. mori

    rio's skin shop!

    yes! i'll dm you on discord!
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