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Found 4 results

  1. King John’s Privy Council begs him to find a wife, circa 1953 It is the greatest pleasure of the Royal House of Alstion to announce the betrothal of His Royal Majesty, John I, and the good Lady Amelia Rose of Middelan. Amelia had served as the Mistress of the Robes to King Edmund II for the greater part of a decade, and has always been known to be a pious Canonist. Having worked closely together from the beginning of his reign, the proposal was given on the Seventeenth of Owyn’s Light, 1953 as witnessed by Her Royal Highness, Adeline Johanna. SCHEDULE THE CEREMONY To begin in the Chapel of Our Lady of Paradisus, and to be presided over by the Bishop Gelimar three hours past sunrise this next Saint’s Day. [2 EST Dec. 2] PERSONAL PETITIONS AND BANQUET Afterwards, His Royal Majesty and his Privy will host a small banquet while hearing out the petitioners of the realm of Aaun, as well as those that wish general counsel. INVITATIONS THE ROYAL HOUSE OF ALSTION HRH the Princess Royal, Adeline Johanna HRH the Princess, Mary Cecilia HRH the Princess, Augusta Charlotte HRM the Queen Mother, Edith of Reinmar HRH the Viscountess of Valence, Adela of High Peak Lord Edmund Amadeus Lady Sophia James THE PEERAGE OF AAUN THE HOUSE BARCLAY OF MINITZ and their sworn vassals of FERNWEH, LANGENKIRCH and all the HERZOGRAT and HERRENHAUS THE HOUSE VON ALSTREIM OF MERRYWEATHER and their sworn vassals of BODBWODZ, TRIGLAV and WARSOVIA THE HOUSE DE JOANNES OF SEDAN THE HOUSE IVANOVICH OF STYRIA and their sworn vassals THE HOUSE DE ROSIUS OF HAUTE-EPINE and their sworn vassals of L’ARBRE D’OR THE HOUSE VON REUSS OF VELEN and their sworn vassals of ARENTANIA THE HOUSE HAVERLOCK OF GOTFRIDCHER THE HOUSE VAROCHE OF NAPOLIZA THE HOUSE DE LEWES OF VIRDAIN DAIMYO FUMETSU AND MEMBERS OF CLAN RENSHIN INDIVIDUAL INVITATIONS John Auguste of the House d’Arkent His Excellency, Mithius Dalma Her Excellency, Marlene von Reuss Lord Markus van Aert Lady Klara Miray Kovachev Merchants Boon & Bane REALM INVITATIONS All those good Canonists that protected Our realm from insurgency in its time of weakness The General Citizenry of the United Kingdom of Aaun. LETTER FROM AMELIA TO HER FAMILY To Uncle Gaspard, Aunt Saskia, Papa, and my dearest brother Gustaf; I apologize that you are to be told this way of my marriage. This war, this conflict has so ripped asunder the realms of Man - and so too has it made great injury upon my heart. It was you, Uncle Gaspard, Papa, that taught me to see the rightness of peace and justice and mediation. I had thought, once, that such a thing, that a lasting sort of peace, might be forged via a war against heathens and heretics and anathema. I had not thought that we would be that enemy. Though you are now anathema, and I can neither invite you to the wedding nor offer you shelter; I hope that someday soon we may meet once more, together under the LORD’s light. Repent, please, and His Holiness, and the Mother Church, might still forgive. Until then, I cannot support such violence inflicted upon the Canonist flock. GOD Guides, Amelya His Royal Majesty, JOHN ALEXANDER, by the Grace of GOD, King of Aaun, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Corazon and Balemena, Count of Enswerp and Florentine, Protector of the Realm
  2. [!] Representation of lavishly adorned coronation day halls The moment has come to lay aside the generation and elect a new leader, The Republic of Vikela's Paramount deserves a full celebration and coronation, which is now. One that the previous paramount never experienced, a sigh of relief within the realm, the bright optimism that the river will wash away the doubts as the roots are washed anew. This Grand Harvest, the coronation will take place in the courtroom of the Vemvane Ardrossan Castle. Following the coronation, the new Paramount will offer a brief address, to start their first day a festival will be held within the gate to square to celebrate. As long as goodwill is maintained, all are invited to the coronation. Please be mindful that everyone will be searched at the gate. VALLLO TOUJOU COURI VALLHIUW Her Grace, Leika Juno De Astrea, Paramount , Duchess of Ardrossan. Princess of Abrhami, La Renarde of Uhierie The Council of Vikela
  3. Royal Poetry Volume 3 - Katerina Foreword Upon closer correspondence with Haeseni Royalty and the people within Haense, Felyx becomes inspired to write yet another addition to the Poetry Series. This hobby of his has been expanding, and may be something serious simply by handing these works to their respective muses, who hold great power. Nevertheless, as the young Colborn sits down to put quill and ink to paper, he is reminded by the semblance that the name "Katerina" holds against his first poem's "Karenina", thus silently vowing to match his previous standards to fit at least a single aspect of the many diamond fractals of an equally incredible individual. 'Katerina' Waves and waves of light are shimmering Into which, no man may see. For the pond of life within this vessel As a fiery summer's breeze grow free. The eyes of the maelstrom The onion layers of sun will capture - Out of melted icy footprints The mind shall drift to what entraptures. Allusions of flame dancing on a red wall Bring forth slender fingers around gold to linger. Yet as men stand tormented in transparent halls, A graceful figure here shall make its stand. Age has a number that ripes like fine wine Which, as poured, pours into many souls in time, To form a web of fine gold strands - And band us together lest we fall from our climb. The slender hand arches up, to clutch her Lorraine For belief alone may keep us all sane - So our trust placed in her to guide us the way, By the mercy of God we shall not astray. Blunt as a mace, her protection can kill Those who threaten her kin of the Land. In snow-capped red dress, and golden necklace Her temper comes forth like winter's fury unmanned. In time the laughter-lines grow, A temper subsides and a gold heart does show, With firm slender hands she holds her Lorraine, Within her still waves, to lap up her pain. As strong as a comet, a will resolute Within you'll find diamonds before it is spent For within us she sees just who we are Through countless ages and not just one scar, So let yourself be healed by the Lady; "Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov-Bihar" Afterword There is only one copy of this poem in circulation (IRPLY) and it is the original, signed by Felyx Colborn himself. What has been writ cannot be undone, and more royal poems are sure to come... Signed,
  4. Royal Poetry Volume 1 - Karenina Foreword One day, when Felyx Colborn was attending a Royal Birthday, he happened to chance on the longest-reigning Queen of Haense; Emma Karenina Barbanov-Bihar. Inspired by the singular name: "Karenina", a poem enters the mind of the Colborn, itching to be written down. So, with the goodwill of the Prior-Queen, he sets to work... 'Karenina' Graced beauty kills the beholden. She is more deadly the longer she lasts. She is the Northern wind that tugs your clothes like an insistent lover. Her soul, a vast landscape with rays of sun illuminating the fractals of a thousand crystals. Ageing and Ageless her temporal eyes stare unflinchingly into the past. Her beauty is a curse that sinks wayward souls deep into an icy abyss. Her beauty is a blessing that keeps those who manage to endure afloat to marvel at her bliss. Yet those who stare deep into her soul have the bone hand of Death tugging them onwards. She has many children, to which she grants her good looks fatally as her icy kiss. Beneath the surface of her kin lie the currents of eternal layers. A heart locked within flesh and bone, its key locked deep within the crevice of the soul. Where the realm of intellect begins, names command her power. She knows; kin to the icy lady who resides in the halls of the onion towers. Her being, her spirit, her soul an onion of layers - invaluable to the support of the perennial Kings. Of which she is bound, a curse, a "God bless" to the golden marriage rings. A rosy smile behind a crimson scarf, as red as blood flashes by. Her own kin is the Land on which the wheels of her carriage roll smoothly, and her people whose spirits fill the entire sky. Her name, on the tip of your tongue as if from a childhood dream long gone by. "Emma Karenina" Afterword There is only one copy of this poem in circulation (IRPLY) and it is the original, signed by Felyx Colborn himself. What has been writ cannot be undone, and more royal poems are sure to come... Signed,
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