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  1. look @ your skype loser, 

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  2. TO MY BROTHER Joey the Pretender’s army cornered and butchered during the Siege of Helena, c.1716 “They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, but not when your soldiery are solely comprised of scribes” - Charles Elliot to Francis the Unfortunate before his execution in 1666. Dearest brother, Alexander, who takes the name of our own shared father. I write to you with a please and request which you should not find too onerous, a request agreed upon by all the signatories underneath this letter I have penned. It has come to the attention
  3. BENEATH NORTHERN PINES The battle against marauding Hansetic forces on the banks of the Silversea had been quite unlikely the desperate defence of Helena; a merciless rout as opposed to an agonised and hard-won defence. There had been almost no losses amongst the armies which had amassed under the Renatian banner - no reason to turn back and pause. Despite the poor quality of the forces which had opposed them - the army had been reduced to nothing but peasant conscripts in their rear ranks - there could be no rest. The Renatians would honour the most grievous loss
  4. THE PRIVY COUNCIL OF THE HOLY ORENIAN EMPIRE The Privy Council of the Holy Orenian Empire serves first and foremost to aid and advise the Emperor on all issues, sitting to offer him aid on any issues he requires to consult them on. Beyond this the Council serves as a body with power in its each right; each member holds their own set of administrative powers and duties with which they aim to aid the Crown in furthering the governance of the Empire. The matter of who sits upon the Privy Council is the decision of the Emperor himself, as is the definition of the ex
  5. 3fee88c50905a41b81eb8558c6e1416f.png okay then

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      yeah get fucked, your devious ill intentions will not get by us today

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  6. love u gus

  7. THE RENATIANS MARCH ON NEVARIA Adelmar aep Stonehallow fresh from battle, adorned in Savoyardic equipment. The Reiter smiled thinly as he glanced out across the fields before him, a pair of hovels that stood beside what was truly nothing more than a simple Barony. His hand itched at his side, fingers curling into a fist about the pommel of his blade and relaxing again, eager for the song of steel and the deathly moments of battle. He licked cracked lips, humming gently to himself, as he heeled his spurs into the flanks of the old mount beneath him and turned about.
  8. If you're interested in becoming a GM, now's the time to apply.

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      apply and find out... @devvy

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      Yeah, apply and find out. Just so we can prove that the application process isn't rigged.

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      gus can i still apply??

  9. "I am willing to offer more than anyone else for the sword Glory." Adelmar writes in. "I will finalise an offer soon."
  10. Warclaim has been completed! Norlander victory.
  11. Both applicants receive a letter within a couple days, delivered by a young boy. "Accepted. Report to the County of Bar to be inducted, Proselytes." Jules receives a response within the day. "Deliver yourself to the County of Bar for recruitment."
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