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  1. "Only one of the two of these are true comrades which have sought purity and progress above anything else. And only one of these have sided with dark talonnii umpires which seek to bring ruin and terror upon all that we hold dear. We are blessed when we are pure, and tarnished when we are impure. It is as simple as that. And a certain talonnii has shown itself as impure... By its deeds and associates. May none suffer the impurity of a talonnii cursed by impures, irreputes, the uncouth, the cursed, the unsanctioned, the violent, the disgusting, the unrespectful, the unsavory, the foolish, the foolhardy, and the dishonorable. They are truly cursed. There is only one who is truly #ourgirl ((Mc name: Ryuthecoolest)) Name: Stelios Kekenomos Hyptos Vote 1: Eistalyn Othelu’maehr Vote 2: Eistalyn Othelu’maehr
  2. "Eh? Infertility is Niet de curse of Man. Mortality is. Cardinal Antonius was martyred for gay marriage. Do Niet mind de gay when et es just mankind. Only de alfski should worry about de gay." Mech Adept Ivan Ivanov Ivanovich ivanovski shook his head "With each generation, Man's kingdom is split up even further and further between his children causing strife and trouble. Eht ahm niet de place of man to lean into his mortal curse, but to overcome"
  3. "Atemu has had many times and many chances to have his cake and eat it too. We, his LADS have labored and toiled for many years to bring about amicable peace amongst us bruddas. Many times he has come to be part of shamanic lodge meetings. Yet now he finds the system oppressive? It is very simple to be brothers, lads, and free, and you need not even try hard... I will endeavor to retain to the ancient way of honor we had before the Ruiner, Kybal and his goons messed things up. There is yet s redemption to be had. Before the eyes of the world -Stelios of The Hyptos"
  4. "Da... Dis is but only de first step. Oh Owynssiah... May de Flames cleanse de impure..." Mech Neophyte Ivan-I paces the chapel of Holy Purity in Adeptus' stead whilst he was trapped in that extradimension. Always did he trust the mechpriest's word on the impurity of the few he deemed such. "De darkness seeks to quell de Fire, but et is we who must tend de embers, so none may influence de holy flock. None may bring Dem away from de light of De Most High..." He coughs roughly into his metallic respirator. "Oh Owynssiah... May we be blessed as we conduct De Holy Work... To purge de unclean, de mutant, and de heretic... Deus et machina" He signed the cross, prepared to go undertake his adepts exam.
  5. "OH LORD OF FIRE. Never had I ceased in trusting the dear father Adeptus, and my faith has been but only true. It was inscribed upon the words of the scroll of Spirit, the rebuke by the OWYNSSIAH himself. The Magi will always seek to make himself as The Lord most high. And this one is a mage most vile. In the words of Saint Evaristus in his epigraphs. 21:3 If he looks like a heretic, speaks like a heretic, is redolent to the nose as a heretic, then a heretic he is." The mech acolyte Ivan signed the cross and bowed to the fire. "Lord of Flame. May all who seek impurity be purged in fire."
  6. A hoplite frowns reading this. He crossed his arms and tapped his foot. "I have labored and toiled to get good Atemu back to the desert. What is with this? What is wrong with the lodge? For what reason do you say it is not a good and fair organization? You call for purity and for comradely, yet you wish to stick a knife in the back of your Lads who have labored to help you?" Stelios frowned harder as he continued to write to Atemu. "Tell me, oh Atemu, what is the reason that you don't want to be associated with the lodge? Is it because it is currently headed by the ayatollah Madoki? Anyone can become motsham through proper initiation. Even yourself. There needs not be any conflict, in fact, there should be only friendship. We have a great chance, and we are brothers. Do you believe the efforts of your brothers, your LADS is not worthy? Pamphilos' love for you is not misplaced, comrade, neither is mine. We have sworn oaths to be lads, and lads help lads. Let us meet upon the high mount with the chief of the Kwee, and the motsham. Let us use words and logic to bring about purity and progress. I hope to hear your response, so we can bring about the Pure Age together. -Stelios of The Hyptos"
  7. "How can numendil break the ancient agreement that allowed them to be upon the edge of the desert? Are they really prepared for eternal jihad if they actually try to take land in the desert?" The priest acolyte of the abbey in the white city looked on and frowned. Not excited for endless orc WAGH if the Tor actually tries to press the invasive border drawing...
  8. "May the lurinite dogs die ten thousand deaths" stated an oyashi rice farming extremist
  9. "though yet the only attacks attended were the warriors of haense upon my parish of Numendil, it cannot be said that the lord of haense has nothing to do with it. For if he did grant the weapon to the betrayer, it is only true that sin is great, and yet the deeds of the ignorant, through them, has the blood of the faithful upon his hand!" The holy acolyte Ivan-I proclaimed.
  10. "I hold knowledge of this... I will come before the ayatollah madoki and we will know it true and real." A lad of the sacred band descends the mountain. Is it finally time for the lads to let all know what is true?
  11. The holy acolyte, the mechneophyte Ivan-I had long been pushing for serious measures after hearing word from his father superior in that chapel of holy purity of haense... It seemed only father Adeptus was the priest who sought to purify the parish there. He signs the holy cross upon the altar of fire and pens another letter of approval to the monk with flaming quill.
  12. Dear good father Sakuraba, Your concerns are entirely valid. Both Valindra and her student Haus are unfortunately corrupted individuals with souls tainted by the Ruinous Powers of the great Betrayer. There is a great bias, one that I suspect, and I am not alone in this suspicion, that there is a deep seated corruption involving these magicians, known who deal firmly with demons. These back room dealings with tainted voidal beings are what bring corruption into the world. It is written that GOD separated the world and the void. How can we exempt the void wizards who bring the void into our world simply because their practice is wide spread? How can we exempt even one magician like the blasphemer Valindra who allows the taint to touch her very soul? They wish to use their 'status' as sanctioned psykers to avoid criticism while they deal in darkness and bring ruin to the realms as they strive for powers they claim akin to GODAN most high. That is how her apprentice Haus got to his high position in the twisted city of magi. Trading his very soul to the archenemy and the lichking for his crown of power. Hark, ye, brother of the cloth. Do not be persuaded by magi in their innocence. For they seek just to not be called out for their unholy ways as they fraternize and enter polycules with demons and warlocks. May this letter find you well, and may you and your parish be blessed with righteous purity Yours truly under Light, -Holy Acolyte of the Flaming Path Ivan-I
  13. "They let that heretical blasphemer Valindra comment upon this text?! It says it right there upon the SCROLL of VIRTUE that the LORD separated the earth and the void. Voidal wizards act to bring the void to the world! This is antithetical to creation!" The holy acolyte Ivan commented, raving to the pastor. "The lord OWYNSSISH himself, Exalted of purity denounced the magicians! Leave voidal magic to high elves alone as that is their place! Sanctioning it will only draw more souls to the betrayers shadow! The warp is naught but a source of ruinous powers! If there is a voidal threat, call the high elves! By allowing the existence of so many voidal wizards, you are drawing more threats to the world and you make the veil of the earth and void less than paper!"
  14. "Niet. Never trust godwinites, for they know not the light of the most high, and serve a false sun." Ivan-I a holy acolyte thumbed through. "Da good priest father around town would have already solved this if he was not claimed directly not to by the queen herself..."
  15. "trust not the words of the wicked abd blasphemer, for they share not but scorn and foul vapours. A paladin will not drop from the sky..." An acolyte mentions, reading it briefly.
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