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  1. “Basically, when your character and another player's character come into conflict, you should check in with that person OOC later to see if that person is okay. The same should be the case with conflict in LOTC.” What are we ******* Massivecraft?
  2. I used to bandit a LOT, and always did it in rp. Both on my orc characters and human ones, thievery was the primary goal and never ended up killing almost anyone. I think the purpose of playing a villain, any kind for that matter, is to fill a niche in a story and provide a common goal to unite people. In doing so you create more rp, and help to turn mundane rp into something more memorable. I’m wholly opposed to any form of PVP besides nation vs nation battles and think that banditry should be done in rp. #RPdefault2019
  3. ornias my son u going up in the world finally

  4. BLORGONS!!! [Credit to Monopteryx] Habitat: The Blorgon usually inhabits the tall grasses of plains and undergrowth of large temperate forests where it builds its nests in tightly packed, territorial colonies that range from ten to fifteen adults. Some solitary males can be found in other biomes searching for colonies to mate with right before or in the mating season. This species has been known to migrate when it has depleted all sources of food in the area or rarely if driven out by disease or predators. Size: The average size and weight of a Blorgon is 85 cm tall and 42 kg bulky, their lifespan varies between eight and eleven years depending on where it lives, the groups that live in the forest regions are taller and live longer than the ones in grassy plains. Diet: With an almost insatiable hunger, the carnivorous Blorgons eat anything they can find in the radius around their nests and marked territory, in two years or so of inhabitancy a colony may find the fauna in their territory dwindle as most of the local species would be wiped by the hungry, vicious birds. At times they may consider all the forest as their territory if not for other colonies or predators blocking hunting ground. The mostly solitary males are more used to scavenging for insects and feeding on smaller animals like lizards and rodents but a normal healthy colony can even bring down deer and wolves, they use hunting patterns and ambush their prey with superior knowledge gained in years of experience and being very crafty and smart at how they handle their hunt, the instinct for highly social hunting is inherited but the skill is developed. Temperament: They are often times aggressive creatures when looking for food but rather docile when in their nesting spots, the males are highly territorial with some being solitary and vicious, their own territory usually overlapping with colonies where they mate. This species is highly communal and social meaning that it can’t be tamed. Brief summary of the creature: The long legged, muscular Blorgons, tend to wobble when they move presumably since they only possess one eye, they are covered in small gray, white or brown feathers presenting a short head and an impressive rounded tail. Their large wide beaks always grow, only being kept in shape by scraping it against trees which also marks their territory and normal use such as eating or grooming. They often hunt in packs unless you encounter a solitary male that usually scavenges for food. Characteristics: Blorgon colonies have a close knit matriarchal society where one of the experienced females of the group, usually if its been able to mate a few times with a male is regarded as the protector and guider of the group much like in elephant communities. The mating season starts at the end of winter and ends in the middle of autumn, they produce up to four eggs per coupling and they tend to mate between five and seven times per mating season. After mating season at the start of winter the now fully grown juveniles depart from their home colonies and form others after a few brawls that often result in casualties before a lead matriarch is chosen to guide the next colony. The colony may be bigger than average at the start but it always settles down to the usual number from different causes such as conflict and casualties during hunts. They are unfriendly to most especially with other species that may hunt in the area and may be considered rivals. If faced with a threat that is too big as a bear and such, most of the time they flee but rarely stand their ground especially if in greater numbers. In hunting which is a big social event for the community and the whole species they are led by the matriarch. The food being eaten in the field then carried to the nests and regurgitated for the young. Blorgons start hunting from a few months as their developing time is rather short. Blorgons have also been known for their vicious cannibalism where they eat any weakling juveniles or aged individuals at the first sign of weakness. Resulting in cannibalism being the second most important cause of death for these flightless birds. Origin: This species of birds probably had taller, stronger ancestors that were also carnivorous but as the flora shortened around them they did too, evolving into the current species that inhabits primeval forests and grassy plains along the temperate parts of Atlas. Weaknesses: Cannibalism and starvation if a colony stays in the same place for more than one generation. LM Approval Required: No. If playable what are the redlines?: Not playable by players.
  5. Great job everyone that made this, LOTC was lacking in astronomy so again, well done.
  6. please take that hate symbol off of your profile page fascist 

  7. Name (and IGN): Ornias/(Ornias_Aquarius) (Skype): Race: Check below Job you would like: Watchman Why you want the job: I have nothing better to do. A little fact about yourself: I am a high elf. Thoughts on trees: Trees are fine, druids aren't, I'm looking at you bald guy.
  8. I'm just here to meme.. Nothing but a memer...
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