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Zeddicus Fyren

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  1. Rate The Above User's Fame.

    9/10 brah. le derp.
  2. Man If I could say how much I feel for you, we've both ranked up through the stages together, to see you get hacked by some shanty crap and get demoted is heartbreaking.

    Kind regards,


  3. Creeperslayer's Fm App

    I completely +1 this application, Jake is a great guy and he knows how to do his stuff.
  4. Shadowgunx's Forum Moderator Application

    Man I've watched this guy grow and I want to support him all the way! +1
  5. Hey folks! No more App Team for me, back to good 'ol forum trolling.

  6. Anyone go to the RGS?

  7. My minecraft is acting out, so i can't play online:/

  8. My minecraft is acting out, so i can't play online:/