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  1. EmbryoGod

    [Electrical Evocation][MA]Axelu

    Yeah I help out around these parts
  2. Username FlyingHalfMast Discord +[+-]#0373 Timezone CST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Haense bOYS MAKE SOME NOISE Staff History Dev Team, Event Team, GM Team Ban History Yes, PM me for details Blacklist History: Blacklisted from Dev Team What do you want to join the Event Team? I'd like to provide fun and interesting events for people! Why should we accept you onto the Team? Well, I'd consider myself friendly and willing to work with most individuals. I like the idea of longer event lines too, so that's beneficial to any group on the server. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I'd like to create longer, more drawn out events. Also Gnome events are the best events. What makes a good event? Definitely player interaction and feedback. I think that if the players get direct involvement with a looser type of a story line, it provides a much more realistic and varied story. Essentially, I like the idea of having a story line planned from the start, and just let the players run through it so we all can figure out the end together. Like an interactive story! Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: It was Krugsmas eve, and all throughout Axios, nothing was stirring. Not even a shaxios! As all the people of Axios excitedly closed their eyes to sleep, waiting for Krug to deliver them all their gifts, a feel of dread fell unto those who had done wrong that year. Towns would awaken, revealing half of the population taken! Presents strewn around the floor, where could they have gone? Suddenly, a woman from the gaggle of people would see a sign! "They're in my cave, don't you know? I'm Krumpus, I take the bad ones to the snow!". Will the people of Axios rally to fight off the mean old Krumpus, or will his reign of tyranny never end? Newspapers all across Axios issue a warning: Gnome hives are taking the world by storm! They burrow up from their tunnels in the ground, causing a ruckus in the taverns all across the lands. They say horrid things in front of children, and are destroying the interiors of many a once respected establishments! They demand only one thing to keep them satiated: ale! Can the townsfolk produce enough ale to keep them at bay? Find out in RP! A piercing screech echoes throughout the Yatl Waste: it is time. The brave, humble, and noble Wick family have spent generations keeping the monster at bay. But it was for naught: Woltaine the Destroyer had awoken. He rode upon a drake, setting fire to cities, killing women and children and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Only the Elector Wicks can stop him now. Will they react quickly enough to lock up this monster? Or will he singlehandedly destroy the world?
  3. EmbryoGod


    Yeah why not
  4. EmbryoGod

    Unaffirmation of Wick Loyalty

    I, Johann Wick der Zweite, agree with Ranholf's Judgement of calling the current Kovachevs under Renatus as mega dumb.
  5. EmbryoGod

    Unaffirmation of Wick Loyalty

    I, Johann Wick der Zweite, the Grand Wick, of the Line of Wick, of the Lineage of Wick, true heirs to the Embermoore, rightful owners of Vandoria, true rulers of the Westerlands, Lords of Wick Wood, Keepers of the Waste, people capable of eating our weight in hot dogs, agrees with his colleague Qoltaine Wick, unchallenged and undisputed God King of Vandoria, Hermit of the Waste, Lord of the Wick Wood, Grand Overmaster of Liefgaard, King of the Westerlands, and approves his message.
  6. EmbryoGod

    Dunshire goes to WAR!!!

    Ser Nicholas Ambertoevachev the First, true Reichskanzler of the Gnömigreich, Kommandant of the 1st Tunneling Corps of Carnatia, Flight Commander of the 1st Gnomish Air Force, most decorated Carnatian Veteran, Warden of Iblees dons his tie-dye Battle Dress Uniform. Ever ready to hug his foes into submission, he rallies the Gnomish army to bring peace and love throughout the lands.
  7. Ser John the Living opens his eyes from his deep meditation, eyeing the critique curiously. "A most shameful display, indeed. I've always regarded the Church as a powerful entity that was not subservient to any mortal man. Yet here they are, selling away what strength their Faith brought to them, ostracizing the brave men and women who died fighting to keep their independence alive. Perhaps this is the will of GOD? To punish those idolaters, the weak-willed men in robes who can't defend their own independence? To show them for the mockery of His great Faith that they truly are?"
  8. EmbryoGod

    [Accepted] [Trial]_InSecurity's Game Moderator Application

    Somebody PLEASE get this man a blue tag
  9. EmbryoGod


  10. Username FlyingHalfMast Age 20 Timezone CST Discord: +[+-]#0373 What map did you join during?: Anthos Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? Haven't played recently but the school year is ending so when I get home it'll be like 10/15 hours a week Have you ever been banned before? Yeah, it's private though so if possible I can elaborate on the situation through PM's Have you ever held a staff position on Lord of the Craft? If so, for how long? I held GM for approximately one month, ET for two ish months, and Dev Team for around 4 ish months Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I've always wanted to help and be a part of the server. I figured since I'm older I have a bit better sense of judgement, and I'm willing to work to make it a better place for everyone involved. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: I have before but it was in Anthos so most of them are gonezo, I wasn't able to find them for my (accepted) app either. Anything else you want to tell us?: I was removed from the team last time for two issues that were brought up in relation to the rules. I didn't abuse any permissions or anything like that, it was just unclear to me what the rules were in two instances. I'd like to try again and I felt like I was a good, functioning part of the team during my previous trial.
  11. EmbryoGod

    [CA] [Lich] Bromadan

    This guy owes me a lot for helping him
  12. EmbryoGod

    Magic in Combat - Ideas

    When Telanir showcased his magic plugin, it seemed pretty balanced. Wonder why it didn't pan out, it looked like it would've worked well on the server
  13. EmbryoGod

    [MA][Necromancy] Ludwig enters the 8th grade

    I guess I'm helping him yeah +1