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  1. Those maps both looks cool, the picture from imgur looks like the map was made with WorldMachine which is a software that can be used with WorldPainter to make some more realistic looking terrain. Typically with my maps I like to combine more of the fantasy and realistic terrain types. I also never learned how to properly use WorldMachine but it’s a really cool tool!
  2. 501’s involement in Atlas was mainly him creating the regions and working on the roads other than that I don’t really remember him do anything else when it came to directly how the map looked besides needing his approval for things to go forward.
  3. How I made Arcas/Atlas in WorldPaiter I’m really bored during CoronaVirus and I was looking at all my old map files for Worldpainter and thought it’d be cool to share the process of making a map for LOTC While I don’t play LOTC at all anymore, I have been a member since 2011 way back in Aegis the first map of the server before WorldPainter even existed. A place where the world was just an edited version of a default minecraft. Times have changed now though and all of LOTC’s maps have been either hand built with voxel practically from scratch or done so in-tandem
  4. Fishing in Minecraft is good for the soul

  5. Have you ever been on hypixel or a server where they make use of custom resource packs and they have 3D models? Would that be possible through your resource pack? So named objects could correspond to a specific model and texture? Thanks for the resource pack! Really cool work you're doing.
  6. Heroic dwarf soldiers raise the

    Urugaun flag after they are victorious  in the Battle of the Gorge


  7. Name: Kilgrim Irongut Subrace: Cave Dwarf Age: Unknown Prefered Weapon: My magic Profession: Farmer and Chef Patron God: Ogradhad OOC Skype: I'm in the skype group Do you have TS: Yes
  8. Profile and Group Picture Art shop is now open!


  9. Every check out my Planet minecraft map! Leave a Diamond! http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/reach---a-world-unfolding/

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