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  1. It is with a heavy heart that I announce that the almighty Tori the messenger parrot...has fallen. He was loved by many but no one loved him as much as I did. I spent hours training Tori in to copying my words to be reliable. His training wasn't finished by the time he passed and I hope wherever he is now, he is still practicing his words. Tori will be laid to rest somewhere he loved, with the trees. Rest in peace Tori, you were a good bird. -Andria
  2. Darina stares at the note for a while before turning away.
  3. Rattussmackus


    Nyx was born an only child to her mother (Alia) and father (Mulder) in the Kingdom of Oren. Her parents struggled with money slightly but eventually was able to keep steady after successfully working on a farm. Nyx had few friends growing up because she was very easy to anger. She was never educated as her parents thought there was no point because they would prefer for her to follow their footsteps. Secretly though, her father would teach her to use a bow and arrow and she became quite good at hunting so the family were well fed. Unfortunately her father died due to an illness and so she and her mother were left to survive without him. Nyx in a way becoming the man of the house, helping her mother out with whatever she needs. When she was old enough she decided to seek other work rather than becoming a farmer.
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