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  1. Origins of the Art of Peace. What is the Art of Peace? It is simply put a martial arts created to fight opponents in a way where you can be certain that the only intention while fighting is defending yourself and incapitating your opponents to make sure they cannot harm any further. A martial arts focused on self defense. The values of those who follow this art are very harmonious. They believe that all life is precious, killing someone would be like giving away your very own spirit. They believe everything happens in a circle. For example, a Hou-Zi showed mercy upon one of his own kin after having been attacked by him. The Hou-Zi will believe that sometime in the future that very man will come back to safe him in return. The Art of Peace is all about personal values that unlock the inner spirit and transform it to mold together with the physical body. This is a long process that is achieved by meditating and practicing the Art of Peace. Doubts will lead to an unsteady mind, and an unsteady mind can’t become one with their spirit. The moment a student becomes fully one with his spirit, he ‘ascends’. This process is called the Ascendence. This is when the student begins to expierence out of body expierences when meditating. Their body seems more fluent as they are not carrying the weight of their spirit no more as it works in perfect harmony with the body. As they train their spirit, they begin to be able to draw power from it. This happens because a link between the individual and Metzli is connected, causing them to be able to draw power from Metzli for the first time, unbeknowst. Physically they become stronger as their hits and punches are delivered by both the spiritual and physical body. A student that becomes one with his spirit is also able to keep his physical body more healthy, as he can use his spiritual body to mend his physical body. This means a student can rejuvinate his body while meditating. Cuts, bruising and infections are able to be regenerated with enough meditation and focus. Fatal wounds that can’t be healed by the body itself can’t be healed by the spirit either. The student simply guides his spirit to aid his body to heal, he can’t make his spirit mend him any more then his body already could. As the student trains his body and becomes stronger physically and spiritually, he will eventually be able to perform a full body spiritual take over. The physical body is the main body as it present to the senses on this world. Atleast, most senses. Though with a full body take over, the spiritual body takes that place instead, becoming the main body for a short period of time. This conjures a great amount of power for the student. A body without boundries of physical muscles and drawbacks. Though it drains the spirit. Strenght, agility and reflexes all increase greatly for a short amount of time while they are in this state. Masters of the Art of Peace can even sense other people their spirits. A master of the Art of Peace can even cause someones spirit to be dazed and disrupted by punched and jabs. Disrupting the natural flow of someones spirit causes the victim to be dazed and confused. Usually this even causes victims to throw up due to how unwell their body feels. This is used to tire out the opponent faster then it usually would. Though this power doesn't come from no where. Due to the Hou-Zi being favored by Metzli, they began to worship their diety more after the fall of their immortal king. Favored by her, she's the direct power that fuels their spirits. One could regenerate their own spirit, but that would take years. Instead during meditation the practitioners draw power from Metzli instead to fuel their spirit once more. And what would take years now takes a few hours of meditating. Metzli's power is fast and unimaginable, and one couldn't even grasp the idea of how much power they can actually gain. But! The spirit has a limit. Almost like a battery, there is only so much power that can be stored at one time. This battery is continuesly expanded by harsh physical training, deep meditation and endurance. Meditating. What exactly is meditating? Meditating is a state of mental silence or rest, where our attention is aware but not engrossed in thinking. Aware of everything around us but not activily thinking about anything. It sounds quite easy, but it is incredibly difficult to stop yourself from thinking completely and simply letting your mind rest. It is the equivalent of sleeping, though you are still awake. You can snap out of meditation at any moment. Meditating is the way to draw power from Metzli and fuel the spirit once more. Due to the nature of this act, Metzli can connect with the person that meditates. Even though she doesn't like to meddle with common practitioners, there is indeed a link between the practitioner and Metzli. Though this link unfortunatly only goes one way. One isn't able to call upon Metzli while meditating, as the mind is supposed to be in a state of mental silence. Spiritual regeneration. The spirit is able to heal the physical body by helping it regenerate. The body can’t simply regenerate a deep gash, internal bleeding or serrated skin. The spirit aids the body in its natural regenerating of the body, but things that the body can’t physically regenerate itself won’t suddenly be able to be healed by the spirit. A strong practitioner of the art of peace will even be able to guide his spirit to help the anti-bodies within the body to fight infection and therefor cleanse infections that would otherwise be considered someones death. Spiritual regeneration can only occur when meditating and simply speeds the natural process up. Alot of wounds, nasty wounds and infections still take a decent amount of time to heal. From about three to four weeks down to a couple of days. Spiritual unity. When a student goes through his Ascendence, he first has to fully understand the principles and believes of the Art of Peace. One must fully think, without a doubt that all life is precious. Only then one can become united with their spirit. The way the spirit is actually used once the body and spirit are united is quite simple. A person isn’t able to control his spirit since the spirit lives alongside of the physical body. Though one is able to draw power from their own spirit. Any regular person’s spirit has no power, and so there is no power to draw from it. A practicioner of the Art of Peace had already been training his body, mind and spirit for years. The spirit itself doesn’t know the same boundries as the physical body. The physical body is controlled by muscles, which you can grow and strenghten to a certain extend, but it always has it drawbacks. A big bulky body becomes slow. And a trained, slender body isn’t as strong as the bigger body. Bodies can’t grow indefinetly, and there will be a point where one cannot become stronger. The spiritual body doesn’t have this drawback. The spiritual body has no boundries as too how powerfull it can become, but it is frail. The spirit weakens alot faster then the physical body does. The spiritual body works together with the physical body. A single punch from the physical body is now not only one body, but two bodies. So it basically hits twice as hard. The spiritual body can become even stronger then the physical body. So suddenly a single punch that should simply make a man stumble or just groan in pain now sends him flying back three meters and knock him right down onto his behind. It is all about the spirit and the body working together in unison. Though using your spirit in everyday battle is costing for the spirit aswell as it is for the physical body. This is why practitioners of the art meditate plenty. To keep their spirits healthy and harmonious. Once someone reaches spiritual unity, they are blessed by Metzli herself, she doesn't unlock the spirit for that person but she simply values him and grands him the ability to draw from her power. The key here is that, someone that has become in unity with their spirit has already learned the vast amount of rules, morals and ways of living that the Art of Peace have to offer. Metzli is a fair, but cruel diety. And so she doesn't think twice from withdrawing her blessing from anyone that dares to betray their own morals. Full spiritual body take over. This is what sets a master apart from its student. A full spiritual body take over is a dangerous manevour that is usually only used in situations where the user has no other options. A student is forced to use this ability to fight his master in a one on one honorable spar to show that he is ready to teach other students. Usually after this occurence the student won’t feel his spirit for atleast a week, as if it has dissapeared. The spirit is always there, inside of the students body. But it is drained from it’s power and needs to be fueled by proper meditation and rest. What happens during a full spiritual body take over is when the spiritual body replaces the physical body instead. Since the spirit is always inside the body, it’ll become the other way around. The spirit will expand out of the body and become visible in a blue transluscent smoke. This makes it so the unbound potentional of the spirit is unleashed. No weight, no boundries of strenght and hyper-increased reflexes. The physical form is still physically present and able to be harmed. A full body take over is incredibly stressing on the spirit and isn’t able to be controlled for a long period of time. After the full body take over is finished, the spirit will nestle itself back into the physical body. Once again, this process is incredibly straining for both the spiritual and physical body and would leave the user to be unable to fight anymore afterwards. The ‘Untethering’. One of the most sacred believes of the Art of Peace is that all life is precious. This is mostly refered to as human life, intelligent life. Practitioners of the Art of Peace still hunt animals to provide for themselves, hunting out of sport would be considered a disgusting ideal. Though what happens if a student who has ascended made a mistake and is let down the wrong path? Have compassion for your friends, foes and equals. Bestow mercy upon all, and preserve life at all costs. If a student or master acts outside of these values and kills another living being, their spirit will break it’s unison with the physical body. This process is called the ‘Untethering’. It is an excruciating expierence that most Hou-Zi wouldn’t even survive. The spirit tears itself away from the physical body in a process that takes hours. The constant feeling of your entire body being cut in the smalles of little pieces. Constantly and relentless. Once this process is complete, the spirit will lay dormant inside of the physical body, never to be called upon again. Metzli is directly the cause of this, a betrayal of your own values is a disgusting ideal to the Diety and therefor she withdraws her blessing! Tier progression Tier one : A student has first ascended after years of meditation and work. He has accepted his life as peacefull wanderers of his world without any doubt. He believes all life is more then just precious and is always worth saving. His spirit has become one with his mind and body. He will begin feeling more connected to the world around him, his meditations make him feel stronger and more rejuvinated. Tier two : The student has been practicing and meditating more. Growing both his body and spirit in unison. The student begins to learn how to use his spirit in harmony with his body. His physical body is supported by his spiritual body in combat. The physical body becomes more sturdy and blows become strengtened. Tier three : The student further learns how to work in unison with his spirit. A student is now able to heal cuts and bruises while meditating. He is also starting to learn how to make his physical body lighter and more agile by using the gracefullness of his spirit. The student is at the point where he is almost one with his spirit and knows how to fully work in harmony with his spirit. Tier four : The student has fully become one with his spirit and can use most of its potentional to benefit himself. The student will also begin to learn how to let certain parts of his body be taken over by his spirit. Usually starting with the arms or legs. Once a student can succesfully let his arms be taken over by his spirit and perform a formidable battle against his master in this state. The student is promoted to master. Tier five : The master continues to strengthen his physical body and spiritual body. The master will be able to cleanse infected wounds and stop certain bleeding by letting the body heal itself while meditating. The master is soon able to perform a full body spiritual take over, letting his entire spiritual body take over his physical form in combat. The master will also be able to sense the spirit of other people, and is able to daze the spirits of others with his punches and strikes, being able to directly change the flow of someones spirit. Results are usually feeling very dazed, woozy and nauseous. Red Lines : – You can not kill! It is the most obvious rule to follow. Killing someone will cause your spirit to untether and lose all your abilities forever. It will also cause you to be outcasted from the society as they preach peace, and do not condone killers. The spirit works as a battery. One can fuel it while meditating but once it is empty there is no power to gain anymore. The practitioners praise and worship Metzli because it is the diety that created them. But they think the power that they handle comes from within themselves, even though the recharging of their spirit energy is fully linked to the blessing of Metzli. If you have killed in the past, you can still practice the Art of Peace. Regenerating doesn’t work for injuries that the own body can’t heal itself! Regenerating doesn’t work against poison, virusses or diseases that the body couldn’t fight against itself! Being harmed while in your Full spiritual body take over will cause incredibly damage to the physical body. A cut off arm? The spirit of your arm is cut off aswell, and so it can not be healed, not even by the monks. A gash in your thigh? Expect a nasty scar as the spirit is cut in that place aswell. Meditating is crucial. The physical body rests by sleeping and the spiritual body rests by meditating. It is crucial to meditate a few hours per day so that the spirit doesn’t become restless. Not meditating enough will have the exact same effects as not sleeping enough. OOC Notes : I contacted the original writer of the Hou-Zi lore and asked if I could help in anyway. This is the outcome of that, completely written by me and looked over by Leo. This is in no means meant to push the Hou-Zi to become a playable race but simply written out of excitement and curiosity for the Hou-Zi. I had lots of enjoyment writing this piece and I hope you had the same enjoyment reading it!
  2. @Destroyer_Bravo Yes.. The Art of Peace was created after they got absolutely decimated..
  3. @Hedgehug I initially thought that, because the Hou-Zi where experiments of Metzli, their spirits were somehow stronger then those of other races. Causing them to be able to use this stronger spirit like this. But then it would make it so other races cannot fully practice the Art of Peace and that is something I wanted to avoid. I have read through every single point you made and would love to correct any mistakes I made. I myself do not know the entirity of LotC's lore out of my head so I am sorry for making a few mistakes here and there! @Master Khen'aum I think this is a very good idea in response to Hedgehug's point. Perhaps a master of the Art will be able to disrupt the soul, daze opponents and the like due to their spirit's energy flow being disrupted by the hits. I think that would suit better! Though do you think it's better where as you do draw power from your spirit? Meditating being the only way to regenerate said spirit energy? And yes, every common soul should be able to 'ascend'. But it takes a long ass time to train and strenghten your spirit through meditation, physical training and endurance. That's the whole point. First you start by making your spirit stronger, and then you can use it's power.
  4. @Gladuos This indeed originates with the Hou-Zi, and is taught by the Hou-Zi. Other races will be able to learn the Art of Peace from the Hou-Zi themselves indeed. I'll message Booklight and get a little debate going on how the two relate to eachother. Perhaps i'll add the explanation later! And unfortunatly, none. Magic, in all its forms is volatile, atleast that is how the pracitioners of the Art of Peace describe it. Volatile things have unexpected outcomes and therefor it isn't wise to use any type of magic. It is all about morals and personal values and therefor someone who follows the rules of the Art wouldn't be searching for any exterior power in other types of magic. If that makes any sense?
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    [Builder] Event Team Application

    Oh well, That is even better then isnt it? ^^
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    [Builder] Event Team Application

    Amazing builds, most of them high fantasy like which I don't think suits LotC. But I am very sure Hanna is able to adapt to LotC Medieval style off building. A yes for me.
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    [Accepted]Freya's App Of Resurrection

    Why is this still not accepted? If we don't accept frej frej, the servers will be taken down by the secret organisation called "Furonymous" MAU5, HELP US! DONT LET THEM TAKE US DOWN AND ACCEPT FREJ FREJ +1
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    The Bannermen Of House Silverblade

    Accepted, welcome to the Guardians of Furnestock.
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    The Bannermen Of House Silverblade

    Recruit Vincent Olo II [x_Vinny_x] has been banished from Furnestock lands and stripped from his titles due breaking the Oath.
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    Daldrez's Ban Appeal

    My apologies for killing you but when I see arrows flying everywhere threw the city, I get hit by an arrow from your direction I got a bit annoyed and decided to kill you as a warning for you to stop, Then you proceeded to curse at me in OOC. If you want to discuss this matter further, feel free to send me a message on the forums. But the reasoning you were banned has NOTHING to do with me so please dont involve me in your ban appeal. Thank you.
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    Ishikawa Sutōmu

    MC name: Recklez Do you have Skype? If so, send it to me or post here: inuzukabilal How long have you played on LotC? From november last year -IC- Name: Marumasa Kioji Age: Other Obligations (Guilds, Orders, Shops etc): No. Previous Combat Experience: Marumasa has been trained in the way of the Naginata. He has no real combat expierence then training and a couple of fights in Salvus. He is still looking for a master in Kenjutsu. Can you make this character your main one?: I Marumasa Kioji swear utter and complete loyalty to the House Ishikawa. I forsake oaths to other nations, and recognize the House Ishikawa, Glory to it’s name, is my master, and I am obligated to serve them until I am released, or I am dead. Should I fail to uphold this oath or severely dishonour myself, I agree to accept my shame through the act of Seppuku*, or proper punishment befitting the situation and circumstance.
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    Hannas Ban Appeal.

    During the months we spent time together talking and stuff I really got to know you better and your past. Even though having a bad childhood doesn't make it right to swear at people, I really do believe that you have changed and became a better person. I accept your apology, and I will leave it to Rhia to make a decision to unban you or not. Though I think you have suffered long enough and should be unbanned.
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    Ban Appeal.

    Too be honest, I gave you the chance multiple times to just apologize towards me, but you dind't have any of it, I asked multiple people to ask you to add me and apologize and I would have asked Rhia to just unban you, But you dind't take the initiative to do this. So in my opinion you haven't learned from your mistakes, you sucking up your ego to make an appeal is just something I find offensive, so only when something you like gets taken away you think about the comments you have said? In my eyes I dont see a honest apology in this, and I dont support you being unbanned for the trouble you caused. Though it is not my judgement which counts, if Rhia thinks you should be able to roam the server again that I will respect her decision.
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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    5/10 normally, but 6/10 due the collection of multiple awesome dragons :3
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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    3/10 Sorreh mah boy! But I dun' eva know yu!
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    Funniest Jokes You Guys Know?

    Alright, the funniest joke ever.. in history of man kind is. Female rights.... No no, just kidding >.> ... But seriously though, the funniest joke ever... in history of man kind is, Kim Khardasian.
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    Ever's Gm Application

    I support Ever because.. I love him <3... But seriously though people should stop being so aggresive towards Ever... I mean.. Its his GM app for goodness sakes! He wants to be you're trusted leader >:o! Anywaaaays.. Goodluck getting GM Ever! You deserve it! :D
  18. What's your MC name? Recklez What kind of events are most interested in? (Playing as a temporary faction, creature, Antagonist etc..) I am into anything, I do this more to help the server grow and become a more fun place to be. What kinds of influential RP has your current LOTC character been involved in? My Kharajyr character was the first Kharajyr to stand up against the Tla' and leave the island. Also my Orc has been influencing decisions of the High Princess Indelwehn a long time ago. What in your opinion, makes a good event? A good event is an event where. One : Everybody can hop in and quickly know what is going on and can participate in it. Two : An enjoyable event for everybody. Three : That not only the people who participate in the event have a good time, but can also get something out of it, like a prize or something. Four : That there are no mistakes! Good planned events are always the best ones. Let's say your playing as a wolf, wandering outside a village and you smell cake from within a bakery that seems unattended. Inside the bakery the cake sits on the counter. What do you do and how do you emote? I'd slowly approach the bakery, very very suspicious. So that if anyone sees me he knows what is going on, then I would slowly near the cake and emote * Looks around to see if anyone notices him, but then digs in to the cake, eating it bit by bit* I would stand there for a good minute or two so if someone does see me, he can get a guard or someone else to stop me. If nobody comes I will leave with and (Destroy) the cake, as it is eaten. You're playing as a necromancer hiding out in a graveyard, in search of a relic. Two armor-less players enter the graveyard to revisit an old friend. What do you do to create an experience for them and how to you reveal yourself? I would approach them, and ask why they are here. If they tell me thats none of your bussines or be rude i'd just walk away, if they tell me about their lost friend I'd talk with them and ask them if they want their friend to be alive again, if they say yes I would say that I know somebody who can do that, emoting something like, * points a finger at himself, making it obvious that he means he can do it *, Then if they say yes I would tell them to find me that relic, and if they do so I will ressurect their long lost friend. But ofcourse, their friend will be a mindless zombie or skeleton, who is fully in my command - evil laugh - You're playing as a drunken sailor. You have to tell players rumors of treasure but accidentally, how do you go about doing this? I would stand somewhere, stumbling slighly and laughing, if someone passes me I would say "Oi! You want to hear a story?!" If they are interested I would tell them to sit down, and I will tell them a tale "There is a rumour! about a long lost ship! deep down in the ocean!" If they would still be interested I would say that noone knows where the map is of how to get there, but then accidently dropping it, because I actually had it all along! Then they can make a decision to rob me from it, or to help me retrieve it. Ofcourse I do have to set up and actual treasure, or just a fake treasure with a trap. Create a small paragraph describing a quirky character that could provide roleplay for players. A little goblin that goes around and sells jewels to the people who want them, but to get one you have to do something for him, mostly he doesn't trade for minas as it is nothing he really wants. But maybe he gives you something to do, like teach him how to bake a cake or help him with something else. It creates dynamic RP and ofcourse you can turn him down. as the jewel is basically just a diamond or a iron/golden ingot as reward for helping him. It is fun for the players, they earn something and it is also fun for me!
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    Kalistaludmilla Ban Appeal

    There was a sign with "There is nobody in here" I founded it very stupid and trollish, even if a orc did it, why is it written in perfect english grammar? I made the modreq, but I only wanted it removed. Dindt ask for any bans or anything but it just looked utterly stupid and trollish
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    Pinsir99's Ban Appeal

    Pinsir.... Why did you do something so utterly stupid? >.> But still, Pinsir is a great person. I dont know what got into him when he was doing it but I think he should be unbanned, not directly though. I do first want to see a severe apology, a whole letter how you are going to avoid doing this in the future and just... Why pinsir why? XD I say unban the fellar after he puts a bit more effort in his appeal. As pinsir is great guy, but this is weird.. really weird..