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  1. Read the missive thoroughly, not a single word his eyes skipped over he read it like art with each passing moment he found himself to agree with the missive, wrote by the draconic prophet named the An-Gho. Then so his smouldering gaze finished reading it. A soft smile curling around his ash lips as finally the question the begging question could be answered, he only prayed there was no excuse rather that there was truth. for he practises this. YOL
  2. errr never shot a gun would like to see this implemented. This looks like a legit post so I cannot say it is a meme.
  3. The Doomforged raised the missive high to the sky before his duo smouldering eyes set on the paper, sailing past each word with ease. Damnation and lust filled his eyes; his ash lips curling into an ever soft smile as determination followed with his gaze. His form of ashened skin dancing as he raised his sword fire raining from it, he then chanted and prayed waiting for what is to come.
  4. Ragrin looked through the signatures not knowing any of them
  5. The Doomforged hummed as he slumbered, A ever so tight grip he put on the hilt of his sword, he exchanged no words none at all there wasn't a need for it, action was all.
  6. Ragrin looks around for a moment thinking why Urguan is going back to war with an already defeated nation. Nonetheless Ragrin was prepared for whatever the orcs had to reply with.
  7. Booyah deffo done all this by himself simply the best!!!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFlR0FVQP34&list=RDOzRl2aM50SU&index=3 II The ashened dwarf, wrought with a duo set of smoldering eyes filled to the brim with a fiery tone and explicit wonder. They set upon an orb surrounded by dancing fire. Draconic scriptures of art and tales All are finite but indwelt with a spark of wonder and infinity. 9th of malins welcome Year 91 of the second age. For the longest time many moons have slept and swirled around since I’ve started where I have, and really it's hard to say how much I've learned on the knowledge and wisdom that I’ve been able to grasp on through this I gained the opportunity to have my dreams. Ohh my dreams are everlasting, they are forever. It's strange, it's beautiful and it's wonderful. So here I sit, here I dream and here I slumber pondering and wondering what is it ? What am I? Why am I here ? To bargain with life ? The half-breed filled with eternal wonder fell silent as he dreamt and slept Within the halls naught of dark but wonderful splays of fire The golden halls I am a herald of the titan named Azdromoth king of kings I am a disciple of his sons a follower by will I am a dwarf A dwarf whom is greedy cursed to be small Though I carry the blood of an elf, its blood swimming through my veins. The halls of enlightenment and the orb with ethereal wonder glowed and shined bright As the ash coated herald of the king of kings continued to wonder ? 9th of malins welcome Year 91 of the second age. Though fire dances with me It dances with you. I dance with it and I know It, I allow it. So why not you? It dances within us all, learning it and understanding it is all I do. I do not hate what I am I try to love it, I grieve my mistakes but I cherish them I hold them close I grasp on opportunities for the benefit of my friends and family So I ask you what am I ? And so the nightmare began, it crept, it crawled, it frightened its host. It slithered and petrified and filled the coal head with endless thoughts. His eyes swollen on the cold and cruel nightmare. So it emerged. The golden halls remained vigilant; they remained fulgent and ever so beautiful. The orb flustered with ethereal it flickered with dreams. What scares me death ? No - No it doesn’t but should it ? why. . . WHY!? I grow furious with myself as the roots from my blood clash with my bones and my head spirals out of control. Because of this curse, because of this forever dream fixated on myself I can’t stop asking myself WHY ? I have come to realize that I lie to myself to grant myself the benefit of the doubt. I keep arguing on why he fights them and why they fight us. Perhaps at the end of the day it's just power, perhaps that is what motivates men the finite filled with the greed of WANT. Of all things it's only to understand the meaning, the truth among lies. A stone that rests in an endless sea of sand sunk inside the deep depths. It's practically impossible to find but it exists! So that's what matters really, knowing something exists so you continue to live and fight for it. To die for it. Or am I spouting lies utter and pure nonsense make belief; a mere story that a drunk man spouts in a tavern. Or is it what I have come to realize during my journey this is simply another step along the long road I have delved into. Even when I receive clear and obvious answers my mind swirls and goes mad. It's as if I can’t comprehend such things. The dwarf rested alone, alone with his nightmares. Alone in the golden halls that sprouted from a seed engulfed by ash. His mind nor resting more hurting, a consent pain. But his eyes flickered with endless dancing, his ash coated skin and head danced with in tune of the cackling flames, the singing fire was nothing but music flowing to his ears. A Draconic beast fighting with a Lion. “Even a Lion should know when or when not to trifle with a Dragon and lurk around its den.” 9th of malins welcome Year 91 of the second age The Doomforged started to state with his ash tongue, the words flowing out as swimming fire. So here I slumber, and here I rest with my endless nightmare about what to think and what to drink BAHAHA. He snickered and laughed at his remark as he collapsed to the floor engulfed by the ash and surrounded by conflagrant fire. Then rightfully so the nightmare ended. And a wonderful dream began. In step the Lion out steps the Dragon, in steps the Lion, its mouth widened to then it let out an almighty roar! Then the great wings from the great beast started to expand, so its oven - maw opened to hiss to the cat, the cat fell to the ground, rightfully slain - there goes the cat As the Dragon enjoys its feast… The dwarf sang ludicrous words, it danced and it splayed a show before falling silent. So the fire rests. Then so the journey of truth and freedom Slumbered His mind at work, his endless thoughts on what man strives to be On the want and desire people need or act as if they need On what the dwarf wants…
  9. A Doomforged read the missive, somewhat of a smile curling around his ash lips. "And here I rest, and here I break my slumber. . to find a dwarf to speak up so now the 'truth lurks at the break of the mountain. Wonderful ! How Splendid !
  10. Ragrin


    goooodbye! And goodluck
  11. Ragrins tongue rests above his lip as confusion filled his eyes he simply slammed the paper into Larbas face @Sussy
  12. The Doomforged smiles his eyes dancing with ambition as they flickered to the missive, he hummed as he read.
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