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  1. Somewhere in Arcas, a solem figure glances down at a shallow grave. The dirt below is struck by a series of droplets, the man’s sobs echoing through the surrounding landscape. “Rest in Peace.” He uttered softly, closing his eyes and turning away. “Some aren’t born ready for this world.”
  2. A letter addressed to the Office of the Imperial Auditor would read the following: The Province of Rubern is independent, therefore not belonging in an Imperial audit of their own demesne. Whomever included Rubern’s citizens did so without consulting the Provincial Government, and was mistaken to include them. With that said, the Province of Rubern recognizes the diligence put into the audit and congratulate its authors. We request our presence removed from this and future audits until further notice.
  3. Consensual and pre-planned =/= Dynamic

  4. “Farewell.” Edwin would mutter in a muted tone, grasping the hilt of his sword as he witnessed memories flash before his eyes. A ball soaring over a net, and the distinct crack of a broken nose. Tears falling on cold stone, the desperate pleas of those about to die. They had inspired fear, instilled hope, and now, they were gone. “Our time ‘ere was soaked in blood. Wherever ye end up... I hope ye find somethin’ ye can call peace.”
  5. “Huh. That’s convenient.” A man somewhere would remark, sheathing a knife and instead venturing out to locate this elixir!
  6. Within a quiet home in Helena, a figure bent over his blade, digits clasping a cloth around its hilt. Blood began to gather on the rag, staining it crimson by the time it had reached the weapon’s tip. Edwin’s gaze lingered, the vivid sight of drunk merriments, then deperate cries and tears replaying in his eyes. By the time his gaze had returned to the cleaning, the soggy rag had leaked, blood seeping from the bottom. His hands were stained- it would be a sleepless night.
  7. image0.png

    @Emenzi Its time to surrender.

  8. Mcname: SavoyCuck Category: Art Attach Content: As the sun illuminates the remains of the Battle of Silversea, Donald Dabber, Hero of Renatus, sheds a single tear for the comrades who failed to survive the fight.
  9. Ministaf did nothing wrong

  10. Yo does anyone know the resource pack Tythus used during his stream? I’m desperate lol

  11.  Never count a Dogger out, I’m naming my first son Dane

  12. “Sorry we didn’t tell you about the rules, we’ll just punish you anyway and update them for next time.”

    1. AlphaMoist


      “Hey guys, don’t make major changes please”


      does it anyways, proceeds to get mad

  13. my friend what happened to you are you okay

    1. Porko


      no i died

    2. Heero


      well your mineman got hacked just a heads up

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