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  1. The fact that people are all calling the person who is couping Petra a cuck irp speaks volumes as to how shit this server is now

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    2. creamynoteblock
    3. Kisshmael


      The people involved with this conflict are not differentiating IC and OOC.

      I have 2 characters who happen to be on both sides of the conflict, and the metagame is astounding. You don't get to discriminate against my character because my other one is on a side that you don't like.

      Then there's a cohort of GMs involved in the conflict, doing way more grandstanding for their character's side than moderating.
      Sad! Many such cases.

    4. Nooblius


      I would argue that usage of cuckold alone isn't the issue, though the shorthand of cuck is a lot more modern from what I understand and not to mention people IRPly or on comments saying things like Rizz and stuff is kinda cringe ngl.

  2. Trash can? Yeah, it's just plan white
  3. My favorite song is Sultans of Swing, by Dire Straits. Super hot beat, and a nice vibe. I thought it'd be a funny little joke between me and my friends, I can definitely see people don't hate me lol. I am currently barred from two discords, both Celia'nor and Amaethea's discord, for reasons beyond my knowledge. Also Ferrymen hate me I can see now that I was mistaken though lol I was actually here first, so technically he stole my name. But i am the random so ig i stole it bruh I don't know really how to answer this question. I don't really know about winning/losing, I don't mind much about that anymore. Back in Atlas, and even to Arcas, however, I was an extremely negative influence on the community as a whole, which lead to increased scrutiny of my behavior. I was banned for very, very small things that cut me off from the community. I wish administracion during that time had made different decisions about me as a player, and gave different consequences rather than permanent bans that didn't even go through to my record. I also wish that the administracion after, and to today, saw that some of the punishments were bogus, so I could rejoin my friends earlier. I guess I also wish I wasn't shoe horned to run that jindle group, i just did it cuz a friend said it'd be cool but it really wasnt I just envision myself being banned less in the past, so I can have more time w/ friends if you wanted me to visit your profile to see who u are u win
  4. I'm PCSwift, I started in late Axios/Early Atlas and I enjoy playing LoTC. I've mostly played in bandit/merc groups and experienced the server through the lens of a pvper, but more recently I've been enjoying roleplaying from within a nation, and roleplaying to advance a character's story. I currently play an adunian as my main character, and I am doing some cool stuff! He's a ranger and he's trying to run around and help out people. I've found both sides enjoyable equally, in different ways. The prior, however, has surrounded me with a lot of "distasteful" individuals and their reputation has rubbed off on me, as well as my own actions within those groups. I don't really have one! I recently got back into the server because a friend asked me to play his son IC, which is my current main character, my Adunian. I found that my old friends from when I used to play are still around, and I think if I just hang out with them and play LoTC, it'll give me all the enjoyment I need. I don't really care about reputation/mineman power, I just wanna chill w/ the homies.
  5. sup its pcswift people dont like me ama
  6. i literally am flabbergasted that dantory and mikhaii are banned 

    1. exoo


      and exogens.

    2. DeusVult
    3. MeteorDragon


      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

  7. i love adunian roleplay i cant wait, let me brush up on the lore in the wiki

  8. ermmm neither I was a bandit
  9. someone take my appeal NOW

  10. I can't wait to 8 man raid Balian just to sit in a three hour, 20 man crp. So excited!!! 🤩

  11. The answer to all LoTC's problems




      Jarvis, DeusVult said something nice about us. Quickly scan his profile. He seems alright. Upvote his status update. Reply with a JARVISPOST. Buy him a nice car. Don't hang him upside down by his trousers. Become his friend. Follow him back. 

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