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  1. Kilgrim

    7.0 Annoucement!

    LC wasn't removed because of immersion, it was removed because it's so easily abused with dupes and economy ruiners galore.
  2. Kilgrim

    Blago's AMA

    Do you like my map Atlas?
  3. It might have been some weird isolated indecent because now I'm not having any issues.
  4. As people were buying from my shop I was checking my bank. I was also in communications with the people buying items so I would tell them to buy something, check my bank, and notice that no money was transferred. I had not received the money till at the very least after a restart however I cannot confirm if a restart makes the transactions go through as I had not checked my bank after one. However, I noticed when I got on the next day, that all transactions had gone through and the money was deposited into my persona's bank.
  5. Kilgrim

    [Fixed][Bug] Shops & NBT data

    I'm not sure if this is a limitation of the shop plugin, or if it's a fixable issue, but I essentially have a shop that acts as conversion for a pseudo-currency and the "coins" per say, have a large amount of NBT data on them like this for example: People are able to buy the item perfectly fine, but when people want to turn it back in for money, the shop doesn't register the item in the player's inventory. **Date of occurance** Current as of 12/28/17 **In game specifications** <!--- Who are you, what persona were you on at the time of this bug, etc. --> MC Name: Kilgrim_ Persona: Tito El Bambino **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Buy an item from a shop that has a lot of NBT data like a signature, new color, and admin approved 2. Attempt to sell item to a shop that buys said item 3. Error message stating that "You don't possess enough items" 4. Cry **Expected Behavior** Item is bought and sold back to shop as normal without returning an error message **Actual Behavior** Error message stating that "You don't possess enough items" even though the item is in the player's inv. **Additional Information** <!--- Please provide any additional information here --> **Error Message** "You don't possess enough items"
  6. It appears to be fixed as it was my understanding that moeny is instantly transferred to the personas bank at the time of the transaction? After waking up this morning and checking my bank though, it appears that all the money is now properly in my bank.
  7. Kilgrim


    Now get shops working so I can start running my redstone casino :)
  8. Kilgrim

    BetterRPItems - A Resource Pack [Last Updated: 4/8/2017]

    Have you ever been on hypixel or a server where they make use of custom resource packs and they have 3D models? Would that be possible through your resource pack? So named objects could correspond to a specific model and texture? Thanks for the resource pack! Really cool work you're doing.
  9. Gorum already goes out of his way to create event-like scenarios for players around the city. If he were to be an official ET it would make it easier for him to do so. +1
  10. Kilgrim

    Dungrimm's Folk

    Name: Kilgrim Irongut Subrace: Cave Dwarf Age: Unknown Prefered Weapon: My magic Profession: Farmer and Chef Patron God: Ogradhad OOC Skype: I'm in the skype group Do you have TS: Yes
  11. Kilgrim

    303's Gm App

    303, a man of his word. A man of respect. A man of a man. +1
  12. Kilgrim

    [Recruiting] House Thorne

    OOC: Mcname: cgw123 Skype Name: cwest9 How active are you: I can be around whenever needed usually Do you have Teamspeak: yes IC: Name: Kilgrim Thorne Race: Human Age: 23 Military Experience: I've learned how to use a sword but I've never had the chance to use my skills in battle. I Kilgrim Thorne swear loyalty to the Lord of House Thorne , I am willing to fight and die for their name. I will uphold any commands and orders given to me, whilst continuing to respect and follow the Credos. If I were to leave or betray the family I accept that I may be punished by death.
  13. Kilgrim

    New Emanations Across The Void

    That random gibberish! First because I can.
  14. Kilgrim

    A Wave Across The Void

    ((So what exactly does this mean?))