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  1. Within the lands of the newly-renamed lands of Jerovitz, Esfir Amelya Rose Kortrevich received her own letter - despite the laughing and screaming that echoed in the halls in front of her room, the heiress could only frown ever so softly. Chewing her bottom lip, a hand traced the words written upon the page of 'county' and 'Kortrevich' - naught but concern would fret upon her features, for reasons only known to herself.
  2. Hurriedly scampering to her desk within the Aulic Envoy's office, Esfir Kortrevich unfurled the latest edition of Ve Hearsay - only having gotten back from her Baliani trip. Unclasping a hand mirror, an awkward hand touched her pale cheeks and threaded her silver locks with a troubled frown. ". . . ea wonder if Mamej has any hair dye."
  3. ign: worldmarsii skin 1: moonlit flowers skin 2: ocean brawler
  4. Theodosya couldn't sleep for those days without notice, without word from either Ser Conrad, her father in law, or most importantly of all - her baby, her Rena, her daughter. Sleepless nights turned into weeks, as the bags under the woman's eyes only seemed to worsen then. She ignored the bed, the comfort of her husband, to brood on her own with a trusty bottle. As she sat on the rooftop as she so often did, the Barclay wondered. There was no way ... right? She was smart, she wouldn't do anything reckless. I trusted Conrad and Reinhardt to keep her safe - they wouldn't let me down. She's just as smart and as wise as that owl I got her all those years ago. Osha. Unbeknownst to her to the events that unfolded in the thicket of Krusev, her daughter and her owl would be no more. Perhaps in her heart, she knew what had happened - as she had tussled with that damned beast with her brother and lover before. The possibility rung and hum quietly in the back of her head, as she pleaded it not to be reality - yet the constant drone of it continued. She'd usually drop in a fit of rage, throwing object after object at something, anything, to feel some sort of ounce of control. Instead, there on the roof top, Theodosya Cecilya Barclay wept.
  5. Skin: omg wow Bid: 11 USD discord: mars.#0727 @CopOwl
  6. MC Name: worldmarsii Discord: mars.#0727 Image: Description of Image: two children sitting on a wall and talking Dimensions: 1x1 (one block's worth)
  7. MC Name: worldmarsii Discord: mars.#0727 Image: Description of Image: two children sitting on a wall Dimensions: 1x1
  8. discord: mars.#0727 IGN: worldmarsii skin name: tribal daylight bid: 35
  9. Theodosya caught wind of the beast's sightings from her employees within the Hospital, storm-coloured eyes narrowing. Going to seek out the missive herself, a hand went to pinch the bridge of her nose with a contemplative grumble, recalling flashes of a forest, a town, and a man's scarred face. The hand went to fumble out a torn and worn paper with erratic scribbles of numbers and questions from her pocket, rubbing the ripped and stained edges in idle and tired thought. "Seems like the deed isn't finished."
  10. A cursed child attempted to pray through sobs for the safe passing of her friend, but found she could not. Small hands clutched the golden rosary with white knuckles in a vice-like grip. Words echo in her ears as she attempted to steel her cries - perhaps all He truly did was take.
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