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  1. Hope you’re having a good day !! ♡ : )

  2. Victoria Clementine stood patiently as her mother took her measurements, her arms raised as she watched with intrigue. Though she was apprehensive with large crowds, a flurry of ardor was present in her meager voice. "I can't wait for the All Ha-Ha-Ha..." Gulping, she casted her gaze to and fro while taking a pause to compose herself, "Ha...Hallow's Spectacle, Imma!"
  3. A doleful woman read through the missive, a lavish smile dissipating her dejected look, reminiscing a time when her brother was a mere child. Petting at the hound named after her kin, she paraded off to prepare for the two’s coupling.
  4. Eveth took hold of the proferred missive, curiosity arousing from within as she began to skim through. The young elfess’ usual jubilant expression contorted to that of bafflement — stifling a cringe as she merely nodded profusely in concurrence to her mentor.
  5. Eleanor Victoria, despite being in her dejected state, felt a feeble sense of warmth upon being personally invited to the wedding. The dowager meandered through her lonesome bedchambers to ready herself for the illustrious coupling.
  6. A CELEBRATION of CAMARADERIE 1785 IN THE SPIRIT OF UNITY— A fete of merriment shall be held in the coming saint days to celebrate the mending relationship between The Holy Orenian Empire and the Kingdom of Norland. Unity is essential in every range in our lives, and it is fundamental to sustain a country as it teaches its denizens to work in tandem. The concept teaches us to respect each other, and something that must be preserved. With this, the Dowager Grand Princess of Muldav and Queen of Norland deem it fit to hold a celebration for the ladies in The Midlands. Those who enter may frolic amongst the gardens, served with the finest brewed tea and delectable pastries. OOC: Saturday, September 12th 4:00 PM EST The Midland Steppes (x -71, z -1532) BEST REGARDS, HRM the Queen Consort of Norland, Anceliana Edvardsson de Astrea HSH the Dowager Grand Princess of Muldav, Eleanor of Sunholdt
  7. In one of her usual bouts of impulsive journeys, a scholarly elfess had grasped onto the rumored passing of an old friend. There, Eveth perched herself on a ledge, overlooking the soft rippling sea of her home. Within her grasp was an aged present she kept from the woman—a stuffed toy taking the likeness of a feathery owl. A pained look set upon her countenance as she stared at it for a long while before panning back onto the water. A prayer was cooed, drawing a circle over her heart thereafter; “O' Haelun, y'kae oerneh suliera. ito suliera, iyul nae'leh illern'taynan ethere, Iyul divhiuw ito lae'leh/hae'leh taliiynan, divcerun'ehya ito hae'leh/lae'leh hiylun. Oerneh nae ito hileia lae/hae myumiera, ciwn'ehya uell. O' Maln, y'kae oerneh suliera. ito suliera iyul nae'leh illern'orran ethere, Iyul leyun ito lae'leh/hae'leh iheiuhii, lae'leh/hae'leh ehya taliiynan feta lentera. Oerneh nae ito Sirame lae/hae myumiera, cerun'ehya uell. nae iyl'hiylun, tenna eth, myumierala karinte, lae'ehya/hae'ehya Meracahe narna. taliyna ito nor, taliiyna ito vallei, tur ito malomii. Ahernal ito.”
  8. Eleanor eyed the missive with knitted brows, wondering what on earth has been happening with her family. Pinching the bridge of her nose in slight vexation, she would only release a sigh while sliding the piece of parchment away form her gaze. Reading it bewildered her, as it stated she would be deemed dead upon being received the letter, yet she mentions returning.
  9. It is the greatest grief, after all, to be left on earth when another is gone. A spiring princess sat upon her bed in her old room, reminiscing her childhood with David. She had heard of her beloved friend’s passing through word of mouth, her hand clutching firmly onto a worn gift he had given her when she was a decade old. Laid on the sheets next to her were other trinkets he had bestowed to her, a dour smile coming to her pallid countenance. Streams of silvery droplets dampened her cheeks as she began to weep, shaking her head slowly while she cooed to herself in unison.
  10. In the confinements of her chambers, Eleanor Victoria had heard news of her father's departure towards the Korvassan desert. Trepidation struck the young princess, a frown etched across her pallid features. Cooing a small prayer while her head dipped low, her hand trailed over to her swollen abdomen where she emitted a hushed sigh. Resentment over her sire continued to linger, though she prayed he may come home to his kith and soon to be born grandchild.
  11. Eleanor Victoria was clueless of the death of a kin, her mind however seemingly lingering on the state of her aunt. She had saw the fatal incident, her eyes widening with terror. It was a sight she could not bare, and would soon haunt her. Once hearing news of her passing, she retired to her room where she mourned.
  12. Discord: venclair.#6304 Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly w the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Haense red – 3k mina
  13. Eleanor Victoria grinned toothily upon reading the missive, beginning to prepare for the masquerade in support for her Carrington friend!
  14. NUPTIALS BETWIXT a CROW AND DOVE 1777 The Ladies d’Arkent in preparation, 1777 It is with insurmountable pride that the Princely House of Muldav and the Ducal House of Sunholdt do hereby announce the betrothal betwixt His Serene Highness the Red Prince of Muldav, Josef the Second, and The Honourable Eleanor d’Arkent. All peers, citizens, and allied states of the Holy Orenian Empire are duly welcomed to attend the ceremony at the Basilica of Fifty Virgins and the successive reception within Their Serene Highnesses’s homestead in the Midland Steppe. Specialized Invited are sent to: His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Peter III and his pedigree, His Royal Majesty, King Josef and his pedigree, His Grace, Duke Petyr II of House Baruch and his pedigree, His Grace, Duke Erwin of House Barclay, and his pedigree, The Most Hon., Margrave Viktor of House Kortrevich, and his pedigree, The Most Hon., Margrave Fiske III of House Vanir, and his pedigree, Her Majesty, Countess Viktoria of House Ruthern, and her pedigree, The Right Hon., Count Hektor of House Stafyr, and his pedigree, His Lordship, Baron Ruslan of House Amador, and his pedigree, Her Ladyship, Baroness Lucille of House Carrington, and her pedigree, and other distinguished peers of the Empire. OOC: Sunday the 19th of July 4:00pm EST IN NOMINEI DEI His Serene Highness, the Red Prince of Muldav Josef II Her Highness the Lady d’Arkent Princess Tatiana of Alban The Honourable Miss Eleanor d’Arkent
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