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  1. (OOC Name: Oinked ) Name, Aetius Age, :) Sex, Sure Experience, None
  2. ={ OOC }= MC NAME: Oinked DISCORD: SrBoT#9699 TIMEZONE: EST ={ RP }= NAME: Rasputin AGE: 28 RACE: Human NOTABLE SKILLS: loyal bannerman of prince otto tuvic
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  4. APPLICATION MC Name: Oinked Persona Name: Shamob Grimmer Persona Age: 7 Persona Gender: Male Slot #: 6C Discord: SrBoT#9699
  5. Oinked


    Radovid, a Highlander grew up in the town of Haense with his brother Vizmir, He’s fairly educated and came from a good family, His dream was to be a famous knight.His Uncle Norgan told him and his brother stories of adventures of his days as a knight, which got him more excited about being a knight. He trained with his uncle to be a good fighter, He used to spar with the kids with sticks although they didn't like it. He never liked to farm, But his Father forced him to do it. At the age of 18 his Brother mysteriously left without a trace, Radvoid got angry because of that because his brother promised to be knights together, Now He moved out to Renatus to seek fame and to be a great knight … The rest is history now.
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