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  1. Eleanor Victoria giggles fervently upon receiving the missive, pleased to hear of the coupling and soon busies herself to prepare for the ceremony.
  2. venclair

    My Story

    I love you so much, Archie, and I want you to know that I will always love you. I am always here for you and I’m so proud of you. Throughout these years I’ve never stopped doing so. I hold you close to my heart.
  3. Eleanor Victoria d’Arkent smiled lavishly, a twinkle of gaiety in her eyes as she read through the missive with fervor. Spinning in thrill, she’d hold it up while plopping to her bed – trailing her fingers against the parchment while her smile broadened.
  4. Eleanor Victoria d’Arkent sat peacefully in The Dragon’s Rest Tavern - sitting at its balconies with a piano book propped open at her hands. The youth perked up as she heard her name called by a familiar voice. It was her cousin Mary Lucille, asking her if she had heard of the news. Bemused, the young d’Arkent queried what she spoke of. What she had heard after broke her heart entirely. Her eyes fell back to the piano sheets - beads of water started falling down one after another, without a sign of stopping. Her lips trembled and her shoulders heaved with emotion, unwilling to back down. The girl’s lashes brimmed heavy with tears; hands clenched into shaking fists, in a desperate battle against the grief. The older d’Arkent pulled the young girl into a tight embrace in an attempt to lull the child. Her whole face was now washed with a dull red, including the very end of her nose. Eleanor whimpered to her cousin as Lucy offered words of comfort to the young kin, “Never let death prevent you from living. In the end, GOD has a way to make things right and I know Peter looks down and smiles at you. You must smile back.”
  5. A NAMEDAY SOIRÉE 1769 The likeness of Princess Tatiana and miss Eleanor by Guiilame Guivert, c. 1769 It is with great pride that the Baronial Estate of Selm, administered by the capable helm of the Duke Sunholdt, declares a grand soirée to be held in honor of Miss Eleanor Victoria, eldest daughter of Captain Peter Baldwin, who is achieving the illustrious milestone of being a decade old on the most August year of 1769. The family and friends of House d’Arkent, alongside any affiliate of the Holy Orenian Empire, who will be received by the Captain’s enterprising and doting children and household, thus are encouraged to attend this jubilation. Firstly, A luncheon will be held where respective gifts are to be bestowed on Miss Eleanor, be they tangible or sage words of counsel. Secondly, A tournament for the martially inclined will be held within the confines of Selm, overseen by the acting Master of the Estate, Peter Baldwin. The victor shall be given a cash prize and monikered an honorary Protector of Selm! Thirdly, Attendees will flock inside of the towering Manor Selm to mingle and dance, attended to by the eager servantry and entertained by the honored madame’s beloved sister, Miss Theresa Polyxena. Specialized Invited are sent to: The Imperial Household HIM the Emperor of Oren, Peter III @ARCHITECUS HIH the Princess Imperial, Princess Anne Augusta @DreamInSpace HIH the Duke of Helena, Prince Joseph Clement @Hunwald HIH Princess Elizabeth of Helena @Ivorey HIH Prince John Charles of Helena @KosherZombie HIH Princess Juliette Caroline of Helena @yandeer HIH Prince Philip Augustus of Helena @BenevolentManacles H E L E N A The Basrid Ministry HIE The Archchancellor, Simon Basrid @Cracker HIE The Secretary of War, Alren DeNurem @Mirtok HIE The Secretary of Intelligence, Frederick Armas @Esterlen HIE The Secretary of Justice, Joseph Adler @wealthypiano HIE The Secretary of the Navy, George Sarkozy @bungo HIE The Secretary of Civil Affairs, Charles Napier @Hanrahan HIE The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Godfrey Briarwood @KBR The House of Sarkozy TRH the Count of Pompourelia, Lord George de Sarkozy @bungo The Lord Peter de Sarkozy @Proddy The Lady Casimira de Sarkozy @ShannonLeigh The Lord George de Sarkozy The House of Basrid TRH The Count of Susa, Sir Jahan Basrid @Dyl Mister Simon Basrid, Imperial Archchancellor @Cracker The Lord Iskander Basrid @KBR The Lord Basil Basrid @MCVDK The Lord Darius Basrid @Quantumatics The House of Carrington TRH the Baron of Carrington, Lord George Carrington @ChumpChump TRH the Baroness of Carrington, Lady Mary Philippa d’Arkent @Ivorey Miss Alpha of Carrington @Merqurie Miss Mary Lucille of Carrington @libertyybelle Miss Mary Sophia of Carrington @Eryane Miss Mary Jane of Carrington @mollyy Miss Mary Vespira of Carrington @lalosia Mister Jasper of Carrington @EddyTheBrave Mister Peridot of Carrington @Heff H A E N S E The Royalty of Hanseti-Ruska HRM the King of Hanseti and Ruska, Sigismund II @seannie HRM the Queen consort of Hanseti and Ruska, Viktoria Sofiya @Zaerie HRH the Crown Prince, Duke of Alban, Prince Nikolas Stefan @Eddywilson2 HRH the Princess Royal, Princess Analiesa Reza @ShannonLeigh HRH Princess Alexandria of Hanseti and Ruska @UnBaed HRH Princess Amelia of Hanseti and Ruska @MikoMonster HSH the Grand Prince of Muldav, Godfric I, and his household @NJBB As well as the Bkyov Household, headed by Angelika Eleanora @AnonymousAlexa K A E D R I N The Nobility of Kaedrin HRM the King of Kaedrin, Peter II @ARCHITECUS HE the Governor-General, Prince Helton Helvets HG the Duke of Cathalon, Prince Robert Helvets @gamer_guy TRH the Count of Rochefort, Prince Richard Helvets @duscur HIH the Countess of Rochefort, Princess Lorena Antonia @Starryy The Lady Lorena Helvets @sunny25 The Lady Catherine Helvets @Koanda HG the Prince-Archbishop of Albarosa, Cardinal Laurence Pruvia, and his household @Draeris TRH the Viscount of Albarosa, Lord Frederick Pruvia @BigMacMoMo TRH the Viscount of Rillsworth, Lord Frederick Armas @Esterlen With an extended invitation to the Honorable House of Dubois, headed by Mariana, Kaedrini Master of Ceremonies @DahStalker Miss Vivian Dubois @_Capitalx_ Mister George Dubois @LouisGY Miss Adrienne Dubois @needlework Miss Lavinia Dubois @Zuziee Miss Nenica Dubois Additionally, if you’re interested in partaking in the tourney, return a letter to either the Captain or Lady d’Arkent with the following information: Full Name: Orenian (Y/N; if not, allegiance): ((IGN:)) OOC: Thursday the 21st of May, 2020 4:30pm EST Signed, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Lady Peter d’Arkent Princess Tatiana Lorina THE HONORABLE Miss Eleanor d’Arkent
  6. Eleanor Victoria nods to her mother upon the news, clapping her hands in eagerness for the tea party.
  7. Eleanor d’Arkent pens a letter to her friend, affirming her attendance with the help of her mother, Princess Tatiana. A smile of delight spread across her visage, eager to attend the social gathering.
  8. With the aid of her mother, the Princess Tatiana, Eleanor d’Arkent affirms her attendance, giggling as her mother maneuvers her hand, quill within it, over a parchment.
  9. venclair

    peace out

    aaa I’m gonna miss RPing with you ? ❤️ you were one of the people who got me to love RP and strived me to write more,,,i’ve always admired your writing, and I’m happy we’ve stayed friends through these 4 years <33 i genuinely love you and will always do !! >< I LOVE YOU bI TCH AAAAA
  10. venclair


    On May 28th, in the cold Princedom, Fenn, Marianne Faemenor was born to Hagmar & Camille Faemenor. A pretty light blonde, fair skinned baby. Her flaw? Being legally blind. Her light, blue eyes made her unable to do much- It even made her mother unable to look at her disabled child, she couldn't bare it. Between her parents, her father was the one who was most present in her time. Hagmar wary for his daughter's well-being, always by her side to aid her basic needs. Throughout her life, she's been trying to get used to this blindness of hers- Her curse. Marianne despised the thought of being a burden to her father, and so slowly began to learn how to use her other senses. By 43, she became used to not seeing, using her other senses such as smell, touch, and hearing. Who would want to taste something unknown? Nevertheless, her disability doesn't stop her love of wanting to go out and venture the world, beyond Fenn.
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