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    *being tired and hugging her stuffed toy wolf*
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  1. Soooooo... Been trolling on the forrums for about 2 hours, whould anyone be able to point me to anything on how we actually got to axios :P?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Omar Grimmer'Lak

      Omar Grimmer'Lak

      And everyone forgot how to craft stuff that they've been crafting for decades.

    3. Cassandra Verdottir

      Cassandra Verdottir

      Naturally :3

      Doesn't that happen to you :P?


    4. Catarrh
  2. is anyone else experiancing getting timed out and tons of lag?

    1. LaCabra (Soda)

      LaCabra (Soda)

      I am, it's the server's host. It affects some people, like you and me.

  3. I guess I am an old fart now :/

  4. and the server shot it self once more? or is it just me

    1. Salamandra
    2. The Zealot (Sir_Wyvernos)

      The Zealot (Sir_Wyvernos)


      Sorry Cassandra, had to say hi to someone, continue on.

  5. that moment when you get a "read timout" in the middle of a rp...

    1. Cassandra Verdottir

      Cassandra Verdottir

      and the server keeps killing it self...

  6. G'day, and now i am at school and it isnt so much yay =_= oh well, how is everyone?

  7. G'day LOTC ^.^ making RP I hope :3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Demotheus


      *RP default initiated, has magic*

    3. Rassidic


      *has four people , pvp*

    4. Demotheus


      *notes you need five or more.

  8. *yawns loudly* so bored in school -.- and i got military drills to go to this weekend :/

  9. Oh hey Cassie, welcome back. Long time no see.

    1. SparehoeCakes


      I now realize that I don't know you. However, my welcome back still stands. :>

    2. Cassandra Verdottir
  10. there shouldnt be, heck i was gone for about a yearish ???(idk exactly :P))But most of the people i knew then i still playing so,.. ya ^.^
  11. *grabs her wide brimmed hat*"Time for some halloween fun" ^.^ happy halloween lotc! and dont forget those wide brimmed hats!!

  12. total tophat and i am at 49 posts :3 i wonder what i should make my 50th post ^.^

    1. ToenailTickler


      I'm at 399 posts and I ain't no total top hat ;-;

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