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  1. I'm sad I didn't get to hear your 3 month plan in the vc like we talked about! Jk jk @Josh3738congrats homie
  2. A solemn sigh escaped Rhys as he had a friend nearby recite the missive to him aloud. The newly blinded man had wished to read it himself, and yet. . "Take note, would vy? Y need to write to the Amir- Y mean, mea borsa."
  3. [!] Couriers fill the streets, hand-delivering invitations from the Sovereign Family of Hyspia while others are nailed neatly upon a noticeboard. Issued by the Corte de Girasol 9th of Cesar's Gift, 98 D.R. A Notif of Quinceañera has been issued for the Crown Princess Santana Leya A depiction of the Crown Princess Santana. [Artist: Amelia Williams, Artstation] It brings the Sovereign Family of Hyspia great joy to announce the coming of age of their Crown Princess, Santana Leya de Pelear. As tradition, the forbidden color is royal blue- only Her Highness Santana may wear it. In line with this color choice, the theme of the event shall be the Cosmos, more specifically the Zodiacs. All guests are encouraged to adorn themselves with the visage of their Zodiac, and incorporate their birth month’s color and gem into their attire. The Combat of the Giaour and Hassan The Quinceañera will open with a tournament: a classic bracket duel for those seeking to prove themselves in bouts [fisticuffs, PVP]. It will be hosted within the La Dorada bullring, with a prize of 200 minas for the winner. Upon the conclusion of the tournament, guests will make their way to the palace where a series of events will take place. Refreshments will be served in two batches- with a mild table, and a regular table. The mild table is intended for guests unfamiliar with Hyspian cuisine, who have not built a tolerance to the spices commonly found in such. Following the refreshments, a reinforced pinata will be brought out, filled with varying candies and perhaps a prize or two. Guests shall take turns attempting to break the pinata. This will keep going until everyone has had a chance! To finish the night off, a ball will be hosted within the palace where the Crown Princess will have her first dance with her Padre, Dimitri Otto of Koravia. After that, the dancing is open to those there! May DIOS guide you! Viva Hyspia! Signed, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Dimitri Otto of Koravia, Soberano-Consort of Hyspia, Duke-Consort of Pacazu, Baron-Consort of Arenisca an Del’mar, Lord of Ladorada, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Gran Maestre of El Orden de Francisco, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Santana Leya de Pelear, Crown Princesa de Hyspia, Duchess of Paraiso Formal Invitations are sent to the following: The Peoples of Hyspia. TRM, Ivan VIII and Nataliya Leopoldina of Haense, and their citizenry. HRM, Sybille I of Balian, and her citizenry. HRM, John I of Aaun, and his citizenry. HM, Catherine I of the Petra, and her citizenry. HM, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë of Numendil, and her citizenry. TRH, Alfred & Leon Barclay of Reinmar, and their citizenry. HG, Grelu Irgard of Urguan, and his citizenry. Any devout canonist. Personal Invitations are sent to the following: HRH, Prince Elianos of Balian. HRH, Princess Ophelia of Balian. HL, Cosima Temesch et Martiel. HL, Demitrey Denodado, and his noble pedigree. HL, Esfir Artemesia Amador. HL, Lavanya Acharya. My cousins, the noble House of Kortrevich.
  4. THIS is for Irene, thee rotund, white-fleshed, putrid smelling bacon-did-feed wench, why thee TOOK mine beloved's eyes out and flayed them, beat them to nigh death whilst their back was turned, thy TRIFLING, FILTHY, LARGE, ‘oompa loompa’, corse-haired rampallian WENCH! I'm coming up thither and I shall beat the ALAS out of thee, wench, and don’t rally your darkspawn-filth comrades, I shall cometh up thither unexpected and wail on thee rampallian wench arse; I KNOW OF THE FETID CARRIAGE THOU DRIVE and thou raggedy arsed steeds and ratty cloth. Damned tattered shoes, thin-haired, stenched dog, arsed wench! I'm telling thee, WENCH, I'm coming to beat thou for thou foul-mouthed, trifling-arsed attitude. WENCH!!!

  5. Santana of Hyspia sends the young heiress a letter posthaste; afterwards, she begins preparations for a gift to be sent via retinue.
  6. MC Name: teeylin Discord: teeylin Image: Description of Image: Darkspawn wanted poster Dimensions: 1 wide 2 high
  7. Santana smacks Elianos @Lirinya in the face with the invitation letter, pure unadulterated joy in her gaze. "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK! FROGS!"
  8. The Procurator of Balian swallowed past a lump in his throat, mouth suddenly dry as bone. He needed to make the trip home to meet his grand-nephew, before illness took him.
  9. Santana of Hyspia mourned the timing- she had important matters to tend to. A preplanned schedule set months in advance. The will of the skygod's work schedule. "I will send gifts, amiga, do not fret."
  10. Cassian grows weary of keeping his eyes open- the man had become a drunkard since the last time he'd seen any of his family, including his now-abandoned wife and children. Still, he managed a brief skim of the newsboard from cities away. "Congur- guratulations, kus. Vy earned it- hic."
  11. Rhys var Ruthern holds his hands out. "Arrest me, for I have ground crickets into flour on an odd numbered day of the year. Take me away!" He then remembers he IS the procurator. And cackles.
  12. so sad im not on this post :(( i wanna be on the post too
  13. What has been your most impactful memory on the server? IC or OOC can't believe it's been a year man
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