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  1. Under the anonymous note a response is written with what seems as coal. The letters of the response italic and crude. " Facial Hair is a requirement during the final exam and evaluation of the Student. Gender means nothing, nor does the means taken to grow the needed amount of facial hair. "
  2. " What do you say? Will you take up arms in Ariel's name and in doing so take up the duty she has bestowed upon us to keep the races of this land from harm?" The man in red and yellow robes said, continuing to speak afterwards. He was at the moment talking to John Lartius Fredfort, an elderly man with a bushy beard and gentle blue eyes. Lartius waited for the robed one to finish before he spoke: "Oh.. Hmm.. Aeriel, aye? It is pleasing to see some young lads and lasses like yerself doing the goods work, we need it in troubled times like this.. Perhaps... Trouble does always haunt us,
  3. Having heard the news of the release of the public provaganda program John Lartius Fredfort grinned at himself, scratching the thick beard of his and adjusting the lense of the cosmoscope he had been glaring through. Hopefully the new green applicants wouldn't be light green. Or vomit green, that would just be gross. A normal, perhaps even promising green. Yes that. That would be good.
  4. And the three becomes four. The adventure group is nearly done! :D

  5. You guys should stop the bash train. This is for obvious reasons placed under roleplay ideas. Not implemented ideas. So stop being so rude to this guy. /Even/ if you hold old grudges because you couldn't get your pretty wings. Let an Admin respond later instead of filling a thread with multiple of the same answers.
  6. So I'm not the only one that remember the stuff with that lava and water thing.. Eh? Or what?
  7. New video from Julian Smith! :)

  8. A note worthy thing to remember is that when a new magic type touches, or gives similar effects to another already accepted magic subtype, it can become very impractical for the new to get accepted. The Okar magic already touches the whole sharing feelings and things similar to that. I for instance would think it would be a good idea if such a symbol was removed. Personally I generally like the idea and also see the thoughts behind it. However I think that if you trimmed it a slight bit to fit in with the rest of the magics already existing, it would probably have an easier time gett
  9. -reminder to self to respond here soon. Last time you posted this I liked it to a certain degree. Looking forward to read what you got now-
  10. Two applications out for the adventure group! :D

    1. Fredfort (jens6851)

      Fredfort (jens6851)

      Regarding this for any AT watching. Would be awesome if it could be the same person reading all of them! :D

  11. OOC MC Name: Tyret_Farfor Skype: jens6851 Timezone: GMT+1 A letter, or a so called application would soon be seen send by bird to the Scholars of Rehema. " Greetings Scholars of Rehema. Yet another application seems to have found its way to your door steps. A pleasure to meet you all. I'm John Lartius Fredfort, a man of mainly Horen descendant which wishes to delve even further into the source of knowledge. Now. You have to realize that asking age upon request could be seen as rude, but lets put it simple. I'm Old and currently unable to do much good on the frontlines of this terrible batt
  12. :) Seven more people will join our ranks in the coming week. Nice! :)!

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    2. oblivionsbane
    3. Samler


      The quest giver is almost ready, bring forth the young ones.

    4. Fredfort (jens6851)

      Fredfort (jens6851)

      :)! And 16-19 to answer your question Oblivionsbane.

  13. Upon hopefully attaining a letter such as this one, John Lartius Fredfort adjusted his reading glasses with a curious slight smile placed on his elderly face, well hidden under his thick and dyed beard. Soon he would be seen folding the paper neatly, grab his walking cane with one hand and trudge down the many stairs of his tower. "Quite the interesting lot.. Hmm.. Casimir and I have things to discuss.." He mumbled at himself as he continued to trudge down the many stone steps that lead the way out of his tower.
  14. That was the fastest solved thread I've ever seen. http://www.reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/good-job.gif

    1. MediocreGamer


      If i'm good at one thing, it is settling disputes haha.

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