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  1. Jasper Carrington would still wonder to this day why he’s called Joe
  2. Jasper Carrington in exile. I WRITE THIS TO YOU WITH a heavy heart. It is troubling to see the series of events that have unfolded within the jewel of the empire. For understandable reasons, it is even more troubling to see it attributed to me yet again. It is said that when a rock is turned in Helena, the first to blame is a Carrington. Firstly, despite the violent allegations, I give my due to the late pontiff - may he rest in peace. The only crime committed was my foolishness in believing this all would be properly dealt, but as you all could witness, it has declined to absolute chaos. I have since kept silence and assured others to do the same, thinking a lack of response to melodramatic claims would eventually subdue it. But a fervent bull cannot be easily subdued. I give my following narrative to dispel the harmful lies not only to my name, but to the city of Helena and the crown’s empire. I am writing this as a public statement, because there is a substantial chance my words will be distorted upon the trial’s day. Allow this to be definitive evidence that these are my words, and will stand true in the coming trial. Within the events of the pontiff’s demise, I have been nothing but transparent and cooperative as anyone reading can attest. The truth to what occurred: To provide some contextual information, a branch of the Carrington company was publicly hired by the Pontiff and his associates for construction, installing an extension next to the church a saint’s week prior to his death. I should note, we were paid the full amount without any issue, the transaction was smooth and amicable. I say this, to disway any notion that the transaction didn’t go well and dispelling any fabrication that this gave motive to harming the Pontiff. I have the signed contract of the construction project, and I suggest searching the church’s records and mine for when the full promised payment was given - which was far before his death. As I told everyone including witnessing investigators, I did have a meeting with the pontiff prior to his death. Mind you it was not ‘ten saint minutes’ as the clergy claims, it was about half a saint’s hour prior. I was concluding the finishing touches of the construction project and leaving it permanently exiting the church, and in the same moment the Pontiff passed by its entrance. With him was Cardinal Arthur and the priest Boniface. Seeing the opportunity, I said publicly outside with all of the Helena traffic to hear, that I asked to see if the Pontiff wanted the garden’s floral decor to be added or not. Mind you, we have made several exchanges about the construction project, discussing the trivial details and additions. This was no exception, as Pontian and I have grown to become informal and friendly, sharing similar dispositions and interests and sharing many conversations. From there, he exclaimed that he wanted to see for himself. It was from there that we walked inside towards the garden, though Arthur and Boniface were idly walking with us. We have discussed our mutual satisfaction with the construction project, and his thoughts of the floral decor not being a necessity. I recall seeing Arthur and Boniface walking around the garden’s peripherals, though did not make a questioning note of it for obvious reasons. After this very brief exchange, I subsequently left thinking of the rest of my day’s agenda, with the clergymen still lingering in the church. When I heard the news about thirty minutes later, I was sitting comfortably in my office at the Carrington Shop in Helena, surrounded by two of my secretaries. One who has informed me only mere moments after the assassination was uncovered, to which we exchanged thoughtful words about him, and where I even had the secretary purchase a red and white boquet from Mary’s floral shop, which I’m sure the shopkeeper can attest. Hours prior to this, all of the employees can also witness I was at the shop’s office since the morning, long before the pontiff’s unfortunate demise. The only time I left was to finalize the construction project aforementioned It was shortly after my discussion with the secretaries that an ISA investigator, Rylan Swint, calmly asked me to follow him to the church to answer questions. I arrived at the church, to where I was bombarded with verbal attacks from clergymen, already throwing accusations that I was behind this incident. Rylan Swint led by through the church, asking me if I was the one who destroyed the entrance apparently used to break into the extension. I responded with ‘No, that was long destroyed by what I remembered to be church members, at the inception of the construction project.’ I assumed it was to allow the construction workers accessibility to the site. Rylan Swint, satisfied with the answer, left. From there, the clergymen halted me within the church and demanded answers. There was a guard there, to my recollection it was Sir Alexander Pruvia who witnessed it. The clergymen aggressively interrogated me, cutting me off several times and attempting to manipulate my answers and what I stated above. Despite this, I remained a calm demeanor, answering cooperatively despite the insulting connotation, for I was sympathetic that their anger was warranted considering their very Pontiff died - I would feel just as enraged in their position. The dubious arrest: On the same day, as evening engulfed the city of Helena, I was still in my office. Already answering the church’s and ISA aforementioned questioning, I resumed through my secretaries’ provided agenda. At this time I was meeting with a Hou-zi and a blonde man about employment opportunities regarding the Carrington tavern’s new section. Attending the meeting was the company lawyer Friedrich Stafyr, along with the secretary Alpha. Amidst this, we were abruptly interrupted by a reckless Solicitor-General, Joseph Adler. With him was guardsman Dane and Aplex. The trio disgustingly barged in, harassing my secretary with demanding entry, forcefully pushing past their way within the meeting. Here was where Mr. Adler wrothfully charged me with the murder of the High Pontiff. From there, I was viciously apprehended and cuffed despite my cooperation, being dragged out. During this, Joseph Adler roughly attacked the witnessing secretary, ripping one of our many agendas in attempt of arresting her. It should be a disclaimer that this one secretary is a 13 year old urchin, confused as to why she was being violently harassed. It was then that Dane savagely attacked my face, grinding it against the office wall for verbally protesting this act against the little girl. Dazed, I was then taken into custody and violently thrown into the cell. Then they subsequently left, to arrest the secretary and lawyer. The justified evasion: During this chaotic and overly brutal arrest, I was wondering why such a small force of ISA men were being so disturbingly violent. There was a connotation that this arrest was questionably rushed, and seemingly discrete. Why was it so exceptionally violent, considering the ISA’s famous professionality and discipline? Why was it enacted so rushed, considering such a charge would normally be treated with meticulous caution? These questions would soon be answered, as I momentarily sat in the cell. Mere moments after they left to arrest those in the office room, my cell door was unlocked by an unrecognizable guard. As the door creaked open, he stood in his uniform and face on the other side. “Mr. Carrington, you must leave - now.” the shadow figure hushed. Shaking my head, I responded that I refuse to leave. I knew I was in the right, considering I was innocent and with no evidence correlating me with the accused crime. I had absolute confidence and faith the judiciary system would see to it that this is properly handed, as has every incident involving an accused Carrington. “This is different, Jasper. They do not want a trial, they will kill you in these cells.” the same figure now exclaimed. Processing this immediate threat to my life, he came in and rushed me out while occasionally looking over his shoulder. Cautiously, the unknown figure discretely smuggled me out of the prison, all the way to Helena’s outside entrance. Without saying any additional words, he left me stranded and still cuffed. From there, I evaded the manhunt and made it to one of the many foreign safehouses. Who framed Jasper? As I sit here writing this, I have had plenty of time to think despite the overwhelming paranoia and constant evasion of amateur bounty hunters. I can confirm that there is a larger conspiracy here, pinning me as a scapegoat. Weaponizing my position, several people seek my death, along with the pontiff. I will not act like the clergymen and be rash by accusing every member of Oren as stated in ‘The Carrington Report’. There was accused the entire military, every politician, and all figures of society as assailants in this heinous crime. This absurd accusation has even dubbed it the Rhenyari Conspiracy, giving the connotation that this is even attributed to an entire race of Oreners. The only agreement I can make is that there is a mysterious conspiracy at hand. One that I admittingly cannot unravel myself. I will not pretend to know why or what is occuring, and why I am being framed for this act. There is a lingering wickedness in Oren, a sinister plot that is surfacing that has strung the common men into believing this facade with a narrative. I ask citizens to heed to their own conclusions, and question all parties amongst them. Who is Jasper? Firstly, I want the passionate citizens of Helena to consider all that is at hand here. Realize what is being disturbingly told to you about an honorable man. As every citizen can attest, I have done nothing but work my entire life to better the empire. Immigrating from isles of the east, I swiftly joined the fledgling ISA and led a group of the now few Gunners in the war. Our brigade led the siege against the orcs, our high caliber decimating the enemies with our ability to wield artillery. Additionally, honored for this merit, I have since led the ISA 1st brigade for four saint’s months during the following war against the AIS. With the aid of the amazing members of our military, we have prevailed and crushed our enemies. Any veteran, any participants of this gruesome war, can remember my contributions along with my fellow men in prevailing this war and the horrifying atrocities within it. Afterwards, forming the Carrington Company with the senior executives, we have made tremendous strides. Aiding a declining Helena, we have revived and restored the capital of humanity. Introducing a bustling economy, we have facilitated the immigration of an uncountable amount of refugees into Helena. We have funded every ambitious merchant despite their lack of experience, into having their own shop and dreams fulfilled. A fine example of this is Jason and his bakery, along with Nadya’s smithy, and so on. We have constructed and paid for several amenities never before seen in Helena. A public barn, a public farm, a public mine, and welcoming free houses. We have supplied the majority of the military’s recruits equipment, supplied the majority of the construction of the city’s restoration with workers and material, and have filled the city/crown’s vault tremendously. And this is all only in Helena, excluding the success in other cities. Our contribution, despite the countless perils and hurdles thrown at us, is unimaginable. I only say of my feats to explain what is at stake here. With this said, I am sure several enemies and dark forces want this all to end. Should the Carringtons be chased from the city, it is hard to comprehend how much of the empire’s success will be irreversibly damaged. I have done nothing but try to better my fellow man, as all who know me or a Carrington can confirm. This is why I am devastated at what has happened. What is to happen: I cannot sit in seclusion while this chaos escalates. While I fear for my safety, I will be returning to Helena’s imprisonment despite these false charges and possibility of my imminent death. Peace is what I strive for, and I know very well I am guilty of nothing except a justified escape. Should I be killed upon my return whether by rogue agents in a cell or by a dubious and questionable trial, let it be known that I walk into this willingly. I hope that the arbiters of justice will objectively bring a just trial, one without influence from subjective and emotional outside claims. I ask they question why I would kill and burn the pontiff after such a mutually successful project, and why I would do it in broad daylight with several witnesses and public knowledge of this meeting. I ask they try to empathize with the rationale of my escape from the prison. I ask they seriously consider not adhering to the dramatic lies proclaimed, and to consider all those that would have motive for the pontff’s assassination - recognizing that I would be the last to have any. With this, I thank the reader for taking the time to read the candid truth. Should I die for a crime I did not commit, I want those to remember not defamation and lies, but to remember the contribution we have all collectively made and are still making in building what is before us - and how hysteria makes scapegoats of good men. Nothing above the empire. Signed by Jasper Carrington
  3. Hiring Sushi Chef QUALIFICATIONS: -Ishikawa or Hou-Zi applicants only -Proficiency in eastern cuisine, preferably a Master in the Oyashima Roll School. -Qualified in creating new rolls such as a hallmark Imperial Roll to serve to noble patrons. -Experience in bartending ancient sake AND/OR rare milk. -Understanding and respect to imperial custom. DESCRIPTION: The employee will be the master chef and manager of a pristine, high class, rooftop sushi bar able to introduce clientele the cultural delicacies and histories of Oyashima and/or the Hou-Zi people. This is no regular bar, receiving numerous clients from differing opulent backgrounds. Nobles, government officials, wealthy patrons, and other distinguished members of empire will be frequenting this establishment and as thus a talented and gregarious chef and server is needed to accommodate their needs. LOCATION: -The third floor of the Helena tavern, the biggest hub in Arcas - customized design to host a sushi hall with ample space for a special officer’s quarter for active and former ISA officers. CONTACT TO DETERMINE CONTRACT: Carrington & Carrington Pendleton Road Helena
  4. Jasper Carrington, whos family was bombarded with several allegations of vandalism and thievery of the defendants’ retail property, would refute these hurtful claims. However, he was confronted outside the aforementioned shop alongside his lawyer Friedrich Stafyr, to where the defendants collectively wished to come to a settlement agreement. In lieu of a trial, both parties have come to amicable agreement. Let it publicly be recognized, this subpoena and court trial is rendered null and void. Signed, Jasper Carrington
  5. The Helena Union of Labour A glimpse of the union led strikers, moments before extreme terrorists separately engaged in a clash with the 1st Brigade, subsequently escalating the peaceful protest to a riot. 13th of Sun’s Smile, 1751 THE TIMES WE LIVE IN are of historic importance, a rare moment where we should stop to contemplate and analyze. It is common knowledge that less than a saint’s week prior, fires erupted and engulfed the slums. A despicable act of cowardice, only enacted by a misguided band of terrorists. And again, during a peaceful demonstration enacted by disheartened strikers pleading for better conditions, these same Cheloveks have weaponized this peaceful protest and initiated violence. Their goal was to pathetically protest the quickly evolving state of the troddened worker, however this was disgustingly conducted. Further evidence, as they’ve proclaimed and publicly stated, they are not affiliated with the strikers. Let it be recognized, that the benevolent union workers actively condemns their actions, and works to root out their threatening presence. Yet, the problem remains. As the city modernizes, the bureaucratic machine abandons its working man. The Helena mines, being the only mines in Arcas to be tolled, requires permits of 200 mina biannually through a discrete, heavily regulated process that could take years to attain. Prior to the fires, the slums already neglected since the dawn of Helena, has seen little residents aside from the occasional squatter already scrutinized for his inability to live. These slum homes can average to a 400 mina downpayment, with a 150 annual tax. However the mayor’s replaced ‘affordable’ housing will be at a 200 mina downpayment, with 50 mina annual tax. To condense, a fresh person newly arrived to the land of Arcas, specifically Helena, will approach with a request of shelter and work. If he takes the humble and dignified trade of a miner, he will be told that with his empty pockets, he will have to accrue 200 mina for a temporary permit to mine. He will also be told the most affordable form of housing, one that will probably be a 3x3m room in dubious conditions, will cost him an additional 200 mina aside from the tax. With no tools, shelter, instructions, nor knowledge of this land, he will simply leave - siphoned to the many other dozen cities prevalent with better opportunity. Or worse, he will leave the land overall due to his unpleasant welcoming to the capital of humanity. We ask the citizens to examine the community and culture widespread in their city. One of bustling activity, however it’s insular and foundationally built only for the wealthy. The citizens are the same faces and families, those who have had advantageous experience and wealth enough to comfortably live in the opulent conditions the city has adapted. This culture dissuades the immigration of new and fresh persons, which should always be one of the top priorities of the state. Union Description The union stands as the primary and official representative of the collective Helena worker in opposition to the bureaucracy, expressing the imperative need of the laborer who strives only for the worker’s sanctity for a role in the city. The union will facilitate and guarantee the benefits are provided to the worker, and for this gridlocked bureaucracy to appeal to every laborer’s immediate need. This will be smoothly secured, or the politicians will risk their candidacy for an election by the mass displayed above. No longer will fledgling workers have to beg by posting petition pamphlets requesting barns or the like. The union will secure every citizen that steps in the gates with a job of their choosing, food, and shelter. This is the basic minimum that can be given for a worker, while the city will in return have tax income, labourers, votes, and citizens. One of the only few initiatives the political state has taken to display jobs is a neglected and seldom updated Imperial Employment Opportunity Act, 1743, introduced by an alienated group of senators to solve this crisis. While a noble attempt, it’s nearly laughable to assume every new approaching person will read these discrete and subtle edicts amidst dozens of passed Acts just to find a job. Secondly, the union will ensure that all the rights listed under the Workers’ Rights Bill, 1751, will be enacted, regardless of the senators’ reluctance to passing this bill. Two senate sessions within a year have been practiced to pass this bill, and both sessions have tabled it. The union members will ensure that these rights will be exercised regardless of the politicians’ decision. Additionally, the union will ensure with absolute guarantee this senate will rectify their ignorance, and swiftly pass this bill or risk facing the mass’ voting power. The union will collaborate with local companies to have a constant variety of job openings and other benefits not only be steadily available, but to be continuously displayed in the city - person to person. Location The specific address is under construction, however the main office will be at the city square of Helena, unmissable to the new approacher’s eye. This office will have displayed all the union leaders, job openings, contact information, and membership instructions. The many union representatives around will attend and aid any newcomer for all their necessities and grant them immediate membership. Membership Benefits Guaranteed housing with no down payment for as long as necessary, with only a 50 mina annual tax. If struggling to pay this manageable tax, the tenant will be immediately approved and covered at their local union office. Guaranteed jobs constantly available by the many local companies and political offices. The hours and salaries are always negotiable to the worker’s discretion. Legal advice, consultation, representation, and associated fees covered by the top lawyer firms in the empire should the worker have any court violating their rights as a laborer. Any work fees sanctioned by the state to carry out your work will be immediately covered. This includes the 200 biannual tax imposed on the mine, and any similar inconveniences. Guaranteed health services and free or subsidized care at any medical clinic. The member will be allocated to their closest physician if not already assigned one. Any additional aid deemed necessary to facilitate an immigrant’s entrance into the city, and guarantee their prosperity and success. Union politicians will have the endorsement and support of our members through lobbying policies. Thank You A moment of appreciation to every individual new laborer, who has collectively mulled through the arduous system who has neglected them. We’d like to thank Carrington & Co. for funding the endeavors of almost every single new immigrant, welcoming with open arms and guaranteeing each of these benefits long before any mentions of a union. Additionally, a thank you to the many politicians willing to adhere to the union’s policies. Signed by, The Carrington Brothers
  6. “There is no other viable candidate that could better represent the interests of the people of Helena.” Carrington & Co. unanimously approve this message. Signed and sealed by the company executives.
  7. FULL NAME: Jasper AGE: 32 RACE: Human RELIGION: Canonist REGIMENT OF CHOICE: 1st Regiment ((MC name)): EddyTheBrave ((Time zone)): EST
  8. Captain Jasper, burdened by the exhaustion of this nocturnal mission, rewards himself with a well needed rest after the debriefing with his fellow Ex-Gunners.
  9. “The time for civil citizenry is to be stepped down in the face of crisis. The military shall step in to protect it.” The captain exlaims, before beginning fortifications.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7qkQewyubs&t=1s [!] Thousands of fliers would be mass distributed among every major city within the empire. YOUR EMPEROR & EMPIRE NEED YOU! ANOTHER 50,000 MEN WANTED There is a looming menace within our midst. One of mischief and destruction, threatening our glorious empire’s prosperous success and the very fabric of our earned peace. At any moment, this peace can be abruptly disturbed should no response be prepared. This evil can be the minacious burglar thieving your home. A criminal kidnapping your children. A warmonger terrorizing your city. When the wicked march at your doorstep, will you open the door prepared? THE 1ST BRIGADE, FOREVER FIRST TO FIGHT The 1st Brigade, or the Helena Regulars, is faced with the most difficult tasks this land has demanded. Their duties range from active wartime combat service, guard patrol, reconnaissance, pest control, assembling expeditionary forces, destruction of unused property, enforcement of the law, and all other duties that require the use of force. HOW TO JOIN! Those wishing to join should apply at the military garrison stationed in the city of Helena, and speak to a recruitment officer. If the rigorous requirements are met, you will be enlisted immediately. You must bring an enlistment form filled out: https://forms.gle/Rafq5bD5PRcUbGCV6 (Link to original post: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/185868-the-war-office/) The flier observed would be accompanied by one of the following depictions attached. PRODUCED AND DISTRIBUTED BY THE RECRUITMENT OFFICE & HEAD OF PROPAGANDA (Thank you so much for 1_Language_1 for editing these amazing pictures!)
  11. Any Mylasian based company is probably most likely good
  12. always outnumbered neve

  13. Hey Erik this is a telegram displaying my sincerest apology for insulting your azogian respect. You are my compadre hermano.

  14. The City of Felsen is proud to introduce its first official bank. As a substantial government managed bank, we work hard to cater to your financial needs. This bank can serve all of your necessities and interests, simply stop by our main location and see for yourself! As the currently richest company in Vailor holding 200,000 minas, we’ve proven worthy to successfully manage mina and now wish to expand and help others manage their own. Ran by a dedicated team of experts, we introduce various branches. Loans Perhaps you’re unable to pay for a business venture of yours, needing mina to fuel your creativity and show this world your true potential! Worry not, for our services can give you a loan you’ll eventually have to pay back. Bank Accounts Our bank accounts offer something the other bland banks can’t. Interest! While having your money deposited and kept safe in our impenetrable vaults, you can accumulate interest yearly. Watch your money grow simply by doing nothing! And if you need to take out a bit of money in a jiffy, purchase a blank check for 3 minas at our capital location, the authorizer of the check can safely transfer mina to another person when they turn in the filled check to us. Remember, improving relations with the bank by paying loan fees on time will increase your bank account’s interest rate! More free mina! Item Storage Hundreds of personal, commercial, construction, etc. locked chests guarded and secured at the capital location can be easily rented for a price depending on the size needed. Guaranteed with quality protection, you’re insured your belongings remain comfortable and secure or you will be compensated until you’re satisfied! Tax Collection Services While we already perform numerous collaborations with the city of Felsen in collecting taxes, we can handle the bureaucracy and tiring work of collecting taxes for your holding. In return, the worker simply gets the agreed upon commission. While the bank operates other branches and fields, these are the fundamentals pertaining financial necessities. If anything said arouses questions or concerns, feel free to visit our location and consult with an expert at our main location in the Felsen main street. For those who wish to find work with us, please contact a bank associate personally. We like those with degrees from the Felsen University! “We work, you prosper!”
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