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  1. EmbryoGod

    Torky's FM App

    Give her the red tag or we riot
  2. EmbryoGod

    Haeseni Centennial

    Rudolph Wagner prepares to push anyone who enters the tavern, determined to get on the next centennial.
  3. EmbryoGod

    Emergency necro rewrite wee woo wee woo

    We did this to allow it to fit into a guise that wasn't really seen before with normal Necromancy. And because of that, we needed a special reason in order to do so. I came up with the idea for rebranding the end game Necromancy as a Lich that you might find in other fantasy universes: powerful mage, skilled with a sword, and stronk. The primary reason we decided on Ebrietaes is because it allows us certain benefits to the way the lore can be structured and how the powers of a Lich are achieved. With stock Necromancy it can be a bit hard to sell a mage warrior made of bone that can sometimes turn human. We also liked a lot of the ritualistic concepts from Mysticism, and we thought it'd be interesting to try and take some ideas from a magic we quite enjoyed the lore for. I would assume it comes down to personal preference on how similar it is to a Wight. As a final note Security plays a Wight and so we wanted to make something similarly powerful for end game Necromancy. I had very limited knowledge on Wights as we wrote this, so I find it funny that my idea has similarities to another, established magic. Thank you for the critique!
  4. EmbryoGod

    Emergency necro rewrite wee woo wee woo

    This one'll fix it
  5. Ban Report/Banning GM Wendigo or Tide Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): FlyingHalfMast Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): I was banned for five minutes for speaking the truth. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): _Security, NJBB, Leyrin, RollForWitches Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): The GM's told everyone to stop talking in OOC and I said "gm r ugli". I regret nothing, I didn't violate the rules, I only spoke the truth about the plague of unattractiveness that seems to be sweeping the GM team. Screenshots/Vids (Link): https://gyazo.com/b6d815b9e71011492ed1130c23f3ffa2
  6. Free NJBB he dindu nuffin'

    1. tenredux


      why is good lad nj banned

  7. Free me I dindu nuffin'

  8. EmbryoGod

    Paris_Valentine's Event Team Actor application

    I helped him come up with the 3rd idea 10/10
  9. EmbryoGod

    [Your View] Heists

    I like it
  10. Get her the thingy please
  11. EmbryoGod

    Nominations for the Markev Maer Bi-Election

    I, Lord Arend Wick of House Wick, of the Line of Wick, of the Lineage of Wick, true heirs to the Embermoore, true Kings of Vandoria, rulers of Wick uh, Land, Lords of the Wick Wood, vanguards of the Yatl Waste, nominate myself to run as Maer for this fine city, just as my lineage before me has done.
  12. Free HurferDurfer he dindu nuffin'

  13. EmbryoGod

    [Denied] [Pending] I always do this

    You listen to me and you listen good alright? This man, this beautiful man right here, he was a great FM. I loved this man with every fiber of my heart. He did his duty, served this community with honor, and was just, fair, and honest with those he was dealing with. I give him a +1
  14. EmbryoGod


  15. EmbryoGod

    Event Team June Thing