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  1. Someplace in the emerald dream, an old druidess is proud of the young Prince. Perhaps one day they will meet again.
  2. No sleep. Even in death, no sleep. Upon her shaded isle she laid, nestled among soft grasses and earth, intertwined in the roots of a large tree that covered her isle. When she first arrived in this Emerald Dream, she took the time to speak to the ones that she wished to speak to. With old friends, she reconnected. But never in one place she stayed, until she found this isle within the lands of eternal light. A small island within the middle of a lake, whose tree cast its branches across the lakes perimeter. Across the water she swam, and rested on the shore awhile while she dried. There was n
  3. NomadGaia


    hasta luego friend, thank you for all the work you've done
  4. A young man of bronze skin and ebon hair stares at the missive for a moment, reading it over. He recalls the raids that have plagued his people for years, the brothers and sisters that have been lost to the vicious and cruel raiders. The lad was too young to fight alongside the guard then. He makes a solemn vow to himself, before walking off toward the gates. "We shall not be afraid anymore."
  5. [[OOC]] Username: Irrin Discord: u know what it eeeeeeeeeeeeeees [[RP]] Full Name: Valerias Csarathaire-Tresery Race: Mali'ame Age: 23 Why do you wish to join?: Figured it was time to start pulling my own weight around here. Are you a citizen of Elvenesse?: Yes
  6. The sing-song voices of nature would seem to grow hush. To all those attuned to the Aspects, a tug would be felt deep within their very soul. Of loss, of pain, and sorrow.. yet clear within- peace and relief. A fellow Brother or Sister was now no more, and had passed into the Eternal Forest At first, there was darkness. Then, from the infinite, black expanse, a light of emerald shone. It pulled that disembodied spirit forward, into warmth and safety. The feet of the Elder Ame landed on solid ground, and she felt soft grass fill the space between her toes. Finally her e
  8. I've never been more proud of my country
  9. The old crow looks on after the vision fades from her sight, out into the ocean, where the suns rays reflected twilight off the neverending, shifting dunes of water. She'd take a deep breath, nodding as she accepted the task laid before her by her patron- to her and all druii that still keep to the blessed path. "So it will be." The elder druidess would march off, The Staff of Orison's Hearth in one hand, and Taynei's Fang in the other, to carry out the mission laid before here, joined at the side by her granddaughter, and one of her closest friends. The Or
  10. The elder sister Orison would slowly trail her way toward the stables, the oaken staff of hers thumping against the ground as she took her steps. She would look over the horrid scene with a deeply saddened visage, amber eyes falling on their corpses. Stooping to a kneel by the horses side, she began to speak a few reverent words over their bodies, in solidarity with Aerendyl's tremendous loss. "O' Haelun, y'kae oerneh suliera. ito suliera, iyul nae'leh illern'taynan ethere, Iyul divhiuw ito hae'leh taliiynan, divcerun'ehya ito hae'leh hiylun. Oerneh nae ito hileia hae myumiera,
  11. -= Theme =- Among the trees, the elder walked, her eyes an amber glow. All around they gathered, chittering in excitement for what was to come. The trees spoke the language of the crows now, their voices raising up a chorus as she continued her solemn march up the mountain. Hefted over her shoulder, was a carefully wrapped body, entwined in a simple emerald cloak. While the ame’ was small, she was strong, and carried it all the way up the winding steps, more crows joining her side as she continued. Finally, she stepped within the runic circle at its peak. A field of pur
  12. A certain pale sister of the Father Circle reads over the notice for a moment, the slightest of frowns crossing her features. She would gently shake her head, before starting off toward the Grove.
  13. who drew your profile art? it's beautiful

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      Oh! That'd be a commission via Trinn! Wonderful artist 😄

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