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  1.                :trololo:

  2. You have indeed used the incorrect ban appeal format, but you also now have your ban expired and have been unbanned.
  3. You used the incorrect ban appeal format. Please resubmit your appeal with the proper one which can be found here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166019-ban-appeal-information/
  4. This is something more for us to handle in-game. If you could make a modreq concerning the lost items, a GM will be happy to help.
  5. Hello there, Being the one that had to deliver the ban, I will be unbanning you. In the future, do not use unfair advantages when it comes to being on the server.
  6. Congratz to Game Team Manager Girl!

  7. Given that there has been an ample amount of time for everyone to post their final thoughts or concerns on this, I will be giving a verdict after reviewing the report as well as the appeal (Harrison is no longer GM Director so that's why he is not). The gravity of this situation and the various pieces of evidence brought forward and discussed have all lead to this ban appeal has being denied. A break is needed and this ban has been warned. You must wait out the remaining duration of your ban and may post a new appeal on December 10th 2017. Any earlier appeals will be denied.
  8. I hope you know I appreciate you

  9. Hello there! Being one of the former Game Team Managers that was involved with your ban, and realizes you have definitely served your ban duration in full, you will be unbanned. However, it should be noted that should anything like this be discovered to be your doing in the future, harsh repercussions will follow. Welcome back, LadyRebecca
  10. Sadly yes, babs, gotta focus on school first. I may get back into it around Christmas, we shall see
  11. This is the only instance I wish I had rep to give. God bless this man and clarifying, makes things a lot easier to understand.
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