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  1. tfw

  2. We don't enforce PKs on anyone, really. So like, I see no reason to force it in these situations. As someone that has RPly lost a child due to prenatal situations, the RP is, in nice terms, ******* trash. It sucked RPing a character that was depressed over something like that. I think it needs to be left to the decision of the mother, plain and simple.
  3. Claimed. Shoot me a message on Skype and we will get you all set up! (live:ladyrebecca.lotc)
  4. i love it how you give me a warning for racism when all I said was "i love your monkey music america made a big mistake with importing monkeys from africa LOL" i never said african american. i could be directing it to any fat monkey dancing imported from africa LOL.


    good job admin bro "Blatantly and obviously." 




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    2. Pinochet


      owned pagan LOL

    3. clown king

      clown king

      checkmate polytheist

    4. RobertGoodwill


      at this point  i feel sorry for you lady rebecca u really should resign

  5. y are u a sky pagan y dont u tell everyone ur sins liek wtf

  6. Itiireae grumbles to herself as she tends to her bruises, scorn creasing her features as she rubbed a treated aloe vera ointment into her pale skin. "I swear if Taranath hadn't gotten his f-ucking nose broken I would have strangled that waste of space myself." @cablam
  7. Maybe one of these days I will raid the dwarven ts
  8. Accepted.
  9. Alright so, I'm going to lock this for now. Seeing as how the Abyss is a Cloud Temple, we have to see if this will even work out. You'll be contacted soon.
  10. ALrighty! Add me on Skype and we can work out a time to set it up live:ladyrebecca.lotc
  11. Claimed. Get Vege to okay it. Edit: Already got Vege to a-okay it. Message me on Skype live:ladyrebecca.lotc