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  1. Cassandra Verdottir

    Frottimer's Actor App

    He he realy a cool person, mature and is an amasing Rper ^.^ known him since aegiss :D +1 dis like crazy :3
  2. Cassandra Verdottir

    Repercussions Of Being Offline For A While?

    there shouldnt be, heck i was gone for about a yearish ???(idk exactly :P))But most of the people i knew then i still playing so,.. ya ^.^
  3. Cassandra Verdottir

    The Black Lance

    A flier of regal appearance is posted amongst the populated locations around Asulon. The page is headed by a picture of lance, its color dark as the night sky. A large crowd of various ethnicity is huddled around, speaking of a man who claims to know the secret to fortune. You’re intrigued as you hear words such as gold, money, and power thrown about the air. Do you step forward to read on? The Black Lance Common folk of Asulon, I call you forth on this fateful day to offer an opportunity. One of success, wealth, and happiness. The general populaces live in poverty under the leadership of so called nobles and kings. I myself am a man of exuberant wealth, this I cannot lie about. The difference lies in that I wish to give back. I, Lord Bauldry the third, proclaim to be a defender of the lowly, the meek, and the humble! No, I do not call for rebellion. I only ask that you, the people, join my band of mercenaries in order for a better life. I seek out warriors, the adventurers, the scholars; any and all who may offer a service in exchange for their loyalty. Heed my offer and pin a note below if interested, and you shall be informed with further details. May the Creator walk with ‘ye this day. Underneath is a second note that is titled, ‘Joining’. It shares a similar appearance with the original page. If Interested If you are inquiring about joining, please simply write a short biography of yourself. We wish for this to include thy name, race, current age, and skill that you have to offer. We also need information so that you may be tracked down and contacted. Those who join the band will be given a free home, well, farm, two sets of clothing (One casual set and another for militaristic activities), and a pay that is negotiable. Your home will not be subject to any taxes or the like, as long as you honor the agreement accepted upon initiation. We also believe in a system of self reliance, so goods are shared amongst people, with the exception of money and personal belongings. Anything within your homes will not be disturbed. OOC information and Members information All knowledge past this point is to be taken as out of character unless you are part of the group. Purpose The purpose of the Black Lance is to bring together a family of sorts. While at heart they are a group of mercenaries and warriors, they partake in their own cultural activities, events, and so forth. There is a darker ulterior motive, one which is withheld from the public. Questions & Answers Where is it located? – It is located near Arethor. You’ll have to wait to be accepted if you wish to know the exact location. Do I need a villain application to join? – In short, no. The group itself does not partake in criminal activity. However the leadership aren’t the purest of people, and we do have accepted VAs. Is this just another generic mercenary/explorer group? – To an outsider you may consider it such. You wouldn’t understand fully how we operate and live unless you are part of the group. Are you rebels? – Once again, no. Bauldry specifically worded the letter like that to specifically target the peasants and lower class. Do you have to be a fighter to join? – Not at all! Farmers, blacksmiths, lumberjacks, spies, wizards, everyone is accepted! Are you a city/town? – Not really. While we aren’t nomadic, we don’t necessarily live at a permanent residence. Is this restricted to humans? – No. As said in the main post, we accept people of all ethnicity, whether they are human, dwarven, or even a kha! Ranks Prospective – Those who have shown an interest in joining the group though have yet to undergo the initiation ritual yet. Aspirant – Once a member has been fully initiated they are spoken of as Aspirants. During this time they integrated within the culture and lifestyle until they are fully ready to be a ‘Black Lance’. Acolyte – These are the people who have shown that they are ready for the life that is expected within the commune. The make up the main workforce and military of the group. Adept – This is more of a title of honor than of any true merit. Once a member has been recognized for their dedication to the group through either veteran status or performing an extraordinary deed, they are promoted to Adept. Regent – Handpicked by the Overseer for their leadership capabilities. They make sure everything within the camp is running smoothly, whether it is with food production to weapon smithing. They are also the ones who lead the soldiers in to any sort of battles or tasks they were hired for. Overseer – The second in command of the group, chosen by Bauldry himself. The commune is unsure of what his true job or intentions are, other than the fact that he selects the Regents. The Overseer is suspected of being a long time friend of the Master. Master – The rank of the leader of the commune. Currently held by Lord Bauldry, who maintains the group and cares for them. He works along side the Overseer to assure the success of the pact. He’s also responsible for distributing pay and obtaining contracts for the group.
  4. Cassandra Verdottir

    The Brothers

    IGN:Verrenn Character Name:Free Lance Verrenn Do you have a villain application (Link would be appreciated):nay Do you have any prior military affiliation:was in the S.A Any prior criminal background:nay, i have had none exept for killing highway men that attack me. Are you wanted in any regions (Please specify):nay. Why do you wish to join us:i am needing the money. Any special talents:no one seems to see me when i walk around Will you remain loyal to The Brothers:aye, fully