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  1. Sylvir gave the missive a thumbs up "One more ibarellan to beat up" Ellisar smiled the suns smile
  2. "Not as cool as the Cerusil, but you know, your trying" Sylvir would give a thumps up
  3. "About time" A certain Cerusil mumbles as he walks across the training grounds in the barracks "I want my castle!"
  4. The missive would reach an old levy with a glorious beard. He would shake his head at the missive "Such a harsh punishment. Unusual if you ask me to punish your own kin for their actions without hearing both sides of the coin. Not even a trial? That must be this justice everyone nowadays is talking about" He would let out a chuckle that immediately turned into a heavy cough. He turned away, whisteling a melody. The news truely mattered not to him.
  5. REKINDLING OF THE CELIA’DIRAAR: GUARDIANS OF THE STARS Published; 10th of snowmaiden, 169 of the second age “United, we cast light in times of doom and shadow.” ✵ _______ Throughout time, the Celia'diraar have been revered as the pinnacle of elven martial excellence; the embodiment of strength, valiance, and chivalry. Established during the earliest stages of Celia'nor by the first Mordu'lar, Atheleon Py'lrie, they stand as a bastion of honour and duty - not only furthering their own development, but the progression of Celian society as a whole. THE FOUNDING MORDU’LAR - ATHELEON PY’LRIE _______ In the glorious era of Celia'nor's inception, under the righteous reign of Her Highness, the esteemed High Princess Ivarielle Ibarellan, the Celia'diraar was forged and gallantly led by Atheleon Py'lrie, steadfast in loyalty beside the figure who would later ascend to the revered title of Ivarielle the Great. It was amid the fervent rebellion led by Ivarielle that the unwavering bond between these two luminaries was sealed, as they espoused a shared vision for the future prosperity of their people. In recognition of his unwavering dedication, the Py'lrie was bestowed the esteemed mantle of charge and Mordu'lar of the nascent Celia'diraar, marking a historic milestone in its illustrious legacy. Thus commenced a saga of remarkable achievements, beginning with the militia's inaugural trial of resilience—the harrowing conflict against the savage orcish hordes of the western lands. Despite the perilous nature of this inaugural war, Celia'nor's forces, bolstered by the timely aid of Malinor, emerged triumphant. This valiant victory cemented the Celia'diraar's reputation as a formidable force to be reckoned with, earning them rightful acclaim as the preeminent defenders of the western frontier of Almaris. Thus, amidst the annals of history, the gallant deeds of the Celia'diraar endure, immortalized as a testament to their indomitable spirit and unwavering resolve. THE SECOND MORDU’LAR - SENNA CERUSIL _______ In the wake of Atheleon's initial triumph in establishing the Celia'diraar, emerged Senna Cerusil, the second scion of the illustrious Mordu'lars, assuming the mantle of leadership over Celia'nor's grand militia. Under Senna's astute command, the Celia'diraar ascended to unparalleled heights, not only in its sheer magnitude but also in its prominence among the world's most distinguished militias. Its very existence posed a challenge to numerous nations across the realm of Almaris, daring them to acknowledge it as a contender among the most formidable forces ever witnessed. The zenith of the Celia'diraar's power was reached under Senna's stewardship, its formidable capacity matched only by its resounding reputation. Through a series of rigorous assessments, often manifested as skirmishes with neighboring nations, Celia'nor consistently emerged victorious, firmly establishing its dominance and securing its position as a dominant force on the world stage. Thus, under Senna Cerusil's guidance, Celia'nor not only endured but thrived, leaving an indelible mark upon the annals of history. THE THIRD MORDU’LAR - ILLYRIA IBARELLAN _______ In the annals of history, following the monumental legacies of Atheleon Py'lrie, the inaugural and esteemed Mordu'lar, and Senna Cerusil, the second Mordu'lar renowned for her pivotal role in bolstering the militia's might, emerged Illyria Ibarellan. She later ascended to become the beacon of reclamation and revival for Celia'nor within the realm of Aevos as their Princess. However, it was amidst the realms of Almaris that the illustrious Ibarellan assumed command of the Celia'diraar militia, leading the valiant resistance against the malevolent forces of Iblees and the relentless assault of the dread dragon, revered as the Cloudbreaker. This formidable beast, having wrought havoc upon Almaris and played a role in its downfall, spurred the realm's migration to the land of Aevos. Alongside her stalwart officers of the Parir, Illyria astutely marshaled the guard to safeguard and serve Celia'nor, braving perilous encounters against these formidable adversaries, despite their formidable power and unwavering strength. In numerous instances, the Celia'diraar emerged triumphant, standing as stalwart defenders who confronted and vanquished the voidal hollow that had manifested within Celia'nor's borders. This era of the Celia'diraar bore witness to harrowing trials against the darkest forces of Almaris, perpetuating their legacy of valor and resilience, destined to be etched in the annals of time. THE FOURTH MORDU’LAR - SYLVIN CERUSIL _______ In the wake of Celia'nor's resurgence upon the shores of Aevos, emerged Sylvin Cerusil as the fourth Mordu'lar, marking a pivotal chapter in the annals of the realm. Amidst the echoes of Almaris, he stepped forth to lead the charge of the militia, bearing the weight of legacy upon his noble shoulders. As one of the inaugural councilors instrumental in the re-establishment of Celia'nor's foundations, Sylvin Cerusil played a crucial role in shaping the destiny of the realm. His vision alongside the once hailing Princess, Illyria Ibarellan, guided the development of the divadri, the crucible from which the renewed strength of the Celia'diraar would emerge. With unwavering determination, Sylvin Cerusil rallied the hearts of his people, breathing life into the veins of the revitalized militia. Under his stewardship, the Celia'diraar reclaimed its rightful place as the guardian of the realm, standing ever vigilant in service to its beloved citizens. Thus, he forged a path for future generations to tread, leaving an indelible mark upon the tapestry of Celia'nor's history. THE FIFTH MORDU’LAR - SYLVIR CERUSIL _______ In the present tapestry of Celia'nor's legacy, we find Sylvir Cerusil standing as the illustrious fifth Mordu'lar, a figure of renown and reverence. Following the hallowed path of his Mordu'lar ancestors, some of whom hailed from his own talonnii, Sylvir now leads the Celia'diraar with resolute determination and unwavering honor. In this era of the Celia'diraar, Sylvir, aided by his stalwart officers of the parir, emerges as the vanguard of revival, exuding vitality into the diraar with each strategic stroke. Through the crucible of battles amidst the tumultuous realms of Aevos, reminiscent of the trials faced by the legendary Atheleon, the diraar rises to new heights of strength and valor. As Sylvir steers the newest generation of Celia'nor's militia towards glory, under the guidance of Illthrak Ibarellan, the reigning Prince of Celia'nor, their ranks stand as a beacon of promise and potential. In their hands, the diraar embodies the culmination of generations of honor and duty, poised to carve a path of greatness through the annals of history _______ The Celia'diraar is composed of two branches, both of which are guided by the Mordu’lar. The first is comprised of the non-magus warriors who are trained to hone and perfect their skills with the blade, whilst the second - the Seth'diraar - contains sorcerers with unparalleled mastery of the arcane. THE CHAIN OF COMMAND MORDU’LAR Mordu’lar is the rank bestowed upon the commander of the Celia’diraar, charged with keeping the Realm of Celia’nor safe alongside all of its vassals and people who reside within the domain of the Ibarellans. They have the utmost authority of military matters within Celia’nor and commands all the military forces under the banner of Celia’nor. They are to be addressed as Mordu’lar at all times and their word is absolute. ANEH’WHY The Aneh’why is the Mordu’lar’s left hand and serves as a director for the magi within the Celia'diraar. Their main role is to oversee the magi and coordinate training sessions, patrols, and address matters unique to the magi corps. The Aneh’ are responsible for coordinating operations at all times of day and preparing the Parir for tasks that they may be assigned. They are responsible for being in constant contact with the Mordu’lar, instructing him of the status and reporting to him directly should matters of interest arise. ANEH’WY The Aneh’wy is the Mordu’lar’s right hand and serves as a director for the non-magi within the Celia'diraar. They are tasked with organizing training sessions, patrols, and addressing issues unique to the Diraar. The Aneh’ are responsible for coordinating operations at all times of day and preparing the Parir for tasks that they may be assigned. They are responsible for being in constant contact with the Mordu’lar, instructing him of the status and reporting to him directly should matters of interest arise. PARIR Parir is the rank given to the officers within the Celia’diraar responsible for carrying out the tasks and orders from the Aneh’. They are also expected to host training and patrols around the city and have the authority to promote the Fiyem. They may also enact justice on those within the Realm who break the laws and need to suffer the consequences of their acts. SETH’EYR The Seth'eyr are the magical counterparts of the Diraar, expected to carry out the same responsibilities; policing the city and outlying lands, apprehending criminals within the borders, and fighting alongside their brothers-in-arms. They have shown their worth as soldiers and are trusted on the battlefield, these troops take orders from the Parir and Aneh’why as well as the occasional direct order from the Mordu’lar. They can also give basic orders to the Fiyem. DIRAAR The Diraar are the regular troops within the Celia'diraar who are trusted to police the city and outlying areas, and apprehend criminals within the borders. They have shown their worth as soldiers and are trusted on the battlefield, these troops take orders from the Parir and Aneh’wy as well as the occasional direct order from the Mordu’lar. They can also give basic orders to the Fiyem. FIYEM The Fiyem are recruits - both magi and non-magi - who have just enlisted within the Celia'diraar and are thus the lowest rank of the Celia’diraar. They are often given the duties of simple guarding within the city and gate duty as well as following the lead of their superiors in more complicated situations. Once they take on Atheleons Mark they will need to continue to serve and prove their worth to eventually be promoted to the rank of Diraar or Seth'eyr. TIR’ID WALEH Within the ranks of the Tir’id Waleh one can find individuals who are willing to join the Celia'diraar on the battlefield to keep those safe, who risk theirs to protect the interests of Royarch and Nation however do not directly want to join the Celia’diraar. They are not obligated to get Atheleons Mark, nor do they need to speak the same oath as the Celia’diraar. They will however be forced to pledge a different version, swearing loyalty and to preserve the life of the Celia’diraar to the best of their abilities. They also need to finish a training in basic hand to hand and sword combat, so they are able to fend off any foe on the battlefield if forced to do so. THE OATH AND ATHELEON’S MARK For all the years of Celia’nors existence the oath and Atheleons mark is a pinnacle of what the Celia'diraar is and stands for and what we must do to ensure the realm of Celianor is protected in life or death. Atheleons mark hails from the first Mordu’lar of the Celia’diraar, the ritual's roots going as far back as the first reformation of the Celia’diraar. “On this day under the gaze of Illyria and Illthrak, I swear to uphold the just law of Celia’nor and swear to abide by all orders given by the Mordu’lar whether it is at cost of my life or my comrades, I swear to ensure the safety of all those who live under the gaze of the monarchs and will not waver or leave my station unless death calls upon me.” Directly following the oath the Diraar will be required to conduct Atheleon’s Mark by cutting their hand with a cut from one side of the hand to the other deep enough to leave a scar that will show the unwavering loyalty to the Crown and the Mordu’lar, this scar will also be the reminder for the Celia’diraar of what they fight for and who, it represents the unwavering loyalty to the Crown of Ibarellans and all people who cannot fight for themselves that is the meaning of the scar. OATH FOR THE TIR’ID WALEH “On this day under the gaze of Illyria and Illthrak, I swear to uphold the just law of Celia’nor and swear to abide by all orders given by the Mordu’lar. I swear to stand by the Celia’diraar and take care of their wounded. Safeguarding their lives will be our most honourable priority, doing so even in the face of death for the sake of the Celian Crown and the people.” ARTICLES OF CONDUCT The code of the Celia’diraar is what we the Celia’diraar abide by and what shapes our actions and our service to justice and the crown throughout the course of history to this day and all days to come Article One. Thou shall swear to uphold the laws and the civility of the homeland. Article Two. Thou shall not commit heinous acts towards another brother/sister-in-arms, civilians, or visitors. Article Three. Thou shall place thyself before the blade of another to protect those who thou have vowed to protect. Article Four. Thou shall not defy the will of the crown and the Mordu’lar Article Five. Thou shall not divulge private information to the public given to one by the crown or the Mordu’lar. Article Six. Thou shall raise thy blade in times of war, for the prosperity of the homeland. Article Seven. Thou shall not steal the resources of the homeland for personal gain, nor shall thou misuse the resources given to them. Article Eight. Thou shall gladly give up thine life for the sake of the crown and the homeland. MEDALS Valor, is an honor bestowed to those who demonstrate extensive courage, gallantry, and perseverance in the face of peril. It is the highest honor any soldier may be given upon their treks on the battle front. Illarions Honor, is awarded to those who are recognized for exceptionally meritorious service in a position of great responsibility. It is one of their few tributes to that is granted without the requirement of the service being combat oriented. Illyrias Grace, is bestowed upon those who gave their life for the cause of Celia’nor in heroic fashion. Those whos death is embossed by honor, bravery and loyalty shall receive this medal, one of the highest honors that one can achieve. It does not necessarily need to be earned in combat, but by proving themselves worthy of the highest praise in regards to the aforementioned virtuous. The glory of the medal shall be held within the family of the deceased to honor and praise him for his deeds. CULTURE AND TRADITIONS War Paint During times of war it is commonplace for a member of the Celia’diraar to decorate their helm with the colors of their noble house to represent their bloodline and show honor to their family. This decoration is a means of identifying oneself in battle to their peers for battle plans and a sign of pride for not only themselves, but where they come from. Should one fall in battle, they will do so with the honor of representing their house and their kin. Hunt and Feast Every decade a Hunt outside LEYU’SIL is held to celebrate our endeavors and victories in that decade, It can also be a way to celebrate the lives of lost soldiers that died in the line of duty, When the hunt is concluded a feast will be held of whatever was killed, inviting all to partake in the revelries of the feast and to celebrate the strength of the Diraar. The Darkening of Armor When you first receive your set of armor when you become a Fiyem it is clean, shiny, and silver, But as you spend more years in the Celia’diraar your armor will darken, this would happen because the armour is designed to darken the more it is used and this is a distinguishing feature of the Veteran Diraar. HOUSING AND BELONGINGS All members of the Celia’diraar are entitled to rooms within the barracks. They will also be equipped with armor and weapons. AY’PUERAN; The Honourable Mordu’lar, Sylvir Cerusil, Evarir of the Cerusil Talonnii, Councilor in the Principality of Celia’nor
  6. Sylvir Cerusil would light a candle in his dark room. His gaze would meet the rain outside his window, letting out a sigh as he griefed. "We shall not forget you"
  7. William Payne sits within the barracks of Veletz "Ave Veletz" he remarks.
  8. Sylvir would draw his blade as he walked down the road to his mansion "Hippitiy hoppity, get off my property!"
  9. William Payne watches the everyday life of Veletz from the castle walls "A shame that they will not actually come to fight" The Blackvale veteran sighed "Not very inspirational."
  10. Sylvir Cerusil would read over the missive, nodding his head "Finally we can embrace magic in Celia'nor again" He takes the missive with him, putting it on the wall in the barracks, so it would be displayed to every fiyem.
  11. Sylvir Cerusil sheathes his longsword which was stained with blood, a grin on his face as he turned to his fellow elven divadri. "This went faster then i expected" The Cerusil exclaims as he wiped a single drop of sweat of his face.
  12. Sylvir Cerusil glazes upon the missive of the treaty in his dark room within the cerusil mansion. He would slowly nod with every line he read. Sylvir would raise his glass of wine to nobody but himself as he exclaims "PACTVS NOLI SOLIVS". After noticing that his glass was empty, he would let out a sigh as he stood up, ready to get some more of that fine Celia'sul wine. William Payne, sitting within the barracks of blackvale, would simply raise a brow upon hearing of the alliance "They still have weird ears though"
  13. Sylvir could be seen at a rustic wooden table by the fire, hunched over a parchment missive held in his calloused hands. His eyes scanning over the words carefully, lips moving as he read in a soft whisper. His brow furrowed in deep thought, lost in the message before him. The room was filled with the smell of burning wood and the sound of flickering flames, the only light to illuminate the missive as he read. "Ay'Celian'or" The elf would mumble to himself, downing a whole bottle of celinorian wine at once.
  14. MC-Name: _Duckstep_ RP-Name: Sylvir Cerusil Persona-ID: 76436
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