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  1. Tianrui Ren places down a folded paper pigeon from the beginning of the festival on the teahouse counter.
  2. CURRENT STAFF Tianrui Ren (GMT) Tianrui Ryu (GMT-1) Tianrui Paraskevi (GMT) Tianrui Carla (EST) Atsuki Waythe (GMT+9) Kiriha (EST)
  3. The Tianrui Teahouse 24 Spice Street, Yong Ping [Artist credit: Moo_bot] ABOUT Cresting the top of the hill poised to overlook Spice Street and the heart of the YPA, Long Keep- the Tianrui Teahouse is the Tianrui family home opened to the people of Yong Ping and her visitors! Experience authentic Li-Ren cuisine and carefully curated teas in the warm interior of the main hall, or sit on the balconies to experience your stay cooled by the south sea breeze. While a community hall and restaurant, the Tianrui Teahouse also serves as a culture hall and plac
  4. Tianrui Ren frowns lightly at the failure to receive a direct invitation, tapping a stack of papers to line the edges. "I am otherwise occupied in any case."
  5. Treaty of Dragon and Hirano Issued 11th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 27 of the Second Age Articles Non-Aggression Military Agreement Declaration of Friendship Duration PREAMBLE: This article serves as a formal pact agreement between the Jade State of Yong Ping and the Hirano Castle of Tsutenkaku, hereafter referred to as the signatories. ARTICLE I: Non-Aggression Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding non-aggression: Signing parties refrain from participating in an
  6. The Jade State of Yong Ping Commissioned Year 27 of the Second Age With the encroaching threat of an aggressive and rapidly expanding mycelium plague to the north consuming all in its path, the following safety procedures are hereby issued as state mandate. I. All are to wear at least some form of breathing protection. Ia. Cover any open orifices and wounds. Ib. YPA standard filter masks are sold in the Tianrui Teahouse. II. Regularly wash eyes with boiled water. IIa. Water boiled and since cooled, not freshly boiled water.
  7. Tianrui Ren strides through the halls of the Long Keep in Yong Ping, looking to the window as a bird arrived with missive. News of another old friend passed. The two man had their differences, but Ren solidly believed that Gail had done what he thought best in the trying times that he reigned Sovereign. He sighs, feeding the bird a handful of seed before sending it off. Trailing the quiet evening road, he casts his gaze towards the coast, to the west waters where Talon's Port rested nestled in the jungles of Idol's Garden. One of the first he had met in his time in Talon's Grotto, Gail was alw
  8. Since conception in Arcas, the people of Yong Ping have labored to create a welcoming environment where the culture of our Ancestors may thrive. From but a seedling, the embassy tower of Tai Ping in Talon’s Grotto grew into a thriving community. Expanding to a district in Talon’s Port in Almaris and then a settlement after but eight years, the hard work of our people is self-evident. From the rolling plains to glimmering shores, Yong Ping’s people have turned the land that the Xi Lu first landed into a bastion for the people of Ai-Zhou to flock to. It is in this bastion that the Li
  9. Tianrui Ren nods in approval on reading over the written guide, giving his goat a pat.
  10. YPA Command Log 1.1 Year 23, SA ZHANSHI REGIMENT ARMY COMMAND WING YONG PING “Honour and Service” Authored: Duhu Tianrui Ren, Minister of Defense COMMAND LOG 1.1 I awake 06:00 hours, a splash of water in my face then breakfast, green tea, seeing the teahouse in order before I don uniform and see to the Keep. Jiangjun Ryu has already seen the troops in the barracks through exercise and morning change of guard. After comes seeing to the mess to make sure the pantries are stocked before seeing to the ar
  11. Tianrui Ren pens his signature below the document. First in Common script, then in tight swooping strokes of Li-Wen calligraphy. Tianrui Ren, Patriarch and Minister of Defense of Yong Ping
  12. Really glad to see this rewrite go out! Been really wanting to get into Chi for a long time, and it seems a lot better set up here too. Direct, and everything seems fairly balanced at a glance. Would be really cool to integrate into my warrior monk rp
  13. Tianrui Ren on reading the Grudge steps out of the city. Looking over the rolling hills of the East coast he places a lily to flow down the river. "My Ancestors are smiling on me, Imperials. Can you say the same?"
  14. THE YONG PING ARMY the Warriors of Yong Ping DEFINITION The People’s Army of Yong Ping, also named the Yong Ping Army, are a force of volunteering and conscripted citizens alongside allied mercenaries who have chosen to take up arms in the name of protecting the people of Yong Ping. Whether it be against an internal or external threat, the YPA and its Soldiers are purpose-trained to their specific duties. The most soldiers or regular ranks are familiarly known as Zhànshì or Lion Guard, whilst the commissioned officers are known as Guān or Dragon Guard.
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