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    THE DRAGON AND THE FOREST Woe to the victim of the Dragon’s breath, whose eastern forests are profoundly susceptible to the blaze of a roaring fire. As was prophesied in the days of the now-forsaken ruler, Kairn, the betrayal of the dragon would bring only anguish and destruction to its malefactors. As foreseen, the people of the forest have not heeded the words echoed to them in days of past, and the consequences of such shall be enacted. Our eyes have not been blinded or averted elsewhere: Our Empire still observes the dealings within the virescent realm that the Elvenesse claims for their own. Once a place of prosperity, peace, and piety has now descended into a pit of corruption and leeches who wish to turn their back on their oldest ally -- Our peoples have persevered through the thick of war and arrived pushed to victory unscathed, together. Yet, it seems this means nothing to the overly-ambitious Elves who wish to perpetuate the downfall of the Imperium. Yet, it is not just Our Empire that you turn your back against; Whence you arrived, you did not greet the High Elves of Haelun’or with the honeyed words which you greeted your newly-found allies with, but rather with spiteful remarks. You have forsaken former alliances for ones of fresher stock and publicly sided with those who sought nothing but your complete assimilation in the days of yore. Our Empire trusts that the forest realm remains encompassed with good-willed Elven folk that shall not condone the policies that are soon to be enacted by the administration who seemingly acquired the sovereignty of Alderyn. These people shall be given several opportunities to abandon the walls of Alderyn, where they will be accepted into Helena with courtesy. Nevertheless, the true face of Alderyn has revealed itself and no mercy shall be given to those siding with these worthless snakes. The Dragon and the Forest will be the title of this prose to come, Our Knights have already waltzed upon the forest and have returned to their abodes with bags rimmed with Elven heads, your new ‘Prince’ decorates the blades of Our Knights. Your Prince, Your Council, they lay dead. Disband your pitiful alliance or more of your ‘kin will follow the same fate and the Dragon shall meet the Forest, once more.
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    Theobald prepares his master’s horse and hounds, whooping with joy at the prospect.
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      yeah get fucked, your devious ill intentions will not get by us today

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  4. THE RENATIANS MARCH ON NEVARIA Adelmar aep Stonehallow fresh from battle, adorned in Savoyardic equipment. The Reiter smiled thinly as he glanced out across the fields before him, a pair of hovels that stood beside what was truly nothing more than a simple Barony. His hand itched at his side, fingers curling into a fist about the pommel of his blade and relaxing again, eager for the song of steel and the deathly moments of battle. He licked cracked lips, humming gently to himself, as he heeled his spurs into the flanks of the old mount beneath him and turned about. It was a lonely ride back to the gates of Senntisten and the company of the Archchancellor, the man who his report was intended for, but it was not an isolation that bothered the hardened warrior. Instead his thoughts rested on battles ahead - moments of flickering fire and burning cities - and that which would surely come again soon. The men of Nevaria had, in a moment of blind strength and a foolish belief in the tides of history, revolted and cast their side with Renatus. Now that the forces which had opposed the Kingdom were dead and buried, incapable of true resistance and proved as illegitimate fools, there was little left to protect the tiny remnants of a crazed few that held out in open rebellion amidst Nevaria’s towers. They had been offered peace by the King and rejected it, and their walls would fall in return. CBs: Betrayal + Rebellion Side A: The Kingdom of Renatus-Marna and Allies Side B: Nevaria Proposed Date & Time: 24th June, 3est. Proposed Rules: Typical server rules apply. Location: https://gyazo.com/468330e36c9b538e88692a583905f833 Discord: Dewper and Mogroka
  5. Caranthir is a paragon of human virtue. His calm and respectful approach when dealing with others would make him an excellent moderator!
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    GM Monthly Update Log - May

    Is there any plan to rewrite heist rules for the new map?
  7. hey my latest post was a good write dont u think! ;D did it all on my own!

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    [Denied] [Trial]xarkly gm yeehaw volume 2

    Accepted. This GM is now on Trial, their full acceptance into the GM Team will be determined over the coming weeks.
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    [Denied]Narthok's GM Application

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    [Denied] [Trial]Oblivionsbane's GM Application

    This person has not passed their trial and has been denied GM.
  11. This person has not passed their trial and has been denied GM.
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    [Denied] [Trial]Fawb GM App #3

    Accepted. This GM is now on Trial, their full acceptance into the GM Team will be determined over the coming weeks.