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  1. Anastasia looks at the missive "Um. What the skuke.."
  2. Dang, suddenly the Lectors look kinda cool. Just read a thread where they dogged on one person for being dumb, funny read

  4. “Oh mein gott! Zhey got zhe hound!” Says a Waldenian who is very offended
  5. The Inflicted Wound Josephine’s heart had been hurting for too long, she was fifty now and had been wandering for twenty years. Josie’s heart ached, she missed her husband, someone she had loved so dearly. Jo’s heart had grown weak, every day was a struggle and she doubted she could live another ten years. “Lucien!” A tall teen calls over to her friend, rushing over and grabbing his arms “We should get married!” She squeals and he laughs at her before nodding “I know a priest.” The girl’s eyes light up, nodding frantically “Balyzm! Let's get married, Lucien.” “Come on Josie, you’re almost there!” The piercing sound of a cry broke the tension between the nurses and the couple. A couple of moments later and the single cry was joined by two more. The young couple had triplets. She looks at each, her face flushed and sweaty, but a smile breaks her tough exterior “Oh Godan…look at them, Lucien.” They were all perfect and she was happy. He was happy. “We don’t just sit in a church side-by-side without arguing for nothing. Ea sensed it. The feeling lingers in the air, the feeling of losing something soon. It’s cold and damp.” “Huh.” The girl’s father looks at his hands for a bit, spinning a ring that lays on his finger “The feeling of losing something..” “Can’t vy feel it?” The woman reaches her hand out, touching something that wasn’t really there before allowing it to drop by her side “Ea felt it the day Ea found out Lucius died.” They conversed some more, talking before her father stands. “Dravi papej.” “So…just eam and vy.” She looks towards the grave, it was most likely empty, the body probably moved with the family that owned the burning buildings around her. This place used to be her home once. She remembers talking to her brother often when she married Lucien when she had her triplets when their father disappeared. Only one of those was where he was alive, the others she just talked to dirt. And she talks to him now. “What do vy think Lucius? Did Ea do well?” She smiles gently, breaking a piece of bread in half and placing a piece atop the upturned dirt. She bites into the other half, sighing slightly “Vy hurt eam a lot vy know? Vy just died on eam one day, what was Ea to do? Vy missed the birth of mea triplets.” Her bottom lip quivered, only she knew how much she missed him. “Lucien, Ea really needed vy. Vy helped eam with papej, vy protected eam that day.” A pain shot through her chest, her system jolting before she keels over, her head slumped on the grass next to her older brother’s grave. A letter was sent to her children, whether they were alive or not.
  6. “How about…und I know this is a crazy concept to du, how about du mind dein own damn business?” Screams a certain youth from Aaun, her footsteps heard stomping around her family’s keep as she goes to find her father. @Optimus420
  7. Official notice from the KINGDOM OF DRID [!] The writing in the message is neat and obviously not of a child, clearly, it has been scribed by a child. Dear commoners, For too long the children have been ignored and we’ve had enough! So now, by the power invested in me, Sigrid, I have formed a Kingdom! This message explains everything about it. Ranks. Queen - Sigrid Ash @Rattussmackus It is her job to keep order in the Kingdom, she will add and remove rules if she deems fit. King - Aleran De Leuven @Air It is his job to look pretty and be nice to the Queen! Resident Penguin - Ingrid Ash and Beany @Fleur___ It’s their job to bring joy to all members of the Kingdom. Lawmaker - Enselt De Leuven @Sillians It is his job to make laws for the Kingdom to follow. Prince - Empty It’s his job to mingle with the public and bring attention to the Kingdom. Princess - Empty It’s her job to make baked goods for us to eat! Roles can be added and removed by both the King and Queen, and we are very picky about our members! Laws. Law I: No cooties. Law II: No weird bread-giving man from Haense. Law III: Penguins are now the official animal of Drid and are protected by law! Law IV: Bother Aleran cause it’s fun. Other information We already have a building for our secret meetups which will only be disclosed to those in the group. If you are interested bird the queen; Sigrid Ash {Rattussmackus} Signed, Queen Sigrid Ash, Queen of the Kingdom of Drid, Penguin protector, The Ashed
  8. The study of Canonist buildings by Sylvia von Reuss A portrait of Sylvia herself Preamble. I am Sylvia Louise von Reuss, I’m quite bored as I sit in my family home, so I decided to go to each canonist city and look at their churches. This is what I thought of each. Cathedral of Saint Alexander of Furnestock - Sedan Upon looking at its exterior I was in awe, it was clear this place was large without even going inside. The building towered above my head looking like it would touch the seven skies without trying. It had an appealing and sleek look, and it was apparent I would enjoy the interior just by looking at the outside. Stepping inside confirmed my immediate assumptions, a red carpet cloaked the walk to the altar and pillars lined each side of the pews, curving together in an arch. I slowly walked down the aisle after cleaning my hands in the cauldron and knelt in a silent prayer for a few minutes. The large cross of Lorraine loomed over my head and I felt this place had done GOD justice, I felt at peace the entire time. I silently left after my business was finished, leaving quite satisfied with my experience. Chapel of Saint Emma of Woldzmir - Petra It was already predicted that the scale of Petra’s Chapel would be much smaller than Sedan’s Cathedral but that wasn’t going to down my mood. The outside of the chapel was a bright white and the sun bounced off of the walls. I felt guilty about going to Sedan’s Cathedral beforehand because it made everything pale in comparison including this building, but I shook off that feeling and stepped inside. Upon entering I washed my hands in the basin provided and as soon as I did the rain came pouring down and beat on the roof. I looked around with the therapeutic sound and took note of the candles for the lost, mumbling a small prayer for those that were lit. The walls were lined with paintings of the exalted and a Saint and I walked the short carpet to the altar, kneeling and whispering a brief prayer. After I had risen to my feet I was greeted by a priest, I informed him of what I was doing, and we had a conversation about the Chapel which certainly brightened my mood. He told me of other buildings I should travel to, and I soon departed. Ruins of Vienne I was incredibly surprised that most of the Chapel was still standing since almost every other building had collapsed in on itself. Gazing on the outside it looked almost intact, part of the tower had fallen but aside from that it was normal and stood above you in all its glory. I entered with my hand held above my head, a permanent worry that I could be killed by one of the wooden beams. Grass grew between the cracks of the red brick leading to the altar and it gave a welcomed sense of calm, life growing through tragedy was the only thought that came to mind. I was rained on quite heavily as I read each of the carvings talking of GOD on the wall and it certainly dampened my mood along with my clothes. I kneeled in a puddle as I prayed, and I felt a deep sense of sadness. Even the house of GOD isn’t safe from war and treason. Chapel of St. Alexander - Castille After warming myself up in their empty tavern (and dumping the water out of my boots) I eventually found their chapel. Eventually being the word used because at first, I thought it was a house. I stared at it for a while trying to figure out why the style was chosen before deciding the rain is too much to contemplate. I tried the doors and realised they were locked, just my luck. I turned on my heel and left deciding the interior was probably just as mundane as the exterior. Chapel of Saint Ottomar of Merryweather - Corwinsburg The walk up to the Chapel was a taxing one as only the moonlight guided my path, but it was a journey worth paying for. The chapel sat atop a hill and looked over a majestic view and I knew immediately I’d enjoy my visit. The inside was small and humbling, and I decided to pray whilst perched on a pew. A brief look at its interior made me know it wasn’t much but it was loved and cared for. I had obviously washed my hands beforehand, and my fingers traced the few paintings they had on their chapel walls. ‘No art is alike to His boundless ability’ Spirit 6:18 The Chapel of Saint Waldo Y de Magdalena - Acre Well, travelling through all that wheat certainly didn’t do my lungs any good but after a bit of searching, I found their Chapel. I say a bit of searching because I first thought their Chapel was a clinic with the banner outside but after actually using my eyes, I read the sign and saw it was indeed a Chapel. A large cross touch the skies and it does capture everything you’d say a Chapel is. When I went inside, I was quite startled by how bare it looked, it seemed to have zero pews and I was left scratching my head for a while but nonetheless, I followed my ritual of walking down the aisle and kneeling before the altar to pray. Although I couldn’t shake the uneasiness of being in Acre from my body despite being in a place of worship, I just felt my back was too bare and it was difficult to focus on my prayer as I kept looking over my shoulder. I’d say if there wasn’t such unrest between my home and theirs, I’d feel more peaceful. It’s my own fault the place feels so grim. Basilica La Sorella - Balian The Basilica is quite clearly the vocal point of Balian, it’s the first thing your eyes catch onto as you gaze down the street. I was pleased by the exterior though, of course, everything was much of the same. All were plain but all got the point across. As I entered the interior, I found myself frowning quite hard, the colours felt too much, and they didn’t blend well with each other. It was quite distracting as I walked the aisle, and I felt a great sickness when looking at the walls. My footsteps echoed as I reached the altar and knelt down, mumbling a soft prayer. It was rather peaceful and the only sound to be heard was the wind gently pushing through the building, my body appearing as though it was a wall as it wrapped around me. I covered the sides of my face as I exited, it was quite clear that I heavily disliked the colour orange, and they had a lot of it. Bazylike Svankt Henriko - Haense This Basilica was one the Father suggested after I commented on Petra’s publicity of holy men, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It began to rain as I looked upon its tall and imposing frame and it certainly beckoned me inside considering the lack of warmth on the outside. The red interior was warm and welcoming, and I was in awe as I walked across the huge mirror that reflected the ceiling. I took a moment to stand there and fully take it all in. I was amazed and I felt genuine joy in its presence. I felt this truly was a place of worship. I finally dragged myself down the aisle, practically tearing my eyes away from all the sights, it was almost overwhelming, but I managed to do it. I knelt down on the aurum line and paid my respects. Haense had done well to leave me in awe but gosh does their weather suck. Conclusion. After spending several days traversing, the land and seeing all the holy places I could, I left for home satisfied and complete. I felt I had done God great respect with each prayer I spoke, and it was nice seeing all the different people from all the different cities. I can never pick a favourite because they all got their point across.
  9. "He wents off the deep ends." Says a certain Musin
  10. HIRING GROUNDSKEEPERS {Official notice from The Office of Conservation} After the official opening of the most serene state of Lurin and the creation of the office, there has been a dire need for employees. The duties are simple but a necessity, the plants need to thrive for the place to remain fruitful and pretty. Duties. The duties of the groundskeepers are simple and are the following. ~Plants must be counted and recorded so any misplacement or destruction of them can be noted and punished ~Plants must be tended to frequently, this includes watering, feeding and making sure they get the right amount of sunlight ~Those who destroy plants and can be named or identified must be reported to Nature’s Dame so they may be punished sufficiently ~New plants may be planted and spread across the land in a tidy fashion, all of this must be checked with the Dame beforehand ~Be friendly to the plants, they grow quicker with love and conversations ~Making sure all crops are replanted and that seeds are turned into bone meal ~Harvest ripe fruit one finished and make sure all rotten fruits are clipped away ~Check all trees haven’t been attacked and aren’t producing flies or disease ~Bees are to be counted and written down so any missing ones can be found, or dead ones can be traced back to the killer ~Animals are to be registered and counted ~The animals who have been registered must be checked with the owner and made sure their care is adequate ~Any openly admitted slaughter of pets must be reported to the Dame If you join the groundskeepers, you get the unique title ‘Most esteemed Groundskeeper of Lurin.’ If you want to know more bird Nature’s Dame of Lurin, Princess Anastasia Anarion (Rattussmackus/Rattussmackus#4253). Signed, Princess Anastasia Anarion, Princess of Analand, Nature’s Dame of Lurin
  11. THE UNION OF THE WOLF AND THE SNAKE The wedding of Aldmoor and Gwynnestri “I need a ring for us to be engaged.” “Then I’ll get you a ring.” .-=[*]=-. Gwyn returned after a while with a diamond ring, presenting it to Aldmoor with a grin “Now we can be engaged?” She slides the ring into his open palm, a glint in her eyes. He looks over the shining ring, glowing in the light of the lantern before he slowly nods “I will…I will marry you.” Gwyn takes a few steps backwards, a shiver of excitement running down her spine “Really?” She looks towards him for confirmation, knowing the first time he stepped back from his words. “Really.” A definite reply, a promise kept. They were to be married. The following have been invited: The patriarch of Athri’onn, August Athri’onn {@TwistedFries} and the rest of the Athri’onn family. The matriarch of Oussana, Dal’lisse Oussana {@ClassyBells} and the rest of the Oussana family. Acria Jusmia {@Gaea_Foundation} and whoever she wishes to bring. Prince of the Dark elves, Netseth Loa’Chil {@ColonelKuehl1} and the rest of the Nor’Asath populace. Whoever else wishes to come. Signed by, Lady Gwynnestri Athri’onn Aldmoor Oussana
  12. The Nature's Dame of Lurin offers a very snooty look at the missive, a grin crossing her face "How unfortunate, they all seem to be desperate and unbecoming." She snickers at the new word she had learnt "Ea can't wait to see more fights." She then lets out a wicked laugh, leaving for Haense swiftly.
  13. Milki Kvitravn stares at the missive “******* cowarrd.” She grumbles, although who knows who it was aimed towards.
  14. Anastasia spits out her drink “Yam an elf!?” She then reads over the line of getting an elven husband, her eyes already snagged on someone “But Ea…don’t want an elf.”
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