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  1. William Payne scratches his head as he exclaims "PACTVS CŌNSTANTĪNVS, so good!"
  2. Even if it is in RP, people would rally an entire army or all stay safe thus making raids pointless
  3. "We are simply build like that"
  4. Upon reading the declaration, William Payne would nod in approval.
  5. William Payne walks out from the cells of haense alongside them, not that anybody seems to notice the old Blackvale levyman anyways.
  6. Discord: DuckOfDeath#8286 IGN: unlegiqDuck RPN: William Payne Age: 40s
  7. @Vermy@Tide1@Ryanark@De_Mik@Oinked@Twodiks@pkdon@Koekie and blackvale etc. in general. You know who you are. Appreciate u guys for recruiting and integrating me when i was a noob, helped me a lot to get into the server more. Have a lot of good memories with u guys. @Sailor@VoxyNoir Thank you for keeping me on lotc for quite some time and just beeing fun to be around. #stopvoxyabuse
  8. William Payne sharpens his blade "Im really looking forward to those skrimishes"
  9. "Look at van Aert man, so inspirational!" a blackvale levy would remark
  10. Discordtag : DuckOfDeath#8286 MC Name : unlegiqDuck RP Name : William Payne RP Age : 42 Are you entering as a Commoner/Knight/Champion of a peer? Specify which : Commoner
  11. A blackvale mercenary would smile upon hearing the news while sharpening his sword for battle
  12. William Payne would nod his head in approval upon hearing those news.
  13. William Payne sat pensively on a stone at the Urguani borderlands. As he contemplated the battle, he thoroughly cleaned his sword from the blood of his orenian foes. "Brave men have died here today, but victory does not only come from bravery but from the skill with youre sword."
  14. William sighs and collects a couple of broken wooden trainingswords from the floor of the practice area "I hope the recruits are more careful with their Equipment then these idiots"
  15. MC Name: _Duckstep_ RP Name: Aldan Fadrus Are you a Citizen of Oren: No CRP or PVP (Limited to 1): PvP
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