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  1. IGN: venclair Discord: venclair#6304 Skin/Art: Frost Witch Darkstalker
  2. A stout helper read the paper over to Victoria, the elderly woman tapping at her chin in bewilderment. "You mean I had not attended a party? My! I thought that raven-haired lady and I were dancing!"
  3. I joined LOTC in 2018, and prior to that you would probably find me in those silly little housing plots in Hypixel. I don’t quite remember how I started roleplaying, but I was accompanied by my friend Axeluu. When he informed me of the server, I joined shortly after with him. My first character was this blind snow elf that followed around his character Almithara. I probably played for a few months before having around a 2 year hiatus and soon coming back around 2020 when quarantine came. Two years have gone by, and I’m pretty jaded now! I’m sure I’ll pick up LOTC again sometime, but currently I just do skins or art for players. What's your favorite niche of RP? I don’t know, really. I play whatever is thrown at me or what I think would be fun lol. I noticed I tend to gravitate towards artistic characters though, and almost all of them have some sort of art-related skill. It’s mostly an excuse to use my ability to skin or draw! Who is someone you admire or look up to on LOTC, whether or not they play anymore? Two people I can think of off the top of my head would be @Kujo and @Axelu — both people I view as older brothers. I met Kujo back in Arcas when I frequented Siramenor. He used to play an Oyashiman and I was surprised that an asian culture existed lol, so I really wanted to interact with him because I thought the representation was nice. Despite us no longer speaking as frequently as we did, I’m still happy I met him and I hold a lot of love for Kujo. As for Axeluu, I’ve known him for roughly 6 years now. He will forever be my inspiration in writing, with how eloquent and intelligent he is. Growing up with him is bizarre, and I still can’t believe how long we’ve lasted together. We’ve been in many friend groups and have always stuck with each other, and I’m grateful for that. I hold a lot of love for him as well, and practically see him as family. What's your most memorable RP encounter? This is tough, since I have a bad memory. A pretty cute memory would be when I played my wood elf with @Kujo and we were cleaning up this boat of his. I believe some people had a prank IRPly and poured paint all over it. So, we had this nice moment of just mopping around and bickering with one another. I remember his character slipping on the paint and me laughing at him LOL. Little moments like that IRP are what I find memorable. What's your favorite place to RP at? Lol, probably Oren. That’s what I’m just used to, because of familiar faces! Why do you enjoy the current community you play in? I’m no longer active ^___^ Why do you play LOTC? When I used to be more active, it was a nice source of creativity for me. I enjoyed LOTC a lot for being able to create and design my characters. I had a lot of fun developing my writing, considering it was pretty yucky when I was younger. It was also enjoyable being able to watch my characters develop and grow based on my interactions with other people. It’s less boring, since an actual person gets to decide what their character will do rather than me deciding for them and having my way.
  4. will u be livestreaming u unboxing and using it ? thanks kuya
  5. what is yur favorite thing to draw what got u into drawing did u have anything u previously wanted 2 be, in terms of in d art department ? what made u change yur mind ? lov u x, u will always b a source of inspiration and motivation ——— -venclair
  6. i dont think u ever told me, but what inspired u to get into skinning ? and hows the progress bro !? i miss seeing ur sketches + hows ur day ^_____^ !
  7. farewell, danny! genuinely, i appreciate your commissions and they've made me happy. thank u, and i hope you've enjoyed them (ᵔ◡ᵔ) !
  8. VENCLAIR’S SKIN AUCTION ♆ USD ONLY ︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵ RULES ↬ Do not edit your comments. Please post a new one with your new bid! ↬ Bidding begins at 7 USD! ↬ Bid increments must be 1 USD ↬ Payments must be made within 48 hours of winning, otherwise they will be sold to the next highest bidder. ↬ Do not resell/claim/repost these skins. ↬ All transactions are done through PayPal or Venmo. ↬ I am willing to do edits as well! (ex. simple things such as removal of bases/heads, etc.) ︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵ BID FORMAT Discord: Skin Name(s): Bid(s): Bidding ends 02/06; Feb. 6th @ 11:59 PM EST If you have any questions or concerns, contact me on: venclair#6304 _____________________________________________________________________ ALEX SKINS Arianna Sister Adella Sirris STEVE SKINS Foreign Attire Orbeck Feathered Hunter Ashen
  9. Favorite thing to draw? Favorite RP memory? hope u been well covey, im glad we share our art antics w one another
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