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  1. Please stop copying me, i know im cool but that doesnt mean you have to post an ama because i do. Anyways, When are you going to get good at the game?
  2. Corbin Wick frowned deeply as the news of his student has passed by his ear. The magus taking not just a moment, but a whole year vowed in silence to offer proper respects to the passing of the young and promising individuals that was Rabbit. The Wick hold close to him the notes of his first student, sure to be used as a prime example to be set for the standard of students to follow.
  3. Corbin Wick overhears of the recent events while downing a glass of Wick Chamberpot Wine within the tavern of Karosgrad. The Hanseti Court Mage seems to not have much to say on this matter to anybody, but is still visibly distraught. He finish his glass and remove himself from the tavern as he remove a journal from his jacket and begin flipping through pages until he rest his finger on a fresh one, a slight frown from the Wick as he pulls a charcoal piece from his pocket and begins writing.
  4. Laszlo Andrik Barbanov watches from the Seven Skies with a frown as yet another Barbanov falls from the hand of their own family. But nonetheless glad to see she has got up from this fall.
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