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  1. franziska josefine firmly clutched the digits of her cherished mother more dearly than formerly antedated,murmers and whispers of a so called 'beast' infiltrating the juvenile's incorrupt ears. such waved an intricate chill down the tail of her spine, for franziska had not ever been an admirer of anything daunting. @veganwalmart
  2. A disconcerting atmosphere presented itself upon every inch of the courtroom, Queen Vivienne stood to the flank of her eldest daughter Maude Fredericka along the dias - stoic expression planted on top of her paled visage of distress. Longing canvases glanced up at her beloved husband, his plagued state only filling her being with a certain hollowed sadness. The savoyard briskly centred her gaze back to her eldest, a gentle grin seeking refuge ‘pon her expression of motherhood. “When this is ove-” She began, only to be cut off with the booming of the court doors being forcefully pushed open by those inhabitants of Acre. Many flooded in, all unsheathing their blades outwards - thirsty for the blood of the crown. A gulp emitted that of Vivienne, instantly grasping upon Maude Fredericka’s digits as a sign of acknowledgment and empty protection. She unsheathed her own weapon - a dagger gifted by her father before his untimely disappearance. Eyebrows knitted solemnly as they approached closer and closer to the dias, exchanging words with her daughter as to distract her from the strife that dispensed in the halls. “Mother, we should go. We can.” Decreed Maude, longingly grasping the hems of her mother’s skirts in an attempt to move her further from the viewpoint of the new arrivals. “I cannot leave your father.” Her teeth gritted in a perturbed manner - and there was no way of changing her strong willed mind when it came to her husband. As they advanced forwards to what was deemed as only centimetres away from the dias, one member of the crowd proved devious. With a display of strength did he release his edge sharpened weapon in the direction of the mother and child - waving in the direction of Maude. The events happened so frantically that Vivienne did not even acknowledge her bodice racing to cover her eldest - its blade splicing the flank of her neck rather deeply. The oozing carmine stained blood did not gush in a constant flow, albeit in time with the precious beating of Vivienne’s heart. At first it came abundant and vigorous, flowing through bony fingers as she shakily clasped the ripped flesh from the flank of her neck and attempted to apply pressure. Vivienne identified the blood trickle over the surface of her hand, the thick fluid no warmer or cooler than her own flesh. Subsequently the cherry ichor seemed to still be leaving her rapidly paling skin, but the pulses were slower, weaker. A feeble hand extended ‘pon her own visage, an image of splattered blood staining her cheek much like her mother’s death, setting a fitting parallel for the Queen. “GO!” She clamoured briskly, Vivienne’s grip that slithered around her eldest daughter only tightening robustly as disoriented canvases rested eagerly upon Maude’s own. Her tone of voice was harsh and frantic - unusual for the once well kept and put together Queen. “B-But-” She was swiftly cut off by the savoyard's voice once more, her mental grasp upon reality dimly beginning to fade. “Go.” Vivienne almost whispered, evidently struggling speech wise as her countenance deemed it difficult to emit nothing more than a simple word. Her tone differentiated from last though, more welcoming and accepting. Palpably did it steer clear the path of harshness, slate canvases beginning to brim with salty tears that washed the splatter of blood cleanly from the Queen’s visage. Those mesmerising grey eyes that transpired a thousand different stories, and said a thousand words with only a glance. Vigorous expressions of consternation engulfed the woman at once as everything became more tangible to her, the feeling of her imminent death sinking deeply within as the Princess Royal shrieked like no other. The scream told of the pain and perplexion settling within Maude Fredericka. Her being craved the warmness of her mother’s skin and her scent albeit knowing that it was not safe for her and she had to depart rather rapidly. The corners of her quivering lips began to upturn to Maude, forming a smile gracefully upon her deathly white features, filled to the brim of meaning in contrast to the hatred Vivienne had once felt towards her own eldest child at her gender. “It is okay. P-Please, go.” Granting her the permission to leave her mother to die, Maude reluctantly started to usher away from Vivienne and retreat to safety - rendered speechless. Her smile faltered some at the Princess Royal’s departure, bodice growing robustly weaker as every prolonged second skipped by. A bright light declared itself willingly to the woman as her daughter left, all other surroundings drowned out completely. It was the sort of brightness that kindled something beautiful within, and at the same time stirred a connection with the nature around. The wearied woman continued to fight against the beaming light that deemed itself too powerful over the Queen’s weakened body - a figure that donned itself in Sutican garbs and a motherly tone presented to Vivienne. “You’ve done so well, dove. Now you can be at rest.” Its voice echoed vividly in and out of her ears, a hallucination on the part of the savoyard. “But what of my children? I still have unfinished business - things to do.” “Shh. You need not fret, for they will be taken care of. In time they will come to terms with what their mother died for.” Catherine of Sutica whispered soothingly, offering forth an arm for her daughter to take. “Carolina and your father are waiting to see you once more, dove. The pair and I have been watching over you, Lucien and Renata.” “I-Is he proud?” Vivienne questioned eagerly on behalf of her father, eyebrows furrowing deep. Catherine of Sutica only nodded empathetically, and with such an action did the Queen take her mother’s hand. “We all are.” Blooming memories of the past became evident within her slate canvases - life flashing before her eyes. It conveyed to her happy and proud memories, attempting to lull her fight and fear and send her off peacefully with no whims or worries. Never had a few moments deliberation seemed like an eternity as Vivienne felt her consciousness ebbing away, and her thoughts, as clear and concise as they were mere moments ago, were coming to a petrifying halt. The once familiar and comforting surroundings of Vienne struck her as if forcing themselves against her weak body – throwing the caliginous haired woman’s cranium back upon the cold and hardened surface of the dias. A last sigh emitted the woman as her mind fought no longer and succumbed to the brightened light display. Vivienne Anastasie de Savoie’s blood ran cold. ❁ The front of the Palazzo Aggrade in the year 1854, Principality of Savoy ❁ The scene that laid before the savoyard was nothing short of a picturesque fever dream. The summer bloom cried so many petals onto the still warm field in the Principality of Savoy; the last vestiges of her beauty waiting for a precocious gust to carry them spinning to their rest. Each petal, papery and thin, lay on the newly golden grass, its veins glowing pink in the setting sun. Vivienne observed this, lost in the rhythmic percussion of the wind uniting with the fickle blades of viridescent grass. Her slate canvases were steady to the horizon, visage aglow with the last orange rays before twilight beckons the stars. With great ease did her lips bear the semblance of a smile, just enough to show that the savoyard was within ignorant bliss. The ground seeped so rampant with nature, hues overlapping with a heady vibrancy that brought her hands swooping down on instinct. Vivienne gave permission for her fingers to graze the perfumed "scales," holding them up briefly to take in their aroma before letting them tumble from her hand back to the garden path. Every shade of rose petal was within her midst, so vast and scalloped that they had collected a slimy dew. Intermingled were the shocking oranges, purples and fuchsias of the asters, their petals long and thin. The youthful princess embellished in an array of exotic savoyardic fabrics pranced around the gardens of the Palazzo Aggrade, swaying hands with an amber haired Carolina Luisa. Erupted laughter engulfed the halls lullingly as they approached the entrance, a soothing atmosphere of sheer serenity and contentment draping over the pair of siblings. Alongside an elongated feast table stood Olivier II, Catherine of Sutica, Lucien and Renata. “You are late, dove. Did the servants not send for the two of you?” Cooed Catherine - ushering Vivienne towards the table so that she may be seated. All present only conveyed an expression of utmost joviality as a blanket of peace soothingly suffocated the former Queen. To her own stupefied surprise, the savoyard did not fight such an action. She let the peace suffocate her willingly, on her own accord. From up above would the former Queen of the Orenians survey over her seven children - each precious to her being in a different way.
  3. "That's rather unfortunate." Vivienne Anastasie chuckled.
  4. THE KINGDOM’S TEMPORE OF GROWTH AND MATURATION 1876 To the loyal subjects of the Orenian Kingdom, a reinvigorated age of prosperity is upon Oren and we as a culture are mandated to flourish for centuries to come through our exemplary adolescence. The Future of Oren is upon us and it is dire that we as a society put forth the potential youth of the Kingdom through high anticipations. Furthermore, to persist the custom of the ceremonious coming of age is proprietary for the youthful, eligible nobility of the Stassion Court and those alike. It is with extraordinary satisfaction that the Astercalia Reforms are publicized, reforms enclosing high society, merrymakings to adequately mark the transition into the tribulations of maturity, and advancements to facilitate the prosperity of love. New Meaning To redirect the interpretation of the Astercalia, the high peerage of Vienne will no longer be mandated to bestow their flair and accomplishments during the noble ceremony. The New Meaning of the Astercalia will encompass high society as a whole to unite and assemble under one King. The Astercalia Garden Once debuters are presented to the Queen, they will be bestowed seeds for either a chaste, dainty Daisy of Adolescence or a ruby, blooming Rose of Maturation. In order to unroot themselves from the eligibility garden, ladies who’ve discovered a partner will eradicate their bud, illustrating that they uncovered a suitor. The Queen’s Favor At the courtesy of the Queen Vivienne of Savoy, Her Royal Majesty will customarily use her exemplary verdict to moderate all marriages arranged during the depths of the season, along with Princess Royal, Her Royal Highness Maude of Oren when she comes of age. Debutants who hope for their coveted union to be arranged by Her Royal Majesty are directed to arrange a private appointment with the other party and their matriarch in order to discuss possible configurations. If Her Royal Majesty voices disfavor in the match, then such will further cease to exist. The Anonymous Penman In order to avert the abhorrent whispers of gossip columns, an exclusive podium will be present within the palace for mysterious writings to be documented. Individuals are encouraged to report anything that may be of interest to this podium as they dissuade others from pursuing knowledge in an antagonistic manner. To guarantee that participants are adequately prepared for this occurrence, the Astercalia Season will be proclaimed two years in advance to cater to seamstresses expecting to design appropriate attire. All eligible nobility will be automatically inscribed to the index of noble participations (called actors). Noble pedigree between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four will be ordered to participate. Once the directory of individuals is released, those unable to participate must send a direct missive to Her Royal Majesty. Whilst it is seen as a requirement to be of noble birth to debut, exceptions may be made towards those common-born; An Auspice, an official letter of patronage. To obtain such, one must contact an aristocratic household to request such. Each house is entitled to sponsor a total of two commoners whether it be male or female. Sponsorship must be submitted with a signature, direct letter, or exchange between the peer in question directly to Her Royal Majesty. As detailed by Empress-Regnant Anastasia THE QUEEN’S PRELIMINARY Upon the commencement of Astercalia, chosen noble actors will partake in a seminar on the fundamentals of inaugurating themselves in high society. Traditional Orenian cuisine and abundant refreshments will be offered to those present. Young ladies and lords will be examined firmly on their mannerisms throughout the lecture, which will be hosted by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Vivienne of Savoy, and her formal party. Preceding the debutante course, the Court Seamstress will catalog measurements of each individual for a costume to be created. Those present will relish in discussions and are welcomed to mingle on their own accord. ((Please note that skins will not be provided.)) THE AISLE CEREMONY & AMADISTUS In honor of Amadea of Pompourelia In honor of the decades-old tradition, the Aisle Ceremony will entail an exhibition of those participating, diverging first-time actors, and those who have debuted before. Actors order will be based on the order of majesty, those of royal genesis will be the foremost to proceed, noble pedigree secondary, those on sponsorship threefold, and aristocrats from foreign nations endmost. Actors must demonstrate Orenian mannerisms and class, whilst exhibiting their household to the highest degree. Those of the same house will debut concurrently chaperoned by their patriarch, treading aside them on the aisle to ensure proper representation. Those with An Auspice are to be chaperoned by those sponsoring them. If two actors are betrothed already, they will walk jointly beside each other. Once the party arrives at the dais, the chaperone will bow, step aside, and bestow the limelight upon the actor. Following the Aisle Ceremony, Her Royal Majesty will present ladies with respective seeds based on age group that they will later plant in The Sow. A traditional ball will prevail at The Aisle Ceremony to introduce each actor along with aristocrats and those of royal advent. Thus is Amadistus with an open invitation to public attendees. In order to uphold integrity to the lady debutantes and male debuts, actors are hailed to maintain the stringent prerequisites of etiquette therein. Later in the eve, a march will initiate in which maidens will waltz with each suitor, entertaining in conversation in which ladies will then shift to the next suitor after a short period. A debutante saunters the aisle towards adulthood. THE SOW & HOLLOW Amidst the Astercalia Garden, the planting of The Sow will commence at the inception of Astercalia. During this time, maidens will plant seeds given by Her Royal Majesty of either a; Rose of Maturation Daisy of Adolescence Sowed bushes are to be preserved by each lady and will gradually bloom throughout the season, portraying her blossoming into high society. Once maidens have located a respective dance partner for the final ball or a love match, they will silently unbury their flower and present it to the suitor of their choosing. Pairs are demanded to conceal their courtships confidentially until the end of the season. Be wary, if one’s bush is somehow uprooted by another, they will not be able to participate in the final ceremonial ball. The Hollow, however, is a personalized occurrence where one bears the flowers that have blossomed from the bush and mash them up into a pigment. This matter will then be expelled into the Lion’s Den, portraying the adaptation of the chaos and tribulations that is adulthood. Ladies must write to Her Royal Majesty to secure her approval of the match they have cultivated. If she consents, the match will be announced at the final ball, but if she disapproves, Her Royal Majesty will yield a letter of dismissal. A lady who fails to write a letter asking for approval will be deemed raucous. THE TOURNEY OF FURNESTOCK In honor of Philip III A showcase of potency is deemed suitable and essential amidst the festivities and ceremonies of Astercalia by the Stassion Court. The finest soldiers, swordsmen, and knights from each noble pedigree are to coalesce in a manifold of challenges at the Ruins of Haverlock against one another to inevitably proclaim the champion of the eve, who shall be announced as the Champion of Furnestock. Such a designation will be maintained until the following Astercalia, where the title will be impugned once again. At the occurrence itself, ladies will retrieve a rose from their bush to present to a competitor whom they believe may triumph as Champion of Furnestock. The flowers collected by the victor will be presented to the lady of his selection. THE ANASTASIAN FINALE In honor of Empress Anastasia The Anastasian Finale will host every actor along with an unrestricted invitation to public attendees. The ball will initiate with the announcement of those who partook in festivities throughout the season. Her Royal Majesty will then formally disclose the matrimony of courtships arranged as each lady delivers a flower from their bush to their match. Traditional dishes from each notable house will be served along with a multitude of refreshments before the conclusive dance will initiate. Pairs will conjoin to a ribbon and waltz in a spiral about a maypole until the ribbon has been entirely enveloped around the pole. The Merry will conclude with a personalized address from His Royal Majesty, Frederick I, before partners may live happily ever after. The concept of the Astercalia is to embody the coming of age of an individual while remaining within the wills of Owynism. In order to find compatible partners, one must be alluring, but open with their ancestry. Those participating shall adorn themselves with the respected colors of their house. When partaking in Astercalia, it is important to represent one's family well through familial motifs, such as animals or symbols. It is encouraged for women to bear family heirlooms that represent their households while men don their familial capes and tapestries. Headwear, pertaining as tiaras and circlets, though otherwise disallowed, are authorized for all debutantes of peers who obtain familial antiques. Debutantes of peers all below a ducal title may only model these if endorsed by The Keeper of the Crown Jewels. Whilst those may be privileged under specific regulations, Crowns and diadems are strictly prohibited upon the actor population. Though, brooches and other headpieces alike are vigorously urged among ladies whilst styling one’s hair. Failure to abide by the rules may result in direct confrontation from Her Royal Majesty herself. Throughout the events to come, the dais which hosts the Royal Family must remain untouched throughout all events. The dais is a symbol of stature and will only be used by those directly invited to join Her Royal Majesty and The Princess Royal when she comes of age. Amidst the actors, lady debutantes must not speak unless spoken to and are mandated to present a curtsy before the royal entourage and Queen’s Council. Actors must remain decorous to their peers throughout the season. Addressing through introductions and conclusions of conversations are based on the gender of the actor. Male peers and consorts may be addressed as Lord or “my lord”, whilst female peers and consorts may be addressed as Lady or “my lady”. SIGNED, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Vivienne of Savoy, Queen consort of Oren, forever August, Queen consort of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duchess consort of Ves, Duchess consort of Vienne, Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Countess consort of Mardon, Baroness consort of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera HER HIGHNESS, Claude Élisabeth Ashford de Savoie, The Lady Privy Seal MISS Elisabeth Amalie von Preussens, The Troubadour MISS Elisabetta Agnese MacPherson, The Mistress of Attire
  5. orenian plague was actually made in a haenseti lab but u didnt hear that from me.

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      i lowkey heard this too...

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      finally someone is speaking sense in these troubling times

  6. Adeline of Rochefort gazed upwards from the eclipsed depths of the Void, offering a singular nod of respect to the fellow Helveti as he began his prolonged journey towards the afterlife. ~ Vivienne Anastasie made sure to comfort a close friend - Rosina Helvets - in a time of immense loss. @gohliad
  7. Before your eager canvases lay a dexterous collection of poems composed and formulated by Her Royal Majesty, Vivienne Anastasie. Each has been engulfed with impeding thought and sentiment, from her own to you. “Dedicated to whomever’s worn, warm afternoon hands come upon these pages – wherever you may find them–and that you may remember that the world is conspiring for you and to act in a manner as such.” A swan gilded grandiosely aloft patinated papyrus. Tactfully did its tawny pinions unfurl sprightly elegantly enveloping halcyon rivulets of jaded serenity. Like that of a beguiling ballet dancer to its opulently crafted point slipper. Poisonous. Her exemplary essence transmitted luminously Obsessive, one may hypothesise Betwixt its sugary semblance inside layers of rehearsed upon rehearsed fluctuations A credulous cygnet lay tenderly ; undisturbed. Golden aspen leaves smother the ground. Blades of grass cut through the dense amber searching for warmth from the summer’s lost sun. I stumble; head down, on a gravelled path, beneath a high bridge of ominous branches musing if the handful of still flailing leaves will stem oozing blossom from the sombre skyline. I lay callously upon a bleak river. Moth-eaten cattails trembling within the wind, And lotus circles struggling to stay afloat. I ponder, do they lament their fallen crowns? The sky reverse ; reverses gold for brown As brittle leaves resign, crumble and drown. I feel this landscape dying deep within me. A swan glides into my world of despair, and softly sings his sonorus song. I lightly descend into his ready reflection. Although of disparate form—we merge— grappling with onerous thoughts, we yet slowly rotate to a hopeful perception– a visible and radiating inner complexion. My being nothing more than a rouse, played by generations, collaboratively. With no winners, or losers. Or even such a tranquil ending. Nothing but a framework, built of dissembled ideology. My being nothing more than a piece of concept art How does one view me? Ephemeral and permanent at once. She is liquid smooth, And feel her touch is plump and brimful of life.
  8. Castle Stassion was completed in 1869 under the reign of King Frederick I of Oren as the principal residence of the House of Novellen. It is located on the eastern stretch of the Petra river in the center of the Upper Petra region, due just slightly northwest of the gates of the royal capital. Queen-Consort of Oren - HRM Vivienne Anastasie of Savoy [Spicii] Leads the court as a mediator and final authority. As the head of the court, the Queen consort serves as an administrative position overseeing all court matters and the Council. These responsibilities may shift and vary with the assistance of other managerial positions on the council. The Queen is the authority of the court and there is no debate on that. Lady Seneschal - Miss Odessa MacPherson [tillisaurus] The Lady Seneschal is tasked with staffing the palace with maids, butlers, ladies-in-waiting, chefs, wards for the sovereigns, etc. As such is the seneschal’s duty to staff the castle, it is also their responsibility to ensure that the royal household is kept tidy, organised, and held to the most regal standard. The seneschal is, in short, the general groundskeeper of Castle Stassion, additionally being charged in the allocation of courtier rooms and servants’ quarters alike. Acting as a general assistant to the head of the court, the Queen, the seneschal can be deferred to for many matters of the court, and is able to command the military, within the palace, in the name of the Queen. Lady Chamberlain - Lady Rosina Helvets [gohliad] Documents fashion etiquette, fashion history, skins, and court decorum. Laundresses are fashion makers that work under the chamberlain. The chamberlain also leads fashion auctions and sales, which makes them the manager of the court’s monetary expenses and profits. The chamberlain holds the power to censor any art, such as poetry, plays and the like that display the royal household in a troublesome light. She may also help with other things pertaining to the court if the Queen so wishes. The Chaplain - The Cardinal Albarosa [Vylkmir] In charge of all religious events in the court. They do not necessarily have to be a nun or priest but must be certified by the church and are the primary advisor of the court where the church is concerned. The Chaplains responsibilities include organising charities, harvests, baptisms, prayer, rites of maturity and may also provide medicinal or religious advice. Ladies in Waiting & Handmaids Managed by Seneschal, an entourage of the female members of the royal household act as both advisors and attendants to the Queen. They write and deliver letters on behalf of their lady, especially invitations and other correspondence. Within the ranks of the Queen’s mistresses is a small hierarchy, arranged both by social standing in the court itself and the Queen’s personal liking to her different mistresses. The hierarchy is as follows; Lady of the Bedchamber - head lady-in-waiting, the queens right hand (usually a high standing lady, although it could be anyone the queen takes a liking to in high society) Mistress of the Wardrobe - curator of the queen’s closet Ladies of the Household - married ladies, countesses and baronesses. Maids of honour - beginning spots for unmarried women at courts. Master of the Adriatic Court - The Lady Privy Seal [amyselia] Manages the events of the adriatic court that happen every four years within the Adriatic Tent. Coordinates hunts so that both non-hunters and hunters will be entertained, as well as many other events pertaining to the nobility. Can also be the chamberlain, but if so desired they can be someone else. Court Tutor The Court Tutor is a job of utmost importance, in charge of educating the future generations of the Orenian nobility, along with the royal family themselves. They are to ensure that the children of the next generation are well versed in proper courty and worldly affairs, along with proper etiquette and manners. There can be multiple court tutors to dish out within our vast population of growing children. Etiquette in the court is pivotal; how a noble conducts oneself in the presence of other nobles and the royal family shall dictate the perception and representation of oneself in court. The expectations of etiquette are to be taught and managed by the Lord Chamberlain While the expectations of etiquette are to be taught and managed by the Lord Chamberlain, we recommend that the courtiers follow these basic rules to avoid embarrassment and ruin within the court. General Etiquette ♔ Courtier must respect their superiors within court at all times and address them by their proper titles when conversing [See Titles & Addressment]. ♔ A respectful demeanor, particularly how one carries themselves, must be maintained at court. ♔ Courtiers of the palace are prohibited from wearing any diadem, crown, circlet, or tiara if they are not members of the royal family. The only exception to this is during wedding ceremonies or a debutante, where the daughters of dukes and counts may wear small tiaras and sons of dukes and counts may wear circlets. Courtiers may never outshine the Queen’s attire, for it is seen as discourteous and disrespectful and such would be asked to remove it accordingly. In the Royal Presence ♔ Courtiers must not touch the King, Queen or the immediate family of the King and Queen (brothers, sisters, and children). ♔ All must stand with a countenance of utmost respect when either the King or Queen enter within a room, until they are seated. Only after then may everyone else be seated. ♔ Those of the court must avoid turning their backs on the royal family, as it is seen as disrespectful. ♔ Avoid the use of nicknames regarding or referring to the royal family outside of private settings unless otherwise permitted. ♔ Courtiers must curtsy or bow at the beginning and end of the conversation and address them by their title properly. Titles & Addressment ♔ King: “Your Royal Majesty” in introduction; followed by “Your Majesty” ♔ Queen: “Your Royal Majesty” in introduction; followed by “Your Majesty” ♔ Royal Prince: “Your Royal Highness” in introduction; followed by “Your Highness” or "Prince [name]" ♔ Royal Princess: “Your Royal Highness” in introduction; followed by “Your Highness” or "Princess [name] ♔ Imperial Prince: “Your Imperial Highness” in introduction; followed by “Your Highness” or "Prince [name]" ♔ Imperial Princess: “Your Imperial Highness” in introduction; followed by “Your Highness” or "Princess [name] ♔ Duke: “Your Grace” or “Duke [title or name]” in introduction, followed by "Lord [name]" ♔ Duchess: “Your Grace” or “Duchess [title or name]” in introduction, followed by "Lady [name]" ♔ Count: “Right Honourable [title or name]” or “Count [title or name]” in introduction, followed by “Lord [name]” ♔ Countess: “Right Honourable [title or name]” or “Countess [title or name]” in introduction, followed by “Lady [name]” ♔ Children of Dukes / Duchesses, Counts / Countesses are to be addressed as “Lady [name]” or “Lord [name]” ♔ Viscount: “Right Honourable [title or name]” or “Viscount [title or name]” in introduction, followed by “Lord [name]” ♔ Viscountess: “Right Honourable [title or name]” or “Viscountess [title or name]” in introduction, followed by “Lady [name]” ♔ Baron: “Honourable [title or name]” or “Baron [title or name]” in introduction, followed by “Lord [name]” ♔ Baroness: “Honourable [title or name]” or “Baroness [title or name]” in introduction, followed by or “Lady [name]” ♔ Children of Barons / Baronesses, Viscounts / Viscountesses are to be addressed as “Lady [name]” or “Lord [name] HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Vivienne of Savoy, Queen consort of Oren, forever August, Queen consort of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duchess consort of Ves, Duchess consort of Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Countess-consort of Mardon, Baroness consort of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera.
  9. ❁ “Infant Princess Vivienna Adelaide” c. 1874 ❁ As the cloak of darkness took one day and continued it to another the nearly full term Queen Vivienne, who hadn’t been seen by the public in months due to her natal condition, returned to her room with much more difficulty than the nights before. She lay her head by her husband’s only for her slow descent into night’s sleep to be interrupted. The Queen was rushed to a separate room, along with her ladies-in-waiting as well as a few of the King’s advisors and the King himself. The birth of their, now, youngest child could not have come in a more untimely manner. After hours of waiting the night had become morning. The group had waited all through the night for the birth of the child and as the sun rose from the horizon the cries of the young princess rang out through the birthing chambers. The King’s advisors sat uneasily for the announcement of the sex, hoping for a second son to aid the first, though a thin layer of disappointment set in as a princess was announced rather than a prince. The King and Queen, however, seemed happy enough, a new addition to their family had been brought into Almaris after such a long wait. Subjects of the Royal Crown of Frederick I, We greet you all well. And whereas it hath pleased the goodness of Almighty God of His infinite mercy and grace to send unto us at this time the deliverance of a princess to the great joy and inward comfort of my Lord, us, and of all his good and loving subjects of this his realm, for which inestimable benevolence so shown unto us we have no little cause to give high thanks, laud and praise unto Him. Brought under the watchful eye of many at Castle Stassion. The 13th day of Owyn’s Flame, in the year 1874. She shall henceforth be known as Her Royal Highness, Princess Vivienna Adelaide of Oren, named both after her mother and great grandmother. Her Royal Highness will assume, upon her birth, lest other male sires of the wedlock betwixt Frederick the First, King of Oren, Forever August, and Vivienne, Queen of the Orenians be born, fifth in the royal line of succession. HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Frederick I, King of Oren, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Count of Mardon, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Vivienne of Savoy, Queen consort of Oren, forever August, Queen consort of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duchess consort of Ves, Duchess consort of Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Baroness consort of Renzfeld, Countess-consort of Mardon, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera.
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    I remember joining the Wayfarer discord thinking I was just going to keep it in my nation folder and that I was never going to speak a word in it, but I was so wrong. Never have I been welcomed into a community so fast and been involved with something so vividly, all the members taking me in as their own. I have never laughed so hard in a voice call - Gargerad being the main culprit in the jokes. I had the most fun in VCs with him and the group combined, and I would trade almost anything to be able to go back for one day just to hear him make a stupid joke that ends up being the funniest thing and leaving me in tears. Wayfarer wasn't just a nation, it was a family. And I am so grateful I got to meet so many wonderful people of whom I called my family, Gargerad included in that. If your ever struggling with any negative thoughts or struggles about addiction, please do not hesitate to shoot me a DM - regardless if we have ever talked before or if we have only talked once. My DMs will always be open to anyone no matter what terms we are on - and I'd rather we talked it through than struggle alone. I have been there myself, and sometimes all a person needs is to not feel alone or have a simple chat. Happy 22nd birthday, I know he's smiling down on us and saying something out of pocket. I have put some links below that speaks volumes if no friend is available to speak to you or you wish to donate to this disease. Just know that someone out there loves you and wants to help you if you are going through tough times. And I cannot stress this enough, please find help. No one deserves to struggle alone https://americanaddictioncenters.org/rehab-guide/alcohol-drug-hotline https://dreamcenterforrecovery.com/addiction-non-profits-charities/
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