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  1.                :trololo:

  2. Congratz to Game Team Manager Girl!

  3. I hope you know I appreciate you

  4. Sadly yes, babs, gotta focus on school first. I may get back into it around Christmas, we shall see
  5. This is the only instance I wish I had rep to give. God bless this man and clarifying, makes things a lot easier to understand.
  6. Update Time! Slayology TankM1A2 JaketheDog115 Wolfdwg ski_king3 And finally, the main reason I have been so busy! So with the World Event that took place today, I can finally show the Antag skins that the Event Team has/will be using! Athael Gazardiael Lah'Xian Tae'im Deific Soldier Generic Angel I Generic Angel II Generic Angel III So with that, that last bit of my update will be that I am going to be temporarily closing my shop for the given moment. With me heading back to university, I'm going to need some time to myself in order to get back into the swing of things. Be that as it may, I will be reopening again sometime in the future. Ciao <3
  7. I should be getting started on commissions again this week! It's just been super busy for me, but I'll be messaging you and the others in due time.
  8. Lil update thingy: 


  9. Just a little update and such: TankM1A2 Sug Wolfdwg Edelrache Malinor Blago Joey Shannon Joey Just as a note @Slayy ◡̈ @TankM1A2 @Jake the Dog @Wolfdwg I haven't forgotten about you, but I am on pause at the moment! I will get in touch with you as soon as I resume and have taken care of my projects for the moment. Anyway, enjoy. <3
  10. Right now I have things on pause as I got many more requests than I thought I would, so submitting a request at the moment may take a while before I get to it.
  11. Oh boy oh boy, lots of requests. Gonna put a pause on this as I catch up, I'll give an update and all when I do!
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