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Found 10 results

  1. cornsoda


    You are invited to… THE LAST PORT OF THE CORMATH’S BAR BRAWL You read that right; our humble port will be hosting a FIGHTING TOURNAMENT in the TAVERN to determine who, among all of Aevos, is worthy enough to wield the title of CHAMPION and OWNER of a special, handcrafted blade (and a Figura Model made by Athonir). DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Fill out the application below so we can add you to our list of challengers! [MAX 10] (Application:https://forms.gle/Cn1vrNiSEPchgnhD6) (March 22nd, at (5:30) EST. Directions in Vortice shown below)
  2. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Song Sparrow ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I. Introduction II. Crew Rankings III. Culture and Traditions IV. The Privateers Oath ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I. INTRODUCTION The Song Sparrow is a crew of independent privateers who sell their services to any who might want to buy it, be that a trader in need of a shipment being made, or a city looking to hire a vessel to protect their shores from invading nations. While they believe in helping their fellow man from time to time, the crew of The Song Sparrow are no strangers to misdeeds as well, and will plunder other ships and opposing nations, should someone hire them to do so. At it's core, The Song Sparrow was still formed by two outcasts who turned to lives of thievery in order to survive. Joining The Song Sparrow is far more then just setting sail for the fun of it all - on this ship, it's a way of life, and in to survive one must have the courage to look danger in the eye and spit back at it, they must have the knowledge of how to sail the open sea, and they must have the passion to live a life of freedom and independence, answering to no one but their Captain. While freedom for all rests among their core values, one must still be willing to take orders in battle and follow them accordingly, else risk being thrown overboard. If you, or someone you know, is a sea-fairing individual come visit the crew of The Song Sparrow, currently found at dock 3 in Lurin found towards the very back of the city. The Song Sparrow is always looking for brave men and women of the sea to set sail with and while our crew may be small, we treat each other like family. Join us, and set yourself free with one of the finest sailors to grace the high seas, Captain Vicnan Hawkins. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ II. CREW RANKINGS CAPTAIN Vicnan Hawkins QUARTERMASTER Wilamen Macloed HELMSMAN Balkas Balo LOOK-OUT Amir Gonzalez MASTER GUNNER Adrian Falker Heskynne SEA DOG -VACANT- NAVIGATOR Adela Proudbottom SURGEON Marol Malthengolv SHIP WRIGHT Masayoshi DECKHANDS Rafi -VACANT- -VACANT- -VACANT- IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER SKILLS THAT YOU BELIEVE MAY HELP OUR CREW, DO NOT HESITATE TO SAY SO! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ III. CULTURE AND TRADITIONS The crew of The Song Sparrow take sailor culture very seriously and partake in many activities that honors the culture of sailing the open seas. DRINKING GAME: GROG & HORSESHOES One of the favorite drinking games of Captain Vicnan Hawkins, Grog and Horseshoes is a rather simple game to play. Two sailors take a pile of horseshoes and try to toss them around wooden poles set up on the ship, should a sailor MISS, they are required to take a swig of Grog. Should one sailor successfully get a horseshoe around the pole, the opposing sailor must take a swig of Grog. The winner is whoever successfully gets all six horseshoes around the wooden poles, the loser is then required to drink an entire tankard of Grog. THE HYMN OF THE SONG SPARROW While the crew of The Song Sparrow take part in singing many sea shanties, the favorite of the ship is one Vicnan wrote himself after he stole his first boat. Where can you find pleasure? Search the world for treasure? Where can you sail the open sea? Make all of your dreams come true, and drink until your face turns blue... It's here in the ocean! Yes, you can sail the open sea! Here in the ocean! And you can drink until you pee! In the ocean! Come on now step aboard and take a stand! Right here in the ocean! THE SEA LEG CEREMONY When a new sailor finally receives their sea legs upon the ship, Captain Vicnan Hawkins takes it upon himself to congratulate them in taking their first major step in becoming a successful privateer of the open sea. He does so by holding a small feast and gifting the new sailor with a golden earring, which is believed by many sailors to prevent one from drowning. It is a small ceremony but one the Captain takes quite seriously. FEASTS Among many other things, the crew of The Song Sparrow loves to host large feasts upon their ship. Whether it be in celebration of a victory in battle, or to honor a fallen comrade, the crew will always find an excuse to host a feast. Any and all who are friends of the crew may join where they may partake in the food and the Grog. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IV. THE PRIVATEERS OATH Before officially coming aboard and joining the crew of The Song Sparrow, every sailor must take this oath and uphold it to the best of their abilities. I. I shall not steal from a fellow privateer, and will only steal from non-privateers. II. I shall remain loyal to my fellow crew members and my captain. III. I shall never harm an innocent woman or child. IV. I swear to protect my ship and my crew until the sea takes me. ANYONE CAUGHT BREAKING THIS OATH OR ANY OTHER LAWS OF THE SEA WILL BE APPTLY PUNISHED BY THE CAPTAIN HIMSELF! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ APPLICATION OOC INFORMATION Minecraft Username: Discord Username: RP INFORMATION Persona Name: Age: Race: Applicable skills: Affiliations:
  3. The Gunpowder Pirates: Hey again, I recently made a post asking if I should make a pirate group, and I got a lot of positive feedback, so here we are. I'm accepting almost every race if your a misfit or outcast of your race, or you are pirate material. I plan on making The Gunpowder Pirates a very useful asset to have whether thats as paid mercenaries, or allies of your town or city, How do I make us a useful asset? Well, I plan on gathering a large amount of tinkerer's to join my crew and help me mass produce explosive's, hence the name "The Gunpowder Pirates" I hope to aid our allies with our presence and our explosives during a battle. Im a veteran tinkerer atm, but I am looking for as many as possible. So if your are a tinkerer and want to join, Please msg me! (IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO BE A TINKERER, JUST HIGHLY APPRECIATED) if you intrested msg me (IGN: ThiccKing) or leave a reply here. Ok, now here's the roleplay version of that *You noticed a message in a bottle next to a notice board, as you take the letter out of the bottle you notice it has a small hole on the left side, You decide to read it anyway, the letter reads "Yarr, I be lookin' fer some people to join me crew, We be lookin' fer strong men and women wit' a love fer gunpowder and thee' sea's. I be accepting ye, as long as ye be' a pirate at heart. If ye' think ye be ready fer life on the sea's head to thee pirates cove. - Jack "The Hook" Teach"
  4. Event Planners, MC Names: EbonsquireEvent Type: RP | ExplorationYour Timezone: EST -5, Midwest (Indiana)Affected Groups: It's open. Any group may come, though 6-8 people is the recommended amount.Event Location: Northwestern Coast of Asul Summation: The Helderenberg is a mighty vessel, built from burly, dark wood and strong ferrum nails. Love and sweat was put into this ship whose course was set for Balanak Peak, an island some ways away past Axios in the middle of the eastern ocean. The living quarters were of adequate quality, fitted with a desk for each crew member and relatively comfortable bedspreads. A good twenty rooms in all did the ship have just for the main crew. But they were nothing as grand as the captains quarters! A king-sized bed, a desk with enough area on the top for doing some heavy duty paperwork, a great view of the ocean, and other such amenities befitting a nobleman. But, oddly enough, there were twenty-six members on this ship, and not twenty-one. And twenty-six rooms. in total. Unfortunately, the Helderenberg managed to go completely off course and collided with the sun-scorched sands of northern Asul instead, that once wondrous ship becoming a capsized mess along the beaches. Well, not really. In fact, it managed to remain relatively intact after impact, tough as the damn thing was. But nothing stirred. And there were twenty-six rooms on the Helderenberg. And now there were five members, who similarly did not stir. Concept Images/Screenshots: What help do you require from the ET Actors or Builders?: I'll need help building the ship -- it shouldn't be too large or too small. Should have 4 larger quarters 20 small quarters, a storage room, and a captains quarters along with a few others for the crew at least. Will also need actors, which can be a combination of non-ET players and ET.
  5. The Salty Widower (The black flag of notorious pirate Captain Bartholomew 'Black Bart' Roberts) The Salty Widower, a carrack formerly known as The Silent Rambler. The flagship of the Saltpans Company’s merchant fleet, a somewhat small ship compared to the giants of the sea but with a strong hull and plenty of room for both sailors and goods this trading vessel is quite the contender if faced with conflict. The brazen Solomon Hains has recently taken ownership of The Silent Rambler, having it swiftly renamed to suit it’s new purpose to start his own career as captain. The captain seeks a crew of cutthroats, adventurers and crooks to accompany in his escapades on the high seas and on dry land. The hierarchy of the ship is simple and typical, with the Captain as the main authority on deck. Quartermaster Beneath Captain Hains is the quartermaster, a sailor chosen by the crew to be the Captain’s second hand man and to represent the crew’s interests. He settles quarrels, maintains order and acts like the middle man between the crew and the captain. Boatswain The Boatswain is entrusted with managing the ship’s cargo and the armory. Ensuring that the booty is safe and sound, the crew all have their weapons of choice and that the coin flows. Functioning as the ship’s merchant, the boatswain handles the economy aboard the ship as well. Able Bodied Sailor The common sailor, the lifeblood of the crew! They rig the sails, swab the decks, fight and drink, loot and pillage, they ARE the crew. Without these cutthroats, scoundrels and crooks the seas would be a much safer place, but unfortunately for the world there are plenty of buccaneers who would be more than willing to spread fear and terror in exchange for treasure and adventure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So you want to try the life of a thief, to sample the life of a crook? Sign up and you’ll sail with a crowd of adventurers with an affinity for larceny and rowdy behavior. IGN: IC name: Skype (PM if you want): Teamspeak: Y/N Timezone: Profession(s):
  6. The Crimson Corsairs Navy under the Warden of the North Index: Chapter 1, Section A: Background Chapter 1, Section B: Command Chapter 1, Section C: Purpose Chapter 2, Section A: Recruitment Chapter 2, Section B: Ranks Chapter 2, Section C: Uniform Chapter 2, Section D: Pay Chapter 3. Section A: Contracting Chapter 3, Section B: Affiliation Chapter 3, Section C: Crew to Date Chapter 1, Section A: Background The Crimson Corsairs formed on the 12th of Malin's Welcome, 1517 after Captain Edward Richmond signed off from the Di Pascali Company to search for his own plunder. Leaving the company with his Quartermaster, Howard Roberts, Edward, sailed his ship along the coast of the Caliphate till he docked and met Tarcell Othamen. They formed an alliance and thus the Crimson Corsairs were born, under leadership of Edward Richmond, Captain of the Crimson Bounty. Chapter 1, Section B: Command All Corsairs follow the orders of Captain Edward Richmond, but they do not refuse that of Tarcell Othamen or other commanding officers in the north. The Captain's words are held as the utmost important. Chapter 1, Section C: Purpose The Crimson Corsairs serve as the Navy under the Warden of the North, however, another purposes should be kept in mind. The Corsairs seek to better themselves with riches and possessions. They seek out contracts or bounties to fund themselves to lead a gluttonous lifestyle. Chapter 2, Section A: Recruitment The Corsairs accept all who hope to gain coin. Simply contacting an officer of any rank in the Corsairs can prompt the interview for recruitment. Joining our crew is simple, but it is not something to trifle with. Deserting and any form of mutinous acts are paid for with expulsion and possibly your life. Chapter 2, Section B: Ranks Our crew follows a simple rank system, which is as follows: Captain (Filled) Leader of the crew and director of affairs. Quartermaster (Filled) The Captain's main adviser as well as the protector of the crews interests. Sailing Master (Need) The Navigator and organizer of contracts aboard the ship. Sailors Men of the crew. Chapter 2, Section C: Uniform A simple red band around the arm is enough to signify your allegiance to the Crimson Corsairs. Chapter 2, Section D: Pay Upon completion of a contract or bounty, the coin flow is split fairly evenly, with 20% going to the captain, 15% to the quartermaster and sailing master, and the last 50% being split evenly to the crew. Chapter 3. Section A: Contracting Need a man taken out for good? Want a small village to be ravaged mercilessly and then burnt to a crisp? Perhaps you need an escort through the waters or some packages of interest transported. The Corsairs will handle any deal if their is a profit involved. Contact any member of the Crimson Corsair crew to contract us. Chapter 3, Section B: Affiliation Though the corsairs like to stay neutral, we are bound to the Marshall in the north, Tarcell Oathamen. This means we fight when he calls and defend at at all costs. Though pay does not come from this partnership, it is a wise one. Chapter 3, Section C: Crew to Date Captain Edward Richmond Quartermaster Howard Roberts If ye have any questions, please seek out Edward Richmond.
  7. Tattered posters are scattered all around Athera; on pillars, walls, and even unconscious drunks. If read the finely wrought letter reads as such. The respectable Mr. O'Mally is looking for able hands to assist him as his crew for mercenary trade and shipping. If you feel that your skills up for the challenge and your lust for wealth sufficient please send a message via bird or courier with your decision. Requirements for position- Lucky for all of you, there are few. The ability to be mobile and work hard come first- Mr. O'Mally is not tolerant of those who waste his time or slow him down. Fear of the unknown- must be nonexistent in order to follow with Mr. O'Mally's respectable pursuits Lust for Adventure- a must on the excitement you face Combat prowess- preferred Intellectual prowess- while useful, not necessarily needed Criminal record- entirely negligible Race- unnecessary! If you're will is strong and your skill is good, you are welcome! Positions that can be applied for Deckhand- You will be helping in the distribution and requisition of materials by sea at various trading locations. Individual positions on the ship will be assigned to you by your captain as he sees fit. Shipwright- You will be responsible for maintaining the fleet by which we do business. Professions related to this position preferred (ie woodworking, blacksmithing, etc) Craftsmen- You make the material to trade that cannot otherwise be attained. You are the lifeblood of this brotherhood. Those with greater skill will receive greater payment. Guardsman- In the case where times come in for the worse, guardsmen are needed to enforce our trade and requisition. Martial prowess is a must or your time as a guardsman will be very short indeed. Negotiator- You are the face of this illustrious enterprise and are responsible for maintaining relations with nations and other trading organizations in order to better all with our trade. You will also be dispensing goods to those who otherwise would be unable to receive them. Charisma and tact needed as well as stealth to approach those figures that are harder to reach. ((Avast ye landlubbers! I be lookin' for a hearty crew to begin' some merry and hearty adventures with the scallywag Mad Sea O'Mally! So, if ye be interested, ye may put yer.... MC Name: Character Name: Profession: and Reason for Joining: I be hopin' ta see some of ye scallywags soon!))
  8. The Pirates of the Abyssian Sea are a newly formed band of common men and outlaws, each sharing the same goals and aspirations. Each seek fortune, fame, wealth, glory and power, and will go to dangerous and illicit means to earn what they seek. Bandits and raiders on land, and pirates and marauders at sea, they plunder and pillage as they see fit. They carve a path that they believe the Creator intended for them, one of free will and sated wishes. Their presence in the lands of Athera are fairly new, and they claim no deep history or far-back roots or footings. Their beginnings start with a single man of common birth, by the name of Iman Tanner. Born a Tanner’s son as his surname would suggest, Iman would join a crew of pirates at an age of nine-and-ten, going on to become a sellsword after his crew split. Feeling himself more suited to a life at sea, he seeks out men and woman alike who share the same common goal and ideals as his own to join his crew. The Pecking Order Though respecting one another as free and equal men and woman, The Pirates follow a loose hierachy structure, referred to as the “Pecking Order” Captain (Xtreme_Prodigy) The Captain is the bossman of the crew, the leader of the pack. He is responsible for both the management and welfare of his ship and crew, as well as distribution of food and loot earned. In the event that a Captain would pass away or decide to forsake his crewmen, the crew would elect another to take the mantle. First Mate (Vacant) The First Mates are the Captains right hand, his eyes and his ears. He’s usually been around for quite a while, or otherwise the Captain would hold great faith in him or her. The Captain holds the right to choose someone to fill the in the spot, and remove them if he feels they aren’t stepping up to the responsibilities of the position. Quartermasters These are the ‘elders’ of the group, if you will, having been around for quite some time. Whilst not technically holding any sort of power above anyone else, they are generally looked up too for knowing what they’re doing and as people to follow and learn from. Crewmen The cannon fodder, the Crewmen are the middle-ground men. They’ve proven their worth to their higher-ups, and have been allowed to fully become apart of the group. They’re in it for the fame, glory and wealth, the same as many others. Whelps The fresh bait of the crew, the Whelps are those who have yet to prove their worth and affirm their loyalties. They’re usually sent on the most harshest and enduring tasks, as space to distinguish themselves as worthy of moving up the ladder. Joining the Crew Has this caught your eye? Spike your interest? Perhaps you’d like to join us? Send a bird to the Captain with the application format below, and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Name: Age: Gender: Race: Previous line of work, if any?: Why do you wish to join us?: What can you bring to the table?: ~ (( OOC Minecraft Username: Got Skype?: Got Teamspeak?: ))
  9. In battle, men cannot rely on strength and wit alone; they must have supernatural guidance if they are to succeed. A scruffy man sits within a ramshackle tavern, speaking to the inquisitive minds that watch him. You decide to venture closer, curious as to what he is saying. Indeed, the crew of the Lady Luck were a tumultuous band of pirates that reveled in the act of looting and fighting. These men were strong, brave and somewhat intelligent, but their success was not driven by these aspects; their fates were influenced by something far greater. You see, in a world such as ours there are seldom stories told that do not involve great magicks, terrible beasts and hooded miscreants. This will certainly be no exception to the rule. Many of you have not taken to the harsh seas, and so I do not expect you to have ever come across these men. They encompassed everything you would expect of a pirate, but their macabre ideologies were something most unusual. As the sun was tucked beneath the blanket of the sea, these men would take to their rooms and adorn themselves in robes of blacks and reds. They would emerge in the open space of their ship, a pleading man's cries barely piercing the air over the chanting of the crew. With the spillage of blood, all would fall to a deathy silence as the men watched their latest victim return to the darkness. Yes, these men held dear to the idea that everything once emerged from the darkness, and they believed that Death existed to return what had been taken from the void. Death is the only certainty in life, and these men thus considered it to be a real force, an absolute truth; and therefore absolute power. In order to prove their servitude to the absolute and it's cause, they would allow "Death" to act through them. Their reign lasted for half a decade before they were disbanded by some terrible event. On a night of sacrifice, an overwhelming tide crashed against the Lady Luck, forcing her into a cliffside. Amidst the crimson waters and wreckage, a handful of men flailed about as they tried to find a means of escaping the water. Few managed to escape on the debris of the Lady Luck, but those that did ventured off into directions that would cause the remaining crew to disperse. I know these men are still out there somewhere, searching for their brothers... OOC: My intention with this guild is to create RP involving the men of the Lady Luck finding their brethren. Once this has been achieved, I should like for them to once again partake in the acts of service detailed above. This will most likely require new characters, though I am willing to talk to anyone that should like to have an existing character be a member of the crew. These men are to be clandestine in their endeavours, and are by no means lacking in common sense; therefore, I do not expect to see any glaringly obvious skins. Let's keep the clothing normal. OOC Application: IGN: ICN: Age: Race: Personality: Ambitions: What happened to your character after the crash? Do you have a lot of RP experience? I will require an image of the skin you intend to use. If you are accepted, I shall PM you and ask for your Skype details so that we may create a group.
  10. THE SUMMER STORM BUCCANEERS History: The story of the Summer Storm Buccaneers begins not so long ago, in a not so distant nation, with a not so strange tale, and a not so strange origin. The true specialty of the buccaneers lay not with their story, but with their actions; the most diverse, psychopathic crew to ever roam the seas. They had no desire in the world except wealth, power, and women. They were corruption and its finest, and the definition of gluttony. These Buccaneers once possessed a ship of mighty proportions, but lost said ship on the rocky shores of their current home. They have built a much mightier ship in its stead, and are happier now that they have obtained somewhere to hide their loot. None dare challenged the Buccaneers, lest they be defeated at the hands of its mighty crew. The very first Captain of these buccaneers is known as Captain "Bulldog" McLoughlin, and his first mate is the powerful Vane, a fierce sailor. -- More History Will Be Added as it Occurs -- Boat Pictures: [To be added once we have a boat] Goals: Gold, gold and more gold! Are ya’ stupid or something! We’re fawkin’ pirates! We kill, we pillage, we slaughter, we drink, we sail away, and then we sleep around. Figured ya’ woulda’ known what a fawkin’ pirate is! And fer’ those who wish tah’ see our home, y’all have to become trusted by us, but luckily we gottta’ map for ya’ ta’ look at! Enjoy! Guidelines: The Crew: Captain McLoughlin “Bulldog”: Jtheo2016 Price: Icelifreakx The Lumberjack: Ziko99 First Mate Draeren: Draeren “That Guy” Corvo the Pale: ventus2 Lucas Arkshan II: MinecraftMish Mangel: Beast720 Punisher Lommpy: maskman2303 Salavin: TheFireAce Gor’lekk Ly’di: Treshure Dirty Walter Minstrap: PicassoPotato Irene Willow Ovain: KnyghtFalcon Owen Teague: racker2008 Sir Rokkur Elithereach: Tadmonster Borak Sludgebeard: Mririshboys Application: ((MC Name)): ((RP)) What be yar’ name?: What are yer’ past jobs, laddie?: Ya’ best not be with a nation! (Affiliation): What kinda’ thingy are ya’? (Race): How old are ya’, ya’ luuk’ like a lil’ tyke!: ((Link to VA’s)): Tell me yer’ story. (Short Biography): What be yer’ reasons for joining, ya’ best not be one of dem’ navy sodomites!: ((Timezone)): ((Skype)):
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