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  1. “The time for civil citizenry is to be stepped down in the face of crisis. The military shall step in to protect it.” The captain exlaims, before beginning fortifications.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7qkQewyubs&t=1s [!] Thousands of fliers would be mass distributed among every major city within the empire. YOUR EMPEROR & EMPIRE NEED YOU! ANOTHER 50,000 MEN WANTED There is a looming menace within our midst. One of mischief and destruction, threatening our glorious empire’s prosperous success and the very fabric of our earned peace. At any moment, this peace can be abruptly disturbed should no response be prepared. This evil can be the minacious burglar thieving your home. A criminal kidnapping your children. A warmonger terrorizing your city. When the wicked march at your doorstep, will you open the door prepared? THE 1ST BRIGADE, FOREVER FIRST TO FIGHT The 1st Brigade, or the Helena Regulars, is faced with the most difficult tasks this land has demanded. Their duties range from active wartime combat service, guard patrol, reconnaissance, pest control, assembling expeditionary forces, destruction of unused property, enforcement of the law, and all other duties that require the use of force. HOW TO JOIN! Those wishing to join should apply at the military garrison stationed in the city of Helena, and speak to a recruitment officer. If the rigorous requirements are met, you will be enlisted immediately. You must bring an enlistment form filled out: https://forms.gle/Rafq5bD5PRcUbGCV6 (Link to original post: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/185868-the-war-office/) The flier observed would be accompanied by one of the following depictions attached. PRODUCED AND DISTRIBUTED BY THE RECRUITMENT OFFICE & HEAD OF PROPAGANDA (Thank you so much for 1_Language_1 for editing these amazing pictures!)
  3. Any Mylasian based company is probably most likely good
  4. always outnumbered neve

  5. Hey Erik this is a telegram displaying my sincerest apology for insulting your azogian respect. You are my compadre hermano.

  6. The City of Felsen is proud to introduce its first official bank. As a substantial government managed bank, we work hard to cater to your financial needs. This bank can serve all of your necessities and interests, simply stop by our main location and see for yourself! As the currently richest company in Vailor holding 200,000 minas, we’ve proven worthy to successfully manage mina and now wish to expand and help others manage their own. Ran by a dedicated team of experts, we introduce various branches. Loans Perhaps you’re unable to pay for a business venture of yours, needing mina to fuel your creativity and show this world your true potential! Worry not, for our services can give you a loan you’ll eventually have to pay back. Bank Accounts Our bank accounts offer something the other bland banks can’t. Interest! While having your money deposited and kept safe in our impenetrable vaults, you can accumulate interest yearly. Watch your money grow simply by doing nothing! And if you need to take out a bit of money in a jiffy, purchase a blank check for 3 minas at our capital location, the authorizer of the check can safely transfer mina to another person when they turn in the filled check to us. Remember, improving relations with the bank by paying loan fees on time will increase your bank account’s interest rate! More free mina! Item Storage Hundreds of personal, commercial, construction, etc. locked chests guarded and secured at the capital location can be easily rented for a price depending on the size needed. Guaranteed with quality protection, you’re insured your belongings remain comfortable and secure or you will be compensated until you’re satisfied! Tax Collection Services While we already perform numerous collaborations with the city of Felsen in collecting taxes, we can handle the bureaucracy and tiring work of collecting taxes for your holding. In return, the worker simply gets the agreed upon commission. While the bank operates other branches and fields, these are the fundamentals pertaining financial necessities. If anything said arouses questions or concerns, feel free to visit our location and consult with an expert at our main location in the Felsen main street. For those who wish to find work with us, please contact a bank associate personally. We like those with degrees from the Felsen University! “We work, you prosper!”
  7. glad the dogger is banned

  8. Drevin de Sarkozy signs up!
  9. The Butcher Boys Gang lives on...

  10. Server crashes more than a teen alcoholic driver

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      server crashes more than jojoma drinking 10 capri suns

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      server crashes more than crash bandicoot and cracker crashing castle crashers

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      server crashes more then after eddy drinking a mocha shot

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