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  1. You can see Cedric in his normal place located at his tavern, he feels a sudden shift in the environment, dropping to his knees "Meira..." he would whisper to himself, "Is dead?...." Cedric sheds a single tear and has a empty pit in his chest for he has lost more then a friend, he has lost someone of his family. OOC: Roller, I hope you the best and ill know well keep in touch but LOTC lost a real one fr!!
  2. A speech was made for the people of, Ravenswood Reinmar, and Celia'nor in the middle of there kingdoms. CC: Year 175 of the Second Age Cedric Johnson stands firm, his resolve unwavering. From Ravenswood to Celia'nor and Reinmar, he carries a message of truth and unity. In Ravenswood, Cedric speaks with purpose, delivering his plea for understanding. With a letter in hand, he seeks dialogue and truth. “Ah, greetings! I am Cedric Johnson, and I carry with me this trusty book and quill wherever my travels in Aveos take me. You see, I've been chronicling the events and tales of this land in what I call my 'Cedric Journal Logs.' During the “Veletz v. Coalition” war. Lies and distortions clouded the truth of that conflict, leaving me questioning why history was being twisted before my very eyes. ‘Enough,’ I said to myself. I must act to ensure that this never happens again. And thus, ‘Cedric Journal Logs’ was born—a testament to the commitment to preserving the untarnished truth of Aveos. I've journeyed far and wide, from Hoktmat to Ravensmire, from The Iron horde to the Queendom of Vikila, and so many more kingdoms and towns, seeking out firsthand accounts and perspectives of everything. Recently, I've penned letters to the leaders of Celia'nor ,Ravenswood and Reinmar, inviting them to share their side of the story. Why did war come to Aveos? What drove these decisions? I seek not just answers but clarity, a beacon of truth amid the shadows of history.” Cedric continues his journey to both, arriving in Celia'nor and Reinmar, where his voice echoes the same call for truth. His mission is clear: to uncover Aveos's untold stories and unite its people through shared history, sharing the same speech.
  3. A ‘Knight’ In An Invite to a Halcourt Birthday Celebration CC.1971 A young boy's 10th birthday signifies the first decade of his life. As Simon Halcourt now transitions to his pre teen years, we wish to invite all to celebrate the momentous milestone in his life. In light of Simon's deep passion for knights and his unwavering fascination with such, he has made a special request for his 10th birthday celebration. He cordially invites all guests to join him in a grand knightly affair, donning handmade armor crafted with creativity. Simon, shall personally undertake the noble duty of judging each magnificent suit of armor. The Judging The festivities will officially begin with Simon’s Contest, All the contestants shall line up and their armor will be judged by Simon. The winner will be rewarded with 50 mina. A Battle Royale Before the Celebration, a Grand knight must be chosen. All those wearing their armor will be given wooden swords and asked to take part in a Battle Royale. The Winner of the battle will be donned Grand knight for the evening and be gifted a noble prize by Simons grandfather After the events, guests will be encouraged to engage in conversation with each other and take to the dance floor! All are invited OOC: Hosted on Monday the 8th @ 5 EST In the Hyspia palace
  4. “The Ways to Learn Magic and Possible Changes to Seeking Masters.” By: Eldorain (sethsj) The Summarized Lore Behind Hoktmat Politics and Magic from my Point-of view: The sorcerous hierarchy in Hohkmat provides an intricate roadmap for individuals navigating the magical society. The journey begins with the determination of one's sorcerous path, emphasizing the significance of a powerful retinue in achieving a position of influence. The retinue, composed of attendants such as Sanfi, Familiars & Exotics, and Aspirants, plays a crucial role in showcasing one's power and authority. Attendants serve diverse functions, from mercenaries to exotic creatures, contributing to a mage's overall influence. The progression through sorcerer ranks, including Novice, Journeyman, and Adept, reflects an individual's proficiency in magical arts. Apprenticeship is highlighted as a pivotal step, where aspirants align themselves with a mage to eventually become heirs to a magical lineage. The system of magical true lineage underscores the importance of the apprentice-Master bond, akin to a blood relation in other societies. The text also introduces the Masters of the Arcane, including Masters and Sages, overseen by the Council of Masters, which adds a layer of recognition for those who have reached the pinnacle of magical mastery. The forum delves into special orders, introducing Viziers and Lord/Lady Magisters as mages with exceptional magical prowess and political influence. The highest authority, the Grand Magister, leads Hohkmat and is judged not only by individual magical power but also by their ability to unify magi, promote talent, and handle magical threats to society. The text concludes by emphasizing the importance of retinues, political acumen, and magical proficiency for those aspiring to challenge existing leaders or claim significant positions within the magical hierarchy. Overall, the guide provides a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of magical progression and political dynamics in Hohkmat. The Summary of the Great Paradox, Political Power, and Aristocracy. The City-States of Hohkmat emerge as a fascinating realm with a rich magical tapestry and a distinct societal structure. Guided by the Three Mysteries—The Great Paradox, The Eternal Pursuit, and The Sorcerer's Path—Hohkmat's sorcerers navigate a complex world where magic, power, and the pursuit of knowledge intertwine. The Great Paradox encapsulates the dual nature of sorcery, emphasizing the balance between chaos and control, while The Eternal Pursuit delves into the acquisition and acknowledgment of power, shaping a society where the meek may rise and the content may fall. The Sorcerous Path, the mystery of the future, empowers individuals to ascend from slaves to kings through magical mastery. In the governance of the City-States, a Feudal Mageocratic Oligarchy takes shape. Lord-Magisters, the most powerful sorcerers, lead noble Mage-Lords in fealty to the Grand Magister, who wields absolute authority over the realm. The Ziggurats, majestic structures housing the central government, symbolize the core of power. The Grand Magister, titled Sorcerer-King, holds sway over the Chamber of Stars, a bureaucratic force executing the nation's will. The dynamic Lord-Magisters, with their power bases and magical prowess, constitute the Chamber of Lord-Magisters. In this aristocracy, apprenticeship and magical lineage play a pivotal role, distinguishing noble houses and shaping succession. The autonomy granted to Lord-Magisters is balanced by their allegiance to the Grand Magister, whose charisma and coordination skills are crucial for effective governance. The intricate dance between power, politics, and magical mastery defines the unique and captivating world of the City-States of Hohkmat. The New Added Idea to Learn Magic: The City-States of Hohkmat unfold as a captivating realm where sorcery, societal hierarchies, and magical mysteries shape the landscape. The Three Mysteries—The Great Paradox, The Eternal Pursuit, and The Sorcerer's Path—guide sorcerers in navigating the delicate balance of chaos and control, pursuit of power, and the empowering journey from apprentice to mastery. A Feudal Mageocratic Oligarchy, led by the Grand Magister and the Chamber of Stars, governs the City-States, with Lord-Magisters holding significant autonomy. For aspiring mages, the path to magical mastery is intricate and challenging. Masters, the seasoned sorcerers, are selective in accepting apprentices, and those seeking to learn magic often find themselves struggling to secure a mentor. The tradition of apprenticeship, viewed as a sacred bond akin to blood relations, creates a barrier for newcomers. Self-taught individuals can only progress to a certain rank without formal acceptance into a magical house. To prove their worth, aspiring mages must independently master magical arts and showcase their skills during yearly exams, a crucial event where they demonstrate their learning to potential Masters. The struggle for acceptance into a magical house is marked by the need for self-motivation and rigorous training. Those who manage to reach a certain proficiency independently face the challenge of convincing a Master of their capabilities. The yearly exams become a make-or-break moment, where aspirants lay bare their magical prowess and understanding of the Three Mysteries. Only by impressing a Master can they hope to be accepted into a noble house, joining the ranks of Lord-Magisters in the City-States of Hohkmat. This rigorous system ensures that only the most dedicated and skilled individuals ascend the ranks of magical society, contributing to the dynamic and competitive nature of Hohkmat's magical hierarchy. “I serviet, I erit officii.” (OOC) In Hohkmat, if you're itching to be a magic whiz, you grab these cool elemental magic books from the library or cough up some coin at the city "tax" place, where a city shop could be setup. Now, the tricky part is deciding which magic house you want to roll with. To impress these magical folks, you've gotta take exams every week(OOC) or a whole year (IRP). Showcasing your fire, air, earth, and water magic chops is the deal. But hold up—getting into a cool magic house isn't just about flexing your magical muscles. Nope, it's all in the hands of the big shots, the Masters. They're the ones who decide if you're in or out. It's not just about being a magical hotshot; you've gotta prove you get the whole void thing and how Hohkmat and everything around it works. So, buckle up, grab your magic books, and get ready for a wild ride into the mystical world of Hohkmat! Book examples: 1. Book of Flames - A Guide to Pyromancy - Learn the art of Fire Evocation, the most common and accessible elemental magic. This comprehensive guide introduces the basics of controlling and summoning flames. From lighting torches to wielding destructive fireballs, this book is a must-read for budding sorcerers seeking to harness the power of Pyromancy. Master the flames and ignite your magical journey! 2. Whispers of the Winds - The Secrets of Aeromancy - Explore the mysteries of Air Evocation with this guide to Aeromancy. Delve into the realm of wind manipulation, levitation, and the subtle art of controlling the air around you. While the difficulty level is uncertain, the book provides insights into the potential and challenges of mastering this element. Unleash the power of the winds and soar to new heights! 3. Earth's Embrace - A Geomancer's Handbook - Geomancy, the art of Earth Evocation, is a rare and challenging discipline. In this handbook, discover the secrets of shaping and manipulating the very ground beneath your feet. Unearth the complexities of Geomancy, from creating barriers to manipulating terrain. Aspiring Geomancers, prepare to delve into the depths of earth magic! 4. Aquatic Whispers - Journey into Hydromancy - Dive into the depths of Water Evocation with this guide to Hydromancy. While the risk of drowning looms, this book explores the delicate art of controlling water. From summoning rain to shaping water currents, the mysteries of Hydromancy are revealed. Approach with caution, but master this art, and you'll hold the power of the oceans in your hands!
  5. Cedric smiles and chuckles while saying "Lets eat good tonight lads and lasses, DRINKS ARE ON ME!!"
  6. SethSJ


    You’ve just arrived in a swampy, dim town. As you look around, your gaze is met with shacks and cabins. It smells of rotted wood and wet moss. You duck and step into a tattered tent, illuminated by a series of candles suspended in the air. At the back of the tent, an old hag raises her head, “What brings you to this dingy town? she begins, then pauses to study your face—”Ah, it’s you. I’ve been expecting you. Sit,” she gestures at a cushion, “Tell me your story.” ((How do you respond?)) Example: *With a low raspy voice* "Expecting or not, swamp witch, I ain't here for pleasantries. Keep your saggy predictions to yourself. I've got business, not time for idle chatter in this dump of a town." *With a Baffled face* Old hag: "what did you just say?" "I said, I'm not here for your so-called foresight or your damp tent. Just point me to the quickest way out of this rotten place, and we'll both be better off." She replies with a smirk "I'll tell you as soon as you tell me your story" Cedric Ironwood scowls, his gaze lingering on the flickering candles before he gruffly as he delves into his past, "Childhood? A cesspool of misery. My father, a pathetic drunk stumbling through life, and my mother, a pawn in a game she never chose. I was Forced to thieving just to crawl out of the filth and feed my mother. The army? Thought it'd be my escape. Turned out, it was a ticket to hell. Sent to fight a war against orcs, and what did I get in return? My sons, Gareth and Alden, torn to shreds by those green-skinned monsters, right in front of me. My wife, withering away to sickness, rotting before my eyes. I wish it was me, not them. Would've spared me the haunted nights. And her final words? 'It's all your fault I lost my sons.' A parting curse that echoes in my ears every damn day. Now, a freelancer scraping together coin for ale, haunted by memories that won't let go. Every swing of the blade is a sick release, a reminder that life's nothing but a cruel joke. If you've got something useful to say, spit it out. Otherwise, let me pass through this cesspit of a town without another word witch." (end)
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