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  1. Artel finds the missive once he returns from Balian, having seen the children safely home even after they declared war on the chicken empire "ich best inform El of this" he chuckles as he sets off to find his wife
  2. Idris wakes up, he blinks a few times "this is getting out of hand, now im seeing that thing in my dreams?" he says to himself as he gets ready to go about his day "first he is fighting something in a fish tank, now he is in my damn dreams" he hangs his sword on his belt and sets out to find his father for answers
  3. Ser Berior smiles wide "oh look at that! she used my fancy name and everything!" he folds the letter neatly and tucks it into his armour, heading out to find a gift for the couple
  4. "how will this effect mein underground marriage business" Artel shakes his head as he hands the letter to his old friends Wilford and Atticus @Hom @mothstheticwith a laugh
  5. The princess' personal guard nods as he sharpens his blades as he stands outside her room, ready to deal with whomever comes knocking
  6. Artel takes the letter as the men of his family unload the bag, the wayward son retreats to his forge, opening it the knight reads the letter and tears swell up in his eyes, he takes a moment to collect himself before he turns to exit the safety of his workspace he takes a long walk through the Black Hills "Theonus" he mutters to himself as he walks, without his father that name would mean nothing, the banners that fly on his home and hang from his back would bear no meaning. The aging man walks until a rut is bore into the earth beneath his feet, with a silent nod and a few more tears he turns back to the gate, his fathers body was to be collected from where it lay, a job was to be done.
  7. Artel is places the book on the table in his lab the man smiles "ich hope du find what du are looking for Myrios" he says towards it as if the man could hear him through the book he then sets forth making a copy and making sure it ends up in the hands of Calla
  8. "ein hero, right up until der end" Artel bows his head in a sign of respect to the greatest goblin he had ever known "ich hope du are with Bon"
  9. god speed petsch! i hope to see you around my friend o7
  10. amazing map holy hell
  11. Sir Artel stands in Petra's square the old knight looking out across the city as people cheer and songs are heard, he smiles as the gates are opened once more and people dance without care "und thus, der end peace, ich have done what ich set out to do" he drives his hand and a half sword into the dirt of the square, placing his helm atop it before pulling of pieces of his armour and laying them down at the base of the blade, once he is finished he pulls out a blue jacket, pulling it on his smile gets brighter as he moves off the join his family in the celebrations. "unwavering under the sun"
  12. Artel stands overlooking the ruins of Stassion, the smoke of the ruins of Drusco still rising as well, he turns towards the rallied bluecloaks "This marks der end, they shall make for peace or ve shall wipe them out" he nods firmly, drawing the Heir of the Flame and hoisting it into the sky "UNWAVERING UNDER THE SUN!" he shouts and the call is returned by the force that stands ready for war "for ihr kinder! for der Queen! for all our brothers and sisters lost to Veletz and Adrian hands!"
  13. "oh he mentioned mich!" Artel smiles wide "ein great read, ich shall make sure it ist placed in der library for sure" he stands from the desk in his study and heads off to find a book to place the report in.
  14. [!] A letter is pinned to the wall is the main hall of Vissingren Dearest family, I leave this here as my work in the forge has kept me busy but on a recent trip towards the iron mines I was set upon by a pair of trolls, they seemed to have set up in a cave somewhere nearby. I leave this here so any who wish to seek a challenge or maybe an adventure can seek them out and remove them as a threat to our house and the realm. Seek me out once the job has been done and I will reward the brave hunters for doing their duty. Unwavering under the sun
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