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  1. i dont think the staff know how much pvp contributes to the server as far as player count, warclaims, raids, settling stuff with huge numbers. Rp default almost killed the server a while back hahaha
  2. pvp default is better, this is ****
  3. motts 100% apple juice

  4. alpha brute Kuunlok'Gorkil prepared to smash in beta skulls
  5. pigs_might_fly takes flight https://gyazo.com/4d682ac3ce96f335661bff11961724b7

    1. Hero_
    2. DPM



    3. Taketheshot


      That's actually ******* awesome.

  6. ive seen his work, its mediocre, -1
  7. no cooldown or caps on any raid
  8. no cool down on any raid.
  9. -1 to all of them, especially Number one.