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  1. The chad pvp goon double down vs the virgin roleplayer. a tale as old as time

  2. ((MC Name: 5ft300pounds))Name: Maethor SythaerinVote 1: Theveus SythaerinVote 2: Theveus Sythaerin
  3. :salute:

    Thanks for being cool i think its over for me

    1. MuileDirt


      Hows it goin bud


  4. Keep this guy banned from LOTC. He is a safety hazard to LOTCERS!!!!

    1. DeusVult


      I apologize for whatever I did...

      I don't know what I did but I'm sorry....

    2. ClassyDryad


      Tabby are you being serious or is this a meme.

  5. Stormknight...reading ur appeal

    man get some help

  6. I ******* HATE when mods act like inhuman robots. We need more like Ibn Khaldun and Mirtok...

  7. Asbjorn places a fist over his chest, preparing to help lead the combined forces in the name of justice and honor. Yet his thoughts are not of the impending conflict-only of how much he misses his father Rin.
  8. Asbjorn smiles, knowing he has defended his honor and nation.
  9. Maethor Sythaerin practically JUMPS with joy, not unlike a small kitten would once upon a time, as he receives notices of this. He QUICKLY goes to frame it next to the other missive regarding his actions, and proudly smiles as he looks upon them, side by side. "My family, and those of pure blood smile upon my actions. Death to the infidels!" He would think to himself.
  10. Maethor Sythaerin rests within his manor, after the slaying of Pamphilos. His thoughts seem to be elsewhere at the time, before the notice is handed to him by the butler of the household. He reads it, before laughing heartily. Then, he takes a pin, and would post it up on his wall, placing his hands on his hips as he admires such a poster.
  11. Wooo! First new plugin under 60th's tyranny!
  12. Endyn Jindle of both infamy and plight, hears of this tragedy befalling the final living member of his entourage. So he doth pray for his fallen brother, the time of his banditry and fatihless looting behind him for good. He begins to ask Luara, ask her to find Philos' soul, find him and give an exception. As he does so, a tear falls from his face, perhaps the last bit he has to give for anything in this world. He takes his bandana, and wipes his face before turning back to look up at the Goi, with renewed sense of direction in life.
  13. Asbjorn reads the post, his eyes squinting before almost throwing the missive away due to it's bright colors.
  14. You really put ur kda in the chat huh
  15. "It's happening!" Endyn Jindle states with his hands above his head
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