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  1. Sven lumbered across waves of grain, guided by the trampling steps of the man marching before him, mucking a path for the man to his back. His legs grew tired from the weight of his cargo, the foundations for the Elysian palisade. The sound of rock and gravel rustled all along the convoy as they advanced, one by one. Then, for just a moment, he'd glance off from his mission to the village below. He'd see the contrast of ash, blood, and disarray. The blood of a woman fallen just a day before, her ghost locked in the cracks and flats of cobbled stone. People met their end here, he thought.
  2. To Redress the Slights A Declaration of War Issued Thirteenth of the First Seed, Twenty Second Year of the Second Age TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, Since our settlement of this new continent just two decades past, the nations of the world have remained in a blessed yet fragile peace. It has not been without its turbulent moments, certainly, however peace it has been. But, peace can continue no longer. Despite our Kingdom’s multiple efforts to seek peaceful recompense and apology for the wrongs done against our nation and our people, the Orenian State
  3. MasonMcBadbat


    Gansk is a Norlandic male hailing from Morsgrad following the Red Faith. He is 5'10" with the average soldier physic and brown hair with a dull sense of fashion to match his brown rustled hair. His father served in the Oren-Sutica war as a Norlandic legionary. Gansk had a martial upbringing that would set him up for his own service. He sports a scar over his left eye from the edge of his shield during a skirmish. Gansk served as a shield-bearer assigned to guard the siege engines during battle. He would become a veteran of his unit and develop a strong bond with his fellow soldiers
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