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    Soren Kinton was born in the County of Lunsbeck which is close to Morsgrad is the capital of the Kingdom of Norland, alongside living with his family; Nubus his father, Stella his mother, the older brother Terram and lastly his youngest sister Mare. All five of them were a happy family in the early years, but soon things started changing when the children began to grow up, some good and some bad. Terram began to be more of a realist and serious while Soren and Mare hung out more together telling the stories of the ancient days and the creator of all that Stella would tell them almost every week from her parents and those before her up to one of the people from the ancient times, letting Soren fall into Canonism. Until on one lonesome night as Soren was the age of 15 he and his older brother were kidnapped by an unknown bandit group while they were working on chopping wood and taken for a sum total of three weeks for labor work. Luckily Soren had managed to get free by talking with other kidnapped children to work together with his brother to get free and headed home quickly, though Soren had found a wounded black and silver owl so he decided to carry it back. Terram tried to tell his young brother to leave it, but Soren insisted in which it grew into a strong owl and named it Lyzia. As the years went by and hearing more and more about the outside world, Soren was practicing his stealth and fighting skills from his father hoping one day he could go and explore the wondrous lands that were away from his home, when the young boy was kidnapped he was indeed filled with fear, but also excitement as the rush of adrenaline and thrill. And wanted more of it. In fact his father nicknamed him “Fulgur” for his courage but also strength, not to mention Nubus’ grandfather was part of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and joined in 1680 so he has learned a thing or two from his family. Finally at the age of 25, his parents have allowed the eager exploring child to go on his way into the unknown and help those in need. To read and learn everything in a town and school is one thing, but to actually experience is what Soren dreamed of. And so now, the young and trained explorer is off to learn what the real world is really like... Religion: https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Church_of_the_Canon Home Region: https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Kingdom_of_Norland Military Mentioned: https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Brotherhood_of_Saint_Karl
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