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  1. Emil watches from the Seven Skies with a furrowed brow.
  2. A Final Farewell I write this in hopes to make amends with the people of Aaun, and my own family of the house Alstion. I formally revoke and renounce any claim I, or my children might ever have in the throne of Aaun. With my most sincere apology to my father, The Prince of Alstion, Charles I, I didn't mean to ever cause issues or turbulence for you or your nation, I am sorry. And with my most sincere apology to my brother, The Lord of Alba, James Leopold, I am sorry for ever tormenting or speaking against your claim to throne, you are the rightful heir to the nation of Aaun, this is something I cannot and will not change. My return has been appreciated by few, and to those few I say thank you, but the sea calls me back. I hope that any tension or worry of my return is swiftly settled and resolved, as my presence will no longer be something to worry of, nor will the chances or possibility of my line sitting on the throne of Aaun. Please do not treat my children differently because of the flaws in my actions and words, let them walk among you all like you would any other, they are innocent, and should be treated like such. This being the last time I am heard publicly, I will have it be known as my wish. Robert Owyn, my second son, you will be raised by your elder brother, Caius. To you I leave my circlet of platinum, and tartan, I hope you wear these both with pride. Caius Godwin, my first son, I leave you with the responsibility of raising Robert. And to you also I leave the navy, all ships, and my glaive of lunarite. I pray in my absence you both will take great care and importance of the health and safety of your mother, Lucia, as well as both of your sisters, Alexandria and Lyanna. All other valuables of mine will be left in storage until Robert Owyn comes of age to lead this family of ours, only then will he decide what happens to these items, and to whom they belong. With this I bid you all farewell, Aaun will live forever in me. TANDEM TRIUMPHANS. Humbly, Prince Emil Caius of Aaun [!] Shortly after writing and sending out copies of this letter around the lands of Aaun, Emil would drag behind him a chest of all his belongings, a note atop it "For Caius". The Prince making his way out of the city of Florentine, he would find a tree just by the river, a comfortable little spot. There is where Emil would look to the water and smile, a stray tear rolling down his cheek as he hummed the anthem of his recently formed navy. After a few moments of thinking back on his life, it would be done, Emil Caius would take his own life under that tree, laying there with a smile on his face. [!]
  3. Emil Caius screams in pain and sorrow at the hearing of this news. One of his greatest friends and teachers robbed of his life. The hands of the Prince shaking as he would go through fits of denial. "He's a Wick, he can't be gone so easily!" The Alstion shouts, slamming his fist into the desk of his quarters, walking out to the deck of his ship and looking to the skies above with a few stray tears rolling down his cheek. "Until we meet again, Bult." He'd mutter, slowly shutting his eyes, standing in disbelief. Siegmund Wick turns a wicked smile under his damned helm, a smile so wide flesh and sinew ripping audibly from the sides of his mouth. "Another page in Wickstory is turned.." The knight of rot hums, a few loose and very animal cackles being let out into the deep, cursed woods of Dobrov. Standing slowly from his stoop the knight would turn to face in the direction of the Wick's death. "We will meet soon, nephew." The shepherd would bark to the air, beginning to march off, a shrouded and terrible figure behind him, trailing along slowly. "WE AREN'T DONE YET"
  4. AAUNIC ROYAL NAVY “IN MARI VIVEMUS” The Aaunic Royal Navy is pleased to announce that it is seeking the expertise of shipbuilders to aid in the construction of its new fleet and the upgrading of its current fleet. As we move into a new era of naval exploration and warfare, it is imperative that we have ships that can withstand the most rigorous conditions and perform with the utmost efficiency. We are looking for builders who can design and construct ships that are powerful, agile, and will serve our Kingdom for many years to come. The Aaunic Royal Navy plans to develop a rich history of naval excellence, and we are committed to maintaining the current rate of growth by investing in the best possible ships for our fleet. We are looking for builders who share our commitment to excellence and who can bring their expertise to our team. If you are interested in joining our team of ship builders, we invite you to send a letter to Admiral Emil Caius, Vice-Admiral Caius Godwin, or Rear-Admiral Sir Emir. We are looking for builders with a proven track record of success, as well as those who are seeking to grow as shipbuilders. Pay and benefits will be discussed after initial discussion of skills and work. Together, we can build a fleet that is unmatched in its power, speed, and agility. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to create the future of naval warfare. IN SEARCH OF NEW HORIZONS, HRH, Emil Caius, Duke of Balamena, First Sea-Lord and Admiral of The Aaunic Royal Navy Vice-Admiral, Caius Godwin, Second Sea-Lord of The Aaunic Royal Navy The Right Honorable, Sir Emir of Abbassia, Count of Pacidia, Viscount of Merville, Baron of Rosina, Master of Logistics and Rear-Admiral of The Aaunic Royal Navy
  5. Emil Caius does not appreciate this outcome.
  6. ____________________________________________________________________________ My hands are clean. It has recently come to my attention that I have been framed for such a heinous and GODless act. A letter has surfaced claiming to be written by my close friend and mentor, Bult Wick, stating that it was I who was responsible for the disappearance and supposed death of the missing Sarkozic girl. This matter had only even come to my attention after settling the horrifying crimes done to my friend Sigismond Varoche, to claim I would do such a terrible thing in a time of mourning is truly disgusting. I am sure this is one of the poor plots and attempts by these Adrian vermin to stir unrest in our people, the people of Aaun. But do not let such false claims concern you, my hands are clean, and my blade at rest. I was informed that this Sarkozic girl was seen returning to Velec after returning the bodies to Bult and I. What happened to the girl can only be assumed as terrible and stomach-turning. On her walk home she was most likely picked up by those same Adrian soldiers that should be protecting her life, yet I only imagine they took it instead. The Adrian men who seek to destroy our home, and harm our innocent citizenry do the same to their own, all in hopes of doing harm to me. If you doubt my words, I invite you to Vienne. My palms will be turned over, and my hands clean of any crime. My hands and blade will rest, waiting to raise for the coming battle, then, and only then, will my hands be stained with the red ichor of these Adrian scoundrels. TANDEM TRIUMPHANS ____________________________________________________________________________ SIGNED, HRH, THE PRINCE, EMIL CAIUS, Duke of Balamena
  7. AAUNIC ROYAL NAVY “IN MARI VIVEMUS” TABLE OF CONTENT I. INTRODUCTION II. HIERARCHY III. CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS IV. OATH OF SERVCE I. INTRODUCTION The Royal Aaunic Navy is more than just a military force. It is a brotherhood of men and women who share a common love for the sea and a fierce determination to protect their homeland. These are individuals who have answered the call to service, and who are ready to lay down their lives for the greater good. Joining the Royal Aaunic Navy is not just a job - it is a way of life. It requires discipline, bravery, and a willingness to put the needs of the kingdom above one's own. It means being part of a community that values teamwork, respect, and honor. As a member of the Royal Aaunic Navy, you will be entrusted with some of the most important tasks in the kingdom. You will sail the seas in defense of your homeland, engaging in battles and skirmishes that will test your courage and your mettle. You will also serve as a vital link in the kingdom's trading network, delivering supplies and goods to distant ports and forging important alliances with foreign lands. But being a member of the Royal Aaunic Navy is more than just fulfilling these duties. It is about being part of something larger than yourself, and working together with your fellow sailors to achieve a common goal. It is about finding purpose and meaning in your life, and making a difference in the world around you. If you are a sea-loving individual who is determined to protect the United Kingdom of Aaun, then the Royal Aaunic Navy is the place for you. We are always looking for brave and dedicated men and women to join our ranks, and to help us uphold the proud traditions of our noble heritage. Join us, and become part of a legacy that will last for generations to come. II. HIERARCHY COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF King Charles I *Subject to change upon succession within the monarchy of the United Kingdom of Aaun. FIRST SEA LORD Admiral - Prince Emil Caius Alstion SECOND SEA LORD Vice-Admiral - Caius Godwin Alstion FLEET COMMANDERS Vice-Admiral - Louis August de Rosius Vice-Admiral - Ser Viktor Wick Vice-Admiral - Leufroy Alexandre Ashford de Lewes LOGISTICS CORP Rear-Admiral - Sir Emir of Abbassia CREW CAPTAINS Vacant PETTY OFFICERS Chief - Sir Yvian Galken SEA DOG Vacant DECKHANDS Apprentice - Godfrey Laurene Ashford de Lewes Apprentice - Robyrt Taranis Apprentice - Romaine Apprentice - Vylandris Apprentice - Richard III. CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS With life at sea also comes various customs and traditions, it is therefore an obligation to follow these traditions within the navy. DRINKING GAME: THE CASK RACE The Aaunic Royal Navy has a tradition of holding a drinking game known as the Cask Race. This game is usually played on the eve of a major naval battle or when the crew has returned from a successful voyage. The game involves a race where crew members must drink a full cask of ale as fast as they can. The crew members who finish their cask first win the race. The Cask Race is not only a test of drinking ability, but also of endurance and mental strength. It is seen as a way to build camaraderie among the crew and to celebrate the hard work they have put in during their voyage. THE NAVY HYMN The Aaunic Royal Navy has a traditional chant/song known as the Navy Hymn. The Navy Hymn is sung by the crew during important ceremonies such as the commissioning of a new ship, the promotion of an officer, or the laying of a wreath in honor of fallen comrades. The Navy Hymn is a solemn and respectful song that honors the sacrifices made by those who serve in the Navy. It speaks to the bravery and courage required to face the dangers of the sea, and the importance of the Navy in protecting the nation's interests. Verse 1: Oh hear us, Lord, we pray to thee As we set sail upon the sea Our ship is strong, our crew is brave Guide us safely through each wave Chorus: For we are the sailors of the Aaunic Royal Navy Bound by duty, honor, and loyalty We stand united, through storm and strife Protecting our land and way of life Verse 2: Our journey takes us far from shore To battle foes and win once more We face the unknown with steady hand And fight for freedom throughout the land Chorus: For we are the sailors of the Aaunic Royal Navy Bound by duty, honor, and loyalty We stand united, through storm and strife Protecting our land and way of life Verse 3: When our time on earth is done And we return to where we begun May our legacy be one of pride As we rest forever by the tide Chorus: For we are the sailors of the Aaunic Royal Navy Bound by duty, honor, and loyalty We stand united, through storm and strife Protecting our land and way of life. THE CROSSING OF THE SEAS The Aaunic Royal Navy celebrates the successful completion of a voyage around the continent with a festival known as the "Crossing of the Seas". This festival marks the end of the training period for a new class of navy men who are graduating to become full members of the crew. It is a time of great celebration, camaraderie, and honor. The festival begins with a grand parade through the town, led by the ship's captain and crew. The new graduates are adorned in their finest uniforms, carrying the flags of the United Kingdom of Aaun and the Aaunic Royal Navy. They march alongside their fellow crew members who have successfully completed the journey around the continent. After the parade, the crew gathers for a grand feast in honor of the occasion. Tables are set with the finest foods and drinks, including roasted meats, fresh fruits, and ale. The captain gives a speech, recognizing the hard work and dedication of the new graduates and the entire crew who sailed the seas with them. They are presented with their official certificates, recognizing their successful completion of the training period and welcoming them as full members of the Aaunic Royal Navy. The festival continues with various games and competitions held throughout the day. The crew participates in a rowing competition, testing their strength and endurance as they race against one another in the sea. There is also a target-shooting competition, where the crew showcases their accuracy and skill with a bow and arrow. The winners of these competitions are presented with special awards, recognizing their talents and contributions to the crew. As the day comes to a close, the crew gathers for a final ceremony. A bonfire is lit on the beach, and the crew sings sea shanties and traditional songs, celebrating their journey around the continent and the new members who have joined their ranks. The festival concludes with a spectacular fireworks display, lighting up the sky with vibrant colors and patterns. It is a joyous celebration, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the Aaunic Royal Navy and its crew. IV. OATH OF SERVICE The Oath of Service is said when one wishes to join the Aaunic Royal Navy. “I, [state your name], solemnly swear to uphold the honor and integrity of the United Kingdom of Aaun. As a member of the Royal Navy, I pledge to defend our country, our people, and our freedom. I will serve with courage, valor, and honor, always putting the needs of our nation before my own. I will never waver in the face of adversity, and will remain steadfast in my duty to protect our land, both at home and abroad. I will uphold the traditions and values of the Royal Navy, always striving to be the best that I can be. I will work tirelessly to improve my skills and knowledge, always seeking to learn from those around me. I will show respect and dignity to my fellow sailors, treating them with the same level of honor and integrity that I expect from them. I will be a role model and a leader, setting an example for others to follow. Above all, I will remain loyal to the United Kingdom of Aaun, and will always be ready to put my life on the line in defense of our great nation. This is my solemn oath, and I will uphold it with every breath I take.” REQUIREMENTS OF PLACEMENT Each recruit will be placed under supervision of their own respective Petty Officer, it will be the Petty Officer’s duty to assign a task for each trait of requirement. Once the recruit has finished a task for each trait, he will set sail around the continent with the rest of his graduating class, landing back at the ports of Aaun to join in the festival of “The Crossing of the Sea”. Selflessness: As a member of The Aaunic Royal Navy, you must demonstrate a selfless commitment to serving the needs of the crew and the greater mission of the navy. This means placing the needs of others above your own and being willing to sacrifice personal comfort and convenience for the good of the team. Humbleness: A critical aspect of being a successful member of The Aaunic Royal Navy is demonstrating humility and a willingness to learn. You must be open to constructive feedback and always strive to improve your skills and knowledge. This includes being humble enough to admit when you are wrong or when you need help, and being willing to ask for assistance when needed. Kindness: Members of The Aaunic Royal Navy are expected to treat their fellow crewmates with kindness, respect, and compassion. This includes demonstrating empathy for others, actively listening to their concerns and ideas, and working collaboratively to find solutions to problems. Resourcefulness: The Aaunic Royal Navy requires members to be resourceful and adaptable in the face of challenges. This means being able to think creatively and outside of the box to find solutions to problems, and being willing to take calculated risks to achieve the mission. You must be able to work with limited resources and find ways to make the most of what you have available. Determination: Finally, members of The Aaunic Royal Navy must demonstrate unwavering determination in the face of adversity. This means being resilient in the face of setbacks and failures, and staying committed to the mission even when the going gets tough. You must be willing to push through difficult times and never give up on your goals or the greater mission of the navy. APPLICATION Name: Age: Race: Prior Relevant Experience:
  8. _________________________________________ THE HEART OF AAUN MOURNES. ____________________________________________________________________________ Sigismond Varoche has been murdered. It weighs heavily on my heart to write about such events and news. Just earlier this Saint’s night men and women, the scoundrels and vermin that call themselves Adria marched into Petra to disturb the peoples of such a neutral land. In this attack during the dead of night they marched out of Petra with one Sigismond Varoche and his ilk. Dragging them and treating them as nothing but animals, as they marched back to the walls of Velec. Once in Velec, I could only imagine what a terrible and unGODly sight they must have held to try and shame the rightful Duke of Adria, Sigismond. After what seemed an eternity of waiting I was notified of a sorrowful happening in those same GODless walls of Velec. Sigismond Varoche was killed. A good, righteous, and GOD loving man. He was robbed of his life by the hands and blades of heathens, surely ordered by the beast that is Heinrik Sarkozic. I cannot express how disgusted I am by the events that have unraveled tonight, and I will mourn for the late Varoche men and women, for it is they, that we will fight on in this rebellion of Adrian rats. I pray for those harmed and affected in Petra, my heart is with you all. And I will forever pray for those who did such terrible acts to be punished in an eternal damnation, for what they did is an action only those of Iblees might engage. TANDEM TRIUMPHANS ____________________________________ SIGNED, HRH, THE PRINCE, EMIL CAIUS, Duke of Balamena HIS EXCELLENCY, BULT WICK Governor of Aaun
  9. Emil Caius readies himself for the wedding, a set of rings rolling around in the palm of his hand. The Prince hosts an almost childish smile over his lips, sharing a drink with his son, Caius Godwin. "Perhaps you will find yourself a lady soon?" Emil says to Caius with a hearty laugh soon after.
  10. Emil Caius looks at the missive with a confused gaze. "I swear I just saw this a bit ago.."
  11. Siegmund Wick wonders what this nonesense is, "THIS IS NOT WICKO MODE!!" He says with a shaking fist at the notice.
  12. Emil shrugs because the post was copy and pasted.
  13. MOMENTS TOO SOON An announcement of birth. On the 16th of Sigismund’s End, 1897 - A red haired boy was found as his mother left the lands of the Kingdom of Aaun. The boy bore a resemblance to his great-grandfather, Leopold John Alstion; having the same hair and eyes as that of an Alstion. As he was found by his father, Prince Emil Caius, Duke of Balamena, abandoned in the Grafschaft of Minitz, he was returned into the arms of his father. The boy named Caius Godwin, found himself in the lap of his father once again, ready to be raised as Caius “The Bastard Prince” Godwin Jrent. The boy is to be raised by his biological father, the Prince Emil, Duke of Balamena, despite the circumstances of his birth. Signed, HRH, Prince Emil Caius Duke of Balamena [A fingerprint of Caius Godwin Jrent]
  14. Emil Caius works away, through night and day. The Prince's hardhat staying on until the job is done!
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