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  1. Maengol Lennox ponders to himself for a few moments at this sudden declaration. He finally decides to fight against Aegrothond, and begins to seek employment under one of the many signers of this.
  2. ¼ of the way to a month!

  3. I can’t wait for my appeal to take another month to get denied!

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    1. kill_MAPS


      it’s not worth it

  4. Warp Signs were a response to lag, people who are complaining about it got attached to a temporary solution, it has nothing to do with ‘subverting bandit rp’ or anything of that nature.

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    2. Unwillingly


      nice, but what about everything else I said



      A good majority of ur post is filled with strawmans, so I’ll ignore those. I’ll respond to your most, valid, points I guess. 

      1.   Great, I appreciate that you’re here to respond to the valid points in my arguments. I really like that, as it means I can respond to yours.

      Lag has been fixed for people who don’t use the wifi at McDonalds.

      1. The original point I made to warrant this argument is this: “The lag hasn’t been fixed for everyone, and there’s no reason to not have FT.”
      2. I copy and paste another one of my forum post arguments here: “Chunk lag hasn’t been resolved and even if it has, connection to the server has still been spotty for many people. Your experience of chunk lag is also different from players who have worse computers than you, or worse internet connections than you. The lack of empathy for others who don’t have access to better WiFi and a good computer is pretty common among the anti-warp sign crowd.”
      3. To those reading these, DeusVult openly confirms that there is no empathy for people who are not experiencing clear connection to the server. Maybe he has spotty connection and so he feels warranted to dismiss other’s valid complaints as being sourced from those who play LotC at McDonalds. 
      4. 3f4f0d26bc5f0268309356cc1ee34fd9.png
      5. I’d love to get to a location with better WiFi, but that pesky pandemic! To close this argument for the onlookers here, even if you aren’t buying that the lag that had warp signs implemented is truly gone for everyone, DeusVult still refuses to answer the claim that warp signs are worth keeping solely on their own merit

      Why are warp-signs so important for casual players?

      1.  It’s my impression after reading the original thread that warp signs were removed through, and talking to the new players that I try to help on the server. The general trend seems to be thinking that the removal of FTs will make it harder to casual players to find active settlements, as we have many fluctuating hours of shift activity between differing areas of the map.
      2. A casual player is less likely to be vote every day for a month in a row, and thus is locked to even less soulstone slots and SS cooldown times. 
      3. Casual players rely on accessing the RP they want faster, and are more likely to experience burnout through the feeling of having their time wasted, something that FT prevented them feeling. 
      4. Here are some more points of players agreeing with these sentiments. 
        1.  I’m not going to find any good rp in the middle of the road between CT and Haelun’or, or halfway through Korvassa trying to get to one of the settlements there. I will find the rp either in the city itself, or right outside it. Taking away fast travel simply means I have less time to rp with anyone.” 
        2. Welp, now if I don’t see people when I log on around me I might as well log dab dab.”
        3. ”Bring the warps back as it helps new players find nations quicker. We know people want some bandit RP but warp signs benefit for regular players and new ones.”
        4. The positives of warps are:

          -Promotes activity in smaller or more far-flung settlements.

          -Aids new players in locating roleplay and picking a spot they want to establish themselves.

          -Avoids drama and inconvenience often associated with road roleplay.

          -Lets people do what they’re here for, roleplay (not running and jumping), faster and more easily.

          -Encourages exploration of different settlements, promoting character growth and diminishing clique-like mentality.

          -Broadly, makes more players happier.  “

        5. ”Having warps allows new players to get to big nation hubs easier and helps keep them on the server, the first hour of roleplay for a new player will decide whether they stay or leave”

        6. “Convenience isn’t bad. It doesn’t hurt roleplay to make it slightly easier to find a place to RP. Personally I’m not a fan of fast travels to every city gate, but it’d be mad convenient if certain distant parts of the map were linked up to CT.”

      Also-keep crying about being banditted, that’s pretty much what your post is.

      1.  Strawman: Substituting a person’s actual position or argument with a distorted, exaggerated, or misrepresented version of the position or the argument.
      2. db3f795bd307520c2a7e0b56672d7512.png
      3. lol

      @Unwillingly It’s clear that no-warpers have no intention of meeting us at the halfway here unless we change raid rules. We’re cowards in DeusVult’s eyes, and I think we should try to push for a Your View on FT’s returning in an altered form so that the attitude of abdb898f9bd95efc696c44d4b8f7b9aa.png this doesn’t wind up working.



    4. AlphaMoist


      p sure he’s just baiting at this point

  5. I think Firearms would be a great addition, if it were firearms that weren’t too advanced. Maybe like muskets and flintlocks, that take a really long time to emote reloading, so it might be like a once a fight kinda meme, that’d be cool
  6. I am on my pixel knees begging “ mods please unban me” i will never break the rules again please

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    2. DeusVult


      4 minutes ago, Waibiao said:

      You banned?

      been banned for 8 months now

    3. Callum


      as much as this guy is a retard he does deserve an unban. Like he got a couple month ban for rp logging. A mistake so many have done. Though hes been banned like months over the actual time. Deserves an unban, he wont do it again.

    4. Auriel_
  7. I really hate insincere ban appeals ?

    1. Aengoth


      ban appeals are a terrible way to try to deter players from repeating the behavior

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