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  1. Hey ya'll! I hope those who celebrate thanksgiving had a great day and so did the ones who dont celebrate. Im just popping in to make a nice little Thankful post. Im going to say what im thankful for this year and I invite anyone to head down to the comments and write something they're thankful of regarding LOTC. I'll go first... Im thankful for the wonderful people and communities that I've been a part of. There may be some icky moments but the laughs and jokes always outweigh them. I'm thankful for everyone that has put in hard work to make this server what it is. From anyone in the moderation teams to a normal player, you all make Lotc worth it. I look forward to the many more laughs and beautiful moments I'll have in this server and to the many new friends I'll make. Thank you. <3 - Lizzy
  2. CHILDHOOD SWEETHEARTS Issued By LORENCE ARVID COLBORN & MAESIE EVELYN MOROVAR On this 12th of Joma & Umund 447 E.S Lorence and Maesie were first introduced by Rudolf Vyronov when they were but mere children, going off to draw and paint together. They continued to meet and socialize as they grew up, becoming close confidantes. Seeing them together was always common, even though their personalities differed. The cheerful and exhilarated Maesie always leading the quiet and timid Lorence into adventures or simple conversations. As time went on and they matured, so did their love for each other. They would gift each other trinkets as a form of their affection. Lorence would give some flowers here and there, and Maesie knit a beautiful scarf that Lorence still wears to this day. They continued to grow even closer in the Liftala season, deciding to finally make it official and get the permission they needed to bring them together in a union. With the approval of both houses, you are invited to attend this grand ceremony at St.Carr’s Chapel within the Viscounty of Bethelenen. And so, it is with great happiness that House Colborn and House Morovar announce the upcoming betrothal of Lord Lorence Arvid Colborn and Lady Maesie Evelyn Morovar. Long have this young couple awaited the day where they could come together and seal their love, and the day is finally here. [!] Attached to the invitation is the time and date [OOC] INVITATIONS ARE AS STATED BELOW The House of Colborn The House of Morovar His Royal Majesty, King Karl III and his family Aurik Bishop Giovanna Bella Donny Romstun Noemie Oxensteirna and anyone else that wishes to attend FAMILJ IGENOM ELD, His Lordship, Lorence Arvid Colborn Her Ladyship, Maesie Evelyn Morovar
  3. It all started when a poor girl met a curious boy… “Hallo.” He greeted with a small smile, offering a curt nod. “Zdravo” the girl greeted back. The girl introduced herself quite formally, though her curtsy seemed out of practice.. She said that she was looking to find work soon, and so the boy said.. “Ich vish du great luck zhen. Vhat do du like to do vhen ihr nicht busy vith title zhings?” The Girl shrugged “ja help my Majka work. Not much fun though….” To which the boy responded… “Do du vant to maybe do something fun? Ich don't have anything to do right now and ich don't have to be home for a couple of hours.” “Something fun? Sure, like what?” The girl tilted her head slightly. “Ve could go somevhere, take a little adventure, get out Haense for a little vhile.” “Alright then, lead the way. Ja haven't gone far from Haense” she pat her dress and moved to follow The Boy Adventure…yes, it was their adventure. Dijana lay coughing in their bed, sweat dripping down her forehead as her breathing became scarce. Adrian was sitting beside her, having her hand in his, a worried expression washing over his features. Over the past few weeks, Dijana has been coughing blood, and growing warmer and sicker, until now. Doctors were sought after but they could not find a cure, sadly saying that her time was near. Dijana knew this from the beginning, and so she tried to spend as much time with her family as she could, laughing with her children, feasting with friends, and adventuring with her husband, Adrian, who was talking with Viktoriya, who was standing at the edge of the bed, Dijana could faintly hear their words, her mind clouded from the sickness. It wasn’t often to see Viktoriya as disheveled as she was standing at the edge of the bed with Adrian. Pacing back and forth to aid in comforting the slowly dying woman. “There’s niething ea ca do, niet now..” Sighing and gesturing to her fingers, laced in papercuts from long nights of flipping through pages. “Ea don’t think there’s anything to do.” She told Adrian, taking a seat at the side of Dijana, dabbing the sweat on her forehead with a cold, dampened towel. “Make her comfortable, is all ea can advise, Adrian.” Looking between the couple with an indescribable pain in her eyes. “.. Ea’m sorry.” Adrian ran his hand through his once dark brown hair, the sliver streaks starting to show through, “It’s too soon for mein vife to pass.” He softly spoke to Viktoriya, shaking his head, the tears welled behind his eyes but a single tear has yet to fall. - For he needed to be strong for his dying wife and for their children, “Ich truly loved mein vife, I shouldn’t have treated her the way that I did in our younger years.” A heavy sigh escapes the man as he moves to take a seat at her bedside, a hand reaching to take Dijana’s. “Zhe kinder vill find out soon, Ich vant du zhere vhen Ich tell zhem.” He said to Viktoriya, using his free hand to gently run through his wife’s hair. “Ich vill always love du, mein liebe.” He slowly leans forward to place a kiss on her forehead, his thumb gently rubbing small circles on the back of her hand. Dijana let out in a raspy voice, “ja’m sorry, moja love…ja have to cut our adventure…short..” she heaved after every word, trying her best to get the words out. She looked up at Adrian, tears forming in her eyes as she took in his features, never once growing bored of them. She memorized his eyes, his nose, his hair, his lips. Everything. “Tell the children their majka loved them very much…they made this adventure truly worth it…” her breathing began to slow down, she reached a hand up weakly to cup Adrian’s cheek “ja…ja love eym..” Her hand slowly started to fall limp. Adrian slowly shifted to sit next to his dying wife, gently picking up her head to rest on his lap, “Du know ich am going to miss du?” He said with a soft but pained chuckle, leaning his head back to rest against the wall, “Don’t start zhe next adventure vithout me, vait for me.” He continued to softly speak as he felt Dijana’s body go limp, “Ich am going to see du soon again.” Adrian knew that this was going to be the last conversation with his wife, he shakes his head, blinking back the tears, “Ich love du, mein love.” He softly spoke for the last time, now bearing the burden of taking care of their little family. And wait she will do. Dijana would continue to watch over her family from above, waiting for her husband to begin their new adventure.
  4. Sitting under a grown apple tree in the Colborn keep, the newly legitimized Lorence arvid Colborn held his journal, sketching about on its soft papers. Inside, the pencil would start forming shapes. Shapes of the man that inspired so much joy in the teen’s earlier years. As Time went on after the incident, Lorence found himself wanting to be alone most of the time, with a few exceptions. He grew angrier for simple things, something that he had never done before. He had changed because of this. “Mik…mik never thanked eym for..everything..” He sobbed one day, sitting under that very tree, hugging his legs close to his chest. The teen cried, alone, despite what his great grandfather said, he couldn’t bring himself to go to someone. He felt that everyone was grieving in their own way and that he would just burden them with his own grief. His drawings lessened, he felt no inspiration to make something when all he felt was an emptyness deep inside. He would open his journal to a fresh page, only to close it a few moments later, looking up to the leaves of the apple tree, tears flowing down his cheeks once again. He still had so much he wanted to share with Adrian… Lorence would visit Adrian often, sitting beside his bed and sitting in silence. Sometimes he would talk of his day, or of his encounters with his friends, not knowing whether the old man could hear him in his coma or not. He just wanted to share these moments with him, even if he wasn't conscious to experience them No matter what, Lorence promised himself one thing, he would not disappoint Adrian, he would continue to make him proud, no matter what.
  5. What’s Next? “I'm proud of you” These words beat in Laltyl’s mind for hours when she first heard them from him. It was like the magic word used in a book, giving hope to everything that surrounded it. She finally had everything she ever wished for. The fairytale life she dreamed of as a child had come true.She had the love of a father and mother, though far away, never missing. She had a husband which she loved with everything she was. She even had children, who had grown up to be wonderful people. Everything was perfect, she got her happy ending….So what now? No one ever asks that, do they? You never ask what comes next after the story ends, after the happiness is reached. So, here we are. Having reached the climax, what can come next from it? One doesn’t know what the future will or won't bring, but you can make a choice to push for a certain future. My choice is to rest, to go into the forests, let nature claim me as fate decides what comes next. [!] Letters are dispatched to these people Thank you to Everyone, and I will see you soon.
  6. Lorence Arvid Black scratches his head, messing up his hair slightly. The boy had a puzzled look on his face " What will we eat then? Mik do nej like veggies"
  7. Laltyl was walking down the roads of the western hub, on her usual walk. The priestess had decided to go off road today, heading towards the jungle part of the west since it held many beautiful sights that she adored to see. The day was sunny and warm, you could hear the crickets and other little critters chirping or skittering about. Ever since being attuned, Laltyl has felt more at peace with the nature surrounding her, she needed it more than ever. while going down a hill, Laltyl heard a loud shuffle near a tree. It was louder than the others she had heard, and just after the shuffle there wasa chirp. Not a bird's chirp, not a cricket's chirp. It was a chirp that she was very familiar to. The elfess moved slowly to the tree and peaked behind it. There layed a tiger cub, chirping out for it's missing mother, "why hello there little one, where is your haelun.." she approached the cub carefully, sitting next to it and taking it into her hands. It was small, being maybe a few days old at least. Laltyl had handled newborn cubs before, she knew how to treat it. The cub was a dark orange with stripes similar to it's fur color. Laltyl had never seen a cub quite like this one, she imagined it was a rare coloring in the breed. She decided to take it home with her since the mother was nowhere to be seen after waiting for an hour or two. She brought the cub to th Vuln'Miruel seed in Oswin and fed it some milk, letting it sleep in her lap once it was full. While asleep she checked it's gender. A male. "I'll name you...Eagle" She stayed with the cub all night, falling asleep with it too.
  8. Dijana Kutznetsov lays in her bed, the sheets covering her while her pillow soaked up her tears. Having lost her father only a few years prior, losing her beloved uncle only cut the wound deeper… “te promised..te would take mi on adventures..” the teen cried, hiccuping after every word. She wouldn’t leave the room for quite a few days, only coming out for food, but not much else…
  9. Illynora Sylvaeri reads over the paper and hummed to herself, “she has proven to care for the city and her people. Even cared for me when I was a child. Third times the charm I guess”
  10. The Wen boy sat beside a tree and leaned back on it while reading his younger brother’s missive, throwing some food to the animals playing around him. He gave a small scoff, his stoic expression having no change “how a government can be so reckless is beyond me. I’ll celebrate you for your choices this once brother, though, work on your spelling more, people will take you more seriously when you can spell appointment right”
  11. Hello there! A lot of you who may read this might not know me, I'm Lizzy, just ya regular ol’ LoTC obsessed player. I'm so obsessed, that I’ve barely taken a break from the server in the past year and a half that I've been on, as I think most of you have as well :) As The newest map reaches it’s first year of being out, I’ve become curious as to what the playerbase thinks about it so far. So, if you would like to, you can direct yourself to the replies and speak your minds! The purpose of this post is just to get people’s opinions and see what they like or would want to be improved! Have fun and remember everyone can have a different opinion, so please be nice to each other! Anyways, that's all from me, have fun! And Happy early birthday to Almaris!!
  12. The young Wen boy read over the missive and nodded in approval of his uncle's enlistment. He watched as his monkey chased his chicken and let out a sigh, feeding a sunflower seed to the relaxed Macaw on his shoulder, "good luck to you Shu-shu.."
  13. ...As the smoke and ash clear from the air, one will see the destroyed and burned ruins of the once prosperous elven city. The environment around the structures were all burnt to a crisp, dark colors covering the beautiful shades of green below. Although this was a heart aching sight to see, all good things must come to an end, so that it may make way for better. “Lliran, I ask that we do not stay mourning for our beloved city but we honor it in a final Knox-o-ween festivity!” the priestess would call out to her kin, handing out flyers that would spread across the lands, for a festivity to end the spooky season.. “Come one, come all to a SpOoKy celebration at the Owl’s Perch! Enjoy yourselves with some fun activities for everyone to enjoy. The following activities will be… -Spider throw (beanbag throw) -Hide n seek -A costume competition -Final knox-o-ween dance We encourage you to come dressed to impress! The winner for the spider throw will receive an art piece of their choice and the two winners for the Hide n seek and Costume competition will receive a 100 mina prize each! We hope to see you there..”
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