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  1. Sup bro! Randomly came back to this website after remising some Minecraft times.


    If you see this hope you are doing well brother, you was one of the first real online friends I ever made. My mother still remembers your name from me saying ‘Stronghold’ all the time when I was in the family home playing hahaha

    1. Battleme33


      Wow Fomsil didn’t even ask about me you piece of ****!

    2. DoubleDeetz (Fomsil)

      DoubleDeetz (Fomsil)

      Lord, I am glad you are well Battleme!  Check your profile vistors I did search you up and come onto your profile, it said you was on not too long ago ❤️ I promise I did think of you my man, I hope you are well! Many good memories with you and Stronghold.

  2. Aphromoo (aka Gorum) is a beast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy8qZCvIFkQ

    1. Kairn.


      WAIT WHAT? Aphromoo is actually gorum?

    2. Boomack21
  3. Hey Stronghold, congrats on the new position. But just a suggestion - Hold training sessions once every 1-2 weeks, make sure to keep the army & guards active with things to do. Give them some fun RP opportunities every now and then, or the guard won't go anywhere. Just keep them entertained, and you'll do your job fine ^_^

  4. Your signature is inaccurate.

  5. Why you such a troll Boomack!

  6. Ccoommeee baaaaccckkk. :

  7. Come back to Lord of the Craft *****! D:

  8. (( Not to spoil your buttons Zezi, but I have the villian trait 4 as well. ))
  9. Hallo aus Preußen!

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