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    (Viktor: Hanso-Hyspian Highlander) (Kansan: Kha'Cheetrah) (Mrithun: Animii) (Mateo: Hyspian)

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  1. "It is about time.." Muttered Viktor Weiss, watching from afar as the building went ablaze.
  2. Viktor Weiss slowly paced within the Brotherhood courtyard, occasionally peering up at passerby’s as he read the letter. Children being cursed; something the BSK could help prevent… The Sergeant sharply turned to enter the officer quarters after reading the letter, intending on sharing it with his peers to gather opinions.
  3. Deep in Haense’s frigid countryside, Viktor Weiss sat atop his walking mare, a horse as white as the snow around him. It was one of his White Comets, the same horse breed that was bred and tended by Audo Weiss. Like father, like son, equestrian care became a passion for Viktor. Tending to the horses has been something Viktor sought to continue in Audo’s stead for many years… The white snowscape and towering pine trees, accompanied by a gentle breeze and his trusted companion, offered Viktor some consolation… Coping with his father’s death wasn’t easy. He was there to receive his father’s body in Valdev, thanks to the unfamiliar face of Audo’s elven friend, Kalador. Without him, he wouldn’t have ever known Audo’s fate… However, this picked at Viktor’s head: a lingering question that proved difficult to ask of a dead man… Did he find what he had been looking for? … Viktor continued onward. Snow began to fall… “I plan to take the Vikomital throne,” said Walter to a young Viktor in the meeting room of the Weiss keep, many years ago. His iron-handed brother gave him options; to back his father or to help his brother take the familial throne. The young Viktor weighed the options in his conscience, though he feared what could come from opposition to his brother’s desire in the future. In cowardice, hidden by assurance, “I will help you,” said Viktor, thus betraying his father. Viktor never had a strong bond with Audo, not like a bond a father and son should have. Conversations were commonly cut short if they ever started at all. There was a permanent distance. The cowardly naivete of his decision to oppose his father was the reason. A guttural blow to their relationship… Viktor continued onward in the snowfall… “You’ve fought one of these before, haven’t you?” asked Viktor, curiously, as he and Audo both gazed upon the skeleton of a dragon-like creature. The two men sat atop their steeds, taking what would unknowingly be a once-in-a-lifetime venture to spend one-on-one time together. Audo spoke with Viktor about his past experiences battling the undead dragon, Cloudbreaker, and whatever the conversation turned to from there. A few decades had passed since Walter’s rise to reign for the family. Guilt and regret had settled in Viktor, now fully aware of what that decision had cost him for quite some time; his relationship with his father. “Padre…” Viktor beckoned Audo’s attention in a sorrowful tone, “I feel regret… I regret my decision those many years ago to stand by Walter’s side instead of yours…” Audo listened before replying, “Well, what was done was done. I love you, but I won’t forget what you did.” Viktor replied in a plea, “I am sorry, Padre… If I could go back to that night and change my decision, I would change it in a heartbeat… I am sorry.” Ser Audo Weiss “The Raven” was dead… After taking Audo’s belongings and laying his body in wait for his funeral, Viktor informed his family of Audo’s passing, passed along Audo’s things, and promptly left for the solace of the countryside. Having to pass his father’s belongings out to family members sickened him. Now he was alone, under that gentle snowfall. Viktor retrieved a letter from his satchel, unfolded it, and read it. The letter was one Audo left for Viktor when he ventured out to find Walter after his disappearance. These were the last words he ever received from Audo; a father searching for his son, leaving loving regards. Viktor mourned his father when he left, never to return alive. Now that Audo was dead, Viktor felt the same sorrow once more. Sorrow, yet a strange peace… It was a peace in knowing his father was with his mother, Veronica, and his family and friends in the Seven Skies. A peace in knowing Audo could finally rest, for Viktor knew Audo to be a restless, relentless man, commonly occupied with tasks. Audo, dying a warrior’s death, earned peace. “Va ve Maan,” Viktor said with a soft smile, directing his gaze skyward… “One day, we will meet again.” @Frostdrop1 (Thanks for all of the roleplay and awesome character! c:)
  4. Skin Name - Loyalty Bid - $10 Discord - itsmisterpip
  5. Skin Name - Golden Dragon Bid - $10 Discord Name - itsmisterpip
  6. The Lord Viktor Weiss, intently working in his office, spared a few minutes to read up on this new missive and to recollect. The war was over! . . . A bittersweet moment. Peace was something he strongly desired, thus was undoubtedly hard-fought to achieve. This grand victory aside, there was also loss. His arm, for one. Quite troublesome for the months he endured without it, but, it was replaced. The simple sensation of touch, never to be had again in that metal prosthetic attached to his flesh. Something he didn't realize he would miss... Friends and comrades. Valiant warriors who fought for this peace, now laid to rest in the war's deadly toll. GODAN, rest their souls... His mother, Veronica, lost in that cursed Battle of Westmark. Loving embraces he never took for granted, now impossible to have again. Dead before his children had a chance at remembering the voice and face of their grandmother... Yes, there was loss indeed, but the time to rejoice was now. . . . It would need to wait... He had remained strong and dutifully oriented to the task of battle for many years. There was no time to be weak, a trait a Weiss would never give room for. He could allow it, this once... Instead of cheering in the streets or celebrating in the tavern with his family, comrades, or friends, he crossed his arms on his desk, rested his head, and wept.
  7. "Ag so, we continue our march." The Lord Viktor Weiss muttered from his office as he had read the missive. The man spared a longing glance at a letter from an old friend, laid upon his desk, with a somber gaze. "May Godan keep vy well..."
  8. MC Name: ItsMisterPip Discord: itsmisterpip Image: Description of Image: Informative painting to be hung in one of my personas' forge. Dimensions: 2 wide, 1 high.
  9. Viktor Weiss has never been a superstitious person when it comes to the deeper meanings behind crystals and gemstones, but a small smile crossed his face when he read this volume of the gemstone compendium. He was very proud to see the work of his niece's passion.
  10. Love you guys 😎

  11. Along with his parents, brother, and loved ones, Viktor Weiss stood at the bedside of Stanislaw Weiss as the cardinal passed away. "Va ve Maan." The grieving man muttered under his breath as he left the clinic with sorrow and gratitude. Viktor was truly thankful for having this good and blessed man as his brother, but as all mortal beings come to pass, the grief of loss weighed heavily.
  12. The Union of Viktor Weiss & Aurelia Stroheim ⥽―――――――――⋈―――――――――⥼ ⥽―――――――――⋈―――――――――⥼ Issued by Viktor Maximilian Weiss on this 24th day of Tov ag Yermey of 504 E.S. ⥽―――――――――⋈―――――――――⥼ Esteemed friends and family, It is with great joy and joviality that we announce the wedding of Viktor Weiss and Aurelia Stroheim to be held within the year, taking place at the Everardian Basilica in Valdev, capital of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. The eve shall consist of the matrimonial ceremony, followed by a brief celebration and festivities at the Weiss’s home, The Viscounty of Novkursain. We extend the following invitations with a warm welcome; ⥽―――――――――⋈―――――――――⥼ His Royal Majesty, Aleksandr II, King of Hanseti-Ruska, and his royal pedigree His Excellency, Walter Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain, and his noble pedigree His Highness, Cesar II de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, and his noble pedigree His Grace, Manfred Barclay, Duke of Reinmar, and his noble pedigree Her Grace, Roslin Baruch, Duchess of Valwyck, and her noble pedigree His Grace, Viktor var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Otto Ludovar, Count of Otistadt, and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Cassian Colborn, Count of Malkovya, and His noble pedigree His Lordship, Henrik Amador, Baron of Mondstadt, and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Irena Kortrevich, Baroness of Koravia, and her noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Katrin Stafyr, Baroness of Thurant, and her noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Alyona Godunov, Baroness of Verskaya, and her noble pedigree Her Royal Majesty, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë, Queen of the Númenedain, and her royal pedigree His Royal Majesty, Peter Hîr-Arasuil Stroheim, King-consort of Numendil, and his royal pedigree The pedigree of Tribe Stroheim Stanislaw Cardinal Westerwald Ser Mikhail Valkonen & Rosalind Valkonen Her Serene Highness, Dame Helena of Formindon Dame Bronwyn of Formindon Aurelia Whitewood Beatrice Ivankov Sir Damien de Salia Maheral Seth Calith All who wish the couple merriment and a prosperous union are welcome to attend ⥽―――――――――⋈―――――――――⥼ The date of the wedding is as follows… ⥽―――――――――⋈―――――――――⥼ Iv Joveo Maan, His Lordship, Viktor Maximilian Weiss Armsman of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl Firress, Aurelia Stroheim
  13. Viktor Weiss looked over the paper again now that it had finally published. Satisfied with the contents on the page and the meticulous work he went through to produce the rings, he folded the paper and placed it within his satchel, feeling contentment.
  14. Viktor Weiss approached the bodies of Via and Brendell Colborn, frozen at the base of a towering ice spike on the main street of Haense. With a sorrowful gaze, he looked down at the bodies and tried comforting his cousin, Iduna Colborn, as they both stood silently. He frowned as he braved the harsh winds and snow kicking up into the air, mourning the death of his aunt and uncle.
  15. Viktor Weiss crosses his arms as he reads the wanted poster hung upon the Ulrichsberd noticeboard in Merryweather. After moments of his own contemplation, he pulls out a slip of paper and copies the information from the poster before tucking it away.
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