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  1. venclair

    Skin Auction!

    Skin: "It's raining Men!" Bid: 60 Discord: venclair#6304 Skin: “Who can sail without the wind?” Bid: 80 Discord: venclair#6304
  2. venclair

    Skin Auction!

    Skin: "It's raining Men!" Bid: 60 Discord: venclair#6304 Skin: “Who can sail without the wind?” Bid: 70 Discord: venclair#6304
  3. Eleanor of Sunholdt, who had been thoroughly amusement at the dispute, signed the petition once she come across it.
  4. @Lockages Grasping at the pamphlet, Victoria Clementine's brows piqued to contents to such gossipry. The astonishment waved on quietly, until she paraded through the halls of her residence to seek a particular elven confidant. Muttering about whilst she mulled as she always did, her soft footfalls paused upon catching sight of Ruben. "Ru-Ru," the maiden sought to tug at him as she displayed the issue, "S-Such a...a c-crude thing, do you not...not agree?"
  5. Quiet days were feathers without hurry, moving lavishly in the air as the winter time passed in its somber majesty; having brought skies of richly marbled grays and trees so striking in their bare beauty. Those cold days for calmness and reflection are waning and a new day arises. Through the windows of Trissingham streams light, new-gold flowing in at the birth of each day. Days swept along and yet no sight of the young Helvetii boy. A friend amidst the blossoming gardens of The Augustine awaits, promenading mindlessly — pacing even, as she longs to see her friend once more. There was a strik
  6. Prioress Johanna, with a still expression, signed the Lorraine whilst uttering faintly, "May the pious be shepherded a pace further into the kingdom of GOD."
  7. while I don't know you quite well and we don't talk often, I enjoyed hangin out wit you in vc and I'm glad you've removed yourself from the shackles that is LOTC : ) had fun makin yo skin too I hope wherever life leads you, you're content n happy man o7 good luck ! ♡
  8. Victoria Clementine sat in an armchair near the most sunny window, a quiet day idled away — the song was a gentle hum from the girl, and the rhythmic noises of the birds. In her bouts of pottering, she basked at the treatise her cousin had written, briskly grinning the faintest of grins at such. She sought to find the boy, readying herself to laud him with her dreaded stuttering.
  9. Such news of her grandmother's passing came unexpectedly for the young Rhenyari, her face and hands stained from the slew of paint she worked with. Victoria Clementine stood still for a long while, silence looming the girl as she craned her neck back at the canvas. Dispirited, she felt robbed of the opportunity to paint her grandmother with her improving artistic capability. However, a much more dour realization had dawned to her — Her father. Lacking a mother was a concept she very well knew, and dreaded for her sire.
  10. A lonesome elfess caught wind of such news, deep sorrow coursing within her. Eveth sat in a field of thick spring grass, tufting and waving as the ocean may on some sunny windswept day. She watched the green hues as it deepens and lightens in the sun-rays, the land itself steeply inclined. A quiet, serene morning, yet she felt only anguish. From her lips, she uttered a small prayer to her beloved mother. Deep within the Augustine, a pallorous woman remained isolated within her bedchambers. The passing of the Duchess remained unbeknownst to her, though she remained simply scornful.
  11. Victoria Clementine read through the fable once more, grinning toothily at her own piece of work. The child had spent that day taking a gander in the city, peering skywards for a crow to study. Her observations were made from a murder of crows covering the winter trees like deformed leaves of darkest ink, fidgeting and puffing out their wings whilst they watched the streets.
  12. A young Rhenyar let out a sneeze, sniffling thereafter as she rubbed at her frosty nose. Teetering from side to side, she eyed a servant while they brewed a cup of sugary, hot cocoa for her. It was amidst that that Victoria had noticed the sled she had forgotten to return to her cousin!
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