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  2. TO MY BROTHER Joey the Pretender’s army cornered and butchered during the Siege of Helena, c.1716 “They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, but not when your soldiery are solely comprised of scribes” - Charles Elliot to Francis the Unfortunate before his execution in 1666. Dearest brother, Alexander, who takes the name of our own shared father. I write to you with a please and request which you should not find too onerous, a request agreed upon by all the signatories underneath this letter I have penned. It has come to the attention of the assembled patriarchs of the houses of Dragonsblood that in the list of titles your courtiers attribute to you in the various letters published under your seal you list the title of King in Renatus. Knowing you to be, by the letters I have shared with my father over the years, to be a loyal, well-intentioned, kind-hearted and intelligent young boy I am sure that I do not need to bring attention to the fact that the titles of Renatus were dissolved by the late Godfrey Remus and not claimed by your predecessors as Emperor following his reign. I hope that its inclusion is merely an oversight by an overzealous courtier who desires to see your prestige grow and is not aware of the history of such a particular title. As veterans, and descendants of veterans, of the various Renatian conflicts, not least the painful and destructive War of the Two Emperors which divided this realm for so long, we have no desire to see the Renatian title resurrected. It was a title for a militant, war-like Kingdom. To adopt it is to encourage claimants and a legacy of destruction, and to insult the memory of both our dearest cousin Godfrey and the founders of the great nation who desired to dissolve it. We therefore forward our humble request: recognise the dissolution of the title and instruct your courtiers to remove it from your Imperial signature. HIS GRACE, John Alexander Alstion, Patriarch of the House of Alstion HIS MAJESTY, Tibor I, Patriarch of the House of Tiborovic HIS LORDSHIP, Persus Helane, Patriarch of the House of Helane HIS LORDSHIP, Lucian Renault, Patriarch of House Renault HIS LORDSHIP, Paul John Victor Varoche, Patriarch of House Varoche HER LADYSHIP, Laurentina Julia Cascadia, Matriarch of House Cascadia SIR, Titus Tiber, Patriarch of the House of Tiber
  3. BENEATH NORTHERN PINES The battle against marauding Hansetic forces on the banks of the Silversea had been quite unlikely the desperate defence of Helena; a merciless rout as opposed to an agonised and hard-won defence. There had been almost no losses amongst the armies which had amassed under the Renatian banner - no reason to turn back and pause. Despite the poor quality of the forces which had opposed them - the army had been reduced to nothing but peasant conscripts in their rear ranks - there could be no rest. The Renatians would honour the most grievous loss of the war yet, the death of their honoured Siegemaster and the son of Aurelius Tiberius Horen, through redoubling their efforts. As sunlight broke through the trees which arched over the small, rutted paths along which siege weaponry trundled and painted the grass in a beautiful orange they mourned his name. They were one step closer to Reza. Even if the enemy forced deigned to give battle again, rather than ceding the field and retreating to their walls, they would be defeated and forced backwards once more. There would be a new King of Hanseti, and an end to the Marian regime which had enabled the Nenzing Proclamation. Now, with the false and rotting edifice of ‘Oren’ ripped away, the loyal soldiers of Godfrey III would be able to strike down the true adder which had plotted against them all this time. WARCLAIM Type of War & CBs (if applicable) Rebellion, Claimant, Rivalry, Demands, Border Friction (Renatus>Haense), Aiding an Enemy (Fenn), Denouncement, Attack on Leadership (Defy+Gusano+Ajax+Capace) with a Conquest War Goal Attackers Imperium Renatus & Allies Defenders Haense & Allies Wargoals: Restoration of the Empire, Control over the rebelling territory of Haense Location & Proposed Time Saturday 3PM EST / 8PM GMT - 15th of June Within this area, to be discussed in warchat Contact Information vegetarianism#8288 / Gus#6475
  4. THE PRIVY COUNCIL OF THE HOLY ORENIAN EMPIRE The Privy Council of the Holy Orenian Empire serves first and foremost to aid and advise the Emperor on all issues, sitting to offer him aid on any issues he requires to consult them on. Beyond this the Council serves as a body with power in its each right; each member holds their own set of administrative powers and duties with which they aim to aid the Crown in furthering the governance of the Empire. The matter of who sits upon the Privy Council is the decision of the Emperor himself, as is the definition of the exact powers of each individual role. The Privy Council also possesses, beyond the individual powers of each role, a collective responsibility and set of duties which it may sometimes have to exercise without the presence of the Emperor. In the case of the death of an Emperor without a clear line of succession it is the role of the Privy Council to oversee a smooth inheritance, while the Council also has power in times of uncertainty surrounding the Monarch’s status to govern the Realm. THE EMPEROR-IN-COUNCIL The Emperor-in-Council has ultimate control over the Privy Council in determining both its nature, powers, and occupants. Taking the role of Emperor-in-Council to lead the Council when he attends its sessions, he also possesses the power to act beyond its confines whenever he deems it necessary. The current Emperor is His Imperial Majesty, Godfrey II of the House of Cascadia, Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire, King of Cascadia, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland and Santegia, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. THE CROWN PRINCE The Crown Prince is the chosen heir of the Emperor, sitting in concert with His Imperial Majesty to serve the Realm. Although not endowed with any particular duties or responsibilities he may be assigned certain duties by the Emperor. By sitting with the Council the Crown Prince aims to gain valuable administrative experience and is able to assist any other member if they require aid. The current Crown Prince is His Imperial Highness, Achilius of the House of Cascadia, Duke of Aenus. THE ARCHCHANCELLOR The Imperial Archchancellor is marked by the Signet of St. Wilfriche. They hold penultimate authority within the Privy Council and, in lieu of the presence of the Emperor, are empowered to oversee sessions of the Council. He is charged to preserve the Crown by any means and serves as chief amongst ministers, empowered to undertake diplomacy on behalf of the Imperium. The current Archchancellor is His Imperial Highness, Romulus of the House of Cascadia, Archchancellor of the Holy Orenian and Imperial Crown of the Exalted Godfrey, Duke of Cascadia. THE GRAND KNIGHT The Grand Knight is marked with the Signet of St. Lothar. They are charged with overseeing the Order of the Red Dragon and the Imperial Knights, with arranging the protection of the Imperial Family and organizing the knighting ceremonies of the realm. The current Grand Knight is His Imperial Excellency, Ser Uthred of the House of Gromach, Grand Knight of the Holy Orenian and Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey, Baron of Herborn, Ordermaster of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. THE GRAND MARSHAL The Grand Marshal is marked by the Signet of St. Edmond. They are charged with overseeing the Imperial army and its fortifications, with levying and otherwise drafting the peasantry of the realm in times of war, with ensuring the ample stocking of the Imperial armories, and with the training of new officers within the Empire. The current Grand Marshal is Her Imperial Excellency, Illythia Rose of the House of Arator-Elverhilin, Grand Marshal of the Holy Orenian and Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey, Baronet of Whitepeak, Matriarch of Clan Arator and Draughtswoman of Renatus. THE IMPERIAL VICEROY The Imperial Viceroy is marked by the Signet of Saint Lucien. He is charged with overseeing and ensuring the fealty of the Imperial provinces and overseas territories of the realm and with conducting general matters of trade and other diplomacy with elven states. The current Imperial Viceroy is His Imperial Excellency, Julius of the House of Staunton, Imperial Viceroy of the Holy Orenian and Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey, Prince of Courland. THE LORD JUSTICIAR The Lord Justiciar is marked by the Signet of Saint Daniel. He is charged to update and codify Imperial law and oversee Imperial courts, delivering just judgement to those convicted of capital offences, to bring those of both noble and common birth to trial for their crimes, and to establish the necessary institutions as to promote the continued well-being of the Crownlands. The current Lord Justiciar is His Imperial Excellency, William of the House of Alstion, Lord Justiciar of the Holy Orenian and Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey, Count-Palatine of Jrent, Hero of Renatus. THE LORD PRIVY SEAL The Lord Privy Seal is marked by the Signet of St. Adrian. He is charged to keep the monarch’s wax seal and draft his legislation, and to maintain the traditions and culture of the Empire through the publishing and keeping of both Imperial documentation and cultural materials. The current Lord Privy Seal is His Imperial Highness, John Alexander of the House of Alstion, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Balemena and Alba, Lord Privy Seal of the Holy Orenian and Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey. THE MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR The Minister of the Interior is marked by the Signet of St. Godwein. He is charged to act as chief herald and keeper of the Crownlands, managing the palace and Imperial Household. He has furthermore the ability to staff the Imperial Household as he sees fit, to uphold etiquette within the Imperial courts, to hold hunts, festivals, tourneys, and other events throughout the Crownlands, the management of civil and construction projects of the Crownlands and to act as its Seneschal, and to manage the budget and books of the Imperial Crown. The current Minister of the Interior is His Imperial Excellency, Charles-Edmond Talraen, Minister of the Interior of the Holy Orenian and Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes. THE MINISTER OF TRUTH The Minister of Truth is marked by the Signet of St. Theodosius. He is charged to act as keeper of the history, reputation and prestige of the Empire, managing the imperial history book and keeping the imperial relics. He also has the ability to censure, sanction, punish and arrest whoever insults, defames or slanders the Empire and its institutions, to supervise the content of the events and press of the Empire, and to appoint Imperial Inspectors as he sees fit. The current Minister of Truth is His Imperial Excellency, Alexander II of the House of Merentel, Minister of Truth of the Holy Orenian and Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey, Count of Vintas and Baron of Hallowfell. THE MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS The Minister of Foreign Affairs is marked by the Signet of St. Johannes. They are charged with the maintenance and creation of foreign alliances, the oversight of the Empire’s diplomatic corps and the continued support of any foreign treaties. The Minister is empowered to appoint, with approval, diplomats and ambassadors, though not with plenipotentiary power. The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Her Imperial Highness, Anabel Lisette of the House of Cascadia, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Holy Orenian and Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey, Empress-Mother of the Holy Orenian Empire, Princess Royal of Cyrilsburg, Duchess of Cascadia.
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  7. THE RENATIANS MARCH ON NEVARIA Adelmar aep Stonehallow fresh from battle, adorned in Savoyardic equipment. The Reiter smiled thinly as he glanced out across the fields before him, a pair of hovels that stood beside what was truly nothing more than a simple Barony. His hand itched at his side, fingers curling into a fist about the pommel of his blade and relaxing again, eager for the song of steel and the deathly moments of battle. He licked cracked lips, humming gently to himself, as he heeled his spurs into the flanks of the old mount beneath him and turned about. It was a lonely ride back to the gates of Senntisten and the company of the Archchancellor, the man who his report was intended for, but it was not an isolation that bothered the hardened warrior. Instead his thoughts rested on battles ahead - moments of flickering fire and burning cities - and that which would surely come again soon. The men of Nevaria had, in a moment of blind strength and a foolish belief in the tides of history, revolted and cast their side with Renatus. Now that the forces which had opposed the Kingdom were dead and buried, incapable of true resistance and proved as illegitimate fools, there was little left to protect the tiny remnants of a crazed few that held out in open rebellion amidst Nevaria’s towers. They had been offered peace by the King and rejected it, and their walls would fall in return. CBs: Betrayal + Rebellion Side A: The Kingdom of Renatus-Marna and Allies Side B: Nevaria Proposed Date & Time: 24th June, 3est. Proposed Rules: Typical server rules apply. Location: https://gyazo.com/468330e36c9b538e88692a583905f833 Discord: Dewper and Mogroka
  8. If you're interested in becoming a GM, now's the time to apply.

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  9. "I am willing to offer more than anyone else for the sword Glory." Adelmar writes in. "I will finalise an offer soon."
  10. Warclaim has been completed! Norlander victory.
  11. Both applicants receive a letter within a couple days, delivered by a young boy. "Accepted. Report to the County of Bar to be inducted, Proselytes." Jules receives a response within the day. "Deliver yourself to the County of Bar for recruitment."
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